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Rating 10/10

A Wonderful Sauna. . . .AS GOOD as it Gets!

"Am LOVING my Sunlighten sauna. The infrared system allows me to not only ENJOY a sauna but I will stick "with the program" since do not have to endure heat of 200 degrees! The low/no EMF, use of non-toxic material, & ECO certified wood are only some of the reasons for purchasing this sauna. I had a small glitch with the ART system. Nick answered my call to customer service. I have rarely (if ever) had such wonderful, prompt , over-and-above "customer service". Nick obviously knew the right questions to ask, but the exemplarily manner in which he followed up was almost hard to believe. I received a prompt, spot-on solution in a sincere, professional, genuine and responsible manner. Certainly he is someone deserving of any promotions/wage increases - at least if he worked for my firm I would NOT want to lose this guy! Thanks Nick!!"

Rating 10/10

Very good Sauna

"Great customer service and the sauna really helped with my wifes health issues. "

Rating 10/10

LOVE our mPulse sauna

"We LOVE our Sunlighten sauna. It’s absolutely beautiful and has so many different options. We originally purchased it for our daughter with autism who had developed severe psoriasis over the summer but our entire family is benefiting from it. My daughter absolutely loves the vibrations from the Acoustic Resonance Therapy. She loves to choose different color lighting each time we have a session (we added the chromotherapy as well which is totally worth it). Gretchen from Sunlighten was more than awesome. Since this was such a large purchase and decision, she was so patient and helpful throughout the entire process. I decided to upgrade to the mPulse model because of the near and mid infrared option. Near infrared is great for the skin. My husband was a bit leery about such a big purchase but he now says it’s the best investment we’ve ever made and I agree. Thank you Sunlighten and to Gretchen for all of you help!

Lisa B.

Rating 2/10

Don't buy the hype!!!

"Sunlighten really touts their sauna as the only one that has all 3 wave lengths - near, mid, far. After I purchased the sauna and saw blue lights come on in the back panel and called to ask what the lights were. I was told that was the NEAR infrared. They confirmed that is the ONLY near rays and ONLY in the back panel. The bad thing is you have to be VERY close to the source in order to get any benefit from near infrared so you'll only get it in the middle of your back or contort yourself around to put your face, arms, neck or whatever area of "skin" improvement you are after. NOT PRACTICAL or COMFORTABLE! Also, they virtually zero EMF but that's not true. I have a Trifield meter and the reading is 3-10 NOT zero. The only one that MAY be close to zero is the Signature line, the mPulse is NOT. They do not differentiate this detail, they make it sound like it's throughout ALL of their saunas. So I would not purchase this sauna again. I hate that I spent the extra money on it now, which I did mostly to get the Near infrared which is totally useless. "

Rating 10/10

Health Benefits of Heating Up Your Core

"My doctor recommended I take regular far infra red saunas to help boost my immune system due to 22 years of dealing with Lyme disease and black mold. I purchased a Sunlighten sauna from Jason Cole in November of 2015. They were kind enough to store it in their warehouse until my home addition was completed. Jason worked very hard for me, finding savings whenever possible and giving me every promotional upgrade available. The company really cares about their customer's health and satisfaction with their products. The company is a small, family-owned business and has a few growing pains in so far as expediency in getting their technicians out to trouble shoot and glitches, but when they arrive they do everything possible to make things right. They even switched my heating panels for new and improved ones at no cost to me. The owner of the company personally called me to make sure I was happy with the results, and I am VERY happy with my Sunlighten experience!"

Rating 10/10

Wish I would have known about the benefits of a Sunlighten Sauna years ago!

"I ordered a Sunlighten Sauna as a Christmas gift for my sister. I ordered in early November 2016 for a late December delivery. The Sauna arrived as scheduled and was very easy to put together. As a person who hates heat I thought I would never step foot in a sauna. My sister absolutely raved about the sauna and how it helped with her stiff muscles and allergies. I thought I would give it a shot and try it out. I am so happy I did. The sauna has tremendously helped the range of motion in my right knee and I feel it has help speed the recovery of my strained Achilles tendon. I sleep better on days I use the sauna and my skin is positively glowing. My body feels so much better on days I use the sauna. As I said I have always hated the thought of getting into a steamy hot sauna but the infrared sauna is nothing like that experience. It feels fantastic. Jayson was so very helpful and answered all my questions and encouraged me to call back at any time if I need help. My only regret is that I didn't learn about Sunlighten years ago!"

Rating 2/10

Queen Froggie

"First off the product really is good but customer support leaves a lot to be desired.
First, I referred a friend who bought the top of the line sauna and did not get the items promised for it. the delivery process was terrible. First the order was lost or something so it took weeks for it to be delivered, then it was delivered damaged. I reported the damage caused by the delivery people to my unit and they did not do anything about it, including not responding to my calls or emails.

Rating 10/10


"Jayson at Sunlighten has helped me through the purchase of two of the Signature II series models now...the first I have been using for 18 months, and now I purchased one for my parents as I have gotten tired of touting the many benefits (better sleep, weight loss, better skin, increased mood, fighting off winter blues, muscle tone, not to mention muscle recovery after workouts...the list goes on and on. These things will change your life in the best way, special thanks to Jayson for your help. I did a lot of research before choosing these guys, plus they have the Dave Asprey seal of approval. If you are serious about your health and wellness, look no further. "

Rating 10/10

Bri is awesome and so is Sunlighten!

"Bri and her co workers were very helpful in the process of purchasing my low EMF solo sauna! Low this company and their personal touch. Couldn't have been more pleased with the process. I have not yet received the sauna so I can't speak on the experience of the actual product, but so far I'm happy! Thanks Bri and Sunlighten!"

Rating 10/10


"Excellent products!
Excellent service!
Excellent employees who help me Joey & Greg!
The best sauna equipment on the market!
Honest company!
Thank you Sunlighten!

Rating 10/10

Detoxing from Mold Toxin exposure.. this is the answer.

"i just received my Sunlighten Signature 1.. if you need a sauna.Call Matt Williams. I contacted him a couple months ago, and he is educated and patient. I did not plan on upgrading to a Sunlighten brand. i was ready to buy one from Amazon. He took the time to share differences of models with me, and not from a sales pitch " kind of way". I used the sauna for the first time last night. It was really more than I expected. Only took 20 minutes to warm up, and I got a full sweat in about 20 minutes. It is comfortable and I didnt expect the quality of the sound of music. The unit is well made and took my husband and son in law a couple of hours to install. I purchased the sauna after a mold infestation in our home. I unfortunately suffered from toxin exposure. Thank God I learned about infrared detox and the importance of this step. I used to use a sauna blanket which was okay, but it was a pain to get in and out of and you had to wear a sauna suit. Thank you Matt, I am so glad I went with this company. The service has been impeccable.."

Rating 8/10

Sunlighten Sauna Leaves You With A Warm Feeling


I already knew the Sunlighten sauna from about one year’s use of their mPulse series at a local spa, so I was confident when choosing it over other brands. My purchase was in February 2016.


The Sunlighten Signature I sauna was delivered quickly but not in perfect condition (see below). Sunlighten uses CEVA Logistics as their freight carrier and the CEVA driver backed into the wall next to my building’s loading dock doing $700 of damage to the masonry. CEVA did cover the damages.


I had minimal trouble singlehandedly assembling the Signature I sauna but it took 3 hours to do it carefully avoiding scratches and disposing of the huge quantity of packaging and boxing materials it came in. Bear in mind that the Sig I is the smallest box sauna they make, it’s for 1 person.


Get the A.R.T. system. It is cool to feel your favorite music vibrating through your body while you’re in the sauna. But beware that Sunlighten’s assembly instructions can be wrong and pre-drilled holes are not where they are supposed to be. There is some white noise distortion in the system after installing A.R.T. even after ensuring the wires are snug and properly connected. The Blaupunkt sound system is one of the best features of the product even if you don’t opt for the A.R.T. upgrade. Think high-end car audio system.

Do NOT buy the Chromotherapy colored light system from Sunlighten. I was able to find the exact same LED bulbs with remote control on Groupon for $12. Compare to $149-159 for the same feature from Sunlighten. That’s quite a mark-up! Whether you buy from Staples, Amazon, or Groupon, make sure you order the correct bulb base fitting as it is not the standard threaded kind but the two prong type.

I purchased the bamboo carbon towels set but they were backordered. I received some of the towels a little over a month after purchase but now in July I am still waiting for the rest to arrive, 5 months later. The ones that did arrive are wonderfully soft and stand up to regular washing and drying well. I use my sauna several times per week so everything is getting thoroughly tried and tested!


The glass door, right out of the box, was smeared with a layer of some kind of chemical that had to be carefully scraped off. Sunlighten reimbursed me for the cost of having this repair done.

The bench was very difficult to fit into the assembled sauna and caused some permanent indentations on the side panels.

A bag of assorted fuses arrived a few months after purchase with a diagram and link to an online video showing how to install them with the warning that failure to install voids warranty. The installation is easy if you are a licensed electrician.

Be sure to ASK when you place your order whether any items are back ordered. The wait in my case has now reached 5 months.

Keep track of your Sunlighten store credits! If your friend buys a Sunlighten the company does not notify you of having the $100 credit so you may need to be proactive about claiming it. A friend of mine purchased the mPulse Conquer two months ago.


I am pleased with my Sunlighten sauna and get regular use out of it. It clearly does help with certain health conditions and it’s far more comfortable to use than a traditional dry sauna. My electric bill did not skyrocket and it does not overheat my bedroom. The warm-up to operating temp takes about 45 minutes but that’s because I like it hot. I recommend this product with the above cautions.

Rating 10/10

Healthly Sweat

"There is nothing like a great daily sauna to start your day but not just any sauna. Only a Far Infrared sauna provides many healthy attributes besides just enjoying a great sauna. And Sunlighten has, in my professional opinion, the best Far Infrared sauna on the market. Reasonably priced, very easy to put together in a short time and loaded with features. Extremely well built, actually very portable, beautiful lighting, great stereo CD player- sound system and very attractive as well as very comfortable.
As a licensed physician I highly recommend Sunlighten's Far Infrared sauna to everyone who is interested in maintaining a great health regimem.
Dr Doug Valentine

Rating 10/10

RE: Unexpected health benefits

"When I bought the solo unit I was using it to get rid of heavy metals in my body. I was using it for 1 hour a day, every day for over a month. Around day 31 a strange think happened. Although the sauna was about 135 degrees, I started to have cold chills and experiencing waves of anxiety. This happened for 3 straight days every time I used the sauna on days 31, 32 and 33. I was a little nervous the first time it happened and then realized I was going through an emotional catharsis. At the time this happened I was going through a divorce.

The body and mind are one. Emotions can be stored in different parts of the body. The sauna was relaxing
muscules that never relaxed. When those muscles relaxed the negative emotions stored in that part of the
body were released. This was not a placebo effect since I did not expect this. I only bought the
sauna to rid my body of heavy metals.
Bob, NYC

Rating 10/10

"I recently purchased my third sauna from Sunlighten for my wellness center and as in the past, I was very pleased and impressed. The service received from the point of initial order through delivery and installation is always outstanding. Sarah Wickens and Mary Fisher are especially knowledgeable and very helpful in the selection process and ensuring the transaction and entire process goes smoothly. The customer service and technical department is always available and helpful with any questions and guidance needed during installation or for questions thereafter. The sauna itself is beautiful and very high quality. I want my clients to have the best and Sunlighten is the only company I would consider for my infrared sauna system needs. My clients absolutely love the sauna and so do I. I couldn't be happier."

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