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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 5.90/10
Chance of future purchase: 5.06/10
Shipping & packaging: 4.36/10
Customer service: 4.78/10
Return/Replacement policy: 4.42/10
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Great discounts, great service.

"The website offers a supercool discount for all the products.
I had to buy a recliner, went to physical shops and liked one recliner. I searched for that recliner online and this website offered a great discount that I couldn't resist myself from buying this recliner. I had to wait for almost two weeks to receive my recliner, but the wait was totally worth it.
Their customer service agents were also humble and helpful. They told me that the shipment would take nearly two weeks and they were true to their words.
It was a really great experience shopping there.
I will recommend it, definitely.

Helpful Cool



"This is by far the worst Business I've had to deal with our purchase took over 2 months to deliver, an when it was finally delivered it was damaged. the customer service reps. are rude and unprofessional. After being told I'd receive a 10%discount for all my troubles once I received my purchase they now claim they never would have offered that. Ill never buy from this Business again and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone either."

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Excellent Experience

"I was nervous after placing my order and seeing some negative reviews on Google, but our experience was great! We received prompt notifications for the stages of the orders processing. The delivery company called to communicate our delivery time and then was able to deliver our order a day early! Our furniture arrived in excellent condition and was very well packaged. We are loving our new buffet and the price was an excellent deal!"

Helpful Cool


Terrific Company!

"We purchased a reclining sofa at a substantially better price than our local store. After trying another on-line retailer (whose price was better, but after 3 weeks informed me the item was out-of-stock), we took a chance on The Classy Home. I had read the reviews, so I was concerned that we might get burned again. But that was not the case!

I ordered the sofa on June 8th, and I was expecting to wait several weeks. On June 26th, I received an email that the sofa had been shipped. This email contained DETAILED instructions on how to take delivery (we opted for curb-side), and what to do if there was any damage to the box (take pictures, document on the damage on the delivery slip, and how to report the damage).

On June 29th, I received a call from the shipping company (AM Trucking) indicating the sofa would be delivered on Monday, July 2nd. Remember, the shipping company is contracted -- The Classy Home does not actually deliver the furniture (we are well outside their local area). The shipping company promised they would call me 30 minutes prior to the delivery, since the window was 4 hours. Well, they didn't call and had to wait 10 minutes for me to get home from work. When I got home, they were not happy. They had already placed the box in my driveway. Remembering the email instructions, I began taking pictures of small damage to the box --and then asked the to flip the box so I could see the other side. There was substantial damage to the box, and I took several photos. The delivery person tried to rush me and insisted on opening the box so I could see there was no damage to the sofa. Well, that was fine, but I still documented the box damage on the delivery slip (the delivery people were not happy). They were in a hurry, and the recliner needed to be assembled and we still had to check the mechanism. We did find some small damage to the fabric, but luckily, the mechanism worked fine. That same day, I emailed the photos of the damage to the box and the sofa to The Classy Home, and received a very prompt response. They wanted me to make sure everything was okay, and just confirm that was the only damage in the next day or so, which I did. A few days later, they contacted me to offer me a very fair refund for the damage, which I accepted and they promptly credited my card.

The sofa itself was excellent -- again, we had seen it in a local store, so we knew what to expect -- and we saved over $250. Their communication was also excellent -- emails when the order was received, processed, shipped and the follow-up was prompt and professional.

We won't hesitate to purchase from them again in the future!

Helpful Cool


Really awesome service and beautiful furniture.

"Ordered two end tables for about $200 less than what I found them for elsewhere. Arrived in two days with free shipping! Did have to return one for damage but that was due to poor handling by the carrier. Will always check prices here before purchasing anywhere else!!"

Helpful (1) Cool


Not a bot I swear

"I actually had a really good experience shopping at classy home, although it appears most of you did not. Okay okay I understand the shipping takes a while but for me that was the only downside. So I placed my order on May 30 and got it on July 2...so about a month give or take. It tells you on the site to email them before placing the order for an accurate shipping time because they have to order the furniture and some places have harder pieces to find. People like instant gratification but it saved me a fortune using them and the delivery people (AM trucking) carried all of my items upstairs into my apartment without me even asking. I tipped them of course. Honestly I had a good experience but I can see how not having control of the time frame stresses people out.

PS. I ordered a dining set and a sofa/loveseat duo

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Shipping Delays and Damaged Product

" It took way too long to deliver even though customer support was very responsive. Once I receive the furniture was damaged which is no fault Of Classy Home and they did offer a refund based on the damage that I had to counter offer because it simply did not cover the amount of damage that was done to one of the pieces. Overall I would order from them again but not when I need them quickly. The website says ships in 10 days what you have to read is the fine print showing that it will take three weeks to arrive. In my case it took almost a month to ship on top of the three weeks to deliver. The delivery guys were nice and delivered to my front door."

Helpful Cool


If I had known I wouldn't have shopped here

"The experience with the merchant has been so ridiculous. It went from we can't find your order, to ok we're processing it, to well now we aren't sure, to oh that shipped already, to no it hasn't shipped, to ok now here's the tracking and it will be here on this day, so we take the day off to get the delivery, and then suddenly they call three days earlier and say it's the next day and accept it or pay a huge fee for almost half what the item cost which was never in any agreement. After a scramble to get help, because I'm not paying that fee, I get everything and in putting my furniture together there are screw holes that don't line up at all. If I were to just drill new ones it would compromise the integrity of the wood. Ridiculous. Then today, almost a MONTH later they called me again to confirm delivery of the product I already have and had to call them and make sure I wasn't double billed and they hadn't sent another because they were very confused that I already had my order. Never again. I will be sharing my story with everyone."

Helpful Cool


Great prices...

"Customer service and pricing was great. Wasn't too happy with the condition items were delivered in: a number of scratches were on our brand new wood furniture when it arrived, which was frustrating."

Helpful Cool


Would buy again

"My local retailers were charging $350 more for the item I purchased AND wanted me to pick it up from the warehouse. Not only was the sectional piece the exact same item that I could have purchased locally (for more money), it was delivered sooner than expected and the delivery drivers contacted me well beforehand to schedule the drop off."

Helpful Cool



"DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered a chair from them and it did not arrive after five or six weeks. I called to cancel. Then I get a call from their carrier to deliver they chair. I refused delivery and called this company to be treated very rudely. I disputed the purchase with my credit card company. They LIED to the credit card company and said that I got the chair delivered. I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY MERCHANDISE FROM THEM. When it was all said and done I received and $11.00 refund from them on a $450.00 dollar chair because they charged me $98.00 dollars shipping both ways and a 25% restocking fee!!!!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! THEY EXPECT YOU TO WAIT FOREVER FOR THEIR FURNITURE AND WHEN YOU TRY TO CANCEL BECAUSE YOU ARE SICK OF WAITING, THEY ARE RUDE AND CHARGE ANYWAY. They got the chair.....I got charged $472.00 for nothing!!!!!!!"

Helpful Cool


Unacceptable service

"I waited over one month for my item. I had to start payment on the item I didn't receive, and when I asked for the item to be delivered to the front door they couldn't even do that. I will never order or do business with this company again. I recommended people to the site for their reasonable price. However, I will be letting everyone know that their service stinks and to go elsewhere. "

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Bedside Nightstand from TheClassyHome.com

"Great experience all around. Product was shipped and received as shown, in great condition, at a competitive price. Very satisfied with the product and the experience. Will shop at TheClassyHome.com again."

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Stay away unless you want headache!

"Without any exaggeration, I had the worst online shopping experience with The Classy Home. I was given a time window during which my item was supposed to be delivered. However, it took them 3 (three) delivery attempts for my item to be delivered. During the first 2 attempts, no delivery was made during the scheduled time window and even several hours beyond that. I had to take time off from work to be present for the delivery. I was given a variety of reasons for the missed delivery, from my item being misplaced to the delivery person not being able to make it. Finally, on the 3rd delivery attempt, after waiting for several hours beyond the scheduled time window, my item was delivered. This order caused me significant financial loss due to the long delay to receive my item and the time I had to take off from work to be present for a delivery that did not happen for 2 times."

Helpful Cool


I got my bed but...

"I ordered this bed knowing the estimated availability. I was pleasantly surprised upon learning that I was available a week early as I received a call to set up delivery! They were very accommodating with scheduling my date of white glove delivery. To my dismay, upon delivery, the team of two guys carried the large box into my home and then handed me a paper to sign for which I held onto but didnt sign because I ordered a bed for assembly. Not for a bed in a box. They looked at me as if I were being irrational and they hesitantly proceeded to assemble my bed. This is where it became very uncomfortable. I stayed while they assembled and I had to be the 3rd pair of eyes because they were not using washers where indicated by instructions etc. No problem! Bed assembled... place is a mess. Styrofoam and wrapping everywhere. Not to mention a large box sitting in my hallway and they prep to go! Everything everywhere and he says, we do not take the garbage. So the tip stayed in my pocket. Thank you for my bed. I love the bed.... but no thank you to that terrible service! "

Helpful Cool

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