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Rating 10/10

Perfect Service

"Their customer service is really the best I have ever dealt with. Any one who says otherwise is just salty because they missed out on good deals."

Rating 2/10

"Stalliontek are scam artist. they ordered 8500.00 from my business and paid with credit card. once they recieved the merchandise they charged back and kept my product. they claimn that they were charged twice. they never were. they first time he had his cc maxed and the card was rejected, which is what the fool saw. the second time it went thru and thats when he canceled. when told of this he is refusing to pay. thiefs don't buy they are on the verge of going belly up!!"

Rating 2/10

"I accidentally ordered the wrong part number. It sometimes happens. My mistake and I have no problem paying the 20% stocking fee, even though they promised me they would send me the proper part, once they received the one they sent me. Returned the Hard Disk Drive the next day, they signed for it 3 days later. That was two months ago, many emails and many phone calls and I'm out my $42.00. I call their 1-866 number... the person I need to speak to is never in. They take my phone number, promising me that someone will call me back. It's my cell, I've had no missed calls. Do NOT send this company money, unless you're willing to part with it for nothing."

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a cpu from Stalliontek, which was advertised as new. What I received was a used cpu poorly packaged in a make-shift cardboard box package. When I called the vendor I was told it was an OEM cpu. This was not disclosed on their website; however, I can live with OEM parts. I cannot live with used parts. The cpu still had old thermal grease on it when I took it out of the box.

To make things worse, when I called and emailed to get an RMA number so I could exchange it I would only get a voice mailbox and never a response. I am in the process of getting a refund via my credit card company. Of course, I have to eat the cost of shipping. Sucks.

This company is not honest. Before purchasing via their website like I did, I recommend calling them at the phone number on their website and speaking with one of their sales staff.

Rating 10/10

"I ordered 2 of the 1GB notebook memory. Excellent price, prompt delivery, and they work just great in my Laptop. It was offerd as "major brand" and the memory I received was Dell."

Rating 8/10

"I ordered a 6400 core2duo cpu from this company based on their low prices.mine died within the 90 day warranty period,and i had quite a time with their rma department to get a replacement.initially, my request for replacement was greeted with skeptism and many questions on their part.i think what got things off on a poor note was that I felt as if their were trying to blame my system for the problem and it seemed like they wanted to use this as a way to avoid replacement.they said my 400 watt power supply was "horrible" and likely caused the cpu to go bad and that it was incapable of powering a core2duo system.I build systems for a living and know for a fact this power supply is perfectly capable of supporting the core2duo system im now using.I Will give this company credit for following thru on its warranty and ultimately sending me a very decent ,CLEAN LOOKING AND WELL PACKAGED CPU....what i didnt like was the many hoops the company made me jump thru in order to initiate a simple return of a defective cpu.it took almost a dozen back and forth emails to their rma department which ultimately ended with them finally allowing me to talk direct with someone in charge of that department. this man was courteous,and proffessional and willing to maintain good customer relations. it was after this point that the replacement cpu was sent, promptly and well packaged, and i am using it now and am very pleased with its condition and performance. after much initial difficulty with the RMA process ,i must give them credit for being honorable in their warranty replacement, i promised to place an honest review and will give them credit where deserved.This company has recieved complaints in online reviews stating that their CPUs are used,or are engineering samples ect.when i recieved the 1st cpu, it came poorly packed, with no antistatic protection,flopping loose in the plastic fan package case.it appeared dirty and looked used. it worked anyway, at least initially so i didnt complain,though ultimately i had trouble with it.when i had to RMA it,I asked whether these cpus were used, their reply was Absoultely not, but that they Were tested and then packed as OEM.perhaps my 1st one Was just poorly handled and packaged,i dont know.the replacement one was clean and packeged in antistatic and Niether was an engineering sample. they assured me all their cpus are from intell, iwould guess they buy in large bulk and test each cpu b4 packing as their are likely some in those bulk purchases that are defective.this is what seems a small company, with good prices and they were willing to make things right with thier customer. My last comment is that it should not have been made that hard and complex to reach that resolution.."

Rating 2/10

"This company does not know the definition for Customer Service. It's been almost 2 WEEKS and now I am disputing with my credit card company.

Here are the timeline of events taken straight from all e-mails:
2/7/07 - Order placed for Intel C2D E4300
2/8/07 - Credit Card charged
2/14/07 - Voicemail left on my cell phone stating only "call back at earliest convenience". Online order status pending. Called twice and left voicemail, no return call. Sent e-mail about canceling the order.
2/15/07 - E-mail response received and offered comparable chip. Another e-mail sent regarding shipment be rushed.
2/16/07 - Stalliontek stated it could be delivered by Monday
2/17/07-2/18/07 - Several e-mail sent regards to status of shipment and no response. I asked for a full refund. No response to date!!!
2/19/07 - Disputed with credit card company.
2/20/07 - Checked website and order has disappeared.

Rating 10/10

"Well, I'm a little shocked to read all the negative comments! My experience was positive.

Like everyone else, I ordered the E6300 Core 2 Duo processor at their bargain-basement price. Placed the order online on a Sunday night. Monday, Stalliontek called, explained that they didn't have enough of that item to answer demand, and offered to bump me up to the E6400 for $30. Normally, this would have cost an extra $50 or so. I said "SURE!" I had my new processor the next day, installed it the same evening, and have been running it ever since. It has all the proper markings, the correct CPUID and sSpec numbers -- definitely NOT an engineering sample.

Will I buy from them again? Yup. Will I watch the like a hawk based on everyone's negative experiences? Yup.

Rating 6/10

"This CPU was mis-represented on their website. It is an engineering sample, not really an OEM part.
Even though that was a bit dishonest, the thing works OK but it has the wrong CPU ID string. The engineering sample has more cache than the retail CPU, they should have just advertised it as what it is, a lot of people would still have been interested. Maybe even me.

Rating 2/10

"Stalliontek.com are like the other reviews said, SCAMMERS! I ordered a Intel Core Duo 2 E6300 from them because of the low price, $150, thats $50 less than most of the competitors, they sent me an engineering sample, it even says it on the chip.


and obvious prototype engineering sample. i confimered this with my friend that works QA for intel.i have sent numberous emails and called to no prevail. do not order from this company they try to sell used prototype engineering samples as new in the box OEM chips. BUYERS BEWARE. HELP PUT THIS COMPANY OUT OF BUSINESS.

Rating 2/10

"They are indeed crooks as mentioned below. They sell old used Engineering Samples (ES) as new OEM. My E6600 is marked QLLR ES and the stepping code is L610A730 which indicates it's been around since the 10th week (March) of 2006. So it's 10 months old and has been heavily used by some manufacturer for testing. Intel gives these chips away to their partners and stipulates that they are not to be resold. It is a Rev B0 Stepping 4 while the current OEM and retail CPUs are Rev 2 Stepping 6. This means it contains bugs or issues that were corrected in subsequent revisions before going into full production.

Their new trick is to reject any complaints as spam. Twice my complaint was rejected by their spam filter. All I can do now is to file a complaint with PayPal and see if they have gotten better than they were in the past. Unfortunately I ordered before checking here since I had bought an item from them several years ago with any problem. Stay away or you will be scammed if you purchase what they call "OEM" CPUs.

Also, don't use PayPal from scammers like Stalliontek. PayPal lets you file a dispute, which of course crooks like these guys don't even respond to, and then should you elevate it up to a claim, they automatically and instantly deny it. Yep they don't even read or evaluate what you said. They provide canned reasons, and if you pick them, you get an automatic denial. Stalliontek obviously knows this, so they continue to commit fraud on a constant basis.

Rating 2/10

"IF YOU BUY FROM STALLIONTEK.COM, YOU WILL GET SCREWED!!! These people are scammers and liars! I purchased an OEM CPU, but I received a dead, obviously used and abused pre-production engineering sample. Intel strictly forbids the sale of engineering samples, yet these clowns sell them as new OEM CPUs.

I contacted them, and they tried to tell me that I was wrong and that it was a actually new OEM CPU. I’m a computer tech – I know what an engineering sample is. They refused to refund my money or replace this worthless piece of junk with the product I actually ordered.

Sadly, as I search the Internet, I see that I am not the only one to fall prey to their nefarious business practices. BEWARE - DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!!!

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT BUY FROM!!! They sold me a pre-production engineering sample CPU which has no warranty from Intel, may have features disabled, and are not supposed to be sold!! These are chips for system builders to test their hardware with and may be damaged and/or have defects!"

Rating 2/10


Order from LARGE reputable business like CDW, not from these companies that appear to run out of the basement of someone's row home in East Baltimore.

Rating 10/10

"This is the 2nd CPU that I have purchased from StallionTek & the order was placed online. The 1st order was a phone in. In both cases shipping was quite prompt with delivery times of 1 or 2 days.

In the 1st order I also ordered 4 sticks of 1 GB DDR2 RAM. 1 stick was bad, was given an RMA without hassle, returned it ... and a replacement was received about 10 days later. This spanned 2 weekends; so I sent it back on a Friday & received it on a Monday. Apparently they felt the need to test the memory stick before replacing it.

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