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Product & services pricing 3.33/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.17/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.89/10
Customer service: 1.07/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.68/10
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Terrible after sales experience


On 23rd march 2018 bought 5 books of which only 2 were delivered till 21st April 2018.
Upon contacting customer service they asked me to go check with my local post office and were unable to provide any courier details.
They put the onus of tracing the 3 books - all shipped on separate dates - on me. absolutely brilliant. this is my first experience with Book Depository website and needless to say the last.

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Website Design Flaw (Shipping address is OPTIONAL!)

"I'm living abroad this year and therefore have to supply both a billing address and a shipping address. Book Depository has a strange design in its website: by default it asks for one's billing address, leaving shipping address as an option (contrary to standard practice of almost all online shopping sites). As a result of this design issue, I made a mistake in having my order shipped to my billing address in the US instead of the correct shipping address in France. I admit that part of this was a result of my not reading the website carefully but I also think book depository is at fault for designing the site against the norm.

I negotiated with them to have the issue addressed. After almost 20 exchanges, during which often I was given generic replies that did not acknowledge my special request (reshipment/refund + suggestion to correct their site design), I was finally contacted by a dispute resolution specialist (a supervisor) who basically told me that they would do nothing. See below.

So basically they just blame their consumers without ever acknowledging their own partial fault.

"This is Dani from Book Depository Resolutions team.

I am afraid this is how our checkout process is designed to make it a quicker process for our customers. I do apologise that this caused an inconvenience to you.

As there was an option during checkout to enter a different delivery address and this has already dispatched to the incorrect address, we cannot take any action until this item is returned. Please allow 5-10 weeks for this to be returned. Once we have received our daily returns they are immediately unpacked and uploaded on to our returns database. We can only recommend that you continue to contact us on a weekly basis to check when and if they are returned.

We apologise that we cannot be of greater assistance at this stage and for any inconvenience caused.
Kind Regards,
Resolutions Specialist"

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Never Use This Company

"Purchased a book then received an email telling me my transaction had been cancelled (no idea why) but they assured me I hadn't been charged for the purchase. Well I had been charged and after numerous emails telling me how truly sorry they were and my refund was being processed it never was. Ended up going to my bank, disputing the transaction and getting my money back that way (bank had to cancel my credit card too so there are hassles associated with that). I think if you take people's money and at no time offer to send the purchased product, you are a scam company. Never, ever again."

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Terrible service

"Terrible service. Ordered the book on 10 Feb and till today it is still not here. Emailed the customer service to ask about the status of my book and they said it will arrive by 6 March but it is still not here. They told me to check with the local post office but the point of shopping online is so that I don't have to travel to get my book. It makes no sense for me to have to go through the hassle of going all the way down to the post office to check if my book is here when it should have been delivered in the first place!"

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Horrible, horrible service

"This used to be a great company to order books from Britain from, the free shipping would take about a week, then started to take 2-3 weeks. Then I ordered a book you have shown in stock and you keep canceling my order. Contacted you and got a pat reply of oh the book is not available, well on your website it is. Crap service, will no longer order from you. I used to order several books every couple of months. I am done."

Helpful (1) Cool



"Stated 4-8 days when ordered Dec. 15th on Amazon.ca. Days later received email stating ETA now late January. Immediately instructed to cancel. Book just arrives at our door Mar. 2nd 2.5 months later! Emailed them my original cancel request offered no compensation just to return book. Now I have to take time to package it then head to the post office and line up to pay shipping etc. Complete scammers. Buy elsewhere."

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Book depository

"Do not order from this company if you can avoid it. The delivery times are atrocious (mine never even arrived after 2 months of complaining). Their "customer service" is a joke: don't actually answer your questions and deflect onto everything else but themselves (watch out for "check your local sorting office" bs, claiming the problem is with the postal service). They have wasted over 2 months of my time, giving me anxiety over a book I needed for SCHOOL. At this point I think they're scammers.

Helpful (1) Cool


Disgusting customer service a horrific attitude towards customers with disabilities

"They didn't bother to send the book until 3 days had passed then said it would be another week - I complained and was told they didn't purchase the book themselves until after I had ordered and it was delayed - the next person said this wasn't true - I asked to cancel 3 times and they kept saying no I had to return it when it arrived - explained I am disabled and cannot do this - they just ignored me saying this and kept saying no.....horrific experience - and second time with problems - will never ever use again - appalling attitude towards disabilities "

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Beyond dreadul

"wish i had of read the other reviews…
wish i had of read the other reviews before purchasing from these guys.

Somethitng as simple as changing the mailing address was too hard for them.

No phone numbers on their site to call them.....i ended up using a live chat which must have been based in a non speaking country as there seemed to be no way of explaining this very simple problem to them.


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"I made order on 31st January and expected to arrived to my location by 14th February as stated in the page the parcel will arrived within 7-10 days if the book are shipped from UK. Now, its already 19th Feb and I still haven't received the book. Contacted the CS and they replied pretty fast. But not helping at all. Asked to confirm my address and I did. And the solution they provided was to check with local postal office. With no tracking number or whatnot given, I will be like a crazy person go any random local postal office asking for my book. Asked what postal service they used to ship the book from UK, they replied 'Royal Mail'. Aren't they supposed to have at least an information about to which postal service they going to pass the parcel to once arrive in our own country? This is my first time buying book from BD, but I am really disappointed with the services. Was attracted to buy from BD just because of the free shipping offered. It is sounded a bit fishy and I doubted once, "Why BD offers free shipping worldwide while Amazon or any other online book sellers don't to that?". And now I know the reason after reading so many bad reviews. Certainly will not buy book from BD anymore."

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Be Aware

"Be aware. The company appears in the process of going bankrupt. Orders go in but they don't go out.

I used Book Depository in the past without issue. But I ordered my book on Dec 6th and it didn't show by the January 17th latest delivery date. I e-mailed them and a customer service rep told me it didn't actually shipped on January 8th so I needed to wait until February 5th. Not shockingly nothing arrived either. The latest customer service rep is trying to by time by getting me to go down to the post office despite that larger packages from the book depository have been mailed to me without issue. If a company is asking you to go down to the post office yourself and find a package they shipped to you they're pretty much admit they're bankrupt, right?

Judging from how many similar complaint are on this page from just the last few days this company either doesn't have enough money to ship out or no longer has access to books. I'm lucky that I'm only out $8 for one book. I feel really bad for people who are losing more than that with their orders. But mostly feel bad for the people at the book depository who apparently won't have jobs soon. Sad news :(

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Poor Customer Service

"I ordered a book that never arrived. I contacted customer service and they asked me to launch an investigation with the postal service. I did this and reported the investigation number to them and the outcome. The outcome was that the book was not found. At this point, Book Depository refused to re-send the book or refund me for the book. Pretty poor customer service - especially after I jumped through their hoops by following through with the investigation - and especially considering they are owned by Amazon yet they cannot afford to do the right thing? - especially by someone who has been ordering from them since 2011 and never had a claim against them? Good way to ruin a customer relationship."

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No status

"I bought 3 books which came with 2 different packaging. I received a book from the first packaging but I have not received 2 other books until now (past 2 months). When I asked the customer service (through email), they only answered once, then they ignored my other emails. I am a disappointed customer."

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Don't worry to return the replacement if you receive two items, It just waste postage!

"I received two items as the first one was very late I thought it went missing, they agreed to replace it so sent another item, then the first one arrived. I told them that the first one arrived, they said if I can return it and keep the package slip, they will give me full refund, and I did, cost $22 to post it back, then they said there is no refund according to their return policy.

**** I feel I was cheated they agreed full refund just want me send the books back. ***

I would have done it anyway even without refund but I thought they should pay the postage but they refused, anyway, the whole experience was very bad no mention all the hassle I have been through to chase after the first item.

Good luck everybody, don't order any items from them if you need it urgently or in busy time like Christmas holiday. Free shipping = Low priority.

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"I order 7books and not even one received. I send email late replay to wait shame :)"

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