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Rating 2/10

"This site is a classic bait and switch ripoff.

Very low prices are followed by hard sell tactics by one Eric Tursan aka "Scott". Warnings also listed on sheddingsomelight.com



Rating 2/10

"Placed order online for digital camera.
Got the dreaded e-mail informing I needed to call customer service to "confirm" the order. Of course that's when I'm told that I need to buy a better battery since the one that comes with it only lasts for 20 minutes. I reply "I've done my homework, the supplied battery last forever". At this point they realize the gig is up, and tell me I ordered a refurbished camera (I didn't) and if I want a "New" camera I would need to pay more. Classic Bait and Switch. I told him no thanks, cancel my order to which they replied "Gladly" and hung up on me. Do not waste your time with this company, unless you want this kind of run-around.

Rating 2/10

"This company is nothing but liats and cheats. They offer a low price on an item and then try to hard sell you an added product for twice it is worth. If you don't buy the add on they just cancel your order. This is nothing but FRAUD...

Rating 10/10

"We received exactly what we ordered for a more than reasonable price. We received the camera within a very reasonable time (about 7 to 10 working days, I don't remember exactly). We have had the camera and have been using it with no problems. The person who I talked to on the phone was polite, did not try any hard sale tactics, and seemed very knowledgable. We are extremely satisfied."

Rating 2/10

"Attempted to cancel order on morning of 11/11 but was told Order had been shipped. When it had not been received by 11/15, I called and was given UPS #. Checked UPS and learned Order had been shipped at the end of the day 11/11, hours after I had called to cancel. They were very rude and refused to give me RMA number. I refused to accept package and UPS returned it to them on 11/22. On 11/15 I was told I would receive an immediate refund on their receipt of the returned package. They have refused and failed to issue the refund and at various times said they would deduct cnacellation fees, shipping costs which were in excess of UPS charges, restocking fees. I have objected to all of these since I attempted to cancel the Order before it was shipped. I also never received a statement of their charges. Every time I have called, they have given me the run around or said they were too busy to talk. They never gave names and confirmed nothing in writing."

Rating 2/10

"Beware this vendor! Bought Nikon Coolpix 3200 via website Nov. 24, and immediately called to verify order. Told it was in stock and would arrive in 3-4 weeks. No further word until I called to check status Dec. 9, and was told the product is not in stock and the order is canceled (after I was asked if it was just the camera that was purchased). So since I bought the camera at a low price without the overpriced accessories, they decided not to honor the order but didn't even bother to ever tell me about it. What a fiasco."

Rating 2/10

"Never to business with this company.
After I placed an order for a Xmas Camera, a week later I had a salesman call me to add more equipment to the order. I declined. I call 1 week later, was put on hold 4 times, to ask the status of the order. I am told that since I did not add any additional equipment to may order, then I should call my credit card company to see if they charged for my order. Otherwise they said then my order was chanced, and then they hung up. I called back to speak to a manager, and was repeatedly put on hold and was passed around with no one to talk to. This place is a scam. I have now read all the bad reports. They need to be reported. Stay away from this company and then they will not rip others off.

Rating 2/10

"Wow. This would have to be the WORST ordering experience I've ever had on the internet. No matter how tempting this site looks DO NOT order from it.
I ordered a digital camera from them, the guy called me to confirm the order and asked me if i wanted a memory card to go along with it (cause it didnt come with any memory, though i read it did), so he ask me how much i would pay for it I said $40 , he said ok, its $49, but he would give me for $39. I was suspicioius about that. But anyway so he called me back later saying the card was declined and if I can use another card, I said to cancel the order for now and Iwould probably reorder, then he started to get angry and ask me for the expiration date,etc. Then i said i just want it cancelled, and he said if I cancel it I can't reorder it, I asked y, he said its just so. I said just cancel it then. Then he said if i cancel it and then reorder that he will just charge my credit card but will not send me any camera, then hang up.
Anyone that can react like that must not want any business. I say NEVER order anything from this site and make sure anyone you know doesn't.

Rating 2/10

"cancelled my order before it was shipped....very rude and unprofessional....NEVER USE THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!"

Rating 2/10

"I did not purchase a camera because they sent me an email with a purchase confirmation, asking me to call them in order for them to send me my camera. So when I called, they tried selling me additional things. I didn't want additional things, then they tried to hit me with an "insurance" that was never mentioned before. The shipping is already high and now they want to charge insurance because I didn't want to purchase accessories. Sales person kept on giving me prices on the accessories and then making discounts on those prices. "How about $40 for this and that?" The more I said no, the more discounts came along. Anyway, after they got all my credit card and personal information, they cancelled the order. Then they sent me an email saying that the camera is out of stock. These people are frauds. They should be put in jail."

Rating 2/10

"I came across what appeared to be a great deal on one of the price comparison sites for a Nikon Coolpix 3700. The vendor was www.starlightcamera.com. I ordered the camera online, and received an e-mail confirming my purchase.

I was called the next day and the guy proceeded to make the hard sell on memory cards and additional batteries. I didn’t want or need anything but the camera and he said it would be 7 or 8 business days to receive it. It is now two weeks later, I have received no camera and my credit card has not been charged. I called Starlight Camera and was connected to a man who did not want my “Order ID” number to check anything. All he wanted to know was what else I had purchased with the camera. I told him I hadn’t bought anything except the camera. He said to call my bank and see if I have been charged and call him back. I checked with the bank – I had still not been charged and called him back and told him that. He right away said that they did not have the camera in stock – he had never asked what camera or what my name was. He said he’d give me the name of another website to get the camera from and when I asked what the website was he hung up on me.

I suggest to anyone reading this, do not do business with www.starlightcamera.com! They are with out a doubt a bunch of crooks and they won't be there tomorrow if you know what I mean!! And that good review above has got to work for them.

It is now 12/03/04 and I still have not heard from them and don't want to at this point. I check my Visa account constantly to make sure they haven't billed me. Trash just trash.

Rating 2/10

"Today I wanted a Nikon coolpix digital camera. I was kind of curious about the deal when I received the email confirming the order and it stating call to place order. I didnt call.(I didnt really plan to buy right away anyhow, I just wanted to know the total price. In order to get the total you must sign up, give credit card info, etc. So I gave an old card number that didnt work anymore to see if I could get the total. To my suprise, the order was placed...with the non-exsisting card.) They inturn called me the same day. (Left a message anyhow stating call them and his name and the ex# which was 201.) Well, then I did call. Curious I guess. It asked for the ex# and when I put it in it dirested me to # 217 instead.(oh well, they all work there right?)When he answered, I told him my name and he knew me right away. He "sent someone" to check if it was in stock, and it was. He then wanted to sell me a memory card. I said I didnt need it because it was a gift. He said ok, the item will be shipped in 6-8 weeks.(that didnt register yet)He wanted to hang up but I kept him on explaining how I might plan to purchase another in the near future and would they be in stock then. He said 2-3 weeks they would ge more.(What they only carry one, I thought.) We hung up and I checked the status online. It says,"Working Orders".(Whatever the hell that means.)I tried to email them, curious again, to see what it meant? Both addresses failed. Of course it is after hours so I cant call. So I started checking around on the internet. I put in the yahoo search "www.starlightcamera.com scams" and it lead me to here and many other sites. Good thing huh? One site states that they found from a business site that the domain name is registered to One man, and gives his home address and phone number. Look it up, it would be fun I think just to flood his home phone with "hate calls." Scare the hell out of him or something. I read on here also that people are sent to prison for what he does. ooooh, great idea. There is also a way to report him for such thing. (since I was scammed I wont, but it is a helpful tip to ones that have. Since he has your cc# he can buy what he wants that day.) Oh, but tomorrow is another day and business ours are "OPEN" so I will be calling just to have some fun! One simple consumer with the right resources can do more than they would expect. (By the way, my first phone call will be giving him this site so he can read what is to come since he is too chicken shit to talk on the phone or receive emails.)

Why dont we all join in. Come on, what can it hurt? Dont let them/him do this to anyone else!

****Other sites to beware of:


"I'll just say this - I had to CANCEL my Credit Card to feel safe after dealing with this website. Absolute Cons!


No Avatar

Columbus Ohio
Rating 8/10

"(drats, killed my original review by posting this, ah well) See, I knew somebody would say that I worked for them, which is why I decided to check here now and then. I DO NOT WORK FOR STARLIGHTCAMERAS. Sheesh! As an update, my only gripe is that there was a rebate on the camera and they removed the UPC code so I wasn't able to take advantage of it. Another look at the camera on their site and it did say "price after rebate." I wonder how they are able to get the rebates, must have a large family ;) Bottom line for me: I wanted accessories anyways, and saved considerably by purchasing the camera AND their accessories, and it arrived in 4 business days..all new stuff, in box, etc. and everything works perfectly. I agree with everybody else that the people there are brash New Yorkers and their selling style is hardcore. I grew up there so I know how that all works. I guess if that's not your style, you would be best looking elsewhere. I'm happy with my purchase, sorry guys...what can I say? :p"

Rating 2/10

"This company's customer service is horrible, i make a decision to buy at $500 camera from there website, then they spend an hour trying to sell me more things that I dont need/ want, then they tell me "fine we will send out your order," then I get an email the next day telling me my order was cancelled??? Pretty sure they cancelled it because I didnt want to buy $200 worth of accessories for my camera. Then I called today to see why it was cancelled, the representative told me that "it doesnt matter if its cancelled if you want the camera go buy it somewhere else." I told them to cancel my order and dont put it on back order. I would rather spend $600 somewhere else instead of having to put up with them."

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