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    Shipping & packaging: Rating 0.56/10 0.56/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.11/10 1.11/10
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Rating 2/10

If it can go wrong.. count on it doing so with Sears Outlet

"Experiences may vary with individual stores and I've purchased a few things from the North Charleston store (Lands End things, small items). Have been looking for a specific size appliance for my deceased parents' home and the website has always been "behind", "incorrect", etc. according to the folks in the store. In week hours of yesterday,I noted what I needed on the website and it said it was available in the NC store. Price was $575.00. I logged in and tried to complete purchase. Entered c. card info.. and as I tried to complete sale.. it kept saying " enter valid name". I tried my name, my husband's name.. all corresponding to the names on the card. It never did indicate that the sale "went through". Giving up.. I went to bed. Called the store right before opening time to confirm that the item WAS there. Got the standard recording. After opening time, the phone answered to complete static.. using both our phones. Husband decided to take a chance and drive the 14 miles to the store as I had an appointment elsewhere. He called from the store.. said the item was indeed on floor but the price was $639.93. I told him to ask them to pull it up on line as they had done many times before in trying to locate what we needed for this 1960s house we intend to sell soon. He said they said they could not do that. He purchased it at their stated price. When we picked it up last evening, I asked the manager why they could not pull it up online.. she said because it was not online if it had been sold. But it WAS online when he went into the store yestereday morning. And for $65 less. She said to contact customer service. Reading online reviews I figured it was a total waste of time.. but I'd give it a shot. Had tried to talk to customer service yesterday before he headed to store and with both Sears and Sears Outlet cs... the operators were absolutely unintelligible. I am not deaf.. but I simply could hardly understand either.. and finally had to just give up and try to be polite without saying "Your English is simply not good enough to be doing this". I appreciate anyone wanting to work.. but Sears Tech dept is cutting costs and it is really hurting their image. I understand theOutlets are a separate company.. but whomever... it is a bad situation. Looking at the sales receipt, I see he purchased the 3 year protection plan.. but you cannot really read the receipt where they just drew a line from the warranty agreement, etc. over to a circle drawn over details where there was no ink in printer! No way to know or pass that information along to new home buyers. I called customer service this morning and received a complete run arround.. price online is not price in store, etc. etc.. But, I TRIED to purchase on line 9 hours before... YOUR system was not working. Ironically last night the same oven we purchased is now listed at $1099. And there is NOT another one in the store. It looks as if they realized someone tried to buy it at that location 3 times.. so we'll just boost the price. Others that are reconditioned or have dents are at other stores for the 639 price. Still, this one.. a floor model said it as $575. Trust is a major issue with any retailer and I am sad to say that the Sears name , which used to be trust itself, will likely never recover. With 400 stores now closing , these outlets are going to be "dumping" a lot of appliances. It may look like a tremendous savings. but I think next time we will just wait on a local retailer or Lowe's or Home Depot to order an item if it is an odd size, etc.. There is price for frustration and anger.. and perhaps it is not worth it. With one thought.. the manager of the North Charleston store said she had been there for only three days and there were a lot of changes due. She is NOT kidding. For the most part, the staff there need some serious training.. or they need new employees. Still... policies come from the top.. and not sure this corporation or whatever they are, are trustworthy. Seems like false advertising to post a price and say it can be picked up that same day at the store.. but then raise the price once you get to the store.. when it is their website technical issue at fault. And staff should pay attention to the receipts they hand out.. if it's not legible.. learn to change the ink cartridge. "

Rating 2/10

Sad customer service

"Hi yes my name is Aniyah I shopped at the local Sears outlet store in timonium there is this worker named Ashley who is entirely disrespectful & has a nasty attitude , she avoided helping me and said she was going to lunch and left into the back with a older man who had claimed to be the sales manager I just think she gives poor help and has a very nasty attitude and instead of helping me she was folllowing around the older male who claimed he was a sales manager I just think that is very unprofessional that you can follow around another worker instead of helping your customers whoever there was a young light toned female there I think her name was Anita she came across me very polite and full of smiles and was with threw my entire walk threw the store , she even picked out the best fridge for me but unfortunately my card was not in use so i apologized for the inconveniences and she told it was fine that it was no problem and told me she would put my iteam on hold till I came back for it

Rating 2/10

Stay Away!!! Horrible delivery & they don't stand behind their products

"The delivery people damaged my refrigerator when they delivered it and now they refuse to fix it. I've spent about an hour on the phone being transferred between the store, the deliver service, the repair service, the tech team, the customer support team and the store manager. Each department blamed the next one and they refuse to repair it. My only option is to return it within 30 days for my money back MINUS the $89 delivery charge.
After shopping at Sears for 40 years I'm done. If they damage it and won't repair it then there is no reason to ever return.

Rating 2/10

Horrible Delivery and Rude Customer Service

"I bought a pair of washer and drier and also purchased the delivery. When they got delivered, the driver told me he needed to charge me $50 cash to install, otherwise, he would just drop the machines and leave. I could not do it by myself and needed to use them the same day, so I had to let him do it and pay him cash. Because my washer was qualified for Samsung recall, so the delivery/installation fees would be covered by Samsung. However, the original receipt doesn't say 'installation'. I called the store manager to write a letter to explain but he was very rude and saying they cannot do it no matter what. I mentioned the driver did charge me money to install, he did ask me for the receipt number but still saying they could not provide anything. So I wasted $130 for delivery and installation. I still do not believe they could not do anything with it. For a big company like this, they did not give me a reasonable solution. I did not have any customer service experience like this in other big chain stores. I will never go back there again."

Rating 2/10

Never Again

"Four weeks to ship, wrong product. Local store never called to notify about product arriving anyways. Called to cancel for refund, been a whole month without my money back. Better to buy from elsewhere."

Rating 2/10

I grew up trusting the Sears brand, until now.

"Did a quick search for end of the year air conditioner pricing. Found a great deal on a NEW Kenmore Elite. Cool! Price was low but not too low as to question it. Noticed it was through Sears Outlet store, and assumed it was just a division of Sears. But a Kenmore is a Kenmore, right? So I got it. Received it quicker than expected. When I opened it there was a sticker that read that one of the features was disabled. It was the primary feature that allowed you to use your smart phone as a controller,cool. But it was NEW. Disabled? Didn't say that on the website! As soon as I turned it on, the fan was making an ugly noise, this thing isn't long for the world. Called the number listed in the product manual and got such a run around for 20 minutes before they asked me to call back later because she couldn't solve my problem. I was extremely polite and professional, I just wanted to return the unit. How is this difficult? So I called back later and got the exact same type of run around. Over 30 minutes of time and they wouldn't solve the problem. It became clear I was given an intentional set of road blocks which they new would dissuade me. I called my local store, told them my issues. They said it sounds like a bad unit. BUT AS SOON AS I MENTIONED IT WAS FROM THE SEARS OUTLET STORE THEY MOANED. It is a different store not affiliated with the Sears retail stores. Now I won't buy any thing from Sears online, because I can't trust it. My kitchen, laundry, and garage are filled with Sears products. Why does Sears Corporate allow this to happen to this name?"

Rating 2/10

No communication

"The worst customer service ever. They do not update you on item purchases. After one month I am still waiting."

Rating 2/10

Delayed Shipping with NO explanation

"Purchased an AC unit 3 weeks ago, has yet to be shipped. I called in almost daily after the first week, the only response I got was "we will contact you with updates within 24-48 hours" or "we have acknowledged your concern"... I am still waiting for my order to get shipped, this is 3+ week now, unbelievable. The most frustrating part is they don't care, and shoots you away when you call with false promises of finding out what the problem is. Incredibly frustrated, please be careful purchasing from these guys. They hold onto your money and doesn't make an effort to ship, and they don't even have the courtesy of informing you about delays or problems. You will just sit there and wait wondering where your order is.

Stay away from these guys, simply incompetent shipping system and customer service.

Rating 2/10

Bad service

"Pretty upset that i ordered a grill and it had a email that said shipped on 9-18-17 but took them 3 working days to get UPS to come and pick up. Now i work in shipping specifically with UPS, This was BS what they did and have no reason to create labels early and not ship, you make UPS look bad for your lack of doing your job correctly! When you pick and pack a job, you should NEVER tell the customer that you did something if in fact you did not! Now i have to go and spend more money because i was supposed to have my stuff today....its not her and wont be until next week. I have a cook out tomorrow! Thanks for nothing Sears, now i know why you are going out of business!"

Rating 2/10

The rubber mallet employee

"I swear there is a person that bangs up all of the appliances with a rubber mallet and a screwdriver when the doors shut at 5pm. "

Rating 4/10

Shipping and Customer Service is a Joke

"Paid a ridiculous $250 to have a microwave shipped. Arrived in an open top box with almost no packing. Posted a poor online review after no response from customer service despite repeated contacts with customer service. To look good, the store manager posted a public reply giving her email address and claiming to want to help with the situation. It is a sham. The response is all for show as she would never respond to emails or physical letters and she apparently was never sincere about wanting to help. I would advise to avoid these guys as you get what you get and they are not going to help you in any way after the sale. There are much better guys to deal with out there."

Rating 2/10


"They call it an "inconvenience", but I call it theft. The charged my card $240 when they didn't even have the item that was posted on their website. Now they claim they only issued a "hold". Bottom line is, I have been charged, they didn't have the product, and they shouldn't have even contacted my CC if they didn't have it. They are crooks. "

Rating 2/10

Sears Outlet

"Shopping at the Outlet is a crap shoot. It may work when it arrives at your home or it may not. "

Rating 2/10

Horrible customer service

"I purchased a new (undamaged) GE RANGE on May 27, 2017 at your Sears Outlet store in Marietta, GA but it was damaged upon delivery. I pointed out the damage upon delivery but the delivery person commented it was damaged at the store and showed me a yellow copy of the transaction with the damaged marked. I guess he forgot that we had the original white copy that, of course, showed no damage because there was none in the store. I find this to be unethical and fraudulent. We called the store to explain and were told we could either replace the range or receive $250 for the damage. Since the $250 would not cover the damage of visible scratches and a dent on the front baking door we opted to replace it. We were told that if the Marietta store did not have it then they would call the supplier (Holly) for a new unit. We waited and nothing. Nearly a month later while calling, leaving messages and not hearing from anyone I called Customer Solutions who told me that that the matter must be resolved within 30 days of purchase or there would be no replacement. They suggested I speak with the store. The same store that unethically made it look like we purchased a damaged range, will not call us back, hangs up on us and two Customer Service managers and essentially has ignored us hoping we will go away. I contacted the Customer Solutions Dept again and spoke with Ed [EE # 157008]. She said I should, "bring the range back to the store and let the store handle it.” So, after waiting a month of waiting for a resolution her answer is to unhook the gas from the range (that we paid a plumber $400 to install), rent a truck and deliver men to haul a 300 lb. range back to the store so see what happens.

I have seen bad customer service before but this is the worst customer service experience I have ever encountered. Its remarkable this store or Sears for that matter is still in business. I have called the store numerous times during normal business hours and the phone just rings (no one answers), other times someone answers then hangs up before you can speak. I have left numerous messages and none have been returned.

I understand that Sears Outlet is independent but as long as it uses the Sears name, Sears stores will suffer and its goodwill will diminish.

Rating 2/10

Worst custom service ever

"RUN do not order. Ordered on may 11 2017

No one can tell where my article is. Lynn at the outlet stores says I can't help you unless you have a sales check number. This our process and we can not help you. The on line person Tyrone gives me information for the order number that the store says doesn't exist and that not the number they need.... but they took my money and not one can tell me what is up with the order.

Don't get me wrong they were as polite as can be. If I heard one more time we are sorry for the inconvenience I was going to have a fit.

They finally found it and had to set up a new date. Total time on phone 3.45 hours. ordered 5/11new delivery date june 6,th No refrigerator for a month.

They got one star because they don't let you give 0

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