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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 1.25/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.00/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.83/10
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The worst experience as a customer I have ever received

"The worst experience as a customer I have ever received. Bought a pair of trainers in store which I then saw were £15 cheaper online. I stupidly thought that it would be a simple case of being credited back the difference, but oh no....
Called the store over a period of 3 hours and no answer, so i drove 11 miles to see the manager. I was then told that I could not be refunded the £15 unless I had seen this before purchasing in store as they then would have priced matched the trainers! I thought this seemed very unfair so asked what I could do....I then spent 2 hours stood in the store whilst trying to get through to the their customer service centre...33 attempts and then 32 minutes in a que until I got to speak to someone who said it was at the discretion of the manager to make the refund! Hope I thought, but nope, manager was terrified of being sacked if they gave me a refund so this left me no where. I then emailed customer service as I really felt this not right for either me as a customer, or for the manager! No reply and no call back even when this was requested. Then to add insult to injury, the customer service number is chargeable and the bloody awful experience cost me £35 with my network provider!!!! Another visit to the store and zero help. Would not give me the area managers details due to ‘data protection’ and when I said that I’ll leave my details, I was told that they couldn’t promise that I’d hear anything....they were right! Zero response from anyone and I shall never darken their doors again! At least O2 had the decency to refund me half of the charges I incurred as they couldn’t believe what I’d gone through!

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Avoid this company

"Went to the Huddersfield Leeds road store with a disabled pensioner to return some shoes. The manager was disrespectful and childish and obviously has been programmed to fob people off. The staff of very young people thought it highly amusing that anyone should complain. Their attitude was obviously couldn’t care less about the customer "

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Even 1star is too much.

"Terrible staff with bad attitude and no customer service at all. "

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Avoid buying anything ON LINE from this disreputable company

"Sports Direct are the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with

On 10 July I ordered an electric fence kit which cost £223 -

On 11 July I received an e mail to confirm that Sports Direct had cancelled the order as they had ran out of stock

I therefore ordered the item from a reputable company for £50 less & it arrived on 12 July

On 12 July I got a further e mail from Sports Direct to confirm that my order had been despatched!

I immediately contacted 'customer services ' and was assured that my order would be cancelled & no money would be debited

3 days later the order arrived - I refused delivery

On 26 July yet another kit arrived and guess what, the £223 HAD been debited from my account on 10 July

You can only imagine the obstacles that I have encountered to try & get MY money back

On Monday 6 August I just sent the kit back via Hermes ( the courier used by SD) & the cost was £11.97

I gave since e mailed 'customer services ' 3 times - they now have my £223 and the kit BUT I HAVE NOWT!!

Shop at your own peril


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Very poor

"Shocking customer service under motivated staff"

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Extremely Ignorant

"Received faulty goods and have to pay extra money to send them back for a replacement. I have had to pay again because they have sent me faulty goods. Tried to contact them in different forms however, they have still not contacted me back. They can update their facebook page but not actually speak to customers?? Down right disgusting. I guess they're only bothered about getting sales and not actually dealing with issues that arise. Will not be ordering anything else from here."

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"Bought 3 items and only 2 arrived. No phone number to call and they haven’t responded to 4 emails!!! I’ve had to get my bank involved to sort!!! Disgusting company with a disgusting owner, and a well deserved, disgusting reputation "

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Worst experience ever problems from start to finish with this company

"Worst experience ever problems from start to finish with this company - the little savings financial is in no way worth it - AVOID OR USE AT YOUR PERIL AND LOSE YOUR SANITY - HORROR PURCHASE "

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"Absolutely avoid at all costs. I’m still awaiting delivery weeks after ordering. Last week when I asked for an update I was given a tracking number (by customer services!) saying it was collected by the courier. One week later and the courier has yet to receive the order. If you want to waste your money just throw it in the bin - same endpoint as giving your money to this company."

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What you read here is the TRUTH, don't just take my word READ on.

"What you read here is TRUE.
If only I had read the reviews prior to placing an order as the service is simply appalling, that term is putting it lightly. At each and EVERY level of service provided, each member of SD has been trained in a manner that is not acceptable. The old dogma that the customer is always right has not even entered there vocabulary whatsoever.
They do not listen, have no empathy, blatantly discourteous, iniquitous and atrocious service at such a level they do NOT deserve trade/customers in to-days society.
The General public are being taken advantage of by SD due the current level of austerity here in the UK.
For SD representatives to address customers in such an ill-mannered, impolite, discourteous and disrespectful fashion is TOTALLY unacceptable.

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service getting very poor

"I am an avid customer of sports direct, but i've noticed since last year, products or items is no better, price dearer, website will say its on weekly offer or on sale but price will be the same, and the delivery charge is expensive! i've asked customer service about this and i was told the price for shipping has gone up and it is depending on weight. Where in fact i ordered more items 2months before including 2 mens shoes,shirts, jackets and i was charged 10eu but this week i ordered only clothes t-shirts and shorts about 10 items only and i was charged 19.99eu! thats doubled the price for a standard delivery. I've ordered 3 days ago and checked status of my order and still saying still in process! gone very slow! Within 2 working days that should be posted already! in other company that 19.99eu will be the charge for express delivery! and some company will give standard delivery free if you ordered above 70eu! This will be my last order with sports direct, unless company service will be good again. To sports direct, if you want customers to stay with you, maintain a good service. "

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"Dear Sports Direct,

Firstly, I would like to start off by saying how disappointed and disrespected i feel by the service i have been given at your east ham store.

I went into the east ham store about 7 weeks ago and had the worst experience i have every received in any retail store. I entered the store with a McDonalds drink with my head phones on. I was then physically pulled by the security on my left arm and was told to leave. I then asked him why i need to leave and he told me i am drinking a drink in the store. I asked him where i could leave my drink and also to not put hes hands on me he then started to be very aggressive in hes tone of voice and made me feel very intimidated. He then asked me to leave which i was very confused on why as i haven't done anything wrong so I asked to speak to a manager. He then laughed at me and told me there is no one here to see me which made me feel very helpless. I then kindly asked one of the sports direct staff to call a manager who then told me that he is busy so wont be able to help me. i waited out the entrance door for a manager to come but in the mean time i was told by your security guard to "shut the f*** up, you stupid black c****" now far as im aware i do not expect my race to play apart in any customer experience. I then asked him to give me hes name and to get a manager, which he refused to do and told me that hes not racist as hes wife is black. now i do not appropriate any white person putting negativity on my race. i was absolutely humiliated and felt very helpless. A manager finally came over and i tried explaining the situation to him but he didn't really sound bothered and looked at him like this has happened before. The security guard was then asked to move away from me while i told him what happened as he was very rude and seemed to find it funny. I asked the manager for the customer service number and he told me there isnt one so i left feeling very upset then i asked for hes name which he refused to give me. I then called 0344 245 9200 which i spent over an hour on the phone trying to get hold of someone which was very unhelpful. I expressed how upset i was to the the receptionist on the phone and told her what happen which she was very apologetic about and she said she would put me through to someone. Which was a waste of time as 7 weeks later i still have not heard anything. WHICH I AM Absolutely DISCUSSED by. I have returned everything that i own from sports direct and would NEVER shop there again. i am actually a fashion mens youtuber so i am planning on sharing this experience as i cant believe this has happened to me. Knowing that you have amazing black role models supporting your brand such as Anthony,Little mix ect but i can be racially attacked by your staff? I have made any tweets yet but i will be making my followers aware of this and want to know how sports direct are going to deal with this?


Template message -

Thank you for your email.

I was very sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction at the service received from our store. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise and to also thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, as it provides us with first hand impressions of areas in which we need to improve our service and training, either locally or nation-wide. Our relationship with our customers is usually excellent, so I am very concerned about your perception of the service you have received.

We strive to achieve the highest levels of service and it is of great concern to us when these levels are not met, like in this instance. Our standards have evidently not been met and this is not the level of service we would wish any customer to receive.

We expect the highest standard of the customer service from all of our employees and were very sorry to learn of this incident. I can confirm that the Security Company that we used at the time is no longer working in that store, we have a new Company covering them.

We are investigating this as a matter of priority and will be taking the appropriate steps. As a matter of course, we will ensure that employees of our store receive additional training, to avoid anything like this from happening again.

I would like to reassure you that your comments have been passed on to the Area Manager responsible as we take all feedback, whether positive or negative, very seriously. Our staff undergo a comprehensive training programme, which generally results in excellent levels of customer service and a strong relationship with our customers, but I can only apologise if we fell short in this instance.

Once again, let me assure you that your comments are valuable to us.

Kind regards,


Customer Services


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Incorrect sizing and awful returns process

"Incorrect sizing and awful returns process. Do no use this company they don't use US sizes and if they provide the wrong size you have to pay for the return shipping to the UK."

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Con artists - AVOID!!!

"I made an order for 2 items for my son ... I bought them and paid for next day delivery online. A few hours later (after I'd gone to bed) I received an email telling me they had canceled one of the items in my order ... no option to accept or cancel the order ... the item remaining was a tshirt that cost less than the next day delivery. I have phoned and emailed over 20 times now and they still won't accept any responsibility and are telling me that I have to pay the return postage if I want to return the item. This company has a terrible reputation for a reason. They have lost all of my future business due to their downright shady practices. "

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