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Rating 10/10

"I didn't order anything from this company nor have I had any dealings with them. I was scammed by Sky Point Digital. I'm getting on as many of these web sites as I can to help others who were taken advantage of.
Look up the attorney general website for the state this company is operating out of. In the search engine in the top corner, type in Consumer Fraud form. Fill it out.
The attorney general has a division that investigates consumer fraud and once a claim is filed, they will investigate the company and mediate to resolve the issue on your behalf. We all need to do this to put these thieves out of business and maybe even in jail.

Rating 2/10

"Shame on this lowlife so called store.I too am a victim of Sonic Cameras. I purchased my D300 package along with a $500.00 warranty for 4 extra years.Nick lied about the warranty to me.Today I tried to use my warranty but they told me they do not do yearly cleanings. Also I was excited about acquiring my camera and this was my first purchase over the internet so I was green at it. Sure doesn't help when you are dealing with slippery sales dickheads.Do not buy from this place or you too will be sorry.I am also trying to locate their phone#.If anybody has it will you please post it so I can call these scumbags.Thanks "

Rating 2/10

"These people are criminals.
I bought a Nikon lens (or so I thought) from them and they shipped a Sigma. when I called and complained they said tough shit. They made me pay by money order ("our credit card reader is broken"...I should have known then!!!) I have turned them into the BBB and the New York Atty General....both the BBB and the Atty General did diddly shit....no wonder New York has this type of bottom dwelling scumbags. If I was a camera vendor in NY I'd try like hell to get rid of these people because I'll never buy anything from New York via mail order again....ever.

Rating 2/10

I've got tricked into buy a Sigma 18-55 mm f/2.8 lens and was sold as full frame lens. They also, I've learned later, inflated the price to almost the double of its market value. When recently I've bought a full frame camera, I've found out that the Sigma lens I was sold is NOT suitable for such a image size.
I will report them to the Better Businness Bureau
and you should do the same if you feel you've got scammed!


"I have been a photographer for 40 years, and never in those 40 years have I received such terrible customer service. I had ordered a Nikon lens, and the salesman started off by trying a bait and switch tactic to get me to buy a more expensive lens. I told him I wanted the Nikon lens, and provided my credit card info. I got a message later in the day from the accounting department, telling me that there was a problem with my credit card. To make a long story short, the only problem was that my delivery address and billing address were different...easy to fix, right? I was transferred to someone who abruptly told me that my order had been canceled, and hung up. It took me until Monday to talk to accounting to clear up the problem. However, there was the question of the priority shipping that I no longer needed. Marlene in accounting apologized for the rudeness, and transferred me to her supervisor, Kevin, to see if he could do something about deleting the priority shipping charges. Turns out Kevin was the rude schmuck from Friday who, again, abruptly told me "We talked on Friday and I already told you that your order had been canceled." No attempt to even ask why I was calling.
If this is the way they provide service when I am trying to spend my hard-earned money, how would they provide service if I needed help with something?
Screw them, I will pay more up front if it means I will be shopping with a store that actually cares about service. I am about to spend several thousands of dollars to upgrade my camera system, and Bingo Cameras will not get a penny of it.

Rating 2/10

"I made my purchase on approx May 15th. I purchased just a Nikon D40 for $315 and free shipping. I did really believe it was to good to be true..but heck aren't we all looking for a good deal? So I purchased it. I did get the email confirming the order. I then was still looking around and saw a Nikon D60 for $399. I thought heck. So I called them and waited on hold FOREVER! I finally did speak to someone with bad english. I asked to upgrade my order, he took my info and said Ok all done. I then asked what the difference was in the Nikon D60 w/ the lens for $399 and the Nikon D60 body only for like $500. He did tell me one is not USA model but is the same except doesn't come with the battery, warranty or any extras. That I couldn't registre with Nikon. I was ok with that because I had recently lost mine and had all the extras. So I still felt positive. The item has never came. I have e-mailed them numerous times and have not gotten a reply. Their website now says they are having phone trouble and can only e-mail. Of course that is a joke. I am calling my credit card company today and cancelling to get a new one. If I had found this ratings website before I would have never wasted my time. Buyers beware. Like always...too good to be true."

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a Canon Mark 5d ii from bingocameras.com and after the rec'd the credit card information, and the three digit number on the rear, I was advised over the phone that the camera I purchased was a gray market camera, did not have the same body material, and the user manual would be japanese. They are bait and switch, and their advertisement on their website, bingocameras.com is clearly intentionally misleading if not fraudulent. When I asked them to cancel the order, they said I would have to pay a 9% cancellation fee at which point I told them I'd sue them if they charged. I may sue regardless as their advertising appears in violation of the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, for the different between the price they advertised, and the price the camera they advertise actually sells for."

Rating 2/10

"People watch out! This is a real bait-then-switch scam. I can't believe NY City and state attorney still let them exist. I filed a complaint with New York City Dept of Consumer Affairs and am following up on the case. Wonder if someone out there has ever sent some news tip to the CBS 60 minutes investigation on this type of evil e-commerce practice. Hope other fellow shoppers may learn something from our lessons.... My story is quite similar to others posted here. The one of an uninformed and cheap-deal chaser. On May 2, 2009, Saturday, I googled for a Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS USM lens and Sonic Cameras popped up on top of the result list at the price of $1,049, about $450 lower than most other sites, including Amazon.com and eBay. I checked the website, saw a NYC mailing address in the Company Info section and thought it looked real, compared to other sites which had only toll free numbers. I was wrong! Wish I knew about resellerratings.com then!!! It would have saved me from a month long of anxiety. Since it's Sat the store closed, next day Sun 5/3 called and confirmed about the expedite order. That's when the whole saga started. A guy named Morris talked me into switching to a Sigma lens at the price of $50 more. He said that this new Sigma lens worked better with my Canon XTi. He asked for the 3 digit security code on the back of my credit card. I was so fool and gave it out to him. After hanging up the phone, I did some search and found out that the guy just deceived me. That so-called better Sigma lens was actually sold at the range of $799 for a brand new one, about $250 less than the Canon lens. It was like butterfly running in my stomach. I called back and requested a reversal to the original order. The phone was picked up by a cust svc guy then being transferred to a sales guy. The guy put me on hold forever till a 3rd one answered and said he would take care of it. No confirmation email...Five days later the package arrived and it's the Sigma lens!! Called back immediately and requested an RMA number to return the package. They put me on hold again for about 2+ hours. Finally a guy picked up and said their system was down! He agreed to refund the full amount, thanks God! I shipped the package back the same day. package was confirmed to be delivered at the warehouse 3 days later and yet refund was not credited back till 2 weeks after that. I called and got an explanation that the warehouse was under construction, nobody was there to receive the package!!?? I asked myself, so how could the package being delivered? Someone must have been there and signed off 2 weeks ago! What a bunch of liars!! So basically these guys sit on the $1500 fund for 2 weeks. Just imagine when you multiple the amount by a few dozen of similar cases and you can come up with a good amount of interest they earn on your $$ by using that delaying tactic. The fund was finally credited back to my credit card account after Memorial day. I'll continue monitor the account for 12 months and see if any identity theft may happen. As to these crooks, I believe the law of cause and effect will hit them one day. God bless!"

Rating 2/10

"OMG! I was looking for a super wide angle canon 10-22mm lens for my Canon 50D. I came across bingocameras.com. Which I understand is the same place as Soniccameras. They wanted $429 for about an $750 lens. AMAZING. I couldn't pass that up! So I placed the order on their website. I ordered 2 day air and it was still way cheaper.

Three days later, I didn't get it. I called them and this N.Y clown Chris answers and tells me he needs the 3 digit number on the back of my card. I said ok. (I thought it was cool being protective like that, at first) I didn't realize this was a ruse to up-sale me something else. He asked me what camera I have. I said 50D. He says "you don't want that lens because your camera has a cropping factor and you don't get the true aspect" I said I know that. "you want this brand new Sigma digital 10-20mm EX that stays a true 10mm at its widest, but then it goes to 32mm because of the 1.6x cropping factor. You get more out of it. Its $1499 on sale for $689. I said that doesn't make sense. Plus, I didn't research that one so I'm not sure. He then tells me "trust me, i use this lens myself, it's the best lens for that camera, and this is what you want." I said alright, I'll do it..

I'm such a fool.. After I hung up the phone, I felt kinda sick to my stomach. I looked up that lens on the internet and there is a Sigma 10-20mm, EX, but, nowhere does it say that it stays at a fixed 10mm then stretches to a 32mm. That just doesn't make sense. I've been cheated.!!

AND, to top it off.. He charged me $689 for something that everywhere else it's $450 or so. They tried to rip me off $250! That guy is Good!!!

I called back to cancel my order and they gave me such a hassle. They transferred me to someone else. Before I told the new girl that I wanted to cancel. She told me my shipping address didn't match my billing address. " Who lives at my billing address?" I said don't worry about that, I want to cancel my order! She immediately says "it's already been shipped." I said "no It hasn't, then why did you ask to confirm my address! cancel my order!" She says " I have to bring you back to sales." THESE GUYS ARE CROOKS!!

I hung up the phone and immediately called my bank to tell them what's up, and they said there was an order pending for $689. Damn! It went through the next day too!!

So I called back again. this time I said I need to get the tracking number on an order thats been shipped (just to try and throw them off) when he brought up my order, he said it was cancelled. (thank God) I said good, F you guys. but, they still have my money!!!! It took 2 more days to reinstate my credit. But I did get my money back.....

DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CROOKS. Thank you guys for posting these reviews, I saw this site and everything everyone says here is spot on!!! I wish i saw this site before I went through that 2 week headache!!


Rating 10/10

"I read the reviews and joined this site AFTER I'd placed my order with Sonic Cameras; from all that people said about it, I'd become TERRIFIED! I called to cancel, but the order had already gone through. The CS rep was nice, not rude as many people have said. So I began to pray and do more research -results come later.

First of all, I was buying my 1st Canon DSLR; I have a Canon Rebel-G 35mm and HP point & shoot 3.5MP. After checking the prices of Canon DSLRs on my favorite site: Amazon.com, I'd decided on the XTi with 10.1MPs. It was listed on Sonic Cameras' site with a Sigma zoom lens for $459! Wow! They also offered other accessories to include a digital flash! I'm like the reviewer below, the Christmas motif sent up signals that were not good. But I went ahead and placed the order. I'd dealt with Camera Addict before when I ordered my Canon ZR850, same setup. I got the email to call to confirm the order. I knew the guy would try to SELL me a different camera, higher priced... that's what they do, and they are very good. He was not rude, but forceful in sales (I was sales at JCP eons ago, so I can relate). In this case, it worked out great for me! The salesman told me the XTi had been replaced by the XS, also 10.1 MPs WITH the Live View! That's what I needed! I'd been toiling with that for a long time, couldn't find it written anywhere-even on Canon's site! I didn't KNOW to check the XS! He also told me the Sigma lens was not a good one. I'd already researched the 18-55 kit, and that's what he offered me, the Canon lens. Most people choose a black body, but I wanted the silver XS. After our little discussion about the camera/lens and I agreed to get the XS instead, he asked if I could spend $200 more? I said NO WAY! But after we agreed upon them also sending the battery (that's separate with these companies) & charger [which comes in the kit ANYway], the flash... I didn't want the little tripod or cleaner, so they sent a 2GB SDHC chip and reader. I paid $599. I could have paid $509 at Amazon.com! But the guy did help me out.

I researched the Canon XS on several of the top review sites. I weighed what the testers and consumers said; they helped me confirm my decision. The reviews confirmed all the Sonic Rep told me and more! It IS the successor to the XTi, but the XTi still has a couple of better features, but no live view. Since I was able to get the Live View for less than $600, I'd done well. The XS is 4-5 star rated on all the sites I visited (and there were many). What people say and how many of them say it, has a great impact on sales, so I hope that more people will return to write reviews on Sellers and products. I'm headed to Amazon next!

I finally received my camera. I'd already been ordering additional lens and lens filters (from Amazon.com); I already had the 35-80mm w/my Rebel-G. Bought the Canon 75-300 zoom, Cosina wide angle zoom (28-210), and a couple of Opteka fish eye lens filters. The camera is perfect! Brand new, in the box, now registered with Canon. Everything there but the flash; I called last week, it arrived yesterday; it's a Zeikos, works very well. Yes, the XS's plastic body is a little tacky, but it's lighter & easier to handle with all the different lens I use. I've adjusted to the textured plastic grip; almost feels like rubber, it works. The thumb area is nice and all the buttons are in reach. IT'S STILL A CANON inside & out! It takes beautiful photos! Very crisp & clear. I am pleased as pie with my purchase! I figure I'd have paid close to the same price at Amazon.com with the additional items. I'm sticking with them from now on, but this deal with Sonic worked out for me.

Rating 2/10

"TOTALLY BOGUS! April 29, was looking for a Nikon SB900 for my D90. Best price I saw was $420 till I hit Sonic Cameras. Their killer price $369 including free shipping. WOW! The Christmas tree decorations and gifts, atop their website, in April, should have been a giveaway. But an SB900 for $369 - AMAZING. So, I placed the order. Odd that the confirming email had no details of the order just an order number.

April 30, email arrives. I need to call about my order. Guy told me the SB900 is "too strong" for my D90 that I need the SB800, made especially for the D90, and $20 cheaper (ONLY $20 cheaper!). Nikon lists the SB900 as compatible with the D90. I said, "No thanks. I'll stick with the SB900." Guy said I'd be sorry for rejecting his help, but I told him I was OK with that.

Nothing arrived. May 7, I called. Where's my order. It was on hold. No reason. What camera do I have? I said I'd been down that road. Then he said the SB900 for $369 is for a film camera. I need the model for $469 for a digital camera. The one for $369 has a plastic foot, for $469 it's a magnesium foot. So BOGUS, I said cancel my order. He said, "I'll throw in the batteries you ordered ($59.99) for free. I said, it won't get to me in time. He said, I'll overnite it and charge just a $20 Saturday delivery fee. He wasn't letting go, so I finally said OK and hung up. My wife called back (as I'd been too weak to cancel) and got the same run around, ended up just yelling, "Then it'd better be here by Saturday."

I was angry, started calling the three credit card companies I use, not knowing which card it was on. The charge hadn't showed up on any, yet. Chase was good. They closed the account and issued a new card. The others told me I could dispute it, advising to refuse the delivery.

While doing that, I got a confirming email from Sonic, now with details. SB900 - $469, batteries - $59.99 (not free), shipping - $54 (not $20). The credit card was the one I'd closed, to my relief.

Yesterday, I got a call from Sonic. The charge didn't go thru. I said, "Good." Guy said, "Well, you could have just cancelled the order."

By the way, I called Nikon. There is only ONE SB900. It's compatible with the D90 and has a metal foot.

These guys are slick. If you don't get away, try to close your credit card, before they charge it. If you can't do that, have a note put into your record that you called before they charged your card. If all else fails, refuse the delivery and dispute the charge.


Rating 2/10

"BEWARE!!! This company is not an honest company. I received a phone call wanting to verify my order. They also asked for the security code on my credit card. Then proceeded to tell me that the camera did not come with anything, not even the battery. When I asked them to cancel my order, the salesperson told me there is a 10% cancelation fee. I told him I would dispute the charges with my credit card company because the item was not even shipped. He then told me I was a difficult customer and it was a shame that I wanted to pass up such a great savings. He would cancel my order and not charge the 10% fee. He went on to give me a guilt trip so I hung up the phone. I am now watching my credit card statement to see whether Sonic Cameras charges my card. Dealing with a dishonest company is a huge headache!"

Rating 2/10

"I too was amazed at the deal they offer on line. But as our better judgement tells us, google them and find out the real deal. It was then that i found how bad they were and expected thier phone call within a few days. When they did call, I was ready for the bait and switch tatics and quickly anoyed Mark. Who then tells me the menu system on this cannon eos camera is in japenese...I canceled the order and he hung up quickly.

All I have to say is thanks for the heads up. You prepared me and taught me to google first then buy later!!!


Rating 2/10

"I jumped on a smokin' deal for an XSi package. They called me the next day to confirm my credit card, which was a ruse to try and upsell me some ridiculously priced memory cards, batteries, and a charger. I checked out Amazon.com as I was on the phone with him and politely said thanks but no thanks. The reply was "then all I can say is [I hope you?] enjoy your package" and he hung up. That gave me a funny feeling and that's when I checked out this site and started hoping for the best.

A day after I respectfully declined the upsells (today), I received an email that they were out of stock for the next 6-8 weeks and that my order had be cancelled. Well of course it had, I guess they couldn't afford to sell the camera package that cheap by itself. There's no excuse for that kind of mishap in the era of e-commerce. Buzz kill.

Sonic Cameras are some shady characters, I wouldn't recommend them. Customer service took 20min to get on the line. There's no real contact info on their website, no description of "USA" warranties, and well just read the other reviews.

Rating 2/10

"Today I placed an order via the Sonic Cameras website to purchase a Nikkor 18-200 VR lens for $409. My wife received a call from them and gave them my cell phone number.

I spoke to someone who proceded to tell me that my three digit security code was required for my purchase.

I was informed that my decision was a bad one, that the Nikkor lens had cropping issues and that I should buy a digital one for $40 more. I was told to get th Sigma 18-200. When I asked him how the DX could not be digital he told me again that it had cropping issues.

Something did not feel right here so I told him to cancel my order. In reality, how can anyone really sell a $700 lens for $409 with free shipping?

I ended up buying a dual lens kit (18-55 & 55 - 200) for the time being, from another vendor of course.

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