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I scraped together enough money just to be screwed

"I scraped together just enough money to get 2 of my 3 children brand new helmets. When I received them, one was a 2017 season helmet. It was new but in Pop Warner football, helmets cannot be used after they are 2 years old. So the $230 I spent on this one helmet, will get used just this season and then it's no good. I tried talking to them about this and they refunded me $20. I'm a disabled Iraq Veteran and I spent the entire year scrapping up enough money for my 3 boys to play. We even used a spray painted helmet from last year that will only be good for this season. Now, I will have to buy 2 more helmets for next year instead of 1. I have to go through the nightmare of selling my stuff and saving to get helmets again. Thanks Sports Unlimited for not even trying to fix the issue. We will never buy from you again. At the weigh ins tomorrow I will be advising the 500 players and their parents of the situation. I don't want them to get screwed as well. My money didn't even equal a drop in the bucket yet you gave me $20 back."

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Tech Service Us

"Tech support services help business owners and individuals use technology to keep their operations running smoothly. They support devices crucial to a business’ daily operations, including Wi-Fi connections, TV Issues, Router, Antivirus, online games issues servers, PCs, tablets, printers and more.

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Professional Dissertation Writers for Hire

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Great communication!

"I ordered a little pendant the other day to put some crystals on it. I wasn't happy about the shipping time, but Aaron expedited my order! Then, the next day, I realized there was a larger version of the pendant, and I asked Aaron to change my order. He has been very patient and responsive even though I asked for two conflicting things!"

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Fast and furious!

"My Helmet was delivered on time and i like it!!!"

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Great Prices

"Great prices, and shipped same day. I got in 2 days with free shipping. Thanks, I will be back. "

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Excellent Service and Great Prices

"I called because I had a question on an item. The customer service rep was very helpful. Sports Unlimited had the best price and the shipping was quick. I highly recommend this site."

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"We purchase a product on line, in October. They substituted a different model. ( $18.03 less expensive). They refuse to give us the $18.03 refund. We had to send a picture of the substituted product. Today it's 11/27. The customer service rep. had my wife in tears on the phone.

The product we order in October is still on their web site.


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"DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE! They advertised merchandise that they could not get, but they accepted and processed my payment. A substitute was sent and I contacted immediately but got nothing but a runaround from their "customer service" person Aaron Cummins who refused to refund the payment, claiming it was a manufacturing error when in reality they had not updated their website. I had to demand they provide a prepaid return label which they finally did, but still refused to refund "until the manufacturer confirmed it was returned". I tracked it myself and advised "Aaron" as soon as the return was delivered but was ignored until a week later demanded the refund again and sent a screenshot of the return tracking confirmation, after which finally the refund was issued. This was horrible service when it was 100% their mistake...whatever issues they have with their manufacturer is between the two of them...NOT their customer....so this nonsense took almost a month from order date to resolve."

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"My grandson ordered a helmet which I paid for using my paypal account and when the helmet arrived it did not have a face mask being 11 he didn't see the little attachment that said $10.99 for face mask with helmet purchase, so we went on the site to get the face mask and quoted the order number just 7 days from when we purchased the helmet and it said $24.99 so I ordered the mask the site took the order and I get a call back from someone at customer service saying we must pay the full $24.99. This is an 11 year old child who saved a year to get this helmet, his father was killed by a drunk driver and we are raising him, what a terrible example your company has set and it is not the the money I will not miss the extra money it is about misleading a young person and not coming through to make the situation right. Pitiful business practice and I know you have done this to others. Your company should be ashamed of themselves, I run a business and would have done the right thing and your company did the wrong thing. "

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"I ordered a Nike Storm Slim Waistpack from Sports Unlimited on 4/30/15 & by 9/1/15 the zipper closure had totally separated from the seam, rendering the waistpack useless. Frustrated, I contacted Nike's customer service department for info on what I could do about this. Nike told me that because Sports Unlimited is not an authorized retailer, they couldn't do anything. Nike's Claims Department also went so far as to tell me that they "couldn't verify the authenticity" of the product and weren't able to tell me if the item was counterfeit or legitimate. I contacted Sports Unlimited about the problem and a Sports Unlimited rep named Aaron Cummins responded to my email and said that he "spoke with their Nike rep" and that the product wasn't under warranty but that they would be so kind, gracious and generous as to give me a 35% discount if I wanted to buy a new waistpack from them. Um, no, I'm good on buying the exact same item from you guys that deteriorated in four months and how about giving me that Nike rep's name because it sounds pretty suspect, since every legitimate Nike rep that I've spoken to has told me they don't work with you guys at all and has essentially implied that I've bought fake merch from you.

It could be way, way worse. At least all I bought was a fake Nike waistpack that I entrusted with my iPhone instead of a fake helmet that I entrusted with my life.

Helpful Cool


"I ordered a fitness product, but one of the components was a wrong model. After a couple of emails with Ryan, they sent me a replacement at no charge."

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"BEWARE - SPORTS UNLIMITED - shipped me the wrong item, and now they want me to pay for my own return. Spoke with Jason, what a joke for a manager!! More like him, and you will be out of business in no time. This is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE- DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, read terms or you will get stuck. Company refuses to deal with end user. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM SPORTS UNLIMITED AGAIN !!!!!!!"

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"My kids received an air hockey table for Christmas from a family member, and when we opened the box, we saw that one of the corners of the table was broken (manufacturer's packaging issue, not seller's). I didn't know how the return would work, given the fact that I did not purchase the table myself, as well as the size of the item. I called customer service and they were very pleasant and helpful. They asked me to take some pictures of the damage and email them. I did so, and received a response within minutes. From there, Sports Unlimited (Holly) did the rest. She continuously followed up with the manufacturer and kept me in the loop every couple of days to make sure I knew the status. The final result was a new air hockey table shipped to my door with no need to even worry about shipping back the damaged one. I am a very happy customer!"

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"Ordered shoes, and they came quickly and fit nicely. Thanks."

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