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Rating 2/10


"I ordered a 65 inch Vizo TV set on line to avoid the Black Friday shopping lines. It was $643.35. When they extended the Black Friday sale, I went to the store and purchased it. They told me the store was unable to cancel the order. I went home and called to cancel the "second" same set; but was told I was unable to until they sent me a shipping date. I was given a shipping date about two weeks from my online order; but when I called to cancel the order, was told it could only be done during the first hour after ordering it. Time invested in phone waiting, approximately two hours. Then I received a notice that my TV set was going ti be shipped to my home, anyway. I called and was told it was processing and couldn't be cancelled. I called the shipping company to cancel, which they did. However, the order still won't cancel, and I've just had an additional $643.35 dollars taken from my bank account!! Now they're not aware they can't deliver it, but have my money earning interest in their account. Will I receive a refund, or still have to call them again? Terrible, terrible, experienced. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, PURCHASE ANY ITEM FROM THEM ONLINE, BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA HOW TO HANDLE IT. I believe it is a scam to hold money from thousands of people, without having to pay interest. Their own credit card has the highest interest allowed, apprx. 28%!!! My total phone time with holds was now about eight calls, and about four hours hold time. Oh, Pilot shipping even told me that they hadn't even picked up the TV for shipping to me, yet Sams still doesn't acknowledge that, or care. "

Rating 2/10


"Took 3 weeks to get one order and because I got a good deal on a TV on Cyber Monday and the TV is out of stock online they still won't honor the price in store. The app provides incorrect info and customer service (who is a 3rd party company) doesn't know anything more than what is online. I have sent 2 emails to their execs without a responce. Don't use Sam's Club online!


I tried to leave pointed criticism on their website but they moderate their reviews and will not let a negative review in!! WHAT??!!

I was not swearing or being stupid I just said you can get a better deal and much more reliable service at Amazon.


Rating 2/10

Terrible Online Order Shipping

" ordered a 65 inch TV online. For 5 days the order was in the "Processing" state. It then went to "Shipped". Using the tracking number, UPS never got the shipment. This is a valuable item and I did not want it just left on my doorstep looking like a valuable item. Without at least a delivery date, that is what would happen (confirmed). After several days, I canceled the order and got it cheaper at a large electronics store which guaranteed a 4 hour delivery window. After I canceled the order, I got a message that the Sam's TV would be delivered the next day. More hoops to jump through.
Not learning my lesson, I ordered a living room furniture set. It has now been in the "Processing" state for 7 days. I called customer service and was told that it takes that long for an expensive item since they "have to check if it is really me" who ordered it. They have no idea when it might actually ship.
If you can pick it up in the store, great, but if you have to order it, go elsewhere.

Rating 2/10


"Save yourself the time and trouble of shopping online at Sam’s Club and stick to Amazon, Target, Costco and even Walmart or any other big box store that can manage your order. Sam’s is just not ready to manage this type of venture. Honestly, read the reviews and believe them. I know, I know, we are loyal Sam’s Club Members; I have been for the last 20 years. Then they closed all their stores in the Philadelphia area, and I do not have the time to drive 50 miles and willingness to pay a $10 toll to shop in New Jersey. So, I was forced to try Sam’s Online.
Lets just say, my shopping experience has definitely become the entertaining/ comical story of the holiday parties. But the bottom line truly is… If it takes Sam’s Club two weeks to cancel a simple order consisting of one package of Dial soap, 2 bottles of Allegra and Gain Flings laundry soap, all regular store items. Just imagine what box of trash bags would do to them. They will probably be in a fetal position dry heaving in some corner.
Give Sam’s six months or a little longer to get their act together or hire the right team to manage their online program. Hint, Hint, Sam's Club, recruit someone from Amazon. Happy Holidays!

Rating 2/10

Don't waste your money on membership.

"I was a sam's club member years ago. Now I remember why I never renewed my membership. My online order on 11/11/17 originally had a delivery date of 11/16. I checked the order status every day and the date moves... now it's 11/29. You're better off getting it in store if it's available. If it's not available in store, just know that you may or may not get your order in time for your planned trip, gift, etc. With my last membership that I had years ago, I was promised that my "in store pick up" order would be available within the day. I ordered that morning. In the evening, 2 hours before store closing, I went to the store to pick up my order and was told my order wasn't ready for pick up until the next day. I just cancelled the order and make the purchase in store. Basically, I wasted so much time ordering online for in store pick up, which was supposed to be ready for me to pick up so I don't have to come and shop. I never renewed my membership because I don't really care for their bad customer service. This year, I decided to give them another chance, hoping that their customer service is better. It is NOT. I ordered my Segway MiniPro on Nov. 11, 2017. They gave me an estimated deliver date of 11/16. Then it moved to 17, then 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, now 29. Every day I check, I get a later delivery date.

This explains why every time I actually visit their store, I never have any problem finding a parking spot near the entrance. Their parking lots are always at least half empty every single time I visit them whether it's near opening time, in the middle of the day, or near closing time.

Costco, on the other hand, is the membership I have kept since 2000. Whenever I order something online, I ALWAYS get it earlier than their estimate date. For example, when I order the iPad Pro 10.5 from them on the 9th, I got my order on the 10th even though the estimate was 3-5 business days. With Costco's estimate, I wouldn't have receive my order until at least 11/14. Their customer service is also top notch. That is probably why whenever I visit a Costco store, I almost always have trouble finding a parking spot or wait for someone to leave before I could even park.

Rating 2/10

Horrible experiences with Sam's club

"I recently had 2 bad experiences with Sam's Club. The first I had checked the web site and went to the local Sam's Club to purchase the item. The item was listed as in store only at a specific price. When I checked out I was overcharged. I went to the Service Desk and told the manager what happened. She said "maybe it was an online only price" I told her no it was in store only. I did not have a device with me to pull up the web site and she refused to do it herself. When I go home I double checked the website and my recall had been correct. I emailed Sam's Club outlining my experience and got an email back that since I got in store I must solve in store and they would not help. Since I had already talked to the manager and emailed both to no avail I am out the money. The second experience was that I ordered online on Sat for a store pickup on Monday. Got an email item was ready for pickup. Went and they didn't have the item and said it had sold out. Ordering on line does not reserve the item. They wait until right before pickup time to pull the order and if the items on the shelf sell out you are out of luck."

Rating 2/10

High gas prices

"Sams did better than anticipated! Store #6066 was the “same price” as Costco for 4 days, now it’s creeping up again as usual. Want to pay more?? Shop at Sams club!"

Rating 2/10

Sams Club Shipping Charge Ripoff

"Wasted 45 minutes with online chat trying to get an explanation of why there is a shipping charge on a large multi-item order. Conclusion was only one item has free shipping. This is pathetic. Just compare the free shipping offered by Amazon and Costco and far superior service and communication. Just like the physical Sams Clubs, the online service is third rate. Their chat screen actually closes the Cart screen and if you hit the back button you lose the chat stream! The physical stores are being killed by Costco. If it wasn't for the 'Food Stamp brigade' Sams would close pronto. The Costco close to my local Sams Club is always jam-packed, while the Sams is always empty with the worst service in retail. Sams management are asleep at the wheel."

Rating 4/10

What would Sam do

"purchased a product and after it did not work out for my needs...I was surprised with frown worn faces at the service desk....did not want a returned item? after looking around noticed that everyone working there were not born in America.... they want to argue with you and maybe get you to blow it off...seems to make a huge difference...when coming to America leave your culture at your home. No more satisfaction first. who brings in the money?= CUSTOMERS"

Rating 2/10

Beware they aren't what they say they are!!!!

"I paid for a membership due to a deal that showed up on my yahoo mail. I paid $45.00 and they said I would get a free roasted chicken, a $20.00 gift certificate, an apple pie and some rolls. I haven't gotten 1 of them. They apparently needed to look good and offered this scam. I contacted them to get my money back and I suddenly received a questionnaire from my local Sam's Club. I NEVER got a response from Sam's. Do they really think they can carry on with such poor service. I say DON'T JOIN. I would tell you to try Costco. I haven't heard too much bad said regarding their service."

Rating 6/10

Online shopping returns....Freight is not refunded!

"Sams is an average online shopping experience. Returns **** as compared to their competition Costco.com. Costco always refunds shipping Sams is just as or more expensive than Costco but does not refund your shipping costs. I would make Samsclub.com online shopping my source of last resort."

Rating 2/10

Never had such poor, rude service.

"Wrong color shed delivered. On phone 51 minutes twice and 13 mins. Disconnected all 3 times. Nothing resolved. In 62 years, never encountered such service"

Rating 2/10

Horrible Samsclub.com Mattress purchasing experience!

"Over the years I probably purchased probably 5 different mattresses on Samsclub.com. I had to return ALL of them because of issues. While the mattresses I kept purchasing turns out to be bad ones that eventually was hurting my back, I kept going back to ordering on Samsclub.com because their return policy used to be great, until recently.

I purchased this bed in a box and was great for few months and then it started to sag and my back started hurting so I proceeded to return the item online through Samsclub.com. There was a button for "return" so I clicked and then it prompted me that the pick up was going to be next business day without giving me any choice for a pick up date. (What the heck???) My new mattress that I ordered was still in transit and I needed old mattress to sleep on until the new one arrives. The FedEx people did show up next day and so I had to turn them back. I called Samsclub.com explained the situation and they said just to call FedEx back to reschedule the pick update. They won't even bother to reset the return online with the tracking number. (Now for the sake of making this review short I'm going to condense what happened next.) Basically, I had to call Samsclub.com at lest 10 times to get this situation resolved as with FedEx and MXD shipping group, back and forth, each time getting different answers. Some of them which "Oh this is too big for us to pick up" - from FedEx. Really? So Samsclub.com didn't communicate with them that they are picking up king size mattress??? After talking to Samsclub.com over 10 times, one rep from Samsclub.com finally said "Oh we need to get an RA number and we need to get that from corporate office.." (Seriously? For 10 plus calls and NO ONE has mentioned this until now???) To this date, NO ONE has contacted me regarding this matter from Samsclub so I ended up calling my credit card company (which ironically is a Samslcub credit card) and ended up getting my money back through them but the mattress is still stilling in one of my rooms at my house.

Never again Samsclub! All you folks out there looking to purchase mattress from Samsclub.com, STAY AWAY for your own sake!

Rating 2/10

ripped me off

"I paid for membership specifically to buy a particular item. Sam's Club website stated that item was available for shipment to my address. When I went to check-out and pay for the item, a message popped up stating that item cannot be shipped to your address. I attempted to then cancel membership and requested a refund. Never received refund despite numerous calls, emails, and a letter sent to the corporate office. Sam's Club owes me $45."

Rating 2/10

Horrible Customer Service

"I purchased a bedroom set that I like but did not receive in full. Contact with Customer Service has gotten me nowhere. Attempted to post a review basically saying this, and they won't post the review because I mentioned customer service issues. So I guess I'll post my review of their "customer service" here."

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