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Rating 2/10

"Ordered a Digital Rebel XT with lens for the great price of $495 on Friday night, got a message saying the order be couldn't confirmed til Sunday which I thought was strange so I started looking around and I found this website and read the reviews; boy did I get nervous! Well on Sunday morning I get a call from a rep saying he was calling to confirm my order, then he put me on hold for about 3 minutes, finally he comes back on and tells me I made a great choice and that it is a great camera. He then asks me if I want to order the 4 hour or 8 hour battery, I told him I just wanted the battery that came with the camera. Then he asks what memory card I want to to add and I told him I was going to find one on eBay. At this point he tells me the camera is on back order of 6-8 weeks because of damage to a warehouse from Hurricane Katrina, and that he was just going to cancel the order. I said yeah just cancel it and that was it. I guess I got off easy, it only took me about 6 minutes all together, and he was civil the whole time. Had I not read the reviews here ahead of time I would have been surprised at what happened, and wondered why he didn't tell me at the start of the call that the camera was on backorder - which we all know is a lie. Anyway, I consider myself lucky. I know others have had it much worse."

Rating 2/10

"I SOOOO wish I had seen this posting before buying from Techon Digital - I ordered a Nikon D60 from them, and when they 'confirmed' my order they upsold me a few extra things. Naively I bought, and then when the order arrived 10 days later the main lens and the camera bag they 'threw in for free' were missing.

I rang immediately and spoke to a seemingly apologetic customer service rep who said it would go out immediately - within 3-5 days I'd get it. Two weeks later still nothing, no reply to my email asking where on earth it was, no answer to their customer service number during their customer service hours.

So today I rang again, got cut off the first time, rang back again. Mad now, so demanded to speak to the customer service manager. Got put through to J.J - OMG, what an idiot and all around nasty piece of work. I explained the situation AGAIN and he got very abusive, raising his voice at me, to the point that I asked for his manager's name and he said that he was top of the tree and that was it. Supposedly my order is arriving today, will believe it if/when I get it. But the fact that the guy who runs this company has ZERO understanding of how to do customer service tells me that I will NEVER buy from them again, and no matter how good the prices look, it's not worth it.


Rating 2/10

"I to was a SUCKER ! I purchased a Sony DCR- HC52
camcorder, advertised price $169.00, from the camera wiz a.k.a techondigital.com, for a birt-hday gift. I tried another sitequest4camera.
com, when I resisted the Pressure sale of a larger battery I received an e-mail that said the camera was out of stock. (the website said different). I needed the gift quickly so I relented to the pressure sale tactic from techondigital,(the sales guy said "the camera will not work with supplied battery" sounded strange but I was sure the extra battery would be used). Yes I made mistake. I paid $100.00 for a battery that does not work on this camcorder without an "UMBILICAL CORD", (a short cable that runs from the dc input of the camcorder to the output at the rear of the battery. This battery, (Digital Concept BP-FN 100), does not interface with this model. The DISPLAY/BATTERY INFO function does not work. I to called the "support people". I told them I wanted to return the battery. I was given info about the "umbilical cord" fix, I told him that was unacceptable. RUDELY, He asked "How Much The Camcorder was Locally ? Confused, I said again,I
would like to return the battery. I was told I would have to return the entire shipment. At this point I guess I should "Let it Go". If I return the camcorder and battery I am likely to be out a birthday gift and my money. I remember the old saying, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAT FOR!. These
guys will not get me again!

Rating 2/10

"OW MY GOD! I AM SO UPSET READING ALL OF THIS! I AM ON MY 3RD CAMERA BECAUSE THE FIRST 2 WERE NOT WORKING! NOW I HAVE BEEN WAITING SINCE THE 11TH OF AUGUST TO GET MY REPLACEMENT! They upsold me too and went from a great deal on a camera to almost $500 in charges with a terrible camera that I am unable to return since it is past the 7 days allowed! I have gone thru Jeffrey ext 203, Stanley sharing an extension, Bob @ sales (after no one answered customer service) he said there was nothing he could do for me call back Monday, then Travis is now saying he promises a new camera will ship out to my Monday? Then he accused me of dropping the camera(funny since the camera has a 10 ft drop allowance and its waterproof etc... I do not know what to do about this!!! PLEASE HELP ME!
All the best to everyone! I wish I would have seen this before I ordered!

Rating 2/10

"STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. I bought a Cannon G9 canera. Placed the order on line on Friday. I get a call from them on Memorial Day at home. High pressure sales of all kinds of extras, priced hundreds over normal prices. For a $349.00 camera my invoice arrived at $848.99. I called to get an authorization number for the extras and they said I could not return them, it was a "value package". I said I wanted an Itimized invoice but did not recieve one. Only a total, so I don't know what cost what. I could go on & on. Just stay away from these people and tell all your friends. "

Rating 2/10

"HUGE SCAM! I purchased a Canon SD850 through everyprice.com from Camera Addict(which DOES have all positive reviews somehow - probably another scam...I left negative feedback and it didn't get posted). The email came from TechonDIGITAL, and the invoice came from Camera Wiz. Beware of ALL of these companies! I ordered the camera and nothing else - I buy a lot of camera equipment and am perfectly capable of buying my own SD card and battery. However, when the salesman called me to "confirm" my order, I was told that I had ordered the Japanese version of the camera. Would I like to upgrade to the U.S. version? Nowhere on the website did it say anything about this being any country's VERSION...and now I wonder if there's even a difference. Oh yes, apparently there is - the guy told me the manual would be in Japanese. Since I can't read Japanese, of course I want the U.S. version, but at the same price as I ordered the "Japanese" version. "We can't do that ma'am." After haggling w/ the guy and getting flustered, I finally agreed to pay $60 more and get a 2G card and a case as well (with the promise that the 2G card was NOT an off-brand). After an hour or so I realized that I had been a victim of the "bait & switch" routine, so I called to cancel the order. I was told that my card had already been charged and there would be a 20% restocking fee. WHAT??? So I decided to go through with the order but I had a sick feeling about it. I got the camera, sealed in the original box, and immediately started to use it to make sure it worked properly. I had no problems with it for the first few weeks. Then I went on a cruise with my fiance 2 weeks ago. The off-brand memory card (PHS Media - google it, it doesn't exist) decided to fail on the 3rd day. I couldn't recover any pictures on it, and it won't reformat. POS!!! Not only did I lose all of my pictures from the first few days of our vacation, but I had to buy another memory card! DO NOT ORDER FROM ANY OF THESE COMPANIES!"

Rating 2/10

"SCAMMED. DO NOT use a company that asks for you to call back and confirm an online order. It creates an opportunity for them to use high pressure tactics to purchase accessories. Unless you have researched all the prices of the accessories, you will likely get sucked in and make an ill-informed purchase. These guys flat out lied.

I used this company because of someone's ratings. So much for ratings. As other have experienced, I got the high pressure sales to buy accessories and they flat out lied.

1. they claimed the battery shipped wih camera was not a high grade battery and I needed a high capacity battery. LIE. I wanted an extra battery and received an IDENTICAL battery for $99.99 (available on the internet for $21.00).
2. they claimed that I needed a higher capacity storage card and one that would handle the speed needed for video. LIE. I wanted an extra card but the one I received was the same speed (the fastest) that came with the camera. I paid $109.99 (available on the internet for ~$68.00).
3. Shipping, handling and insurance was not broken down. If shipped via UPS, item can be insured for $500. $40.01 seems too high to me for a small package.

If you have to call an online order company to confirm your order. DON'T do it. They are very good at high pressure selling.

Rating 2/10

"It really sucked to have to call in to place the "online" order. Once on the phone the sales person high pressures you into making additional purchases. Regardless of this, I paid extra for 2nd day delivery for my son's trip to Europe. The camera did not arrive until the 7th day after order, long after my son had already left. I called to the store to ask for a refund for shipping charges. At first they said not, then finally agreed to refund the shipping, since the camera did not arrive in 2 days. I am STILL waiting on that refund. It never came. I did cave an order an extra battery for this camera also, and my son says this extra battery never would charge or work. Faulty products, bad shipping, and poor customer service. I recommend you purchase anyplace else!"

Rating 10/10

"Ordered via 800 number. Found staff to be courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. A little pushy on add on items, but ok. Price was GREAT, delivered as promised"

Rating 2/10

"This is a copy of an e-mail I sent to Everyprice.com about techon digital

You list Techon Digital as a Featured Seller with
4103 Reviews with that advice I ordered from them to find out that is was not such a good deal, they lied to me about the SD card, said Canon does not package one with the Camera and it would not be usable out of the box unless I purchased one.
The bargain I thought I was getting at $183.49 soon ballooned to $268.99 with the addition of an 1.0 GB Sd card that they list for $149. but gave to me for a good price( right! I could have purchased a brand name 2 Gig one locally for about $30.00 ) and a case, never sent the tripod and cleaning kit that was advertised.
After I received the Camera I found it did come with a 16 meg card ( not much of a card but it had one ) and Checking the name on Google, the invoice came in the name of The Camera Wiz, in Brooklyn, NY. learned they also go by TechonDigital and J&J Digital/ Stargate Photo / WawaDigital and on the site resselerrattings.com they are rated as rip offs with many horror stories.
Based on this info I would never use your site again to purchase anything, I would have looked further into this company if it had not been for your ratings

Rating 2/10

"What an idiot. I fell for the same scammers. bought all the wonderful accesories for the camera that don't fit. Bought camera for $300 with another $300 from pressure sales of accesories. I blame myself for being stupid. Usually don't fall for these kind of companies."

Rating 2/10

"This merchant is also known as TechonDigital and J&J Digital - Their invoice was from The Camera Wiz which is why the name has been changed.
Never order any accessories! They scam you and deal you to death and lie about the "better" products they are selling - but they are the same accessories you can get from the stores and other online stores for a fifth or less of the price.
They sent a "5hour" battery which was a cheap replacement battery for "half price" I got it for a bargain $50 down from $99. They wouldn't let me cancel my extra battery the same night as the order. I had to talk to customer service which I called first thing in the morning only to find out they aren't available till 11am and they had already sent the item. I was told to call back after the item arrived and then they proceeded to tell me it was a "package deal" even though I was sold it separately, and they would not send me an invoice after scamming me out of my money.
I called the credit card company and worked out a deal with them and despite the camera being ok I still was not comfortable so I sent the whole thing back.
By the way the camera was in a generic box and repackaged without a memory card and that was "gray market" according to Cannon.
Their invoice states no returns after 7 days from purchase and I recieved it 9 days after. But I called them nearly every day to complain and they said they would credit me.
I am out the shipping back, but have peace of mind that I didn't get a bad product.

Rating 2/10

"Also DBA TechonDIGITAL. Ordered a camera and was required to telephone to confirm order within 24 hours. I did so and was given false information regarding battery life and storage capacity of included camera battery and storage capacity. Hard sell to have me buy "a five hour battery instead of the 20 battery that they said came with the camera. I agreed to buy the extra battery after negoation for $60.00 ( can buy same battery for $20.00 on legit internet sites) The battery sent is exactly the same as was included in the camera package. When the camera arrived it was not the one I had ordered. I called and they said sorry the one I had ordered was out of stock, but I could send the one they sent back at my own expense and when the other came in they would send it. LOL I willnot send it back because I think I will never see any thing from them again. I feel lucky to have received anything at all from them. I did not have any bad, angry or threatening language from them over the phone as others have expressed. I think these companies are cheats, liers & thieves and people should not do business with them. "

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

"Camera Wiz - what a scam. Ordered online but had to call to "confirm" order. I was out of town so my daughter called for me. They said the battery would only last "10 minutes" and I needed a better battery. She agreed. $100 for a battery! My good deal on a Canon SD750 turned pretty pricey. To top it off, they sent the wrong color camera and wanted $55 to exchange it for the correct color. Oh and by the way, send the $55 as a money order with the camera or they wouldn't do the exchange. Don't EVER do business with these people."

Rating 4/10

"I bought the Kodak Z1275 for $199 and with shipping was $221. I call the number in the e-mail and was told it did not have a SD card, The man said he would give me a free Camera case if I would buy the SD card, so I said ok and now the total is $307.99, I got a $24.00 SD card & a 50 cents Camera case for $86.99. They have good prices on the Camera, but hit you hard on the Sd cards. So if you do business with this guys,just buy the Camera and get the SD card later"

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