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Don't even think about skinstore.com!

"Skinstore.com's return policy ****! You can not get ANY kind of return -- even a store credit if you have a problem with a product! NOTHING! I ordered something I had used a few years ago, and now had problems with. I didn't know if it was me or if the product had changed. It was expensive! And no help at all from skinstore.com.

Stay away!!!

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" I've never once had a problem with any of my orders. My products have always been in good form with long lasting expiration dates. I've always been able to track my products & they have always arrived on time. I will continue to buy products from SkinStore. Thank you SkinStore for such excellent service!
By the way, you can save 25% first order when you spend $50 if you used code VALENTIN-R9

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Be careful with their return policy!

"Be very careful on their return policy before you place your order! They won't accept return with open boxes. Only purchase from them when you are 100%sure you will be happy with what you want to buy, and you are 100% sure you will never change your mind. Otherwise, never risk your money on this website!"

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Don't waste your time or money! Can't fulfill orders

"Don't waste your time on this company. I ordered some facial wash over a month ago. I was told that it was on back order 2 weeks ago and that it would be shipped this week. It wasn't. I contacted customer care who were just combative and refused to give me a refund or cancel the order. After I hung up with that "customer care" agent, I signed back in and spoke with another agent "Tamara" who said she would submit the order for a "cancel request". No guarantees, just a "request". She also stated that it would be up to them to decide on if there would be a fee to cancel. This place is a joke, save yourself the headache."

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"3 weeks later I'm still waiting for my order. Terrible support service is blatant and rude"

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First time customer

"After waiting several days I emailed the company to see where was my order, they said that they were waiting for it to be pick up that they were looking into it but it will take another 72 hours. I waited few more days and I emailed them again, this time they said that they were out of stock if that product and they don’t know how long was going to take.
I canceled my order and I will NEVER will order or recommend this company. Very disappointing

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Worst experience = how is this company in business?

"I ignored the countless terrible reviews only due to needing some items urgently and assuming them being one state away and assuring timely delivery was worth the risk. Sadly, mistaken.

They claim they dispatch packages within a day - false. My order was stuck in some ridiculous 'fetching stock' status for over 2 days. Apparently, their warehouse is on a different planet.
It then has taken 2 additional days for the package to be handed over to some unheard of courier. Note its day 4 and the item hasn't actually shipped at this point. Meanwhile, the order was promised to be delivered to me by this date.
In 3 days, I have left them 3 messages and haven't gotten a single reply from their "customer service". When I finally got a hold of someone via online chat and explained that I needed the order for a trip and that the estimated arrival date is way passed what was promised and the date of the trip, there was no apology. When asked, what happens with the package when no one's around to receive it and that the courier will just leave it at the door, the response was "no refund since package isn't returned".

So you're telling me you will be a week later than promised and will charge me for something that's going to sit outside my door (and eventually stolen) because no one is around to return it? BS!

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Was Disastrous / Now Repaired

"EDIT: 30th November 2017

Perhaps I was a little harsh.
Having savaged The Hut Group in several reviews following the debacle of my first order with them, I have to say I'm quietly impressed with the efforts they've gone to, to turn it around.
Even though I may never have heard from them had I not lodged such a scathing review, I guess that's the whole point of the review system; for companies to try to make amends for a bad shopping experience, and to learn from it. (And for those companies who don't, or who aren't interested in making amends, well, let the review stand, and it will ultimately be to their detriment).
If a company makes sincere and genuine efforts to right the wrongs then I have to give credit where credit’s due. I had my own ideas on how they could turn a negative into a positive, and they went above and beyond even my own expectations, so full points to them for that.
They contacted me by email and directly by phone, damaged products were quickly replaced and they offered a store credit to use for a future purchase.
In hindsight perhaps it was just bad timing. My order was placed shortly before a change of ownership (moving from an Australian-base to a U.K. base) and having been through two corporate mergers myself, I know those first weeks and months can be chaotic.
I still think The Hut Group should slow down on the acquisitions front until they get their own house in order, but it appears that's happening. The replacement items were received within just a few days and my only complaint is that they could have been more securely packed. Other than that the second experience couldn't have been more different to the first.
For their follow-up efforts I'm willing to give them another go.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: 7th November 2017

The Skin Store and The Skincare Store are both owned by The Hut Group in the U. K.
They've been on a buy-up frenzy throughout this year voraciously taking over and acquiring 100 smaller brands - just in 2017 alone.
Many of those brands were started by people passionate about what they do and who would've worked really hard for many years to make their brand a success.
After being acquired by the Hut Group, their names are being dragged through the mud.
RY.com.au were one such brand. They had previously been a very successful hair and beauty products company based in Australia and New Zealand.
In about August of this year (2017) they were taken over by The Hut Group and their previously stellar reputation for prompt delivery and excellent customer service has been trashed beyond redemption.
If I was the previous owners of any of these brands I would be furious.
The Hut Group seem to be giddy with their own power and have been taking over smaller brands left, right and centre - ESPA, Illamasqua and Glossy Box among the latest. The Skin Store/Skincare Store//Look Fantastic Group and Facial Co also come under their umbrella.
Unfortunately their voracious appetite to acquire other smaller brands is where their ambition stops. They have no appetite for anything further than the acquisition itself (and beating their own chests about it).
The simple - and fundamental - process of putting together an order and sending it out seems to be beyond them.
They are having massive problems even just fulfilling and dispatching an order - let alone providing complaints resolution (or even just BASIC Customer Service).
They hide behind an almost impenetrable technology wall, fobbing off enquiries to “live chat” or the “contact us” page (neither of which work or are ever responded to).
IF you can eventually navigate the maze that is their automated phone system, you'll go through to the U. K. who must be under strict instructions to Never Ever EVER agree to a refund, no matter what.
I placed my first (and ONLY) order via RY on the 30th June 2017. No less than 16 emails and 5 irate international phone calls later, and I FINALLY received my order (sent from The Skin Store) a full 4 MONTHS after it was placed (and still missing a product with no invoice, no apology and no explanation of IF, or WHEN I could expect to see the missing product).
They advertise and accept payment for orders of products they KNOW are out of stock, to stop you buying from someone else. Then will tell you anything to appease you, get you off their backs and cover their own tracks.
The Hut Group is on a drunken power trip.
I'd suggest before ordering from ANY new website (particularly for beauty products) that you first check to make sure the brand is NOT one of theirs. As I said they've acquired 100 new brands just in 2017 alone, and seem to be focused on the beauty products market - so the chances are fairly high, and you may regret it.

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The Most Dishonest Company We Have Ever Worked With!!!

"We are a former vendor (skincare brand) for Skinstore. We no longer ship to them because of the terrible customer service they provide. They do not pay their bills in full and give us the same run around to resolve the situation that they do to their retail customers. Because of this we stopped doing business with them/shipping product to them prior to 2017. We are pretty sure they are out of stock of our products but they still advertise them as available!!! Not sure how they are doing this....my guess is that they are letting customers order our product and then not send the order!! Or, after reading these reviews I see that in some cases they let the customer order the product and after the customer has paid for the product advise them the product is out of stock and suggest they purchase something else. What makes this practice even worse is that they are deeply discounting our products only to lure the customer into purchasing products that they do not have as a way to bait the customer. Only after the customer has been baited do they advise the customer they cannot fulfill the order and direct them to purchase some other brand at full price. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT purchase anything from this company!!!!

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Not anymore

"I used to buy from SkinStore without any issues (luckily for me), but after this botched recent purchase, I'm never going back.

They sent me the wrong products - stuff I never ordered. I had to scramble around to find an email for after sales support, and after much navigating was finally able to leave a message. It was a Friday so I had to wait until the weekend was over before finally hearing back. And the advice was completely useless. I'd already figured out from the FAQ that you needed to provide them with a receipt to show the cost of the return postage, so I cut to the chase and asked them to confirm the address I ought to be shipping the items back to. I got a reply that basically reiterated whatever was said on the FAQ and ignored completely the questions I had in my message. Such a lot of back and forth after that because the staff replying to my messages forgot to attach the Returns Form, etc etc. I noted that whoever they had on staff attending to customer's messages, NEVER READS them properly - they appear to just skip through the words and scan for stuff they WANT to see rather than really figure out what customers want. I had one of them tell me she was unable to locate the cost of the return of the items DESPITE A VERY CLEAR PHOTO I had attached of the costs! Unbelievable. It's been OVER A MONTH and I still haven't got these costs refunded. I'm never going back to them and I urge everyone to find alternative online stores.

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SkinStore.com -- A company cheating customers to buy with free gift. Will never buy again and prepare for a lawsuit for them

"I ordered some products from SkinStore.com for its discount and free gifts on Jun 10th. After a week waiting, I received the products but found the most valuable free gifts were cancelled by them. I contacted their customer service for why, but I was told that their free gifts have run out!!!
WTF, one of the reason I ordered the products was just for the free gift. It was so called free gift, but actually I paid for it for their promotion. Their way of promoting just cheating, showing your some valuable free gift but cancel it after you place the order. They are so bad for their cheating way. I will not allow them to do this again to others customers so I decided to give them a lawsuit. If there is anybody got same issue with SkinStore before, please contact me. Thanks!

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My order never arrived. Scam

"My order never arrived. It seems that they have never shipped it or that it got lost somehow. And now over a month after my order, I’m stuck with the support-team at Skinstore that are just seems to manage emails instead of either resend my products or do a refund.
I cannot recommend buying from Skinstore.com

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Rip off

"My Husband had a poor experience and a large Elemis Gift set "Jewells of the Sea" which, never arrived for my birthday. After chasing the first time we received a small free gift of testers and were advised time and time again there was a lead time due to stock issues. 10 weeeks later we were then told the item had been delivered which, it had not. Despite going through the correct proceedures and proving we have not recieved the item Skin Store have taken no action yet, were quick to take the money!! 3-months later no product and out of pocket which, I understand is common place. I hope Skin Store gets the karma it deserves and goes into liquidation after all of the people they continue to rip off. Poor ethics, customer service and working practices. Should be ashamed!!!
Marie Brandon, London England

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Fraudulent online shopping site- beware!

"They have charged me £10.50 for delivery without warning and then refused cancellation when the item was still showing as dispatched despite their returns policy. On the live chat "Becka" wouldn't answer why the item is still showing as processing when she is claiming it is dispatched. Thiis was all done within 5 minutes of me putting the order! She kept saying the same things over and over again refusing to answer any of my questions.; Apparently I now have to return this item to them in order to get my money back so pay £20+ for nothing. This is not honest business. Stay away!"

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skinstore.com = fraud

"I live in Panama. After searching online for a good peeling, I decided to try Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Medi-spa. When I contacted Dr. Dennis Gross to purchase directly from them, they told me they dont ship to Panama and recommended me to buy from SkinStore.com. What a big mistake to trust their recommendation! Never again I will buy Dr. Dennis Gross products, neither from skinstore.com. When I placed my order, I selected the tracked shipment option but never received a tracking number. I requested the tracking number by email and their answer was that there is no tracking number. Really....? Am I supposed to believe that a company would ship merchandise worth $100 to a foreign country without a tracking number? What kind of company is this? That sounds like they never sent my package and that is why there is no tracking number. They apologized for not "sending a tracked package" and refunded the shipping charges but what about the rest of my money??? I was supposed to receive the package by December 19th, then they changed it to the 20th. It is December 25th and no product yet. I requested a full refund if they dont deliver by the 28th and also for not shipping as requested (tracked) but denied my request saying that they will give me no refund but investigate about the shipment instead. What a fraud!!! I have contacted them at least 3 times, every time they apologize but do nothing to help you, it is all blah, blah, blah while they keep your money and you get nothing in return, that sounds like stealing to me. And Dr. Dennis Gross: you should be ashamed of yourself for recommending this deceiving company and for allowing them to resell your products.

I just checked another review website where many unsatisfied customers complain about skinstore and this customer rep from skinstore named "Lizzie" keeps posting messages saying they will resolve these issues. Lizzie: you can post all you want, people will not believe your false intentions.

Dont ever buy from skinstore.com!

Update: After rejecting my request for a refund, they decided later on to give me my money back. They requested I filled out a form, sign it and email it. I hope they do not use regular mail service again to send shipments to countries like mine. This is not the U.S., skinstore..

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