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Hello everyone here, thank each of you for taking the time to share your reviews on "TheDigitalPros.com". I too, was almost taken in by their FANTASTIC TOO GOOD TO BE
TRUE PRICE! But, at the very last minute, with my credit card out, I decided to see if
there were any reviews on this site, and thank God, there were! Thank you guys!
I almost ordered the Nikon Coolpix P610 camera with extra equipment at $64.53
cheaper then my previous pick of $333.53 at ebay.com. Regina at ebay support had
already been kind enough to send me a 100% refund shipping label. After the reviews
here, I immediately emailed her back to tell her that because of their excellent service,
I had decided to keep the camera I ordered from them.------Thanks again for your reviews.

Helpful Cool


they charge you more than they're suppose to!
no way to have your money back.

Helpful Cool


"Horrible, horrible, horrible!!!!! Beware of the deceiving way they try to convince you their products are legitimate.
Supposedly they are a wholesale distributor who sells international and USA-focused packages. Once you make a purchase, you receive an email that tells you to call them. Calling them leads you to find out that the "DEAL" that you found through them online is actually for international buyers only, which means everything on your camera is in another language and is therefore useless.
There is NOTHING on their website for each package or camera body that indicates which correct kit to buy based on your location.
You will end up being frustrated beyond belief at the completely scammable process that you go through just to realize you must begin again to find and purchase what you want. I am a savvy buyer and I do my research. Alas, I did not read reviews about this before sending my info to this deplorable "company".

Helpful Cool


"BEWARE!!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SCAMMERS!! I hate to admit it, but I am another Digital Pro victim. Was in a hurry to get a camera before taking a trip and didn't do my research. This is the worst online transaction I have every experienced. I was purchasing a Nikon Coolpix P600 for $259, but the invoice ended up $418. I assumed it was a package deal, but they like to break the package down and charge you for the accessories. I asked for an itemized invoice with no response. I did upgrade the battery and SD card, but the bottom line was still well below $418. I was scammed on the buy one get one free, as I paid for upgrades but did not get two for the price of one. Tried to dispute through my credit card company, but the reply from DP said I agreed to the terms of the purchase. Not a reputable company and they will no doubt get many more unsuspecting, uninformed customers - but, not anyone I know or communicate with on social media sites. I will give them a high 5 rating as rip-off artists. "

Helpful Cool


"I ordered a camera on May 1st that was on sale and had to buy before May 4th. The add said delivery in 7-10 days. Like other reviews I have read, I got 4 emails about calling them back. I called back and they said they wanted to confirm the order. I said yes. He hung up right away. Sort of thought that was rude. Today I called back because I did not see any sort of confirmation of shipment----The person said that is was because it was on back-order for about a month and again, hung up right away. I then Googled The digital pros.com and found very poor ratings and warnings of Scam.

I called back the company and said I did not want them to hang-up on me until I said goodby.----The gentlemen then said let me help you.-----I gave him my order# and he said---oh yes----that is on back order for a couple of weeks.

I then told him how I googled the company and about the poor ratings and scam accusations. He asked me if I wanted to cancel my order. I said yes because he did not seem apologetic or explain what I found on the internet. He said my card had not been charged, but like the other people he has the #.

This was a Nikon P520 Coolpix Camera for $199.

Helpful Cool


"I had the same exact experience as all of you are reporting.... I placed an order based on a BLOW OUT SALE found on the internet, which as about $200 less than anywhere else. Then I get this email (3 times over just a few hours):

Customer Name: Mary xxxx
Order #:88526xxx / Web Order # 6945xxx
Thank you for shopping at TheDigitalPros.com. Please call me to confirm you order.
My name is bruce, I can be reached at 888-334-9215 ext 1. Please remember to dial my extension 1 as I will be personally handling your order. If I am unavailable, feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank You, Bruce.
TheDigitalPros.com 888-334-9215 ext 1

So they sell you an item, then want to contact you by phone. They try to sell you upgrades and will not send you the item you purchased at the price they advertise".
I point blank told 'Bruce' on the phone that they have false advertising if they advertise a camera at a certain cheap price and then email you to say...."Oh, you yes you purchased a Canon camera, but purchased the Chinese version, no English and with no USA warranty. I am sure you meant to buy the USA model for a mere $300 more."
Thankfully I smelled a rat and cancelled my order. Now I worry... they have my credit card numbers!! Oye! Basically they are preying on people who succumb to pressure over the phone. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!
Lesson learned.. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! ALWAYS go with a reputable and known company. Ended up buying my Canon 70D in a kit from Costco.
I hate to think of the horrific experience that I would have encountered had I taken the bait like some others.
Shop wisely my friends!!

Helpful Cool


"called to order a canon rebel T5i body for $389. was skeptical after reading other reports about them. I asked them to confirm that they were selling the U.S. version of the camera, and that it would carry the factory warranty, which they did. I asked how they were able to sell so much cheaper than other sites, and was then told that I had to purchase 12 cameras to receive that price. When I told him there was no indication of a minimum purchase quantity on the website he hung up on me. "

Helpful Cool

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TheDigitalPros.com User

"This website is a scam!
I have ordered a camera during Labor Day weekend promising to be on sale. Found out the reason for the price to be so low was not that it was on sale but that the camera was not a US version! Nowhere on the website it said that it was not a US version and it will be shipped from elsewhere! Now they have all my personal info and credit card!
Do not use this website!

Helpful Cool


"DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH "TheDigitalPros"!!!
7/17 I ordered a camera, they never sent confirmation, receipt or tracking info but did charge me immediately. I called & asked them several times to send, they replied they would but the never did. 1 week after the date I should have received my camera I called to find out tracking info. 1st they gave me a bogus tracking #, 2nd they said there was no tracking, 3rd time they said UPS damaged & they were waiting on new shipment--again bogus! The "customer service" there is ALWAYS rude, offer no legitimate help & hang up. There "billing" dept doesn't "speak" to anyone re billing. There "customer no-service" dept does NOT return ANY emails.

Helpful Cool


"Bought Nikon camera on line in Dec 2013 for $105, then got a call that I needed to buy a battery because camera didn't come with it. Said no then they charged me $148. I called to ask why the price was higher than what I ordered, and they told me that the $105 was for a Turkish camera, the english version cost $148. Complete scam and no ethics whatsoever. You've been warned...."

Helpful Cool



Helpful Cool


"This place is a ripoff! Bait and switch and false website information.
Wanted me to upgrade from the Pakistan version of a camera to the American version.............what a joke.

Helpful Cool

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