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Can I give them zero stars?

"Same thing everyone else is saying. I made a purchase and 3 and a 1/2 weeks later it has not arrived to. I have tried calling the customer Service number and have regularly got messages like "we are not open right now, try again later" and whe they were open and you press the number to check thw status of your order, it said that department was closed. I then tried to send an email to the company, but a week later they never responded.
Just had to call my card company to dispute it.
Dont bother buying from this company. Absolute SCAM.

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Save your time and money!

"I don't think this is a real company - they took my money and have not sent my order after 2 1/2 weeks. They will not answer my e-mails so I have requested a refund. After another week -- nothing. These people just need to go away!!"

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Stay away from this company! These bastards must be a scam.

"So I place a $200+ order on 11/19/2016 and I waited a week and a half. I gave them a call to see what was going on and they told me I had to give them a 10 day business days to deliver. So I waited another week(13 or so business days had passed). I gave them a call again. They told me my order was a backorder and I would have to wait another two weeks. At this point I was **** and I told them to go ahead and cancel my order and to refund my money. I cancelled my order on 12/14/2016(almost a full month since I placed my order), and they told me it usually takes about 3 business days for the refund to kick in. It is now 1/14/2017 and my refund is nowhere to be seen. I ordered from another online company and they delivered in a week, but I'm still waiting on my refund. I've emailed and called them but they never answer the damn phone or reply to my emails. I'm guessing I will have to talk to my bank as I have ran out of patience with these scammers. I don't know what happened to supplement warehouse, because back a few years ago I used to order a lot from them and they always delivered promptly. I took a break from supplements for about 2 years do to financial problems, and first thing I found out is how supplement warehouse has gone down the hill. Please avoid the headache and do not make the same mistake many of us have made. Their prices are tempting, but most likely you will have to deal with the same bullshit I'm dealing with right now."

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**** Company

"Same experience as others. These a$$holes lure you in with low prices which they have no intention of honoring. It seems that this company has no to actually fulfill the orders and hope people will forget?? Placed an order. 1.5 months go by, nothing. I tried calling their customer support line on multiple occasions. I was told it would be a 35 wait minute wait each time. Emailing them is a waste of time as well. Judging by the robotic quality of responses I think they outsource CS to India or some place like that. Had to file a credit card dispute to get my money back. Avoid this vendor like Bubonic plague"

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Shady swindlers

"STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I placed an order for some supplements. Received an email stating I had placed an order and that they took my money. They stated I would receive an email letting me know when my product shipped out. I waited a few days, then a week, then a few weeks had gone by with NO email stating my product had shipped. But they sure took my money immediately after placing my order. So I tried calling them to no avail. Couldn't get anyone to answer the phone. So I emailed them asking them what the hold up was, where is my product, and what is going on? I haven't heard anything from you in over 2 weeks and this is highly unprofessional. I place orders with BB dot com all the time and get the product to my door for a very reasonable s+h cost in 2-3 days!!! So a week or two goes by and still no response!!! I email and call them again and nothing still. Then a few days after this, I finally get some crap response from them saying they are sorry it's taking so long, something about they are out of stock, and it can take up to 4 weeks or longer some times to get products in stock?!?! WTF? You don't sell something to a customer that is not in stock without letting them know that up front. And if you find out something is backordered, you inform that customer right away. I email them back at this point and tell them that if I don't hear from them in 48 hrs that my product has shipped, I am cancelling the order with my credit card company and getting a refund through them. They didn't respond!!! My cc company took care of it, put the money back in my account. Then I get an email from the company about a week later saying they are sorry it is taking so long and that the product should be in soon?! I was like, too late guys, I already got a full refund from my cc company. This email was about 2 months after initial purchase! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! They ****. "

Helpful Cool



"I ordered on October 31 and after a week, and not getting confirmation on the shipping I tried to call and only got a recording. I emailed them and they responded that it was on back order, I then told them to cancel my order and got confirmation on this being cancelled. They charged my cc the day I ordered, and said they would credit it. Well then 2 weeks later I received the shipment. I refused the order and that has been about 3 weeks ago and still no credit t card. No luck in getting a refund, or to get anyone to answer my email or the phone. Next step BBB and calling my bank. "

Helpful Cool


Should read reviews first

"These guys are either bait and switch, or super slow in filling orders. Placed an order for some energy bars TWO WEEKS before a trip, figuring that this is plenty of time to get the goods. For the past 4 days the order has been showing in "Printed status". At this point there is no way it will arrive on time. Pay a bit more and get the stuff you need elsewhere, when promised. And do read the vendor reviews here before placing an order. I did not bother to do so figuring that for $30 my risk is minimal. What a mistake. And if anyone from SW is reading this - yes, I will dispute the charge with AMEX."

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Price Match but not product!

"Placed order 6/25/16 and was billed 6/28/16. It is now 7/9/16 and still not product. Have used them in the past and never any problems. Guess since they had to price match they don't give a crap when it ships if at all. Tried to call them on several occasions but was on hold for 10-15 min and was still told it would be 40 min longer. No thanks. All emails were never responded to and even tried other numbers with no success. DONE!! Disputing the charge and even if it takes a while to get my $ at least something was done."

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Dissappointed in customer service/reliability

"Been 10 days since i ordered/ $$$ cleared my account, try to contact customer service a dozen times always asked me to contacted them another time or help desk. Contacted help desk no reply. Also could not access my account tried to rest password a few times no reset email ever recieved. "

Helpful Cool


The worst experience

"Horrible horrible horrible customer service. Ignores and doesn't respond. Item was back ordered, didn't give me a refund even though it was past a month (after waiting on hold for an hour and a half I was told this). They sent me the wrong item. I contacted them via email since I didn't want to wait on hold, but it ha been 15 days and no reply. I had to contact the actual manufacturer to give me a refund. Save your time and money and go somewhere else. "

Helpful Cool


Slow, deceptive, dubious business practices, poor customer service

"20 days to get half of what I ordered.

Not to mention that they charged my credit card the full amount the day that I ordered, and it took 3 weeks to get a refund on the part that they claimed was out of stock.

If you try to call them the phone system always says the wait time is over an hours. If you email them you get an automated email saying they might get get back to you in two days and a statement saying their shipment policy is 10 days. However, I couldn't find that information disclosed anywhere on the site.

One of the items I ordered showed in stock, still shows as in stock, but they claimed it was back-ordered and could not deliver it. Then the slow refund. Wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that I submitted a price match request and they didn't want to match the price?

What a totally negative experience, will never shop there again.

Helpful Cool


I will not purchase from them again

"In the past, I had a good experience with Supplement Warehouse and rated them 5 stars. This time my items were back-ordered and the delay was unacceptable. During the first 10 business days, my order status was "printed" and I wasn't able to get more info. Emails went unanswered and phone calls had long delays and were unhelpful. After 10 business days, the status changed to "back-ordered." I called and cancelled and waited about two more weeks for my card to be credited. So it took about 30 days to accomplish nothing. I don't consider them dishonest or fraudulent, so I gave them 2 stars."

Helpful Cool


Horrible customer service and extremely slow.

"This was my third and last order from Supplement Warehouse. To their credit I had no negative experience with the first two orders, except that shipping times were a little slow as compared to other retailers, but for the price they offer (price match) I could wait a few extra days. However with this previous order I will never order from them again. I placed a single item order on a Saturday with the expectation that it wouldn't process until Monday. I waited until Thursday to check the status of the order and to my surprise it was still labeled as "In Processing". I patiently waited until Saturday to check again. After seeing the same result I decided to call the customer service desk. I sat on hold for 53 minutes before I spoke with a Rep who simply and rudely explained to me that they have up to 10 days for processing and that my order would be processed that week, then ended the conversation. On the following Monday after still no update, I sent an email to the helpdesk team, to which they responded that my item had been backordered, no big deal, only there is no way to tell this from the website, no one informed me after 8 days (6 business days) that this was backordered, and after an hour long phone call and 15 second conversation, the lovely customer service rep didn't bother telling me this. Per the request of the email I responded and asked to swap out the flavor I ordered for another one. After waiting 3 days for a response that I never received I decided to call the customer service phone number again. After only a 38 minute wait this time I got through and was told yes this product was back ordered, and I could exchange the flavor. After making an exchange request and placed back on hold, I was informed that there were only 3 flavors in stock, all basic and not what I wanted. Not wanting to wait any longer for my now 2.5 week old order I made a decision and was told that it would ship out later that day. The following day to my surprise I did receive shipping information, unfortunately it is suppose to take 7 days to arrive. Was I in any way compensated for my trouble? No. Will I ever order from supplement warehouse again? No. They have a great price but some things are just worth the money, in this case, its satisfaction. If you want to be satisfied with a purchase and experience do yourself a favor and order from someone else."

Helpful Cool


Shady Business

"Found this company on Google Shopping, price was 50% less than all other retailers. If it's too good to be true... Placed an order, no shipment confirmation after waiting 3 days. Replied to the order confirmation email, but didn't receive a reply in return. The next day, realized their reply to email is "noreply@supplementwarehouse.com." Called customer service hotline, which has a very sleazy voice, stating that no one is available to answer the call. Cannot leave a voicemail either. Contacted customer support through the website contact form. Finally they responded that my credit card was declined. They never bothered to contact me about the issue, and when I questioned them about it, no response. Terrible experience. Avoid like the plague."

Helpful Cool


Fraudulent Company

"This company charged my card immediately, then failed to ship the items and communicate that the items were not in stock. Called all numbers for Supplement Warehouse but no access to customer service. Reported to my bank for investigation."

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