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Rating 2/10

"On 9/19, I ordered for a Serta Roma Premium Memory Foam Mattress - King. Estimated delivery time was 10-12 business day. Later that say, I received a voice mail Home Direct USA saying that they received notification of the order for delivery, that I should expect a call in 2-3 business days from the delivery terminal, and that I should call the terminal directly if I had not heard anything after 3 days.

I heard nothing.

On 9/26, I received an email from Sam's Club that said my order was shipped. It lied. It was never shipped. It never even made it to production I found out later

On 9/29, I called the distribution center in case they were waiting on me as I never heard from them. They weren't. They hadn't received my mattress but it was suppose to come in later that day. It didn't. Or the next day. Or the day after that. I give Home Direct a call on 10/1. They don't know what's up either and never call me back. Same excuse and no call back on 10/3.

With no one calling me back, I call SamsClub.com support line. They say something doesn't look right, say they'll talk with someone, and then never call me back. Same thing happens Monday 10/6 at lunch time when I talk to someone. Promise to email me back, but never do. I call again that evening and talk with someone for over a half hour only to find out that Serta closed for the day and they can't do anything.

This morning, 10/7, I wake up to check the status of my order on the Serta Pro Tracker. Lo and behold, I see not one, not two, but THREE orders out there although it looks like the first two are just duplicates of each other. The 3rd order is a new one and it has a submission date of 5:25. Not sure what time zone that is for so it was either send during my call the previous evening or after I got off the phone, but either way maybe I actually got through to someone who could do something sometime during the day Yesterday. Finally something happend. Wait...does that mean my 10-12 business days gets reset and I'll now have to wait another two weeks for it to be delivered?

So I call again just a little bit ago. I get to repeat the story yet again. So I try to go through it one last time. The rep puts me on hold and talks with whoever and comes back and says that it technically wasn't supposed to be delivered until tomorrow blah blah blah but yeah the order was resubmitted as the manufacturer had a problem. They ran out of supplies.

So it has taken over two weeks of waiting, reaching the end of my delivery period, for someone to actually tell me that Serta, the largest manufacturer in the country ran out of supplies for an order to the largest retailer in the world? Right... Thanks for not communicating it right away, lying that it shipped, and then not informing me until after I beg for information.

So I cancelled my order. Or at least I think I did because apparently you can change my card instantly, but it takes 10-15 days for a refund to happen. You can keep the mattress if it ever gets shipped, and you can cancel and refund my membership as I won't be needing it anymore. Costco apparently wants my business more. It does give me satisfaction knowing that instead of the dozen or so people I've told of my great previous experience, I'll know there will be even more people that I'll tell of the atrocious experience I just had.

Rating 2/10

"We purchased a $360 prescription and realized it was double ordered and WAY more than we could afford. We attempted to return it the following morning and were refused. The pharmacist (same one from the previous evening) is lacking people skills. "

Rating 2/10

"What a way to treat a loyal customer!I have been ordering TVs from Sam's Club.com for our institution for over 6 years. I have ordered about 400 TVs.It usually takes over a week to get them, so I figure that into our installation schedule. On 9/10/14 I order (2) 70", (1) 65" and (2) 32" TVs to be install the week of 9/22. I received the confirmation. On 9/17 I checked online to see when they would be delivered. It said between 9/12 & 9/16. I then called Sam's Club Customer service, if you can call it that. After checking she said there is an exception to the order and was pulled to verify. I said why wasn't I informed. She abruptly said an email was sent. I said no and I'm checking everything now including the spam folder. She said it was sent! She wanted my last 4 of my social security number or driver's license. I said why, and why would you have that information in your system.I told her I don't give that info out and to let me talk with a supervisor. I had to wait 30 minutes for a supervisor and she just wanted the same information. I again said isn't this strange that you have shipped 400 TVs to me over 6 years to the same address and now you want me to verify all this. This is standard she said. I give her the info and she gave me a reference number and said they would be shipped. I then call Corporate Wal-Mart headquarters and asked for someone to address my complaint about Sam's Club customer service. They connected me to a very nice person who was also at a loss as why this happened. She would send my concerns to an Executive of that area. That afternoon I got an email stating to call Sam's Club, more information was needed to complete more order. I thought maybe it was a copy of the email they said they sent to me before. So I thought I'd call the Corporate Customer service rep that was helpful and see what this email meant. She said she would call the Sam's Club number for me and see what was going on while I stayed on hold. She then came back and said a Sam's Club customer service supervisor was on the line. Now she wants to know my birth date!! Wants to know the shipping address. That's the same it's been for 6 years!. I give them the information and she says they will ship right away. I tell them both this is the last time I will purchase from Sam's Club, you can't ship these to a business that has been ordering these for 6 years without jumping through all these hoops. I cannot trust them to deliver any order now. I can get the same thing shipped faster through Amazon!9/24, (2) 32" TVs come FedEx, no 70" TVs come FedEx like their email stated. 65" will come from Seko tomorrow which I confirmed with Seko. Seko also did not have any 70" TVs for delivery to me. I then call customer non-service and they can't check, their systems are down and call back in an hour. What a great company!! I call back an hour later and they state it should be coming FedEx. I state the tracking number states it was delivered, but no 70" TVs were on the pallet. She tells me someone will get back to me in 1 to 3 days. I get a call back from Sam's and new person tells me all the TVs are being shipped FedEx. I state all the TVs and she says yes. I say that's not right. SEKO is delivery the 65" TV tomorrow and her information is not correct. She then says oh I look at the screen wrong. Liars!She said the 70" TVs are coming FedEx and I should give them 5 days. I said no I need them now and ask for the tracking number. She then gives me the same number I had. I told her that number has been delivered and that's not the 70" TVs. She says she will have to contact the vendor and get back to me.What a sorry excuse for a business. They can go down the same road as JC Penny and Sears. All they think is they are so big and no need for customer service.Amazon for me and they have good customer service when you have a problem, which hasn't been many times with hundreds of orders.I will now cancel my Sam's Club membership and ask for my money back. No you didn't live up to any of my expectations. Hope you will be the next Montgomery Ward and close.""

Rating 2/10

"this sams club,the people are rude
tamara was rude i wanted to buy a tv
the managers were ruder and they didn't even know what their were doing.
know one could help me, no one was around. they just walked passed me - i will take my bussiness to cosco and tell all my friends and family how rude and unfriendly they are here.
i own a bussness and come in weekly, but no more i will go else where.
i will never come back to sam's club 8299 on 301 Coit Road | Plano, TX 75075

Rating 2/10

"My online order was labeled and shipped from Sam's Club Warehouse, to the wrong address!! and I have conformation of that fact from UPS. Sam's Club will not admit that even though they viewed my tracking # delivered to wrong address and then tried to tell us that "It was lost in shipping", therefor by their terminology of" lost in shipping" Sam's Club will not be held accountable. We were told to reorder the item ourselves again...............................Why would anyone spend $175.00 again in hopes that Sam's Club would get it right the second time. My husband and I have worked with the pubic on many different levels in our life and we are amazed at the very poor level of customer service that SAM"S CLUB provides. Sam's Club should drop out of online shopping."

Rating 2/10

"Ordered a juicer from samsclub.com and afterwards got an email stating it would deliver within the week. As the week passed, I checked my order online and no new news. The day before it was due, I called Customer Service to receive the excuse that it was ordered and shipped from a third party and someone would get back to me with an update. The following day, the day the order was due to arrive, I called again to get the same information. They could not provide me any kind of update to my order. Aren't we in the Information Age? Who can't pull up an order on a computer and update a customer nowadays? Maybe they should stick to only brick and mortar selling, because they sure as hell have no idea how to satisfy a customer using an online system. (Hope my juicer shows up one day) Costco here we come! "

Rating 2/10

"I purchased Road Hazard on my tires I bought at Sams Wholesale Club and went to have one of them fixed due to screw in tire. I was told I had to renew my card just to get my tire fixed. I DO NOT understand why that card has to do with Road Hazard repair on a tire. Thank you alot for helping me have a flat on the highway. I will NEVER buy tires from Sams again."

Rating 2/10

"I am not happy with my online experience with samsclub.com Within minutes of placing my order I received an order confirmation stating that I would receive another email when my order is shipped. I never received another notice - except for a survey a week later asking about my experience. I answered their survey and was never contacted. I never received the product. I waited yet another week and called their toll free number. The polite lady checked and told me that since they couldn't ship it to me by the promised date (what promised date?) that they cancelled my order. What? I've never had such a terrible experience. No email saying it was back ordered or unavailable. I mentioned that I wasn't happy and was told that I would be called about this issue. Guess what - no call.

I've done a lot of online shopping over the years and this is not up to par to say the least. Inexcusable.

Rating 2/10

"If I continue to be badgered at the check out about upgrading my membership so I can get a small discount on products never buy I will ask to have my membership fee refunded & use it to join Cotsco.These people do not want to take no for an answer & usually get mad.If Sams needs to beg for money why not have someone sit in front of the store with a tin cup?"

Rating 2/10

"We purchased a king sized bed online via sams club online.
The bed arrived but unfortunately 2 of the 3 pieces were king size, the mattress was a queen. Talked to a representative and was given a ticket # and told to wait 72 hours. No response from them after 72 hours. Talked to another rep and given another ticket #. Next day called again and given an order # at which point I politely asked if the bed could be expedited after moving onto calls to the supervisor level. Told sure and given another ticket number. Began tracking the shippentment online and nothing happening. Called again and getting rather hot under the collar trying to make something happen - guess what got another ticket #. Next day called and got a claim #, at this point it has now been 3 weeks and 4 days and the bed has apparently just shipped from California. Can't wait to see what arrives in a couple more weeks - yikes never, never again with these bunch of clowns. They must sit around around the call center laughing about the wild goose chases they tell folks while saying to folks 'THEY CAN'T BELIEVE THIS COULD EVER HAPPEN'. This is the worst online experience I have every encountered and I have over 2000 ebay purchases with nothing coming remotely close to this nightmare. Avoid them if you are wise!!!!!

Rating 2/10

"I used to have a Sams club membership that I hardly used, certainly not enough to justify the membership fee. Several years ago I bought an o'cedar mop there I really like to use and today I tried to purchase replacement flip mop heads for it online at the Sam's club website... what a DISASTER! All I wanted was a package of 6 mop heads for under $25 and I was EVEN willing to pay the 10% non-member fee and go through the hassle of setting up your annoying online membership that wouldn't recognize the email address I USED to have for Sam's Club online. When I finally typed and re-typed my information to get past the REQUIRED areas that your system didn't like, I then found that the checkout automatically added a full member charge to my check out that I was unable to remove. Forget you Sam! I will just order and pay a bit more at amazon.com where it is EASY to check out and we have PRIME so shipping is always free and there are no automatic membership mistakes to deal with. Done!"

Rating 2/10

"Their Customer Service line is the worst that I have ever heard! Even worse than Bank of America and that was pretty bad!
I placed a couple of auction bids that won, I then got an email stating that there needed to be some verification that needed to be done, which I completely understand. I called in and a rep took my information on one order and said that it would process. I thought "great!" Then I advised the rep that I needed to change the payment method, she told me someone would have to call me back. No one called me back, so I called Customer (No) Service and this rep told me "oh sir, they should have told you in 72 hours". Wow! OK, so I wait another couple of days and still nothing. Again, I call back and the rep tells me then "oh sir, they should have told you 72 business hours." Incredible!! So I ask for a supervisor and am transferred to a gentleman who was absolutely no help and was rude to me by overtalking me, and telling me that it had to have been my misunderstanding. I asked why didnt the first rep, or the second one for that matter tell me this? He said "oh sir, they are probably temps and they dont know." Really??? Absolutely horrible, I advised them that I would blast them over the internet and they really didnt seem to care.
Never Never doing business with Sam's Club ever again!!

Rating 10/10

"On black Friday morning 11/29/13, 05:30, in line at Sam's. 4 or 5 employees conversing with people in the line, maybe 35, explain the morning program and the # of the hot items. Very accommodating and friendly. Providing tickets for some items and greeting each arriving customer. 06:15 asking who wanted coffee,& what in it.07:00, doors open and an orderly flow of customers guided to their wanted items. Large TV's already on floats and 4 check outs at the ready. Very orderly and pleasant, with juice and yogurt handed out. At the age of 74 and several "black Fridays" behind me, I was pleasantly surprised. Wish they would work some of their ethics on their Walmart cousins."

Rating 10/10

"I don't know if I got really lucky or if they changed, but I had a pretty darn near perfect experience with Sam's Club's online store. They had the Xbox One in stock for a long period, so I ordered it there. It shipped fast and their customer service team was very helpful. The only real issue I see is that they can't answer many questions over email; email replies just tell you to call. On that note, there was almost no wait when I called them."

Rating 2/10

"Pathetic customer service. I used a gift card at the cashier counter. But the bill was all on my account and cashier threw the gift card in trash. When i asked her to either make adjustments or return my hift card, she denied looking into the trash for the gift card. Went to the manager and she asked me to get the gift card from trash. I was very angry and called a male manager and told him all the story. He got me the same gift card and apologized. But i still am so annoyed with the customer service, that i wont ever buy anything from sam's and even i am getting my membership cancelled"

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