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Where is my order??

"I had order an item from this site before without incident. On 1/19 I ordered a personalized Jersey. Got a payment authorization from Paypay and an order confirmation from Shop.NHL.com right away. Said it should ship within 3 business days. I ordered this so I could have it BEFORE the 27th. Checked order status aon 1/23 and it stilled said Processing New. “Live Chatted” with Carlos who could not find any more info in the system and “put in a ticket” and they would contact me within 5 business days. Hmm this having this by Sat the 27th isn’t looking good. Called and spoke with a courteous customer service rep on 1/24 and she pretty much told me the same thing but left me with the impression that I should be contacted by email that day. This morning, 1/25 no email so I called again and pretty much got the same “song and dance”. Oh did I mentioned I wanted this by the 27th. SO based upon reviews here and on other review sites I will say DO NOT ORDER PERSONALIZED JERSEYS FROM THIS SITE! PERIOD!"

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Worst website to buy anything from. If the size is wrong they make you jump through many hoops just to return, they wont exchange.

" If the size is wrong they make you jump through many hoops just to return, they wont exchange. If you buy the item as a gift it is even worse.


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Misspelled Merchandise

"I purchased a Chicago Blackhawks sweatshirt from shop.nhl.com as a gift last year. The recipient never wore they sweatshirt because he noticed that it was spelled "Blachawks" and is a die-hard fan so would never wear a sweatshirt with the incorrect team name. He did't tell me at the time because I was new to the family. I was finally told this year and called customer support but since it was out of the warranty period and discontinued they won't even issue a credit. I can't believe that a store that calls itself shop.nhl is spelling team names incorrectly. They had to have other returned sweatshirts due to the incorrect spelling and never reached out to me. This is extremely poor quality and I am very disappointed to have spent money on a gift that has gone to waste. "

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Absolutely worst customer service

"Placed a Christmas order Dec3 and found today the order is on hold due to possible fraud with my mailing address. They don’t communicate with you they say because they may be tipping off someone who is a fraudster! So done supporting the nhl what a joke "

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"On December 1 2017 my wife ordered a jersey from the Fanatics website. I told her it was a huge rush because their 25% off sale ended that day.
She got online and made the order and when the order confirmation came it said we'd get the item in 5 days.
About a week later she called them asking about the item because we hadn't got the tracking number through email like we had been told.
O ya... 2 days later after placing the order they were advertising a 30% off sale.
She was told it was held up at the US border and the Fanatics representative would follow up for her and call back with an update.
Of course we didn't get a call....
About a week after that we called and talked to a Supervisor by the name of Robin.
I told her we weren't happy about getting jerked around asked where the jersey was. She said it hadn't been made yet from their supplier SILVER CRYSTAL in Toronto Canada.
What???? From being held at a border to not being made. Well I guess the positive side was at least it was in our own country.
She kept asking if we wanted to cancel and I repeated myself 3 or 4 times that we didn't want to cancel we just wanted the jersey.
So.... she said she'd get hold of the manufacturer and put a rush in it and expedited right away.
And that gets us to today....
I called SILVER CRYSTAL so I didn't have to go through the horrible wait times at Fanatics.
They told me the order had been cancelled.
I called Fanatics and talked to a Angelica. She told me that we had cancelled the order. I know we didn't but I didn't want to argue now I just wanted my $ back.
She said the $ had been returned but of course we don't have it yet and I don't trust one thing these liars say so I'm expecting to have to make another call to them.
I did call my card company and they had no record of our refund being made either.
Every time I got off the phone with these douch bags i was so frustrated that I almost burst a vein in my head or said something that would have made the FBI come banging on my door.
Bottom line is this Fanatics is a rip off and a bunch of liars.
Silver Crystal is a joke of a manufacturer and after reading other posts on here does sub par work.
The NHL should get off their **** and STOP doing business with these kind of companies that ruin there reputation and their brand.
The way the Fanatics nhlshop.ca website advertises it looks like you are purchasing directly from the NHL and in actuality you are not.
Spend the extra $20-$30 and buy locally in your home town stores. At least you'll receive a product that you can inspect and get customer service that is much better than this **** Show of an operation.
Now like all the other 9/10 negative posts about these clowns they're going to post that they're sorry and blah blah blah. Just shut up and save your time. You guys are liars and cheats and I couldn't careless what you have to say. I'm just hoping my post and the others cost you business.

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If You Want it By Christmas, Order it in March.

"I ordered something a month ago, was told it would be shipped within three days. Was told it would ship by the 15th of December. On the 18th of December, I called and after getting the runaround by robots and humans, they finally told me that it wouldn't arrive until after Christmas.

Canceled my order.

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"I placed my order on 12/4/17, I bought my wife and myself about $600 worth of merchandise. Near the end of the checkout process I was redirected to a website called "free shipping.com" and offered some promotional membership deal which I promptly closed. I wasn't even sure if my order had processed, checked my email...nothing. I figured I'd give it a day or so, we are attending a game on the 14th so I assumed my order would arrive in plenty of time, but I was wrong. I waited 5 days, still no confirmation email. I contacted customer service via the live chat feature on their website. I was told the confirmation email had been resent, waited another day, never received it. I contacted them again, I was told again that it had been resent...nothing. I was told during the live chat that my order was processed and that one shipment would arrive on the 15th, the day after the game I purchased the merchandise for in the first place, and one would arrive on the 18th. I am still sitting here as I type this, a full 7 days later, with a $600 charge on my credit card but nothing as much as a confirmation email, no shipping information, nothing, to show for it..."

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"Ordered on November 26, went several days with no notification of shipping. Connected with them on the chat line, and told them that their website says under extenuating circumstances, may take up to three days to ship. I told them it had been six days, still no notification of shipment. The customer service chatter said she was sorry, and it would ship today. Didn't arrive until December 6th. "

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Really slow shipping, ordered on 11/25/17, estimated delivery date 12/10, really, post office aint that slow

"Order now for next year delivery. tried to track package, said my order # didn't exist"

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Placed an order - received an email a week and 1/2 later saying the items were not in stock.

"I placed an order (and did not receive a confirmation email). Two days later I called to make sure the order was in the system and was told it was and would ship the following Monday (a full week after I had ordered on-line). The Wednesday AFTER the order was supposed to ship, I received an email saying that they apologized but were unable to fulfill all the line items on the order. This was a gift for my Grandson's 10th birthday and a week and a half after the order was placed on line - I'm told it is out of stock??? Very disappointed...will go back to ordering through Amazon. They provide confirmation emails and tracking info immediately after placing orders (guess I'm spoiled by Amazon's technology)."

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Incredibly horrible

"Ordered 3 custom shirts to take as Christmas presents on black Friday. Never received confirmation for order. Got one shirt. Called the company, was told I was getting the 2 others soon. Next day got one more. Called the company, after 20 min on the phone with agent and "manager" was told that the third shirt was in back order because they did not have the letters for the name on the shirt. Excuse me? Why not inform me, why did I have to spend the time on the phone calling them? I was not given any idea if I'll be getting the third shirt before Christmas. I paid a lot of money for those shirts, and cannot give a gift like this just to 2 of the 3 brothers. My recommendation: do not have anything to do with this company."

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No email confirmation after placing an order

"...I ordered to this website & guess what, never received any email confirmation whatsoever for more than 24 hr now & starting to wonder "WHY"??? + worried. Went online to check the reviews & was surprised to this negative reviews all over the place in North America. Wow...I don't feel good right now but still hoping to get my order (worth $200.00) & in good form & the correct item w/o any issues. "

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Poor service / bad exchange policy

"I ordered a jacket for a Christmas gift. I accidentally ordered the wrong size and realized it only when I started looking through and organizing my Christmas items. I tried to do a simple size exchange and they refused since it was over 90 days. The jacket is WAY too big for it's size and won't fit my son - Unfortunately I can't afford another one. I have been a loyal customer here for years and they treated me very poorly when I tried to get help with this. I do not recommend buying anything here-but your NHL items from Amazon, Kohls, anyone else ! "

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Horrible service..!! 2 different dates on when it will be shipped...NOTHING..!!

"Ordered a jersey over 3 weeks ago and it is still in "outer space". 2 different calls to customer service and ZERO HELP. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY..!!!"

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Unlucky birthday

"Had ordered from fanatics before for NFL merch. Ordered st.Paddy's shirts for my kid's birthday which is on st. Paddy's day well in advance. Gave myself extra time just in case. Order took longer than expected to prepare. Then got a shipping notification. Turns out the order sat in the warehouse for about 12 days before even moving and didn't physically even start moving until st.Patrick's day. Needless to say won't be here for my kid's birthday. Good thing shipping cost an arm and a leg."

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