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Quartz Vanity Top and Side Splash for Benoist 60" Vanity

"I ordered the side splash for the 3 cm midnight black quartz vanity and it was 3/8" inch too short. Contacted SH and initially was told they were out of stock and wouldn't be back in until September 2018. This is May 2018. Ended up speaking w someone else who said she found me 1 that was the correct length (or what they say is the correct length) 21" so 4/8" longer. Now the side splash is 1/8" too long and hangs over the end of the countertop. I contacted my tile guy and he has the ability to shave off the 1/8" fortunately!!! Otherwise, I am sure that there's nothing else that SH can do for me because they say 21" side splash should fit but really it needs to be 20 7/8" to exactly fit the countertop.

I purchased the Benoist 60" Vanity, the 3 cm midnight black quartz vanity top which comes w back splash, 2 rectangular undermount sinks and their Enid bronze faucets (beautiful)

Review of Benoist 60" Vanity. - It's what I expected, rustic solid wood vanity. Arrived undamaged in incredibly elaborate protective packing - recommend this product if this is what you are looking for. It's pricey though.

Quartz Midnight Black Vanity Top and Backsplash - Perfect, gorgeous on the vanity, much better than granite. Again, arrived undamaged in incredibly elaborate protective packaging - recommend this product

Sidesplash - See above

White Rectangular Undermount Sinks - They were out of the sinks that they list on website for this vanity top but they found me some other ones and they were even less money. They look great. Again, arrived undamaged in incredibly elaborate protective packaging - Recommend

Enid Faucets - The lighter bronze on these is gorgeous!!! More like a copper bronze and appear to be very high quality, heavy. Wish they would have worked! Unfortunately they would have IF I could have snagged the 2 cm countertop before it was discontinued. I ordered the faucets and then the countertop was discontinued. It was about 2 months before they got the new 3cm countertops back in stock (Recommend 3cm over 2cm countertop, looks better). The problem is that the faucets were manufactured to specs for the 2 cm and not the 3 cm so they were to short to install. They went back and I ordered similar from Delta in brilliant stainless.

I give SH 5 Stars for delivery packaging and customer service BUT it was a little frustrating dealing w the faucets and the side splash and thus the 4 stars overall. I will order from them again. As with any online retailer YOU HAVE TO BE ON YOUR TOES AND VERY DETAILED ORIENTED!!! The customer service person at these companies may not think of all the minute issues so you have to!!! But you are saving over buying "in town"

My purchase date wasn't 6/15/2018 but that is the date of my review. I started ordering in September 2017 and finished up w the side splash issue in May of 2018.

Helpful Cool


Unethical, Dishonest, Did not publish my 3 star review of product

"I'm a contractor, I bought a $575 tiny 12" vanity for my own home's bath remodel. I was shocked at the lack of quality, cheap hinges, press board backing instead of plywood, a sink with a dead flat bottom so it always has water in it, brown plastic magnetic catches on for the doors (as cheap as you can buy) and the doors were slightly out of alignment as well, but due to cheap hinges, they're not adjustable.

I wrote a review, customer service called me to try to tell me how to adjust hinges (that were non adjustable), they explained that customers find the MDF or press board easier to drill for water lines than plywood (I almost fell over laughing at that one), and said if I seal the flat bottom stone sink it would be fine. Wow, is all I could really say.

I followed up 10 days after my review to see why they hadn't published it yet. I was told it would be published in 24 to 48 hours. 24 hours later I see that that particular vanity is no longer on their website. I'm willing to bet it shows back up in a month still saying "Be the first to review this product".

Bad company, cheap products, WAY WAY overpriced, if you want junk go to Lowes or Home Depot and spend 1/3 the amount on the same thing.

Avoid this company as all costs, the customer is not their priority.

Helpful Cool


In Pieces

"I received a double boxed (not damaged on the outside) broken towel rack that cost $135. I feel absolutely ripped off. I had the worst mail order experience ever."

Helpful Cool


The best customer service I’ve ever worked with

"Seriously do not understand the poor ratings. Bought a beautiful faucet for our kitchen remodel. It worked like a dream for six months and started having terrible water pressure. I called their AMAZING customer service and they immediately knew what product I needed just based off my phone number. I provided them no information at all (handy, since I’d lost the order form). Sent me a brand new sprayer no questions asked. Six months later the same thing happens and after a few hard water fixes did nothing they sent me a brand new faucet. The most amazing part is it’s probably our hard water that is causing the issues but they are so responsive and sent things completely free, no questions asked. LOVE this company and would absolutely buy another product from them. How many hardware stores have a lifetime warranty? "

Helpful Cool


Gorgeous Vanity and Faucet

"I purchased a 72" vanity with a granite top and two undermount sinks from Signature Hardware. The quality is on par with Restoration Hardware at half the price. All products come with a Lifetime Warranty. We are now re-doing our shower to create a custom shower system from Signature. Thank you Signature for the great service!"

Helpful Cool


They can't resolve the simplest issue. "Non existent customer service!"

"I am a contractor I bought a $3000 vanity and top (not worth it cheaply made). It came with a few minor scratches on the hardware, and a drawer front and one of the soft close drawer glides wouldn't pull the drawer closed. I simply requested a touch-up kit and two replacement glides. There answer was we don't have replacement parts, We can offer a discount (your on your own) or total replacement (have your job sit for 6 more weeks). Really! Its not worthy of a total replacement or I would have requested that. Now I have to math the color myself and track down the hardware and order it. Its ridiculous to not offer replacement parts for little issues. Terrible customer service."

Helpful Cool


This should be a 0

"I like their items. They cannot deliver. They have stuff on backorder and do not let me know even IF it will be delivered. Poor. Very Poor."

Helpful Cool



"I would give this company a zero if i could as there customer service is horrible. The sink i ordered was back ordered twice and when it did arrive it was damaged. Once i notified them they said they would send out another on and it would arrive in a week. I asked for them to pay for expedited shipping and they declined. So i now have to wait 6 weeks for a sink. THE CHERRY ON THE SUNDAE THEY WONT TAKE BACK THE DAMAGED SINK AND I HAVE TO PAY TO HAVE IT REMOVED. AVOID THEM AND THEIR CHEAP PRODUCTS"

Helpful Cool


Problem resolved.

"They will help to resolve issues and mistake they make."

Helpful Cool


Very fast service and shipping

"Just ordered some standard bathroom hardware, but when I called to add something to the order a couple hours later they said it was too late, it was already moving. They took the second order on the phone and without any special shipping we received both very quickly. Phone help was excellent. You pay a premium for their stuff but for me the service lived up to the price."

Helpful Cool


Dissatisfied customer

"When you buy a premium product at a premium price you would expect a premium customer service experience. THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH SIGNATURE HARDWARE.
We ordered a vanity for over $2,200 that was for our master bedroom. We could have ordered a less expensive one from Lowes or Home Depot but we wanted a special, high quality product that would last many years. The order arrive in pristine condition. The box was without a dent or scratch. We inspected the product as best we could due its large size and the fact that our project had just started. It looked perfect!.....
It is now April and our project is still ongoing due to delays in the contractors schedule....
We opened the box ready for install and to our shock there is a 15 inch scratch in the carrara marble that could only have happened when Signature Hardware packaged the product.
Disappointment is an understatement in the response from their customer service. They offered us the ability to purchase another top at 50% discount. REALLY??!!! We called multiple times and this was "the best they could do". We see the 30 day policy but they had zero empathy or respect for our situation.
Therefore, I cannot recommend them as a customer centered company. I would not order another product from Signature Hardware based on this experience.

Helpful Cool


Don't plan on buying anything here

"Almost bought a $2000 teak vanity from their online store. I guess they had a promotion for 10% off the day before and when I looked online the next day the promotional price was gone although I already had the vanity configured and it was already in my cart. I called costumer service today thinking they would probably honor the price since the price was still 10% less at all the other home improvement website but what I got was a rude male who should not be working in the costumer service department. I am totally in love with the vanity and would have purchased it either way but after talking to him and listening to his condescending tone and how he does not know anything about the products I am going to purchase it somewhere else. I could just imagine how hard it would be if I did purchase any item from this store and had any issues/questions with it. I feel bad for this business because apparently they are going to loose a lot of businesses due to poor costumer service. I guess they don't know the impact of good costumer service. "

Helpful Cool


Cheapo hardware makes installation impossible/poor reimbursement policy

"I ordered a couple of door push plates. First, I waited for 2 weeks before inquiring why I hadn't received a shipment notification. The order just "didn't get completed" somehow, and would have hung out in limbo forever had I not contacted them. Nice. When the plates finally arrived, I attempted to install them. I predrilled for each screw and manually turned every screw in. The The first two got halfway into the door and sheared!! I repositioned the plate to cover the embedded, broken off screws and tried again. I got one plate on. On the other side of the door, the process was repeated, but this time, the 3rd and 4th of 4 screws were the ones that sheared, making it impossible for me to reposition the plate without showing the damaged door. Great. So now my antique door is full of holes and sheared off screws and will never look finished unless I super glue some screw heads into the sheared off holes.

Contacted SH about the crap screws, and their response was, "I can ship you new screws." ... Exactly what I want--more crappy, shearing screws AND too little, too late, as I'd have no way to use them. Extremely unsatisfactory customer service.

Helpful Cool


Quality Control an issue

"I ordered an external standing faucet for a tub. The shipment had no instructions included. The installation was completed by a licensed plumber. The faucet leaked at the handle where one would turn it on. I called Signature support and they determined the cartridge to be bad and would ship a new one, to arrive in one week. It arrived after two weeks. Since it was not the plumber's fault, I had to pay for the return visit to have the faucet system completely disassembled (from the water supply as well) to repair. I read several other reviews and it seems that there is a quality control issue here that needs to be addressed. Signature didn't offer any compensation for having to pay the plumber twice. In addition, the instructions for repairing they emailed were incomplete and incorrect. You'd think that spending over $500 would lend to better quality."

Helpful Cool


"Shipped what was obviously a returned product as new. Poorly packaged. Tried to tell me that it had been opened for inspection. Not. "

Helpful Cool

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