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Sears Parts Direct is Garbage

"Spent 2 hours being transferred 8 times, between parts, technicians and reg phone techs, to answer a simple question, is my part under warranty. The 8th person finally figured out, "no." It is the 3rd Kenmore elite stove top I have purchased in the last 3 years... - according to the reps everyone buys a new stove top for their $1200 double oven every year. I'm just crazy to assume the next one will break if I purchase another one.

These Indians have been awesomely trained on transferring the call, suggesting a tech come out or to immediately place an order. As far as customer service goes...took 8 people to understand and answer my simple question. Thanks for ruining/wasting my labor day. Sears used to mean something - They obviously are trying to turn into Toys "R" Us as fast as they possibly can. Good luck going under Sears. Way to ruin a century of greatness...

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Horrible Service from Sears Parts Direct

"They were more expensive then amazon but had an early delivery day, so pay the higher price needless to say the part had not arrived when I call to get an update the person on the phone could hardly understand me and I could hardly understand her. She really didn’t seem to care and was just like oh well."

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This is why Sears is going out of business.

"Placed an order on August 1st with an expected arrival date of 8 August. Since then, I have received nothing but emails every 3 days stating the items are on back order with a new arrival date."

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"DO NOT ORDER FROM TGESE PEOPLE!!! Ordered A inner glass piece for my dryer and seal for my washer. The email showed that a outer plastic lens was ordered. I called within the hour to cancel the lens, and was told they could not cancel after 30 mins. of ordering, but to call the customer care line and cancel. After speaking to 5 (phillipino) customer care people, I finally got someone I could somewhat understand. I was told that I would receive an email confirmation cancelling my order. Never received the email. Started calling this morning. Needless to say, I was on the phone for THREE hours, trying to cancel the entire order. I finally got someone I could half understand on the phone and was told "too late to cancel order", but I can email you a return label. I refused to hang up until I received the email. I am beyond angry. This has been one of the WORST ordering experiences I have ever had. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!"

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Horrible!!!! Still no part received and no refund!

"No stars at all. Ordered a part for our dishwasher with expedited shipping. Should have arrived 2 weeks ago. Customer service has no shipping information and giving me major run around for refund. Will never use this company again!"

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They flat out Lie!

"Called yesterday morning to order a part no one else has and manufacturer stopped making. I asked if they had the part in stock, they checked and said yes we have the part in stock. SO THAT WAS THE LIE. I placed the order based on the information it was instock, then 2 hours later I called back because I had not received a receipt that's when I found out it was on backorder. I said to cancel the order and was told they do not have that as an option, I would have to send it back after I received it. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but one had to call back later. Supervisor claims they cannot stop an order in mid process but he would send me a shipping label to return for free shipping.

That was yesterday still waiting on the promised email with return shipping label, but suspect the item will never come as it is out of manufacture anyway.

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Nothing but Scamming Thieves Zero customer service zero accountability 100% FRAUD 100% corruption

"5/17/18 I ordered four replacement screen filters for our Sears brand kitchen range hood for $480. On the online order there was no indication that this item was on backorder and the order went through and they charged my card for the full amount. Immediately I began receiving backorder notice emails beginning on 5/28, then again on 6/4, 6/11, 6/25, 7/9, 7/16, and as recently as 7/23 for these four parts.

On 6/3/18 I called the customer service number on the sears parts direct website 888-873-3829 to cancel the backorder. The man I spoke with said he would cancel and issue a refund and I would get an email confirmation in a couple of days. This never happened.

On 6/6/18 I called the same customer service number and asked to speak to a manager explaining about the missing refund. He would not transfer me but gave me another customer service 800-349-4358 he said I needed to call. I called it and the woman who answered said she said she was retail sales and couldn’t help me. But she gave me a number that she said was for direct parts ordering 800-366-7278 that turned out to be a wrong number as well. It was for home delivery appliance sales.

I immediately called the original 888-873-3829 parts direct number again and clearly expressed my anger at getting the run around, I was given the same lie I had received on 6/3/18 “he would cancel and issue a refund and I would get an email confirmation in a couple of days” he apologized for it not being processed and said he could see where I had called earlier about this order but assured me HE was going to take care of it right now. No refund ever came through.

I called 6/11/18 and was given the same excuse I demanded to speak to a department manager. I was put on hold for 42 minutes before a woman came on. She said give us a few more days. I said no, I was tired of the lies, I demanded to speak directly to the department that handles backorders. She said you can’t call the processing center directly and assured me that “we’re working on it”. I hung up and decided I was being scammed by Sears.

Also returned an unused part to them via their online return system, they confirm that they received it via UPS return tracking, also giving me the same "give us a few days to work on it, it's in process, your email confirmation and refund will arrive in 3-5 days". ALL LIES! ALL THE TIME!

Now working with my bank to get a chargeback of the full amount since I paid with an ATM Mastercard for products they will never provide. NEVER buy anything from Sears. There is a reason their company is circling the toilet and I cannot wait for it to become extinct. Their only business plan is to defraud consumers as much and as often as possible.

Helpful Cool


Refund and customer service

"We waited over 2 weeks for a refund which we still have not received....they took the money out of our account within 10 seconds but we are fighting to get it back.....we tried to stop the order and was told we could not even after it was back ordered...this company has horrible customer service and return policy is a joke....will never use them again and advise anyone not to as well"

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horrible customer service

"Part said "in stock"...NOT. Expedited shipping, will arrive in two days.....NOT.... After a week and a half of waiting, I found the part on Ebay, and had it already installed, while SPD still had no idea when the part would ship. Contacted customer service to cancel the order. "you should get an email confirmation in 24-48 hours"...NOT. Follow up phone call three days later...."oh we are sorry, the shipping is delayed, you should get it next week"...Me- "no, I cancelled the order three days ago... there is no shipping it to me next week..." customer service hangs up on me... (no profanity used). Second call, same day.... says "we cannot cancel the order, it is in process"... Me- " I already cancelled it three days ago....you guys better get this taken care of, I am not paying for it...." customer service hangs up on me.... (still no profanity used...) Third call, same day... This poor gal gets double barrel profanity, because now I am... "beyond containment". Says cancellation is in process, but can't send me any confirmation that it is in process.... WTF? Good god....do not waste your time or money with SPD. "

Helpful Cool


Lost part

"Would never order another item to them order the refrigerator door a month later still have not received my item"

Helpful Cool


The Endless Loop

"Ordered washing machine timer, was told it was in stock. Got email on the day it was supposed to arrive saying it was backordered. Called around and found it cheaper locally, which I should have done in the first place. Called Sears PartsDirect and requested a refund, as told that they couldn't cancel/refund a backordered product, that I would actually have to wait for the timer to be delivered and then return it. After going around and around, they finally submitted a request to cancel/refund to their "processing department." It's been a week - the "Processing department" still hasn't contacted me or canceled the order. The last woman I spoke to had the gall to try to sell me on "home improvement consultations" at the end of the call. AVOID!!!!!"

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Never deal with Sears replacements parts if you dont have to !

"Sear's left me hanging for 2 weeks on my washer part ( called a spider part ). I called only to be turned over to 5 different people who didn't speak ENGLISH very well at all , they couldn't understand simple word's like my street address they sure understood taking my info for my creadit card tho ! I told them I was in need of a part for my washer I even gave them the part number they had on there list to buy it I gave them my credit card info and then waited and waited for my part. After a ridiculous time of waiting for my part it was NOTHING like the part I ORDERED so I called them asap and they told me they stopped making the part 10 years ago ! I asked them why didn't you tell me that in the first place and why are you posting the part I need still for sale ? Iam still wait for my money back and haven't received it ! They also told me I had to mail the part back to them that I couldn't just bring it into the department store. After complaining about mailing it back to them they said that I could bring the part back to them but I still have to wait for my money refund lol. I need my washer fixed Now my husband is on his 13 th bladder and kidney cancer I can't afford a new washer I wish I could but unfortunately I can't just give me the part for old washer ! Iam so upset and devastated. God help me just give me my money back so I can try to get the part from some where else ! This is not the first time they have did this type of thing to me .They also sent me an email for a post a rating of my part I received and was it easy to fix lol I filled it out and they wouldn't post it due to my negative review . Do yourself a favor and do not buy there washer's or dryer's because you will have trouble with them if ever you need to get them fixed ! "

Helpful Cool



"TERRIBLE, JUST TERRIBLE! I will never do business with Sears Parts Direct again. Save yourself a lot of frustration and buy elsewhere.

My refrigerator broke, and I placed an order at 8:00am on 6/12 for the parts. I paid extra for the expedited (approx. 2-day) shipping because I needed my refrigerator fixed ASAP. At 7:00pm on 6/13, my order was still "Processing." So, I gave them a call. They informed me that one of the parts was on back order and that they could not ship for another 3 - 5 days. The product was described as "in stock" on the website, and there was no indication that expedited shipping was not an option. I promptly told them that I could not wait a week for the parts and requested a full refund. The agent told me the order was cancelled and that I would receive a full refund within a few days.

On 6/18, I received an email from Sears stating that the order that I cancelled on 6/13 had shipped. I called Sears again on 6/18, and they stated that due to a system error, they were not able to cancel my order and that I would not get my refund until I received and subsequently, returned the parts. The agent said that this was a Sears policy, that when they have a system error, the customer has to deal with the consequences.

The parts that I cancelled arrived at my house on 6/20. I had to then coordinate return shipment of the parts that I cancelled with UPS. UPS picked-up the parts on 6/21. I finally got my full refund from Sears on 6/25.

It took 5 minutes for Sears to charge my credit card for parts that they didn't have in stock. It took them 12 days, 3+ hours of phone calls, my time and effort to return parts I already cancelled, and my extreme frustration to finally get the funds credited back to my credit card.

Helpful Cool


If I could leave zero stars I would

"I ordered a part for my washer that it obviously needs to make work. When I ordered, it said it would arrive Friday, 4 days after I ordered it. Thursday comes, no tracking. I called up and they said it's still in processing but expected delivery is still Friday. Now I KNOW that's not going to happen. Friday comes, no part. I call up again, they said it's still in processing and I MIGHT receive it by Tuesday. So I ask to speak to a supervisor. She tells me they are all busy. I request again, she puts me on hold, and says she escalated my issue to some department and they will call me back in 2 business days. That's now Tuesday, a week after I ordered the part. I yell again, she puts me on hold, and says a supervisor will call me back in 1 to 2 hours. It's 7 pm on a Friday. I will be calling back at 9pm. I know it won't get me anywhere, but I'm going to anyway. So I have no washer for another week would be my guess, and no way to get a part sooner from anywhere else until next Wednesday. If I knew they wouldn't ship it, I would have ordered elsewhere. I will NEVER order from Sears parts direct again in my life."

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The Worst Experience Short of Stealing

"I ordered a part for my washer on June 3rd, and was guaranteed delivery on June 5th. I specifically asked 3 times about that date. I requested a transcript of the order conversation and got it.

On the 5th, my part never showed up. I checked the website and suddenly the part is on backorder. I asked if it was in stock, and the order taker said it was. The website had no indication of when the part would be shipped to me, let alone delivered.

I called them and they told me information that I already knew, and then told me that the part would be arriving on the 14th. That it was shipping UPS ground.

I said, this is an expedited order, shouldn't it have been shipped by air? And they said yes it should. Expedited shipping is 1 to 2 days delivery. I asked, was mine labeled expedited? She said it was. I then asked why wasnt it flown to me? She said because it was shipped ground.

I complained to the supervisor and got a canned response about how my order meant so much to them, but they couldn't answer my issues. How did this happen and how are you going to make it right?

Unless I have no choice, I will not be using them again.

Helpful Cool

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