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3 months- no delivery, no response on $300 watch purchase

"Thought I found a good deal on a Garmin watch, but all I've gotten so far are a few generic responses saying that my order was delayed. TechSmartWear is not replying *at all* to my inquiries. I will be taking action through my credit card to seek reimbursement.

My order was placed on 2/14/2018
As of 4/4/2018 they say they are having issues with watches going through customs
It is currently 5/9/2018. I will be filing a fraud complaint through my credit card.

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Do not buy from here

"Bought a garmin watch off them, money taken straight out of my account, no word of a delay, a week later explained there is going to be a delay and then no word, left a review on another site, they quickly responded by trying to get down my post about their poor customer service and lack of an actual location (? Somewhere in Poole) and lack of telephone number to speak to someone ... the only time they have replied to me is via email about my review not caring I am watching for an expensive watch I had saved up for! Pay the extra £20/30 go elsewhere is what I would recommend, now going to wait for a refund which I think will take a few months (if that happens) from other reviews I have read!"

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Still waiting

"Bought a Garmin watch 3 weeks ago still waiting for delivery up to date. Anyone got their number "

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"I ordered a watch three weeks ago and I got no word on delivery. I have contacted them and they are saying the delay is due to paperwork at customs! I have now asked for a full refund. Appalling service. Avoid "

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Commande d'un bracelet Garmin effectuée le 12 décembre au prix 209.99£.(order #3005)
Débit de carte bleue rapide, le lendemain, le 13 décembre.

Sans nouvelle, relance le 19 décembre avec pour réponse " Your order has been shipped through our international fulfilment shipping." "Shipping usually takes 10 working days for France".

A ce jour, un mois après, aucune nouvelle, aucun message, aucun colis, aucun bracelet...

Je tente toujours de les relancer et d'avoir des nouvelle !!!!


Magiquement, le lendemain de cet avis sur google, réception d'un email de leur part : "Veuillez accepter nos sincères excuses pour le retard de votre commande. Nous avons interrogé votre livraison avec Royal Mail & Laposte. Si nous n'avons aucun progrès cette semaine, un nouveau bracelet sera envoyé.
Nous vous remercions de votre patience et nous vous contacterons sous peu."


Lundi 15 janvier mail de leur part : "We have instructed shipping to dispatch a second strap as we have had no movement on the first parcel. Thank you again for your patience."
Vendredi 20 janvier, ni numéro de suivi, ni bracelet....

A suivre et à fuir vraiment !!!!!!

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"Do not use TechSmart. SCAMS military. Marks up product by at least a thousand then sells to you. Look up their products for sale, then google that exact product. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Don't let this shit for a company sell to you."

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"Received bad equipment and did not get any resolution. Could not make contact with anyone. Is company out of business?"

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"I placed order in April. Never received email from them, sent three emails to them, all were returned unable to send.

I finally called them and was told they were having "server problems" and was instructed on how to send payment manually via Paypal (apparently they send some sort of checkout link of their own,) which I paid immediately.

No response. Called again, next day received an email twlling me that my order was being processed manually.

Received an email the next day with a link to checkout (pay again.) Emailed them several times asking for confirmation of order. No response.

Called today (two weeks later) and was put on hold for 22 minutes (long distance call because they don't have a toll-free line.) Finally hung up.

VERY poor communication. Doesn't seem to care about me (the customer.)

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"Bought unit from Ebay. First of all - shipping was $43.50 - way too much - for supposed professional packing. A lot of good that did - unit was DOA. The unit was a portable computer - not a laptop but one that has an LCD screen built in and has standard desktop components - baby motherboard etc. I sent an e-mail telling them the unit did not work - it would appear to come on - fan, hard drive spin, but no beeps or display. Attached to a external monitor to check video - still nothing. They sent an e-mail saying to call or use the online help. I tried the online help, they came back with a 'Sorry we can't help, this is for shipping status only'. That was helpful. I finally just took it apart and got it working by replacing the power supply with an AT power supply. The motherboard supported both and was set up for the ATX but it did/does nothing with the ATX attached. Everything works great with the AT supply - this leads me to believe that the unit was shipped NOT WORKING. The ATX power supply works on another standard ATX board. I called and told them what I had done and they said - sorry you broke the seal and the warranty is now void. There was no seal. In addition the keyboard which snaps on the front so is a spcialized keyboard is broke in 3 places - that was never mentioned on the auction. I have sent numerous e-mails after I called but they just more or less accused me of breaking it myself. Hopefully all is not lost if I can rebuild with a baby ATX board and reuse the old motherbaord in an AT system. This is why I will never buy from these guys again or some of the larger sellers. I think they just throw it in a box and sell it. They don't list it truthfully and they don't stand behind it. Thanks for listening and beware."

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"Worest experience I ever had. "

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"I bought the HP Pentium 2 machine through Ebay. They never emailed me how much I should send. I asked many times and finally they emailed me, but I noticed I have to pay the tax - They charged me 18% tax. I asked why 18% but They never replied. Slow service and no communication at all. I don't recommend them."

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"Did not provide any shipping details after I paid for the item. After waiting 2 weeks for the item to arrive I started to email and call daily to find out where the monitor was. They finally responded 4 days after the initial call and email and stated that the monitor "had not passed inspection" and they offered a replacement item. They shipped the monitor and it arrived in a week and a half. Monitor was of low quality and should not have been resold as refurbished. SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE AND BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE!"

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"Ordered a laptop from them via Ebay. I received an email invoice right away and it got shipped quickly. When it got to me there were a couple flaws not mentioned in the product details (cracked keyboard face, broken left mouse button) which were irritating, but nothing I couldn't live with. The battery was dead. The listing gave the impression it would start right up, but upon closer inspection (read the fine print) I found that they had said the battery was dead, despite the misleading body of the post.

I then got an email a month after I received the computer telling me my order had been received and sent out. I got real nervous about them then, thinking that I dodged a bullet because they didn't seem to have all thier ducks in a row.

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"This company is a piece of shit. I won a viewsonic 19" from ebay. I paid by paypal and they haven't send me anything after they got(steal) my money. Tried to send them emails and calls but it didn't help. Talk about day light robbing.

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"I purchased a computer that Techsmart rated a 5/5 Stars. Well the soundcard was faulty and the power supply went bad after the sencond power up while loading an OS. It also had no seal on back when they said I voided the warranty by opening the box. Well I had to investigate why the CPU wasn't powering up. It cost me an additiona $100 for parts and labor at Gateway and another $20 for a sound card. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH TECHSMART! "

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