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Appalling customer service

"My experience with Book Depository borders on the comical, if it wasn't so frustrating and unbelievably stupid.
Issues began with the non-delivery of purchased items, which was handled by a colleague who left the business shortly after. All the details of the order and when it was to be expected along with emails from all parties were left in a hand-over of documentation.
when the books still had not arrived by the nominated date, contact was initiated with Book Depository on the matter. Several emails back and forth, often repeating the same information (no, it wasn't at the post office, no it wasn't in the mail room) finally got me moved up to a more senior staff member who was able (after being told it was not possible) to send me a tracking number for the item. Except the tracking number did not work, with my local postal service, or any other one I could find on the web. After bringing this to their attention (and again answering the same questions about whether I had checked the posy office and the mail room) I was told it had been delivered to a "Safe Drop" location. Great. Except our workplace does not have a "Safe Drop" location. Upon querying this, I was suddenly told that they would no longer assist me, as I was not email from the address used to order the books (at which point I drew their attention to multiple previous emails in which I had clearly stated that the person who had ordered the books was no longer with the company, attaching all the relevant emails and permissions), and that they had sent an email regarding the matter to the person who had ordered the books (who's account was closed). After some more back and forth, i was asked for a bunch of security questions, which were answered, and relevant attachments of previously attached emails and permissions supplied, at which point I requested to have my matter escalated. That was two weeks ago, and I have not had any further answers to my inquiry emails. They are a NIGHTMARE when things go wrong. Best avoid like the worst plague you can possibly imagine. If I could have given 0 stars, I would.

Helpful Cool


A Good Company Going Down The Nick

"I have used Book Depository for a long time, and until recently have had good, but sometimes slow service. Lately however they seem to have gone down the tubes somewhat. New management ? Getting to big to manage easily ? I don't know the reason but the service had faded away and the deliveries are getting unacceptably slow. The prices are not as competitive either. They used to be well below the competition, but now seem to be roughly the same for a much poorer service. The latest order has put the nail in the coffin as far as I am concerned, after a long wait I queried what was happening to my order and they said they were having difficulties supplying one of the books on it. Two had been dispatched but seemed to have been sent by literal "snail mail". The other book was not yet with them, yet a look on their web site said that the book was still "Available" and would be dispatched within three to five days. Yet mine they had not even received. I suspect they are now advertising books that they do not physically hold, and are taking orders then ordering the book themselves from another supplier. This is NOT good for the customer.
So for me, after a fairly long relationship with the Book Depository, it is back to the competition who everyone loves to hate, but who can actually supply books that they advertise, and deliver them quickly too.

Helpful Cool


Pre-order Scam

"I've ordered books from the Book Depository for a few years. They are (usually) the cheapest source by far, and their customer service has always been pretty good. Until now there have been no issues or real concerns. Sure, sometimes it takes a book a few days or weeks longer to arrive than scheduled and, on one occasion, they sent the same book twice. No problem, you just send it back. But this order...

Imagine waiting with baited (hey, when you're hooked on a series, it's no longer just 'bated') breath for the next book in the series your reading, knowing you're covered because you pre-ordered it, and then getting an email saying "Your pre-order has been released by the publisher and is on its way to our warehouse. Your order will be dispatched from our warehouse soon, and we'll let you know once it's on its way to you"... only to get notified a couple of hours later that, no, actually, it wont. Here's a refund instead.

What? Wait! Why?! No explanation, just an email stating "We're sorry to let you know we are unable to fulfill your order of the below items, and have issued a refund. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused."

After visiting the site the same day, though, there's the book, still advertised, albeit for almost $2 more than the $10.48 you pre-paid. Send them an email and they respond with "there was an issue with the supplier" and they're getting a new supplier but that one wants more for the book for which you pre-paid an agreed price. The Book Depository decided it would be fairer to simply refund your money and let you re-order it... at the increased price.

Well, that's rude. One could look at the situation and be forgiven for thinking the Book Depository decided the book was so popular they could simply cancel the pre-order, refund the money, and have the customer pay more for the book. Given it is now, barely a month later, $4 more than the pre-order price, this seems entirely plausible.

Having worked in sales, it seems an odd approach taken by the Book Depository. Many businesses apply the standard practice of supplying what was ordered and paid for and accepting the loss in profit that would be gained from the newer price. Sure, I get it: other stores are selling the book for more than that pre-order price, sometimes even double, but really?

What's black and white and red all over? An angry customer who pre-ordered a book only to get told they have to pay more for it than the agreed price. Oh, and the flag of Cornwall caught in the splash zone of a protest at a fur convention.

Helpful Cool


Stupid and unhelpful Customer Advisor

"I had a totally bad experience and the customer advisor person Salama Laattoe I have been dealing with is just totally infuriating.

I ordered a book on 25th May. It didn't arrived within the timeframe of 5-8 business days. I contacted customer service and Salama Laattoe replied and confirmed it was dispatched on 30 May from Melbourne (I live in Sydney), and asked me to check with the post office if anything was held for me. There was nothing so he/she emailed back saying they have resent the book. Again it didn't show up. This person confirmed the book was sent on 14 June and asked me to wait until 26 June. I asked about refund if I don't get it by end of 26 June. This person didn't address this question just told me to wait.

I'm so sick of waiting. Its totally ridiculous to wait for a book for a month when its coming from Melbourne. I got onto the Live Chat today and was advised by one of the customer service staff that I could check the Australia Post Article IDs (Thank God there is someone who knows something there). I checked both Article IDs with Australia Post and was advised they have not been scanned at all, which means they were not sent at all!

If I kept waiting like the idiot Salama Laattoe has advised I would never have known what has happened. This bloody idiot could have advised me the AP Article ID so that I could get to the bottom of the issue earlier. I could have got my refund earlier and order the book somewhere else. Instead I wasted so much time waiting for nothing. Then I had to spend all this time to investigate this issue myself. This stupid idiot doesn't seem to have a brain or how to do their job, and could only send pre-formatted emails with one solution - WAIT! I'm totally disgusted with this experience.

The funny thing is nobody thought about investigating what's happening with the Australia warehouse where the book was supposed to be sent. There's obviously something sneaky happening there. Someone's not doing their job or doing something bad.

Also they don't even have a complaint option on their website. Their service is far from perfect that no one would complain.

Helpful Cool


Terrible experience with BookDepository when ordering from New Zealand.

"Terrible experience with BookDepository when ordering from New Zealand.

My order never turned up and after dealing with an extremely rude customer service team they told me it's my responsibility to talk with our local "post sorting office" to see where it is even though they don't provide you with any tracking number and the NZ Post say there's nothing they can do without a tracking number.

Attempting to get a refund results in more incompetence, and the only option left is to file a chargeback on my credit card.


Helpful Cool


I will not shop at BookDepository anymore

"I will not shop at Book Depository anymore! Horrible customer service. I placed an order and waited for a week for the delivery notification. Nothing came through. I went to check the order status online and found that my order got cancelled. I did not request for the cancellation. The transaction went through on the day I placed the order but no delivery? So made a request to explain, got the response finally but did not receive a valid reason for the cancellation.

The customer service personnel were rather uninterested. No care in the world at all. They dont mind losing customers, from the way I see the quality of their response.
I am not even sure if the customer service team is based in the UK.

Helpful Cool


Worst customer service!

"Worst customer service!

We purchased multiple books in the same transaction, and when checking out, we put our postal address down correctly for an address in AUSTRALIA. Only after initiating contact with them, we found that they shipped our goods to BARBADOS!

The two country names are not even closely spelt to each other to warrant a mistake such as that. For a book seller, a literacy inaptitude mistake like this is somewhat ironic, yet, borderline comedic. My two year old could do better data entry than that for goodness sakes

Noting other negative reviews on another, and their 'copy and paste' response from the company in reply to those comments clearly shows that the Book Depository is not customer centric at all.

All we are asking for is our money back, and to be told after multiple back-and-forth emails that it can take up to 10 weeks for the money to be returned is utterly deplorable.

If you want better customer service, please be sure to shop elsewhere.

Shame on you Book Depository!

Helpful Cool


Never Again

"I placed an order for 5 books on the 3/5/18. All books ordered were meant to be dispatched within 3 business days of the order in the UK. 11 days later my order had not been shipped. I had emailed Book Depository but had not received a reply. I completed and submitted the order cancellation form on the Book Depository website. The following day I received an email telling me that my order couldn't be cancelled as it had just, conveniently for them, entered the shipping phase. My order only entered the shipping phase after I had attempted to cancel it. The company stated in the email that they would be unable to reimburse me for the shipping costs. This company conducts itself in a very dishonest manner and I wish I had read all of the reviews before shopping with them. Their idea of customer service is pathetic. Don't order from the book depository if you expect customer service and to receive your order without using threats of disputing transactions. I will never shop at book depository again.


Helpful Cool


Terrible after sales experience


On 23rd march 2018 bought 5 books of which only 2 were delivered till 21st April 2018.
Upon contacting customer service they asked me to go check with my local post office and were unable to provide any courier details.
They put the onus of tracing the 3 books - all shipped on separate dates - on me. absolutely brilliant. this is my first experience with Book Depository website and needless to say the last.

Helpful Cool


Website Design Flaw (Shipping address is OPTIONAL!)

"I'm living abroad this year and therefore have to supply both a billing address and a shipping address. Book Depository has a strange design in its website: by default it asks for one's billing address, leaving shipping address as an option (contrary to standard practice of almost all online shopping sites). As a result of this design issue, I made a mistake in having my order shipped to my billing address in the US instead of the correct shipping address in France. I admit that part of this was a result of my not reading the website carefully but I also think book depository is at fault for designing the site against the norm.

I negotiated with them to have the issue addressed. After almost 20 exchanges, during which often I was given generic replies that did not acknowledge my special request (reshipment/refund + suggestion to correct their site design), I was finally contacted by a dispute resolution specialist (a supervisor) who basically told me that they would do nothing. See below.

So basically they just blame their consumers without ever acknowledging their own partial fault.

"This is Dani from Book Depository Resolutions team.

I am afraid this is how our checkout process is designed to make it a quicker process for our customers. I do apologise that this caused an inconvenience to you.

As there was an option during checkout to enter a different delivery address and this has already dispatched to the incorrect address, we cannot take any action until this item is returned. Please allow 5-10 weeks for this to be returned. Once we have received our daily returns they are immediately unpacked and uploaded on to our returns database. We can only recommend that you continue to contact us on a weekly basis to check when and if they are returned.

We apologise that we cannot be of greater assistance at this stage and for any inconvenience caused.
Kind Regards,
Resolutions Specialist"

Helpful Cool


Never Use This Company

"Purchased a book then received an email telling me my transaction had been cancelled (no idea why) but they assured me I hadn't been charged for the purchase. Well I had been charged and after numerous emails telling me how truly sorry they were and my refund was being processed it never was. Ended up going to my bank, disputing the transaction and getting my money back that way (bank had to cancel my credit card too so there are hassles associated with that). I think if you take people's money and at no time offer to send the purchased product, you are a scam company. Never, ever again."

Helpful (1) Cool


Terrible service

"Terrible service. Ordered the book on 10 Feb and till today it is still not here. Emailed the customer service to ask about the status of my book and they said it will arrive by 6 March but it is still not here. They told me to check with the local post office but the point of shopping online is so that I don't have to travel to get my book. It makes no sense for me to have to go through the hassle of going all the way down to the post office to check if my book is here when it should have been delivered in the first place!"

Helpful (1) Cool


Horrible, horrible service

"This used to be a great company to order books from Britain from, the free shipping would take about a week, then started to take 2-3 weeks. Then I ordered a book you have shown in stock and you keep canceling my order. Contacted you and got a pat reply of oh the book is not available, well on your website it is. Crap service, will no longer order from you. I used to order several books every couple of months. I am done."

Helpful (1) Cool



"Stated 4-8 days when ordered Dec. 15th on Amazon.ca. Days later received email stating ETA now late January. Immediately instructed to cancel. Book just arrives at our door Mar. 2nd 2.5 months later! Emailed them my original cancel request offered no compensation just to return book. Now I have to take time to package it then head to the post office and line up to pay shipping etc. Complete scammers. Buy elsewhere."

Helpful (1) Cool


Book depository

"Do not order from this company if you can avoid it. The delivery times are atrocious (mine never even arrived after 2 months of complaining). Their "customer service" is a joke: don't actually answer your questions and deflect onto everything else but themselves (watch out for "check your local sorting office" bs, claiming the problem is with the postal service). They have wasted over 2 months of my time, giving me anxiety over a book I needed for SCHOOL. At this point I think they're scammers.

Helpful (1) Cool

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