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Product & services pricing 7.61/10
Chance of future purchase: 7.08/10
Shipping & packaging: 7.10/10
Customer service: 6.88/10
Return/Replacement policy: 6.67/10
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Worst Experience EVER!

"If I could give this company a 0 star I would. They are terrible when it comes to customer service! We received our radio unit for a 2016 Subaru in February with the wrong wire harness to attach. After multiple emails, we finally got them to send us the correct harness the radio didn't work when we plugged it in. Multiple emails later again to a very awful customer service, they say it is the display screen and send us a new screen to correct the issue. The radio is still not working. Mind you, we are now into APRIL after buying the unit in February. Then they say send us the radio back and we will send you a new unit. We spend over $100 to ship the unit back and they send us an email saying they won't pay shipping and that they are at too much of a loss and just want to refund the price of the radio minus all the shipping! So we have now spent over $200 in shipping from beginning to end and are out a radio. The company is absolutely the worst when they say they pride themselves in customer service. Do not waste your time or money trying to buy from this company because the headache was far worse than the product they sell. "

Helpful Cool



"Installed, all of the wiring harnesses were correct, everything works, The satellites catch well and gps , sound for 4, connected via RCA to aux. All the rest (power, backlight, antenna) connected in parallel to the regular connector of the radio. It work well and good product. Thanks!"

Helpful Cool


Problem solved

"Problem solved (bad connection) everything is working fine now and I’m a happy customer.
The unit is fitting perfectly, connection cables were correct and have a nice video image from the reverse camera once in reverse shift. Good Product and thank you very much!

Helpful Cool


Everything is good

"The package came in a short time, it was packed very safe. rear view camera, radio tape recorder and micro SD card on 8 GB. Installed easily. Works perfectly. The only thing is to understand the rear view camera. The machine is wider than the borders on the camera. As for the equalizer, there is he well settings too little amplifier is connected video photo audio produces well Sensor is also quite good. Seller very much I advise very sociable at my request Changed the delivery address.
Additionally, there is the possibility to connect a TV tuner. In settings and operation it is very simple. The display keeps well both closed and open does not hang. for this money is very very good better it is unlikely to find it plays no censures clearly Navigation is also very good, Also through the bluetooth talk me it hears well ,
I advise everyone!

Helpful Cool


Stay away from this scam company

"I purchased an Android radio system with DAB+ for Mercedes GL.
The included DAB+ USB adapter is not detected by the radio.
I have now tested with a total of 10 DAB+ USB adapters (that works on other Android radio systems), and the Seicane system will not detect it.
I have now spent the last 10 months sending warranty claims to sales1@seicane.com and aftersales@seicane.com.
They are answering after some time, but there are answers like: "Try another DAB+ USB adapter, please read the user manual."

And this are the repeating answers.
It seems like they are doing their best to wear out the customers to avoid any warranty claims.
I paied US$ 755 for this system, but its natural destination is the trash bin.

I have purchased other Android systems from other shops in China, and these systems are working perfect.
The Seicane system ****.
Stay away from this scam company.

Helpful Cool


Slow response from AfterSale custumer service and Tech support.

"I purchased a GPS head unit model S6947. The it looks good but I didn't received the proper harness for my 2008 Toyota RAV4 with JBL system. It took over month to get it. The one I received doesn't work. I am able to turn up on the unit but no audio comes out. The GPS work well. The Wi-Fi works too. The DVD player works. The Steering wheel control works. the Bluetooth connects to my Smartphone. The Google Play updated Chrome and other apps. I am waiting right to see what Seicane is going to do. DId not test the Mini Torque ELM 327 but it does work with my Smartphone."

Helpful Cool


Audi TT stereo frame

"The frame did not come with a metal frame to connect my head unit to the car’s dashboard. So once installed my head unit was free to slide around.
A separate trimming frame was supplied to frame around the head unit. Only a rubber band was supplied to connect this to the main stereo frame. So again... not secure.
The finish was cheap looking and shiny, and didn’t fit my car properly (large gap was clearly visible once installed).
Hence the product was completely useless and a waste of money.

Helpful Cool


No Warranty or customer service after sales if something goes bad

"I purchased an android radio for my Grand Cherokee. Before purchasing they got back to me right away with all the questions on compatibility with the radio. When I received the radio they didn't send me the correct wiring harness for my vehicle. They did take care of this right away and I got a new one within a month. Finally got a chance to get the radio installed. It seemed to work ok but the WiFi didn't work well at all so I could not install any android apps. Had to use a USB to do it which takes quite a bit more time. After about a month the radio died. Would not turn on at all. I contacted them and every time I sent an e-mail they got back to me a couple days later with ways for me to check. Does the radio get power, is the cable connected completely and everything. I took it to a stereo shop to have them test everything and the radio was just dead. Put my old radio back in as this one quit working. When I contacted them back about getting this issue taken care of they completely ignored my e-mails. This has been going on for months now. Two more months and the 1-year warranty is up. I think they are waiting for this to come up. They have not replied to my last 10 e-mails. Stay away from this company. If you have issues with your radio after you purchase you probably will not get it taken care of. The radio was $450 and I bought the accessories like TPMS, backup camera, etc.. Totaling $615.00 What a messed up company. Buy only from companies that back their products."

Helpful (1) Cool


06 Honda Accord Seicane Install

"This was for my wifes 06 Honda Acoord EX-L sedan. Initially purchased a dash kit and stereo unit from a local audio shop and the dash kit was $600 (Scorche Brand) plus the JVC deck $180 for total of $850 with tax. Was not happy with the quality of the dash kit, seemed really cheap and did not look stock, included climate controls and such. The JVC deck was also low end with basically text for a screen.

Anyways brought it back for a refund when I seen the S106019W replacement unit for the 06 Accord with wireless backup camera. Paid around $600 with shipping. Arrived 11 days later. Installed the unit, not much for instructions but was fairly straight forward, I have training with installations and was a YouTube video available. Few things I noticed right away while installing; radio wire was tight fit, cords on the back of the unit prevented a perfect fit, removed the storage door underneath unit to allow proper fit of the storage container. Overall please but would have been nice to keep the storage door cover under the unit.

Saved a couple hundred dollars going with the Seicane over the local dash and deck kit. Even with the install issues it still looks better and has more capability such as CD player, DVD player, Bluetooth for hands free calling and connecting to mobile device to play music when compared to the JVC I first purchased. Also the GPS capability seems to be useful which was not expecting (wife was telling me about it). I still have to install the wireless backup camera, did the install out the Canadian winter weather so will wait until spring.

Helpful Cool


Poor customer service and system software issues..... DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY... PLEASE

"Same as most negative reviews, bought the product for my X164 platform Mercedes GL450. Poor instructions or lack there of, install was figured out, unit is operational that is if you are only interested in listening to poor radio reception and CD's.......... When sold I asked a all the questions, b-4 purchase, like Sirius compatibility, phone compatibility, if the latest software was installed, what optional equipment was needed for my install (and bought that also, decoder, back-up camera, etc). So here lies the issue, Mirror Link, when connected to my phone (or anyone else, have tried a few thinking my S8 plus may be the issue), the connection will complete then sometimes within seconds or minutes it will drop and the stereo will go through the whole re-connection process after a couple black screens, this just repeats itself over and over. So with out Mirror Link this unit is pretty worthless.... Seicane's response (after 4 emails with worthless responses), you need to update that the system software? (thought it had the latest greatest when sent?). Then sent me the file, downloaded it and formatted it to a mini SD, then comes the fun, install the SD nothing happens, go to settings (which one the car symbol or apps? still can't get an answer on that) then go to about device (funny my unit has no selection under either tab??) then to system updates (Hmmm, don't have that option either on anything tab wise that I have opened). Back to emails, now no responses (4 emails have been sent). Sent an email about returns, no response.
So all that said, this just follows in suit with the rest of the reviews (were issues have arose), wish all the the best of luck, but would suggest just to avoid the issues and heed the negative reviews and avoid this unit period...

Helpful Cool


Highly Recommend!

"I installed the radio on last weekends, and it looks amazing and works great. The only problem i was having was the rear view camera i bought together, there was a warning triangle on screen when i reversed my car. Thanks to your response, after i have connected the right plugs under the instruction, the camera works fine now. Great radio with good customer service! Highly recommended!"

Helpful Cool


Great customer service!

"While I was installing my new radio I broke the glass. Thanks for sending me a replacement screen immediately. The radio is now installed in the car and works very good. Sound is wonderful. Plenty of options in the menu. Thank you so much Seicane!"

Helpful Cool


Thank you!

"Thank you and happy new year to you! You have made my 2018 driving time very much more pleasurable with your product. Much success for both our futures. I especially appreciate your product support, thank you!"

Helpful Cool


no after sales warranty

"DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, CHEAP COMPONENTS. WONT HONOR WARRANTY IF PROBLEMS OCCUR .Bought head unit for merc SLK worse thing I ever did.As mentioned in other reviews there is no fitting instructions. Even professional fitter struggled to work out wiring harness.After fitting no steering wheel functions worked although promised, after six months rear camera stopped. Problem 'reverse' wire going into unit .Unit would not switch to camera mode.Asked for unit to be repaired HA HA. E mails eventually just ignored, waste of time.NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY."

Helpful Cool


DO NOT BUY. Customer service is non existence and it doesn't fit.

"I bought this for my fiance who was really excited. I bought it for a 2014 Mercedes CLA 250. The instructions... well there aren't any. I have extensive background in wiring and factory wiring with different american and domestic dealerships and I had problems figuring this out. The screen is not crisp clear like expected. There were settings on the module you plug all the plugs into that were not correct that should have been set at the factory and joe car owner would have never figured out the settings. The trim that goes around the screen DOES NOT FIT. the factory trim will not work with the new screen either. If you have any sense and are researching this company..... RUN. When you ask them a question they email you back in a day or 2 and ask you to email a different person. When you email that person you get no response. I have emailed them a couple of times and still no response more than a month later. DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY. Horrible company. Run"

Helpful (1) Cool

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