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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 5.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 5.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 5.00/10
Customer service: 5.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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item is good

"Just fine with the item. I'll stay with it.
However, the service is quite bad. The reply is not quick and appreciated.
I sent several letters to them but was only two answered.
Unhappy with that.

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Love the TPC

"I have used TPC for the last 6 years. I have always received high quality perfemes. Shipping and packaging are never a problem. My discount code for fathers day would not work and I reached out to customer service. It was resolved quickly by Carmen. She was wonderful and very pleasant. The problem was resolved quickly. I will always do business with the TPC and highly recommend them to everyone. "

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Stay away from this site

"They don't know the meaning of the term "customer service"
It takes them over a week to reply to a single email
It takes them over a week to ship out orders
And they charge higher prices than eBay sellers do!
But you're thinking to yourself "well, it's worth it, because I know the scent I'm getting will be authentic" --- think again.
They don't store their fragrances properly -- anything that's an EDP concentration or higher needs to be stored at around or near 50-60F or else the ingredients will start to separate and degrade.
When you get one of their decants, bring it with you to a department store and try THE SAME scent side by side -- you'll notice theirs smell different, almost immediately. The department stores have climate control systems and take care of their scents, that's why.

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Never order from here

"Though my order was delivered promptly, the product is terrible. The fragrance is absolutely nothing like the fragrance I had loved in the past. In fact, the fragrance is so unpleasant that I am throwing it away and realizing I just wasted me money."

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Response turned to a positive

"I did want to write an update. The friend who ordered from the shop did end up hearing from them, and the ordered shipped and arrived in great order. I appreciated the response.

After ordering and appreciating samples from The Perfumed Court a few years ago, I was very excited to recommend the site to a friend who is just discovering niche perfume and cologne. Although his debit card was immediately charged for the purchase, he received an email asking for a photocopy of his ID to prevent fraud. The email included misspellings, terrible grammar, and felt like nothing I have ever seen before from even an Etsy or eBay merchant - especially as his (again debit) card had already been charged. He emailed back, offering to send on the photocopy as requested, but asked if the copy would be retained, and if so, for their privacy policies around storing data. A pretty pleasant, reasonable, and professional response to an odd request. The Perfumed Court did not respond. At all. He did send his ID on a couple days later (frankly I wished he had not) and has still received no response or clarification. The order has not yet been received, so I am not yet able to rate that piece of the transaction. Generally, I have always seen these kinds of fraud concerns addressed through the payment merchant, not through the seller. While I certainly don't begrudge any online merchant working to fight scams, and even appreciate it, this was an entirely unprofessional, off-putting, and unacceptable approach. Especially as The Perfumed Court couldn't be bothered to clarify or even respond to a question coming from the customer. This entire process was also embarrassing to me, as the friend making what I thought was a good recommendation. I will certainly not be ordering from The Perfumed Court in the future, or recommending them to others. Terrible, rude, and unprofessional conduct not appreciated.

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Ten years, no problems

"I've been ordering sampler decants to wear at work---a decidedly non-girly place. I like the variety and the surprise. Many of the scents I would never discover on my own.
My orders have always been prompt, no backorders or unpleasant surprises. After reading these reviews I gather that I'm the exception!

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Stale Scents

"I have purchased a number of scents from PC and have come to the conclusion that either their scents are aged and tainted by age or they're not genuine. I brought several samples sample with me to my local Neiman's and applied them to the paper testers as well as my skins and then did the same with the store samples. Totally, totally noticeable that the PC samples were old and ready for the hopper. "

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very disappointed.

"Leaked product and defective lid that does not work. Expensive mistake"

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Prices are ridiculously high

"I bought 1/3 mil spray bottle of TAKEN by Jane Book and it was such a small amount for the $29.96 and $3.95 shipping. I should have asked to see what 3 ml. Size was before I ordered it."

Helpful Cool


Two Orders Thus Far- Very Satisfied !!

"Not sure what the negative reviews are all about but after getting tired of a $250 bottle of Guerlain cologne 1/4 of the way through, I decided to research better ways of spending my money looking for great cologne. Happy to say I found The Perfumed Court and am very satisfied thus far- Both orders were from April 2016- Follow them on Twitter as they have frequent flash sales (wish I had figured that out for my first Order- Saved 22% off my second Order that way)- First order consisted of spray samples of Creed Aventus, Guerlain Santal Royal, Guerlain Vetiver and Dior Sauvage- The order was done online on the 13th and delivered to me on the 18th- They were out of the Sauvage but delivered that a few days later. Similar experience with the second order (more Creed, and Guerlain samples, with several Tom Ford and YSL in for good measure). I'm still going through them trying to decide which is best for which situation but I have to say, this is really a great way to go !! You can tell these are quality decants of original fragrances and I've spent about $100 for what would have cost literally thousands and they last a long time too- I wasn't asked by anyone to write this review or compensated, just trying to spread the word as some of these reviews initially caused me to second guess my first purchase."

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"Ordered a decant of a vintage perfume. Took longer than any other perfume company to receive it!

When it finally arrived, the fragrance was completely rancid. They requested I send it back to them in order for the owner to do a "quality check" and decide whether or not it was rancid....uh, no...

it's their word against yours....I'm out $25 for 5 ml of garbage.

Helpful Cool


"I have only ordered a few times, a little goes a long way with perfume. I was very pleased by the fast shipping and the care they packed its items with. I was ordering items I had not smelled and so it was a pot-luck with some being wonderful and some not(as in way too strong) I have found that I loved one and had my husband buy it for me for my birthday. He loves it too. They offer a very nice description of the perfumes so you get a chance to narrow down what you may like by the top, middle and base notes. I will continue to buy from The Perfumed Court."

Helpful (1) Cool


"Ordered decants on 5/2. Got an email 5/6 stating:

"Orders that have started the decanting process cannot be canceled or changed. If, while decanting your order, we discover that a product is back-ordered, you will be notified via email."

So the decanting has started. What is that, some sort of cold fusion process where atoms are split and reassembled inside a mini Hadron Collider? Is that why it takes so long? The decanting has started, but they don't know if they will have a backorder or not. I tell you what, if you're able to decant something you don't even have then you should be selling magic, not perfume.

Order shipped on 5/11. Arrived 5/18. It took half a month.

I honestly would not know if I received a fake scent or not, but the two times I've ordered I have liked what I got.

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"The Perfumed Court has always done a great job of getting my orders filled quickly, and they been helpful answering my questions. They are great!"

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"I don't know why there are so many negative reviews. I regularly order from them (maybe 5-10 different decants every 1 or 2 months, usually when they have a sale), and I've never had any trouble. It does take about 2 weeks to receive an order, but I expect that for a bunch of decants. Any other decant site I've used has less selection or a higher price. I had one problem once where a discount code wasn't showing up, and customer service was very prompt in getting back to me using their ticket system. Maybe they've improved their system since the past, or maybe people only post to this site when they have a problem. Either way, I've had several good experiences with this site. "

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