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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.75/10 3.75/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.22/10 2.22/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.86/10 2.86/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.67/10 1.67/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
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Rating 2/10

STAY AWAY!! constant human and technical errors involving shipments, horrible customer service responses

"I ordered several out of print CDs and DVDs almost 2 months ago. First, they shipped them all to a mutilated version of an old address that had since been updated in their system, which resulted in the first shipment attempt being returned to them. Second, the reshipment process was completely broken - they sent a link to confirm corrected delivery address, and the link did not work at all, on any OS, from any of multiple computers and locations. After a series of lengthy delays in communication with their nonexistent email support (they don't give you any option to actually speak with someone), the order was reshipped to yet another bad address that did not match what was provided, and which caused USPS to reject the package due to a non-existent address. Throughout this entire cycle I continued to request tracking and status information which they would never provide until after it had already failed. Had they communicated on any reasonable timeframe over the 10 days of the failed proceedings, i could easily have intervened with the USPS to correct the matter for them (since they apparently can't be troubled to fix anything themselves). Then, they notified me by email again that my shipment would be retried AGAIN. once again i got the broken mailing address update link and once again had to go through a multiday mess of emails with customer service to confirm the address for shipment. In multiple emails over almost 2 weeks they continued to assure me my package had been sent, but that they couldn't provide tracking. After almost two weeks they contacted me again to inform me that they never shipped it as claimed and that their policy was not to reship it due to previous failed attempts. Absolutely unbelievably awful customer service and a clusterf*ck of an organization that has no clue what it is doing."

Rating 2/10

DO NOT sell TO them if you want to be paid

"I have sold to Second Spin a few times, never paid in the promised time, now a large shipment, 20 pounds, with tracking validating delivery on Oct 2, is "lost" in their warehouse. Unpaid. Poor experience, Will sell elsewhere from now on. And would never buy more from them."

Rating 10/10

Four purchases so far

"Have bought for times. Mostly old DVDs and a couple of BD. And so far all have played fine. Occasionally the packaging has excess stickers that when removing damages the sleeve art. More careful when removing stickers now. But they were the only source for some titles. And buying several at a time saves on shipping over Amazon used since they charge a flat fee even if you buy several items from the same source. Some of the DVD boxes are a little worn on the edges but acceptable.

Rating 10/10

Excellent Experience

"I see Second Spin is rated 1/5 which blows me away. I have received close to 1,000 CDs and a handful of DVDs over the last number of years. The vast majority of the product is fine. I'd say maybe 1 or 2 in every hundred may have an issue of sorts such as the second disc of a two CD set is missing, wrong version sent (e.g. remastered version, not original version), and very, very rarely a disc won't play. They have made good on every single claim, 100%. I don't work for them, I don't know them, I wasn't asked or prompted to leave a review, and I'm getting nothing for this. My concern is getting facts out as opposed to some of the garbage reviews I'm seeing."

Rating 2/10

DON"T buy from them, condition issues on all product.

"I ordered 4 used cd's and every one of them were in poor condition with scratches on the cd surface and food on one of them and the cases had cracks and sticky tape on them. It looked like someone played frisbee on the concrete with them they were that bad! Avoid purchasing from them!!"

Rating 2/10

Robbers! They robbed me a total of: 28.85 on my last trade in order

"They make you pay to ship, claiming they will reimburse you but they don't i paid 16.61 to ship a box of cds and they gave me back only 5.26
I also sent them 71.00 worth of cds and they gave me only 53.50 claiming that 7 of the cds were scratched, 1 they were not buying, and 2 that were not in the database. they also deducted ..16x35 for scratched jewelcases (what about the 16 extra jewelcases for the cds they did not accept? and then they charged another .35 times 17 for resurfacing? They pull this crap on every order they receive. They are truly disgusting. You will waste your time and lose your cds and only end up with a few dollars if any. Most people will send in the cds, not bother to write down first what they paid and what they were promised and fail to compare the actual money received. The first few times I didn't keep track either. The first and second time I caught them robbing me I ignored it and continued to send things in. but they will find things wrong with EVERY order. I will use declutter instead or one of many other choices out there.

Rating 2/10


"I wanted to send some DVD/Blu-Rays (about 84 in total) and was quoted $65 for compensation (if all were selected). They only reimburse $5 for shipping 25 or more items. I checked with USPS and the shipping cost would be around $60. How in the world can you justify sending these movies out when all the "profit" is getting eaten up by shipping costs.

Granted, 84 movies is a lot of movies, and even if I broke up the movies into smaller orders and smaller boxes, I would still be upsidedown. Makes no sense. IDK how they can get any positive reviews with the shipping policy they have.

Rating 2/10

It cost me to sell CDs to Second Spin

"I sent 14 CDs to Second Spin. I was quoted $10.-- they don't cover shipping like their competitors. I should have been reimbursed $4.-- for shipping. They emailed to tell me they would not accept a few which dropped the payment to $7.-- which puts me under their "requirements" for shipping reimbursement. So it actually cost me money to sell to them. "

Rating 2/10

Beware, sneaky rules regarding shipping experience

"Be ware you need to have more than 5 items above 25 cents and a minimum of $10 to get shipping reimbursements. If you have all 10 cents items no reimbursements if you have less than $10 no reimbursement for shipping. I sent 21 cd's for $4.87 and the shipping was $5 no postage reimbursement . You are better off giving them to charity. "

Rating 4/10

Sound quality and print ****!

"My friend ordered a dvd from them and boy o boy the print and sound quality **** balls. Can't even understand what's the people are saying in it! bad stuff."

Rating 2/10

Intentionally vague language

"I chose this service to send some old things I didn't need anymore to them. Most items only fetched about 10-20 cents each but I figured since they reimburse for shipping it wouldn't be a big deal. I sent my items in and shipped via media mail as they suggested and kept track of my order. They took four days to process - Amazon only took a day. They sent me my money via PayPal but did not reimburse for shipping. When I inquired about it they told me that I did not get to be reimbursed because I did not send in enough items qualifying. Because they did not reimburse for shipping I basically gave my items away for free because I paid more for shipping than I was given. I wasn't expecting a huge profit in sending my items - I was hoping to squeeze a few quarters out that I would not get from a thrift store, and I wanted to downsize and make more room in my collection. Instead, they took my stuff for free. I'm furious. Why would you pretend that you reimburse and you're fair when you clearly aren't? "

Rating 2/10

Good Grief!

"Item ordered through Amazon. Advertised in very good condition. Arrived and was in deplorable condition. Looks like it was repaired, and poorly. They said they would replace it. Then they said they sent the replacement May 3rd, but apparently it won't arrive for 3 weeks. Then when I asked why, they said they don't have another copy and will issue a refund. No indication of when though. At this point I have no idea if it is coming or not, or if and when I will be refunded. I'd REALLY like to order it from someone else so I can watch this series that I am into! But don't want multiple copies. Hate this company! "

Rating 2/10

Scammer or disorganized af.. which one? maybe both

"Do NOT use this company EVER:

Ordered a dvd set, they sent it, it was nearly unwatchable, sound changed, skipping, video quality shifted, video froze etc. They said they could offer me store credit. I said, okay whatever... I ordered more $ than the credited amount of cds, probably around 12.. I know from my previous order that they ship in like 3 weeks or so avg. So i waited 1 month, asked, they said its coming, I waited 4 more weeks, asked again, they said it arrived a week after i ordered it... UM NO.. They offered a tracking label to ask the usps what happened.. like that will ever amount to anything, and I would like to add - they SAY they dont have tracking on their shipping- So if a tracking number WAS used, why wouldnt they send it to me with the confirmation email? I have never had a stolen or lost package and I have lived here for 7 years.

Point is. This reeks, they don't give a crap. BUYER BEWARE. I just paid a company 40$ to get a headache. HORRIBLE. Hopefully they go bankrupt soon. What a garbage company.

Rating 2/10


"They say they inspect all product so why does it arrive all scratched up and smudged in broken cases and covered in stickers. I even received items that were water damaged. They will buy your item for a nickel and sell it for $5. The warehouse employees are incompetent and customer service is nonexistent.
Good luck returning stuff. Still waiting on that refund from an item I returned and USPS says they delivered over a month ago. After many emails they are now just ignoring me.

Rating 2/10


"Similar to other reviewers, I concur that this company continues to go down hill. I was a long time customer and have been buying from them for over 7 years. Over the last couple of years I have only really placed 3 orders. One CD i ordered came and was the wrong one. I ordered a record that they said was IN Stock, waited almost two weeks withe the order sitting "in progress", then emailed them asking what was happening, only to be told that it was now "OUT OF STOCK". My last order was for a box set that arrived with the cover torn, all six discs majorly scratched,covered im glue or something sticky and were unusable!
A shame as they used to!!!

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