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Product & services pricing 3.75/10
Chance of future purchase: 3.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.22/10
Customer service: 1.25/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.75/10
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NEVER trust a Sam's Club review.

"Sam's Club emailed me to ask me to give a review on a recent coffee order. I wrote a review telling that it was a "great deal and a great price" later I received to following email asking me to change it.
It cannot be published to the website, but.. — (I like how they add "but...)

Hello (My Name),

Your opinion is very important to us and the Sam's Club community. We appreciate you taking the time to write a review on Folgers Classic Roast Coffee (100 K-Cups). Unfortunately, your review did not meet our guidelines for posting on our site.

Your review cannot be approved because it:

is vague or needs more detail

Edit your review

We encourage you to review our guidelines and resubmit your review on Folgers Classic Roast Coffee (100 K-Cups) .

Thanks again,
Sam's Club
I wrote them back to tell them don"t ever ask me again. It is not my review if they tell me what I have to say.


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If there were 0 stars I would pick it!!

"Bought a savannah pavilion online because the store said they wouldn’t be getting any and the price was 1,599.00 when it was 799.00 at store before!! We bought it and pd total of 1,710.00 now I find out it is at the store for 1,299.00 and they won’t give me the price difference because they said they don’t match club prices!!! Whaaaaat?!! It’s been a week since I bought it !! Are you kidding ? Never will I buy from online again I had a similar experience with a large rug I bought online also !!! Done done!! No wonder they are closing Sam’s everywhere!!"

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"I ordered over 30 items to be shipped from Phoenix Gilbert store to Show Low, Arizona. The box came damaged to the point that the contents was almost falling out. And my large bag of dog food was ripped open. It was delivered by FedEx and the driver took responsibility for both box and bag of dog food. I called to the store and was told that I had to bring in the dog food bag, my membership card and my paperwork. I told the lady on the phone, I don't have the bag, FedEx took it. She said well you will have to come in with the paperwork and hung up on me, I was still asking a question. I'm mad. I pay good money to have a membership. I live three hours from the store. I had my items shipped for convenience. I bought over $500 worth of supplies there. The box was poorly packaged and the dog food was not packaged at all. "

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" I bought a battery for my 2007 PT Cruiser. I bought a more expensive battery because it came with a full 3 year warranty, than their cheaper one. This was May or June 2015. The battery failed within the warranty period (March 2018). The battery was taken to Sam's Club, who tested it, and they agree that it failed within the warranty period. So what's the problem?
Sam's claims you must be a current member before they will make the exchange.
If I buy a new membership they will exchange it for me.
The battery says it has a "3 year full replacement".
The card above the item says it has "36 MO free Replacement"
The website agrees there is a 3 year warranty.
But despite this language SAM's says I only get the 3 year free replacement if i'm still a Sam's member!!!
If true, why didn't SAM's disclose this at the time of purchase? Why wasn't this on their printed materials and website? If this hidden/silent unwritten term had been disclosed to me I probably would not have bought it. (I had had a Costco membership and bought that year SAM's to see which I liked better. Since I had decided to go back to Costco that "warranty" was worthless crap!)
The point is anything you buy from SAM's has NO WARRANTY unless you remain a SAMS CLUB MEMBER


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"I purchased 5.18 lbs. chicken **** at $1.98 per lb. for $10.26. When I unwrapped the chicken, I noticed how heavy the container was. In the bottom There was a watered down sponge that weighed 1.4 lb. and the chicken weighed 3.78lb. Consequently, I paid $2.71 per lb. false advertising. Sam's doesn't show the discount coupon until everything is charged. If something is missed, you have to go to the service desk which I didn't due to the line ar the service desk."

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Apparently the experience you have while getting a product shipped isn't allowed in a review?

"I wrote a review about a product that I had ordered and had shipped to my house from Sam's Club. Love the product - was SO unhappy with the shipping, lack of communication and the fact that I had to contact customer service 3 weeks after my product was out for delivery and returned to store for damages. My review was then removed because I mentioned shipping and was told to read the guidelines of reviews. There is nowhere that I can see on the site to leave a complaint or review other than on my product and the fact that they removed my review for being honest about my purchase experience is ridiculous. If I could get the item anywhere else I would definitely go elsewhere to buy it. "

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club pickup

"Tried it trice, the first time it was not ready, I was there twice as long as it takes me to shop, Second time spent 30 minutes in line only to find out it was short, Same products not available Dr, pepper has been out 3 of 4 trips to this store. Computors in this store need upgrading, Employees complaning about them not working right 2 of the last three time in this store. When picking up Pizza crust here it is most of the time in the back which creates another wait. You closed the best service store in Nashville tn. I Hate this store at Antioch.

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Horrible customer service

"I have been a loyal Sam’s Club member for 17 years. Over that time I’ve spent over $70,000 in products from my local club store. After I tell you this story you’ll understand while I’ll never spend another dime there again. My wife and I were looking to replace and upgrade our mattress and bed frame. I found a nice deal on a 12 inch memory foam mattress and frame set for $699. The seller Zinus had good reviews on the mattress so we decided to make the purchase. I bought the set on 02/02/18. The tracking numbers were sent and I waited for my 3 piece shipment. My mattress arrived first on 02/09/18. We were very impressed with it. My frame brackets arrived on 02/12/18. I thought ok I better call because it said everything was delivered but I had no frame. I called customer service and spoke with “ Lamont” I think. He assured me they just forgot to ship the frame even though they printed a shipping label for it. He spoke with the company and assured me it would be shipping the next day. I was to receive an email confirmation with in 24-48 hours. About 10 minutes later I saw an email in my inbox with a customer support number from Zinus. Lamont had sent an email through their web portal that read “ i bought a mattress and didn’t get my frame” that was all he did. I talked with Zinus who said Sam’s would need to order the frame and have it shipped since it was an internal problem. Phone call #2 with “Shakira” she said she would figure out what’s going on and give me a call back with the shipping information. I should be receiving a call in one to two hours at the latest. A week later I still haven’t received that call. Two days later I called back and spoke with “Bobbie” she was appalled at what happened and said she’d get it expedited within one to three days. I should receive an email confirmation within 24-48 hours. Five days later I still don’t have a confirmation. I emailed customer service this time with my complaint and “Luis” assured me my tracking info was on the way and I should receive my bed frame any day. That was three days ago now. I called to check on it tonight and talked with a gentleman whose name I can’t pronounce because he sounded as if he had a mouth full of marbles. He gave me the original tracking number and told me it is now Fed Ex’s problem and they’d be calling me tonight. Four hours later I’m writing this review after cancelling my credit card payment to them and I still haven’t received a call from Fed Ex concerning the shipping label that was printed or the frame that was “forgot” to be shipped. Good by Sam’s club. It was nice doing business with you until I needed your customer service. I’ll drive the forty miles to Costco and spend my money there. I would highly advise anyone wanting to order online from Sam’s to not do it. Use Amazon. You may pay a little more but it’s worth the cost not to have to deal with these idiots. "

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Poor customer service

"Some employees need to be taught what good customer service is. What good manners is. Need to smile, be courteous, and caring. Visited the new deli today for the first time, ordered chicken nuggets and fries.both were burnt and cold. When questioned about the nuggets looking burnt, was told that they were not burnt and they are cooked in the oven and not deep fried. Heard them making a remark as I left the counter. "

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No wonder they are closing store. They aren't even trying.

"Ordered Nintendo gift cards from their website. Found out that the item was lost in the mail. I e-mail their representative, and Celeste basically tell me it's not their problem, and I need to somehow find that lost package myself."

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Unconscious workers

"It took me 6 was to receive my order,one lie after the other from these morons.they have no insight on customer service, a bunch of drug heads817204337"

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Great service from online purchase

"Bought mattress set online and it was delivered by MXD group. They did a fantastic job and the price at Sam's Club was the best by far. Very satisfied."

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Some foods are not right.

"I normally buy chicken breast but it doesn't look like chicken breast but loos like meat pulled from the chicken leg.
I saw last time 45 calorie bread (one in number) for limited time for 3.08. But the pair a week before used to 5.35 or 5.45. This looks like a good deal but not.

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Sam's Club (Sam's West, Inc. ) A complete lack of Corporate Integrity

"Ordered Three Iphones from Sam's Club mid December..... Sam's club sent through UPS. UPS lost the phones in transit (likely stolen by UPS employees). Cost of phones...$2400.00. UPS of course tells us to go to Sams. Sams tells us to file a police Report. Apparently Sam's did not bother insuring the phones when shipped. Sams does not have the integrity to accept responsibility... which tells me Walmart online will NEVER be able to compete with a company like Amazon. It simply is a culture of dreadful customer service relations and accountability (thus all of the anti-walmart sites online).

Bottom Line, I have just filed a lawsuit against both Sam's West Inc. and UPS...but in a sense I agree with UPS...how could it know the value of what it is shipping. Sams knows though and it is obligated to insure those packages to protect its customers or it reimburse its customers costs. Everybody when dealing with a dirtbag company like Walmart/Sams who has the same problems should not hesitate to sue it in your local small claims court. Otherwise, the company will ignore you and arrogantly tell you...its your problem.

I recommend anybody purchasing from Sams for delivery, use a credit card so you can put in dispute if package does not show up.

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Do NOT order from them

Ordered couch 11-23-17 with promised delivery of 12-15-17.

Contacted MXD freight company via email on 12-16-17 when not received. No response.

Called MXD freight on 12-18-17. On hold for 20+ minutes and selected option to leave message to which they promised a call back within two hours. No return call.

Called again 12-19-17 and waited 45 minutes to get an answer. She indicated that it was on its way and someone would be in contact the next day. No one called.

On 12-20-17 Called Sam’s club customer service number. Rep answered and asked for my info. She put me on hold for 10 minutes and when she picked up she asked me what I wanted!? She was rude and extremely unhelpful. I gave her my info again. Then she said she was going to contact the freight company herself while I was on hold. I waited for 47 minutes only to find out she had transferred me to MXD again. When I spoke with a rep there she answered and had no idea who I was. She said the couch was dropped off in my area to a secondary delivery company and they were required to contact me within 48 hours. No contact was made.

I contacted the secondary delivery company that night via email. They responded the next morning to ask for my last name but never followed up again. I called and left a message on 12-21-17. No return call.

12-22-17 I called MXD again- sat on hold for 25 minutes. Rep said they changed my delivery date to after Christmas. I explained that this was a gift and it was extremely important to have it before then. I told her that I was frustrated with the incorrect information I had been given. She placed me on hold and another 20 minutes later I hear a menu giving me options. I pressed the one for furniture and was then directed to leave a message which I did. No one returned my call. I then called the delivery company again and had to leave a message.

The rep from the local delivery company returned my call and explained that he was expecting one more truck and if my couch was on the truck he would deliver the next day. He promised that either way he would call me at 6 pm that night to let me know. He never called me again.

Today 12-26-17 I’ve had no contact from anyone and I still do not have the couch that I paid for over a month ago.

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