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"Terrible. I bought a carafe for my Moccamaster, and it was the wrong size. I called them and they said they'd send me an RMA. I never got it. When I called to remind them, they told me it was outside their "policy". Of course, as a first (and last) time customer, I didn't know about this policy. NEVER WILL BUY FROM THESE IDIOTS AGAIN."

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spent over 22k with these guys, equipment ****, sales guy lied to me, customers service worst iv'e ever seen.

"save yourself the headache, salesman lied to me to close the sale, items arrived broken and not working, getting things fixed was a nightmare, they sent a tech out 3 times before replacing a brand new $2,500 piece of equipment. no one cares about your problem, your just an inconvenience to everyone in the company. and its not even like i was asking for favor i just wanted what i paid for in working order so I could open my coffee shop. they forgot item in my order, their mistake and wouldn't even rush ship them to me so i could open. you would think spending over 22k on coffee equipment would cause them to care even a little bit...WRONG!"

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They send broken second machines as new - do not use.

"I purchased a machine for $1,000. It arrived damaged and had obviously been used. Avoid at all costs."

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Do not believe 5 day free shipping!

"Do not believe “free 5 day shipping” as stated on Seattle Coffee Gear website! I ordered a Saeco automatic espresso from Seattle Coffee Gear on 8/30/17. The company sent an email acknowledgement of the order. On 8/31/17, the shipper sent me an email that it would be delivered on 9/8/17. This is 9 days not 5 days.
I called their service number and was told that sometimes it takes 9 days. The website says 5 day free shipping! Asked that a manager to call me back, when someone did call back I was told to go to the bottom of their webpage and read the fine print regarding shipping policy. However, the order page does not state up to 9 days. I have not even gotten the Saeco machine yet, and have a very bad feeling about how this company does business. How will they handle it if there are problems with my new Sacco, least it is suppose to be a new machine? They set my expectations of a 5-day free delivery when it actually is 9-days. As I told the person, I spoke with this is the first and last time I will be a customer of Seattle Coffee Gear. I do not trust that they will perform in a professional or ethical manner.

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Don't send product after it's confirmed

"I purchased a coffee maker then after getting. Confermation they said that they have a flag on me and canseled order 3 time. They are horrible and would not even waist your time I think that they put things on they sight for low price and that's the way they get out of it. Horrible "

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"This is a very important reason I would only give a two star rating to this merchant. I know there are many four and five star rating but apparently they have not had to return a heavy and expensive TO SHIP item to ship back to the merchant.
We were looking for a small espresso machine for our boat that has limited counter space. We were very excited when we found they had a Saeco Xsmall Superautomatic Espresso Machine on sale. From both the name and the merchants description we decided to purchase this unit. When it arrived it was nothing like the description. It was actually larger than our Saeco Synthia. We would not be able to use this in our boat. I thought, no problem, I can send it back and have them help me select a smaller one and was sure they would pay the shipment back to them. I had just sent our Synthia machine back to the US repair merchant. The same problem with them, although only five months old it had become inoperative. Shipping it back cost me over $110.00, the cheapest means available.
Well, when I called this merchant to get a return authorization, I was told I WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RETURN SHIPMENT. IT DIDN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR reason FOR returning an item, i.e., BROKEN, NOT AS ADVERTISED, ETC, THE BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RETURN SHIPPING.
That is an unfair and ridiculous merchant policy. I will never buy from this merchant again as there are other merchants out there who will pay for the return shipment. JUST TYPE INTO "GOOGLE, FOR MERCHANTS THAT PAY SHIPPING AND YOU WILL FIND A MERCHANT THAT WILL PAY BOTH WAYS AND USUALLY AT THE SAME PRICE AS THIS MERCHANT. I AM NOT ALLOWEDTO MENTION OTHER MERCHANTS NAME BY TH IS RATER SERVICE OR WOULD LIST THE NAME HERE.

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"I was tempted by a refurbished Delonghi magnifica unit and after 40 cups the sucker started leaking and now I'm left with a 400 dollar pain in the neckAfter reaching out they said they are very sorry but there is nothing they could do.

Its easy to get carried away by the folksy videos, but essentially your getting a secondhand unit without a warranty but still paying a big markup.


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Received not working assembled incorrectly

"Received saeco minuto focus quickly and came packaged nice and secured, looked to be perfect condition. Got er all set up and ready to go, it blasted water and brewed coffee out the side of the machine instead of the dispensers. Very disappointed!! Luckily we were able to figure out a piece was screwed in backwards and the machine worked well after we took it apart and fixed it. Hope to have a bettter impression of SCG in the future!!"

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The product of Seattle coffee gear was too terrible!

"I ordered the super outomatic espresso machine at seattle coffee gear site. It was too terrible because when I open the box, the machine was wet by rotten coffee. The rotten coffee had spilled out of the water tank and steamer was not fit at the machine. This had a several problems. I applied a twice returns but they changed my reason to changing my mind from had a defective machine. I was so upset. Beside, the return fee was too expensive because the machine was too heavy. I can't understand why this return fee is not free. I can't recomend this site to other people."

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Be aware Read first

"I purchased a brand new PID from www.seattlecoffeegear.com for around $260.00. This little device is supposed to make your coffee espresso way easier. I cut a hole for it in my Brand NEW Machine Rancilio Silvia to install it. It took me 4 hours to install, but every step I took I had to double check because my machine is so expensive. I don’t want to make any type of mistakes to cause damage. After all the wiring and installation was done I turned it on for the first time. This PID system supposedly holds the brewing temperature more accurately, but for some reason temperature goes way above the safety limit. So I was scared it would damage my machine and I turned it off. Next I call www.seattlecoffeegear.com and spoke to Nakita Parramore from technical support. He then guided me through what I was supposed to do. First he thought it had been programmed wrong from the factory. Furthermore after all the many steps I took, he found that there was no problem. He then told me to watch a video on YouTube to show me how to program it, then to call him back after I was done watching the video. I didn’t receive his video, but I found one where Gail explained how to program the PID (There has been plenty of times I had watched videos with Gail, and that enticed me to order this precise system from them. That was a BIG MISTAKE and was very disappointed, so I called Nakita Parramore back, told him I never received an email from him with the link for that video. I then told him I found it, and watched it. He asked me only a couple of questions what the settings said on the display to make sure everything was correct. He didn’t come up with any problems. Nakita came up with an idea to record a video again after many times from beginning to make sure that he could clearly see the rising temperature, and make sure all buttons are set correctly. I made a video but unfortunately it was too long and he wanted to have the entire video footage. I told him the video was 780mb (huge file) he then told me to send it to him through via Email. REALLY?? I asked him twice how to because it was so big, and he told me that the video is not that big to be sent through email Blah Blah Blah... Finally he realized it was too big. He wanted me to upload video on YouTube and make it public. So next I did what he told me to do and uploaded my video, made it public. I waited on the phone to confirm he saw my video. He found it and told me (this was on Friday of march 26th) Technician was not there and I was told he would be back on Monday to see my video and would then let me know what could possibly be wrong. Unfortunately I got a call on Saturday from Mr. “ I know more than you ” Nakita Parramore, he told me because I installed the PID by myself the warranty would no longer be in affect and was void. If I wanted to pay for it to be shipped they could repair it or troubleshoot it and I would have to pay for shipping and repairs?!?!?! That is ridiculous because he never mentioned this preposterous thing on Friday when I was led to believe I would still have a warranty. He didn’t want to wait for technician. He apparently knows more the technician right?... absolutely not! So now I have an installed PID controller, which doesn’t work, with a cut hole in my brand new machine, and it doesn’t even work. If they repaired (what?) send it back, and it still doesn’t work can I then keep sending it back lets say every other weak? Now because I installed it myself the warranty is voided. Who has time for this? I am a paying customer and I didn’t receive what I asked for nor get the right information to solve the problem. Lastly Nakita Parramore should not be in customer service he is misleading and one of the rudest people I have ever had to encounter. The only thing I know for a fact is that my money was wasted, and it is completely wrong to have no warranty for this expensive piece that I bought to make my espresso machine work efficiently. From now on I will no longer spend my well-earned money on anything from this company, and will find better elsewhere with no doubt. I would recommend people save their money and go to www.wholelattelove.com Thanks Rick"

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"I bought a reconditioned Saeco Odea Machine from them. I had another one for 10 years( bought in Costco - worked great for 10 years!!!)
It did not work right from the very beginning; it looks as they just sent to me a broken machine initially.
Yes, I did all cleanings - after all, I was able to take care of identical machine for 10 years - no luck!
So I have it over a year - and they did not fix it; they never gave me return authorization.

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"Bought a Saeco Syntia Focus Super-automatic Espresso Machine that was refurbished from Seattle Coffee Gear. Just out of the box, I had to descale (manual 22 step process, that should have been done during the "refurbishing"), prime the water dispenser 10+ times, and it still had the "need to descale" light on. There were chunks of coffee grime clogging the brew dispenser thing! I felt like I was working in the refurbishing department with all of the cleaning and troubleshooting. The machine would however, make a good espresso after approx. five or six tries of priming and pushing buttons. So, I called the customer service/tech support and they couldn't determine the problem after troubleshooting with me, and said he'd call me back; well, he never did, so I called back the next day. I had to go through the same explanation with another guy! They sent me a label to send the worn-out piece of junk back, so I ordered and paid in full for another one (they wouldn't even give me free shipping on the replacement, nor rushed shipping). I asked the guy to put in the notes, to please make sure that the replacement was in working order, as not to waste any more time. Well, the replacement arrived a week later with the same exact problem!! I actually went through the descale process again because I was desperate for some coffee, but it didn't work and the descale light stayed on! Major waste of time and money with Seattle Coffee Gear! Last time I order from them!!"

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"I bought a reconditioned Saeco Intuita. Had small problems that they were able to initially able to resolve. About 7 months after the purchase, the machine quit and they refused to do anything except look at it for $200. BEWARE! I would not buy anything from this outfit."

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"i like this, and i think many peoplo too :)"

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"After our Saeco Magic Comfort+ finally died after 12 years and about 11.000 cups of coffee, we ordered a refurbished Saeco Vienna from Seattle Coffee Gear. When the machine was turned on it started flashing a error code. SCG wanted me to "troubleshoot" the machine. but I told them that I was going to return it.

Unlike Amazon, SCG does not pay for the return shipment. My cost for assuming that SCG was a trustworthy business: $58.76 shipping plus a $26.07 "Adjustment Fee" deducted from my refund.

Stay away from this company.

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