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Rating 2/10

"Below is an invoice that I received from Sunny Sports / Scooter Depot. It does not have any terms and conditions or return policy on the invoice. A day after I placed the order I called back and found out that the order would not be shipped for over a week so I cancelled the order.

This is what I received from them.

When Barclay Credit Card called then to intervene Sunny Sport insisted they had not connection with Scooter Depot. This is obviously not true
May 28, 2013


RE: Cancellation of Order # 100021799

As per our conversation earlier today, you have decided to cancel your order with our company because the scooter was for your son and he didn’t want to wait a week to receive the scooter. Within the terms and conditions that were agreed to upon original purchase you are subject to a cancellation fee, and the breakdown of the cancellation fee is as follows: (You can also review these terms and conditions on your original order, or on our website at www.scooterdepot.com under the customer service link.)

1) If you have cancelled the order within the first 24 hours of order, or if the item has not shipped you will be subject to a $175 cancellation fee and an addntl $200 cancellation fee for assembled units.

2) If the item has been shipped, you are subject to a 30% restock fee and all shipping costs.

(You can also review these terms and conditions on your original order, or on our website at www.scooterdepot.com under the customer service link.)
Your refund was calculated as follows:

UNIT PRICE $768.00 x 30% = $230.40 SHIPPING COSTS: $339.00
TOTAL PRICE PAID $1107.00 – 230.40 – 339.00 = $537.60

Your purchase was placed on MAY 23, 2013, and per your request, we are canceling your order effective May 28, 2013. The total amount that will be refunded to you is: $ 537.60, you should receive this refund within the next 10-15 business days.

CHINO CA 91710
TEL: 909 287 0388 /FAX: 909 902 0858



Thomas P. Tasca

Subject: ScooterDepot: New Order # 100021799


Rating 2/10

"Sunny Motors, aka Scooter Depot is selling faulty equipment, i.e. scooters with bad tires, etc.
I bought two 150cc scooters from Sunny Sports on 2-16-2012, and received them by truck freight on or after 2/28/2012. When I received the scooters one had body damage from being banded in a steel crate.

I noticed while driving my scooter, as well as my husband’s scooter, he stated the same problem, and that the front tire felt warped and was not steering properly. At less than 25 miles on both scooters, and only had them a few weeks, we had to take them to a dealer and he showed us where my husbands tire was actually rotting from the inside because of sitting and banded in the crate with no air in it. My scooter's front tire was warped and had started breaking apart from sitting also. He replaces the tires at a cost of $164.45 on 3/24/2012, which I have receipts for. He told us that the company I bought them from was responsible. I immediately called and spoke with Kelly and explained to him about the body parts and tires. He informed me to take pictures of the body parts. He also wanted copies of the receipts for the tires since I told him I had to have the tires changed because we had just left our house and my son was riding with my husband and we were afraid of the danger of riding on them. The dealer disposed of the tires for us when he put the new ones on.

After about a week, I called Kelly back because I had not heard anything or received any parts. I was told Kelly was no longer there and that I should speak to "John", that he was the parts manager. I have called there no less than 15 times in the past 6 months and I have been told every time that "John" was either busy or not there. On 8-2-12 I was informed by one employee who answered the phone “John was a very busy man”. I then asked for Alonso and questioned him about John and asked him was he even a real person, he eventually told me “John, doesn’t work here”. And I told him that’s not what the employee who just transferred me to you said about John. I really believe now that there never was anyone named John who worked there, and this lie has been going on for 6 months.
So now, I have been dealing with Alonso since 3/30/12 and sent him the same emails I originally sent to Kelly and have sent him numerous emails regarding this same problem. I have called Alonso no less than 10 or 12 times and every time I called him, he needed me to send him another email. I have every email that I sent him over and over and over for the same thing. How incompetent can anybody be?
I spoke with Alonso for the last time on 8/2/2012 and he informed me on this day that the tires were not under warranty and that one of my parts was still on back order, (this is the 4th excuse about being on backorder) and I asked him about the part to my speedometer that I had been waiting on for months, and he informed me that he had it in stock. I asked him ‘when were you planning on sending that part, after I called another 5 more times?
I will not call them again. He lied to me about "John" and my parts. He wouldn't even give me the full name of the owner of Scooter Depot, aka Sunny Sports. Alonso gave me a name of 'Herbert' and said he couldn't give me his last name because it was against company policy. I’m wondering now if 'Herbert' is a real person. After doing research I found Amy Barnes is the general manager, which Melissa and Alonso lied about.

These people are selling bad sports equipment with dangerous faulty parts and kids are riding on them as well as adults. I have done research on the internet about Sunny Sports, aka Scooter Depot and now see they have over 200 complaints as well as a law suit against them for the very same thing...faulty equipment that made someone wreck. I told them that my 11 year old was on the back of my husband's scooter and could have wrecked due to faulty tires and they seemed to care less. I wonder if they would have felt the same way if it was their child on the back? Melissa Harris, how would you feel??

I don't think they even check these scooters when they come off the sea containers from CHINA, and as I thought, Melissa Harris confirmed that to me in a phone conversation on August 10, 2012. She told me:

(Quote): Their products are ordered from China and they then sell them out of the warehouse and shipped to customers. (Unquote). But their website states that each one is taken out of the crate and checked. If that is true and Melissa stated to me that they sell thousands a week they would have to have more people working there than they do. And how can they test them if they tell customers they need to change the oil immediately before driving because it still has the shipping oil in it??? That oil was in there from China when it was made. Also Melissa Harris stated to me that I should have reported the tires as being bad. Can someone explain to MELISSA HARRIS that in order to find out if your tires are bad, especially from the inside, you have to put air in them and drive the scooter to see if the tires are not warped and drive safely??? Or is Melissa Harris so smart that she can see what is lying inside the tires?? If that is the case, they shouldn’t have any tire complaints at all!

They are lying, using false advertisement and avoiding safety issues. They send you exactly what they receive still in the crates without checking tires, bolts, screws or anything else.

They have no problems taking your money. This should be against the law. I paid for my two scooters plus $199.00 (shipping) for a total of $2554.00. I would have expected a little better than what I got.

I have had to replace 2 gaskets, body parts, brake lines, speedometer cable, a battery and a complete muffler within the first 30 days I didn't expect to have to pay for two brand new tires within a few weeks of receiving my scooters with less than 25 miles on them and rode them only once before replacing tires. Sunny Motors claims that they are not responsible when in fact they should be. This is selling faulty and dangerous equipment!

This is absolutely ridiculous that they could say this and keep ripping off customers, and by researching the internet, I found they have ripped off quite a few people.

I feel like the State Of California needs to investigate this company for selling faulty and dangerous equipment and not honoring their commitment ..’to safety and quality as their main goal..’ that they have advertised all over their web site.

I have reported them to the BBB of California and reported them to several other complaint websites on the internet. I could not believe all the complaints I found on all the websites I reported on. This is ridiculous that a company can do this and get away with it and nobody has investigated into this matter, especially the State Of California.

I want them to resolve this matter immediately because I think from the day of ordering these scooters 2/16/12 until now 8/10/2012 is long enough to have to deal with anybody. I am tired of the rift-raft, excuses and lies they have told me in the last 6 months and especially Alonso and Melissa Harris. When I told Melissa about filing a complaint, she quoted in a careless manner, “Well, like I’ve never heard complaints before”. She is very unprofessional, doesn’t care, arrogant and condescending. It is sad for her to be a representative of this company with an attitude like hers.

This is ridiculous over two scooters. They need to send me my two brand new tires that I had to pull money out of my pocket to pay for.
This company is nothing more than a SCAM!

Rating 10/10

"Im glad I bought my bike from sunny sports, the sales team was good and very knowledgably about there bikes, gave me all of the information I need about the bike I purchase, I give em a 2 thumbs up!
Chris Downe – Tacoma, WA

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Rating 2/10

"We were very impressed with Scooter Depot, aka Sunny Sports - AT FIRST. My husband purchased a scooter for my birthday and picked up at their warehouse. It was excellent service, and they even sold us a helmet at a fantastic price. But that's when the 'honeymoon' ended. The first day, I scratched up the bike badly. I was willing to PURCHASE a new fender, and they said I could get one under warranty (even though it was my fault), and promised to have the parts department call me. Even after multiple calls, I could never get hold of the 'parts department'.

Then came the ultimate. My husband wanted a helmet just like mine. He liked the double visor - one clear, one shaded. He called to purchase one and was told they no longer had those, but had a better one, for a much heftier price, of course. When we got it, it did NOT have the double visor. We called and they refused to take it back. We filed with our credit card company, and sent the helmet back with a letter, since the helmet was NOT as represented. We were just informed that they have disputed our dispute, and the charge is back on our charge account. The credit card company is still trying to resolve it.

A couple of follow-ups to our saga. The credit card company took the issue to arbitration, and it was resolved in our favor, so the refund was credited back to our account again.

However, another follow-up is that even though all of our communications subsequent to the very initial order was through 'Sunny Sports', when I attempted to post this review under Sunny Sports, they challenged the review, as the order number is a 'Scooter Depot' order number.

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