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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 5.36/10
Chance of future purchase: 3.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.50/10
Customer service: 1.25/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.50/10
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Horrible Samsclub.com Mattress purchasing experience!

"Over the years I probably purchased probably 5 different mattresses on Samsclub.com. I had to return ALL of them because of issues. While the mattresses I kept purchasing turns out to be bad ones that eventually was hurting my back, I kept going back to ordering on Samsclub.com because their return policy used to be great, until recently.

I purchased this bed in a box and was great for few months and then it started to sag and my back started hurting so I proceeded to return the item online through Samsclub.com. There was a button for "return" so I clicked and then it prompted me that the pick up was going to be next business day without giving me any choice for a pick up date. (What the heck???) My new mattress that I ordered was still in transit and I needed old mattress to sleep on until the new one arrives. The FedEx people did show up next day and so I had to turn them back. I called Samsclub.com explained the situation and they said just to call FedEx back to reschedule the pick update. They won't even bother to reset the return online with the tracking number. (Now for the sake of making this review short I'm going to condense what happened next.) Basically, I had to call Samsclub.com at lest 10 times to get this situation resolved as with FedEx and MXD shipping group, back and forth, each time getting different answers. Some of them which "Oh this is too big for us to pick up" - from FedEx. Really? So Samsclub.com didn't communicate with them that they are picking up king size mattress??? After talking to Samsclub.com over 10 times, one rep from Samsclub.com finally said "Oh we need to get an RA number and we need to get that from corporate office.." (Seriously? For 10 plus calls and NO ONE has mentioned this until now???) To this date, NO ONE has contacted me regarding this matter from Samsclub so I ended up calling my credit card company (which ironically is a Samslcub credit card) and ended up getting my money back through them but the mattress is still stilling in one of my rooms at my house.

Never again Samsclub! All you folks out there looking to purchase mattress from Samsclub.com, STAY AWAY for your own sake!

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ripped me off

"I paid for membership specifically to buy a particular item. Sam's Club website stated that item was available for shipment to my address. When I went to check-out and pay for the item, a message popped up stating that item cannot be shipped to your address. I attempted to then cancel membership and requested a refund. Never received refund despite numerous calls, emails, and a letter sent to the corporate office. Sam's Club owes me $45."

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Horrible Customer Service

"I purchased a bedroom set that I like but did not receive in full. Contact with Customer Service has gotten me nowhere. Attempted to post a review basically saying this, and they won't post the review because I mentioned customer service issues. So I guess I'll post my review of their "customer service" here."

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Do not buy large ticket items like mattresses and box springs from Sams Club!!

"One would think when spending over $700 on something, a store the size of Sams Club would be able to handle it! We placed the order with them on 11/25, & received 2 emails from Sam's Club stating that the bed would be delivered by 12/19. On the tracking site, belonging to "MXD Group (AKA Home Direct USA) it shows my bed and box springs were delivered to them and sitting on their dock 12/07. I then started receiving automated phone calls (A direct violation of FCC regulations I might add) giving me the choice of delivery dates of 12/21 and 12/26. I tried to get transferred to a human being but found this to be impossible. I called MXD Group back on 12/09 and spoke with Dustin whom I informed this bed is a Christmas present for my wife and a delivery date of the 26th was unacceptable as was the date of the 21st as we would be unavailable. I asked him why MXD Group was unable to make delivery by the date Sam's Club stated delivery would be made by. He told me that he would find out and call me back. As of 12/13 I received no call back so I called again. I spoke with Chad and then Deanna at MXD Group. Deanna told me she would get to the bottom of it and call me back. After not getting a call back by 12/17 I called again and was unable to reach anyone at MXD Group. So I called Sam's Club Customer Service, and spoke with Olivia who after trying for over an hour finally told me that although MXD Group / Home Direct was open she came to the realization that they were not going to answer the phone. She told me that she was going to escalate this to her supervisor and I should hear something by the morning of 12/19. The morning of 12/19 came and went again without a phone call so I called again, this time to Sam's Club Customer Service. I spoke with Jarra. I told Jarra what has been happening and that I was thinking about canceling the order. Jarra placed me on hold for about 10 minutes, then came back and told me that it would take about 3 days for the money to be returned to my card. I told her that was unacceptable as I was not told how long a refund would take and wasn't sure if I wanted to cancel the order yet. I had to ask her 4 times to speak with her supervisor. I was finally transferred to Sierra. who told me that there was nothing she could do. When asked why Sam's Club was so quick to remove the funds when the order was made and so slow to return the funds when the order was canceled I was told that was just the way it worked. I told Sierra that I need the $700+ back on my card so I could buy the bed elsewhere before Christmas, again was told that nothing could be done. I asked to speak with her (Sierra's) supervisor, and was placed on hold for about 45 seconds, then was hung up on. I then called back and spoke with Tiffany at Sam's Club Customer Service who looked into the matter and let it slip that Sierra isn't a supervisor, but a call center employee like herself and Jarra. She told me that she would ask someone to call me back. It is now the 26th, still no call back.
So I left this as a review and received the following response on 12/27:

Your opinion is very important to us and the Sam's Club community. We appreciate you taking the time to write a review on Serta Perfect Sleeper Wynstone Cushion Firm Eurotop King Mattress. Unfortunately, your review did not meet our guidelines for posting on our site.

Your review cannot be approved because it:
• mentions customer service issues
• directs business away
• is vague or needs more detail
• was written lacking personal experience
• mentions shipping complaints
(Well yes, your customer service is terrible and people need to know about it!!)
(well yes again, negative reviews tend to do this!!)
(Dates and names and exactly what happened each time I called, what more detail do you need?)
(Really? Who experienced it if I didn’t)
(Well yes, unfortunately you have nowhere else to post complaints for terrible customer service or terrible shipping)
I also received the following email 12/27:
Response By Email (Katherine) (12/27/2016 11:41 AM)

Thank you for contacting Sam's Club in regards to your Serta order. We value our members inquiries and suggestions. Providing excellent service is our highest priority. I've reached out to the vendor and they have advised that the carrier was unable to reach you by phone or email...

I find this strange as the only calls I received from your vendor were automated phone calls on 12/7, 12/8 and 12/9 that are in direct violation of the telephone consumer protection act of 1991, and 2012. Please show me where your vendor shows any calls to me after my initial call to them. They have my phone number. I guess we could go as far as subpoenaing my incoming calls from my phone carrier and you can show me when they called. We can do the same thing for my inbound emails from gmail.com and you can show me where they tried to email me. Your vendor could not call or email me BECAUSE THEY NEVER TRIED TO!!

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Horrible Customer Service and Delivery

"I ordered gift cards on line 02 Dec since the store would not honor the prices on line. I used my Sam's credit card authorized by Synchrony Bank. AT the time of order confirmation I was given an estimated delivery time of Dec 7th BY the 9th. No problem with that, the 9th was fine. Today when I checked the Fed Ex delivery date is was the 14th. Not acceptable so I called Sam's. I talked to 3 people over an hour and a half, one of the reps even called Fed Ex, they sid maybe by the 21st!!!, Sam's blamed Fed Ex and Fed Ex blamed Sam's. Both companies would do NOTHING to reschedule the order so I could have it by the 10th! I told Sam's Supervisor to call the store to honor the online price but they would not. SO I can't get the cards by the estimated date of the 9th, the store will not honor the price AND Sam's will NOT refund my credit card. I have to file a ticket number and it will go to their Corporate Office to try and get a refund and cancel the order. UNREAL, what is the membership fee for? Then I called Synchrorny to file a Dispute about the charge since Sam's will not guarantee me a refund. She was very nice BUT It may take them up to 60 days! I will cancel my Sam's membership, close my credit card and never ship via FED EX!!!! "

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Don't order for delivery if you live in a rural area.

"I used samsclub.com to order a trampoline for my kids. I ordered it on sept 4th and paid 99 dollars for shipping. I was told it would be delivered on the sept 26th. I got a call on sept 23rd saying they could not deliver it until oct 14th. It took them from sept 4th to oct 14th to deliver a trampoline which I think is an incredibly long time. They said it was because they do not go out to my area very often. I live in a town of 65000 people. I cancelled the order on sept 24 and they still charged me for the shipping. I will never order anything from them online. "

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Want Wheel DAMAGE? Get new tires put on at Sam's Club!

"DAMAGED MY WHEELS ON MY CADILAC!! September 9, 2016...After spending $861.36 on a set of new tires, I find after installation that 3 of my wheels are damaged. Spoke with manager Greg Hemphill, turned in a claim. Claim Departments stance today put rudely was.. "It's obvious the wheels were curb damaged." Really?! I didn't think to sit outside and watch them install my new tires. I should have! Way to go Greg! Great job on taking care of your customers who are basically paying your salary with a job. I'm sure Sam Walton is proud of the way you handled the situation! I went to Cadillac Dealership for a quote on new wheels and big shock, I am not the first one who has had wheel damage from Sam's Club Automotive. Don't have work done at Sam's Club #4969, Bentonville, Arkansas!!!!!

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Broken Site, Horrible Customer Service

"I signed up for an account. Two days later, I tried to make a purchase, and it said my account was expired. I called and they said my payment had been declined. The payment was charged to my account, so I sent them a photo of my bank statement and the payment info. They told me the membership was back on. Two days later, I tried to make a purchase, and it said my account was expired. I called again. They said there had been an error, and reissued an account number. Two days later, I tried to make another purchase, and my account was expired. They said there had been an error with my samsclub.com account, and then fixed it.

The next day, I got an email that they needed to verify information for my purchase. I called and verified the information. The next day, I got an email that they still needed me to verify my purchase. I called again and verified the purchase. Later that day, I got a call from someone who spoke so quickly I couldn't understand what they said. I called back and they said they needed to verify some information to complete my purchase. The representative took my information and hung up on me. Later that day, I received an email asking me to verify my purchase. I think this might actually be hell.

Helpful Cool


Humiliated over store's intercom system

"Purchased an item on sale at store in Beavercreek, Ohio. Paid at self help line and notice item did not scan as discounted. Stop by customer service desk and was humiliated over store's income system when customer service rep announce price check on the item I purchased by saying "customer thinks item is on sale." Them I was handed over to another customer service rep who looked at me and just extended her arm out without saying anything. I guess she wanted my membership card. Wish she was able to express herself verbally.
This is not the first time I had a bad customer service experience. Like the store and products by their customer service ****!!!!!

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Never had a major problem

"I have been shopping with Sam's Club for the last 23 years and I've never had a extremely bad experience.
I have ordered products online and have them delivered to my door but I mostly shop in store because I don't like waiting for stuff that I have paid for I want to in my hands right now.
When I did order a brand-new namebrand laptop and a brand-new large screen flat panel TV and several other smaller items I had them all shipped to my house and there were on time with no damage and I was extremely satisfied.
As for the in club part of this I did have one bad experience when I had purchased another large screen TV I had asked for associate help to help me make up my mind which TV to purchase. After asking twice and waiting for 15 minutes no associate came up to help me but I did see associates walking around twiddling their thumbs.
I ended up picking out my TV and then I had to drag it in its box to the front registers then pay for the item and then drag it to the door where the lady checked my receipt, then as I exited the door I got right outside the building and the box fell over by that time I was highly upset I would say the real word besides upset but I'm sure they would filter it out. When I got to my expedition I was trying to load this huge box into the back by myself and as people watched me struggle it really pushed me over the top and when I finally got it loaded I turned around and walked back in the club and asked for the manager on duty.
When she arrived to speak with me I told her that I was highly upset and I was ready to blow my lid so she took me aside and let me go off yelling at her about the staff I told her how no associates came to help me how the cashier took my money but did not offer me carry out to help and then the cashier and the lady at the door watched me drag the TV out the door ! I even pointed out a couple of the employees I associated with.
She gave me a $25 gift card with apologies and told me it would be brought up in the morning meeting with the staff and management. Next day I went back and asked for the Club manager I asked him if he heard & he said yes he did, it was taken care of with the associates.

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Pathetic Online order delivery and even worse customer service

"For a company that charges you yearly for membership, you would think they would have a better service. These guys are absolutely pathetic with no regards to how much the consumer is suffering. They are clueless with your order details and will waste as much time as they can before they kind of try and throw everything up in the air citing a horrible policy that only helps them and screws their customers over.

I ordered furniture from them and after they missed their original delivery date, they kept pushing the dates out for 3 additional weeks. Every Monday they would tell me my order would be delivered Wednesday and on Wednesdays they would push it out to next Monday. After uncountable number of messages, calls to their delivery partners and their customer service, writing numerous emails, they told me that they lost my order. This in the middle of summer. They wasted 5 weeks and then canceled on me. Never have I ever seen such absolute disregard and horrible treatment of a consumer.

I wish I could give them zero or negative rating.

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Sams Club Auctions

"I have purchased many items from many companies online. Sam's Club Auctions is the worst!
I bought a 50" television. I received it 10 days after purchase. It was shattered. The box had visible damage when I received it with markings on the area of damage as if it were noted that it was damaged yet still they shipped it to me. They had it picked up after spending 42 mins on the phone to arrange for the return as you may not return auction items to the local store.
It took 3 weeks for them to refund my money. (2 more 40 min. phone calls)
I figured perhaps I was unlucky with this transaction and I tried again.
I purchased another television via the Sam's Club Auction. Seven days later my new unopened television showed up shattered!
Same process, same aggravation. Still waiting for my refund.

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Disappointed with the Wixom, Michigan Sam's Club

"I've been a loyal Sam's Club member for over a decade. In December, the cashier talked me into paying $30some for the upgraded membership. She said I had nothing to lose. If I didn't save that amount, I could get a refund. She told me she thought my membership expired in August (turned out to be March). Since I didn't save that amount I asked for the refund at the service desk and wanted to renew at the regular membership rate. I was told that since my membership had expired a few days prior I was no longer eligible for a refund. That would have been nice to know up front! She also said I couldn't apply the savings that had accrued to the renewal since I hadn't had the upgraded membership for a full year. While I have enjoyed shopping at Sams, I will not be renewing my membership unless I get a refund of the $30+ I wasted based on their employee's recommendation. I sent an email to Sam's via their website and got an auto response saying they'd be in touch. It's been over a week and I've heard nothing, so I guess my satisfaction is not that important to them. I also have a Costco membership and will be doing more of my shopping there. "

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"I had a very bad experience with ordering a product online with Sam's club. I ordered a package n December 4, 2015 and didn't receive my package until the end of the end month, Being a new member with this company I had higher expectations from them. My order was sitting in the trailer a week after it was placed and wasn't sent out until another week later from their carrier FedEx. I was not even brought update on any delays with my order. I am very highly disappointed with this company's online system as a new member. "

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"Samsclub.com. Had to purchase my desired item online as their stores are to cheap to accept visa cc. So thought their website would be the way to go. Was sent a FedEx tracking number on dec. 3rd. Had GUARANTEED delivery by the 12th of Dec. For 8 days the tracking number did not work, it pulled up no information to see where the item was. The morning of the 12th information magically appeared on fedex, to find my GUARANTEED delivery is now 4 days late and will not arrive as promised. Had to speak to countless employees both on the phone and in store and not a single one of those morons could make it right. Just continued to make up lies and excuses to cover their incompetence. Avoid Sams Club at all costs shop elsewhere. "

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