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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 8.93/10
Chance of future purchase: 8.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 8.33/10
Customer service: 8.28/10
Return/Replacement policy: 8.08/10
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Very nice!

"I bought one new brand head unit from Seicane. While installation I didn't hook up all the extra features and did a very basic install. Touch screen is neat. The motorized open close operates nicer than I expected. Even though I was worried, very happy it isn't clumsy in its operation or blocking anything. It displays time month day year when radio is on on big clear display. The radio displays station name artist song info as its playing. Radio has better reception than the factory unit. Functions on the screen easy to navigate and use even though I didn't read instruction manual. Touchscreen is very impressive and seems very feature rich. It is actually very nice."

Helpful Cool


Send me the wrong radio

"They send me the wrong radio n didn want to hold me when send the radio back was going cost me 240 cad when I pay 299 us + 99 for 5 day shipping n it still take 3 week to get the radio they r not good people 2 deal with after they take yr money they didn't care if it work r if it fit they give me the run around for over a month n still no help. If u r think of getting something from them. RUN stay away n save yourself the problem."

Helpful Cool



"Ok I have to say it came in only 3 to 5 days after purchased this item and the shipping was faster than I expected. and like most customers reviewed it had basically no installation instruction , but I do have a great installation experience it only took me about 3 hours to install however after it was installed it all worked good. only issue is that the screen seems go blank and I’m trying to figure out how to make it work. I don't like giving reviews on a product right away but so far it looks fantsty finally I have to contact Seicane’s after-sale staff they promise send me one free display and only issue solved. Love it, thank you for your help. Now works good and the navigation is a huge plus and it works pretty good. "

Helpful Cool


They Stole My Money and Lied

"Received a headunit which was defective. Got them agree to pay 1/2 of return shipping to China ($72). Unit was shipped via their instructions, sat in customs in China for 6 weeks before they picked it up (USPS tracking). Now they claim they don't have the returned unit and have not paid 1/2 this shipping even though I provide tracking info to them. This company is full of liars and thieves and I have the emails from them to prove it. If they were in the U.S., they would be in jail."

Helpful Cool


Great Price

"All works great. Only one problem I got confused was that wiring harness that comes with this head unit has a BLACK connector attached with all audio and power supply wires connected to it. I had to cut this black connector off in order to free up the wires. When I asked the seller "Audio Watt", Seicane gives me one clear answer finally it is solved. This connector is for direct installation in European models like VW, Audi etc. and can be cut to free up wires for other cars where the wiring harness of this head unit needs to be soldered to car's specific wiring harness. Installed finished sounds great, looks good, has many extra features and GPS has extra features, easy to install and set up. Great price."

Helpful Cool


Did not work from day one

"On installing the unit I noticed the panel buttons were not working and touch screen erratic. Over the next couple of weeks touch screen became totally unresponsive. The only way I could control unit was via a mouse (not great while driving) Contacting Customer service I was offered all sorts of fixes which did not work. Offered a new screen which I accepted but it took a month to arrive , Installed it and it made no difference. After about 70 emails to Customer services they finally agreed to repair ? replace unit BUT I had to pay for freight charges back to them !!! It was specified I return via the same courier service, got a quote of GBP127 .00 to return it , had already spent GBP49.00 for them to send me the GBP 285.00 unit originally. So shipping costs would amount to more than 50% of the unit value and that is only if what was returned to me was as they state "Satisfaction Guarantee and safe" RUBBISH !!!!!!!!"

Helpful Cool


Quality radio

"Surprised with amount of features of this unit and good review for this however lacking greatly in schematic. Seicane’s customer service team send me one wiring diagram for installation on the head unit luckily is the manual go wit it. Maybe here I should give you a good suggestion how to install it. Red Wire ACC is ignition and park wire hook up with black ground. Remember KEY1 and KEY 2 are for SWC still not work it required learning then work perfectly. Got one external backup camera named BACK or REVERSE wire sholuld hook up to your 12V reverse light, either from the rear of your car, or much better, somewhere under your dashboard easy to find out. What my Excursion’s was you could find it behind the passenger kick panel. Love it I'll spend a little more for a quality radio."

Helpful Cool



"Thank Seicane for the answers to my questions! I will be trying to install the unit again and the backup camera in the coming weeks. Again, I want to thank for the awesome customer service with quick response times you have already provided.
Thank you for your quick reply and your efficiency!
I was very happy with the speed and the quality of the delivery!

Helpful Cool


Bought Cheap Head Unit from Seicane. Resulting in an ultimate nightmare.

"My review is going to be a little bit long but man I'm so frustrated. I ordered a cheap head unit for my Volkswagen Golf mk4. I know I shouldn't have ordered a cheap unit. But that's all I had, I'm not rich. While ordering.. the cheapest option you get is EXPRESS SHIPPING ($28,-). So I paid for express shipping which was supposed to take 9 days. However after 3 weeks of waiting I started calling post offices and the customs here in Turkey. All with failure. I couldn't get an answer from seicane about the current location of my head unit. It took me literally 10/11 days to even find my package.
but that's not why I'm mad. I'm building up to it.

Eventually a month later I finally received my head unit. Happy as hell at that time. So I installed the head unit right away, connected to Internet with the hotspot of my phone and started downloading some apps.

After installing a couple of apps, including SPOTIFY, I noticed something weird. Apps weren't running in the background. So when I minimized spotify it just closes the app after a few seconds (No it's not powersaving mode, The head unit doesn't have a battery). Whatever I did I couldn't solve the problem. So I contacted Seicane and they wanted me to send them a video about it, which I did. Still don't know what the issue is tho however let's continue.

After installing a couple more apps I was getting a -506 error in the play store. Couldn't install any more apps on the device that was supposed to be:
1,6ghz Quad-Core (Allwinner t3 k2001m)

So I went to the settings and noticed something was way off.. I still had a lot of free space but no room to install new apps. It seems they tempered with the settings app. I managed to install CPU-z and ES file explorer. When I opened them I knew for sure. They were lying about everything because these apps were NOT.
The available RAM in my device was 752MB not 1GB.
The available storage (ROM) was 1.94GB from which only 1,4GB is usable. After that you get -506 error code from play store resulting in a failure to install apps. There is an additional 10GB somewhere on the board which is showing as an sd card.

Eventually when trying to solve my problem I bricked my device. It is now in such a state that it doesn't get past the bootscreen. My device doesn't have an sd card slot. I need a male to male usb adapter (which I ordered) to flash the stock firmware to the head unit. However they are not telling me where I can get the stock ROM or how I could restore my device.

I Made a lot of photos from the device before it got bricked. See below.


Update 1 (August 1 2018 - 04:18): I forgot to mention that my amplifier and woofer never worked with the head unit. It took at least 5 days before it died. Amplifier and woofer not working in the whole life cycle of the device.


Helpful Cool



"I got the unit on Wednesday. Super quick! I am installing it now. Everything works fine! Thank you for your help and your patience with me. I am very happy with the sound quality of the unit.Thanks a lot to take into consideration a value customer and to help him continue to appreciate your great products and his navigation radio.This is the best radio for the Summer Road Trip.And it really fit for me and my car with powerful functions.I advise you guys to buy it."

Helpful Cool


Avoid avoid avoid

"Paid for express delivery and it’s been 2 weeks and now I’m being told item will be delivered in 2 months. Absolute scam of a service, don’t waste your money. "

Helpful Cool


easy to install

"It really worth its product pretty easy to install hooking up wires and GPS works fine bluetooth works find. I notice there is one little flaw in screen with the volume control however everything works nice except this. What I am excited is how wonderful of the GPS actually was, really happy for this, install the antenna you will find out there is a mounting sticker for the windshield but it can work well only need to put it in the glovebox. Maybe it is a little difficult for starter as they never install a car stereo before but you can find tutorials from youtube or ask Seicane after-sale team for help, they are really nice and I am really appreciated."

Helpful Cool


Don't waste your money

"It did not work right out of the box. Radio did not work, DVD player did not work Customer service does not seem to want it back Forgive me a refund."

Helpful Cool


best quality

"OK, with a direct connection now goes the radio. Great device and display, I am very satisfied. Besides the sub, everything else works perfectly, Google maps, spotify, download apps, connecting bluetooth.
I really appreciate your help with my problem.And i have to admitted I am not good at installing but your patience and kindness impresses me a lot.
I hope to shop at seicane for more items just because of your customer service and the best quality!

Helpful Cool


Don't buy, Stops working

"They never got back to me after my radio and navigation just stopped working, no communication whatsoever"

Helpful Cool

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