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I should have read the reviews before making any order. I am another disappointed and they won't see me again.

"I should have read the reviews before making any order. I am another disappointed and they won't see me again."

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Elkhart, IN store

"Terrible customer service. Tried returning an item I purchased with case. It was unopened and within the return time. Cashier had over $100.00 in cash in the register (I know because she counted it in front of me). When I tried to return my $39.00 purchase she told me to go and return it at the Granger store where I bought it. When I said that's not company policy, she then said she couldn't give me cash back and had to put it on a debit card. I confronted her that I watched her count over $100.00 in front of me and she said she didn't have to give me cash until later in the day and to come back in 3 hours. Will never take my business there again. Marshalls & TJ Maxx now carry a lot of the same items much cheaper anyway. There was no reason not to give me a cash refund since I had paid in cash, it was unopened, returned with the timeframe, and she 3x the amount in cash in her register. The only reason was because she felt like it and there weren't any managers around to speak with. "

Helpful Cool


Best beauty supply ever,

"Store #21 in Mobile,Al. Is the very best!!!! I have been shopping at this location for many years. As for now they have the best team ever, all the way from mgmt. to sales people. The store is always clean neat and organized. The girls there are super friendly and helpful!!!! You couldn't ask for better customer service....and if they are out of something your looking for they are always eager too get it ordered. I just can't elaborate on this particular store because it's so together. They treat everyone with the utmost sincere kindness!!!!!i promise I have watched. They go out of their way too accommodate you I just can't say enough good things about this Sally's location on Airport blvd. in Mobile,Al. They are the very best!!!!!!!the whole staff thank you "

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Staff Clueless

"Staff needs improvement in attitude and knowledge. "

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Bad Advice about hair color removal

"My Grandson has blue hair. He wanted to remove the blue, so we went to Sally Beauty Supply.
I told the salesclerk that we did not know how to do it or what product we needed.
She sold us ColorFix. She said it had two applications and it would remove the blue.
She told me " everything you need to know is in the instructions." I tried to ask several more questions about the process.
She kept repeating "everything you need to know is in the instructions." After several attempts to get more information, another sales clerk came up to me. She said "I don't know anything about it."
My Grandson used the product twice as directed and nothing happened. Still Blue!
I went online to find out about ColorFix and 3/4 of 100's of reviews said that "ColorFix" will not work on fashion colors such as Green, Red, Purple or Blue. The salesclerk should have known that as fashion colors are not a new idea.
I took my Grandson to a salon and asked a colorist about his hair. She said "Blue can only be removed with bleach".
She said she could not bleach his hair right then as he had just applied ColorFix twice and his hair needed a week or two before being bleached.
When I told her that we had asked at Sally Beauty Supply, she just shook her head and said, "Salesclerks at Sally Beauty Supply should not be selling hair products. They don't know anything, and they give the wrong advice all of the time."
How right she is.
I won't be shopping at Sally Beauty Supply again!

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Very disappointed!

"I went to your store today to get some color advice on your Purple hair colors
I'm a brunette with purple in my hair
I needed something to touch up my roots and the young lady suggested what I should get Poppin Purple and 40 developer, So I purchased went home and applied well needless to say I went from a brunette to light brown and pink! I feel if you are going in for help with something they should what they are talking about because a 40 developer was incorrect! If she didn't really I would have appreciated the truth!!

Helpful Cool


Horrible staff!

" Rude, unprofessional, and incompetent. After years of spending money there I am done!"

Helpful Cool


Wow. hard to believe

"I wrote a review on a purchase from Sally's. I just got an email that my review was read but the chose not to put it on their web site.
Their word from the email I received:
Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!

Guess only the positive stuff makes the cut. Here is what I had posted on their Coconut Co-wash.

Buyer beware
Bought this about a month ago. 1) When I bought the product it was buy 2 get 1 free, I put 2 in the cart and checked out. During checkout I had a coupon for free shipping which I applied. When I got my order I only had 2, when I I contacted Customer Service I was told, oh you used a coupon and that voided the get one free, it said the at the bottom,of the page when you applied it. Sorry. So I saved 3.00 and lost 8.00 in product, thanks so much. Be aware when you apply coupons, as you will not see if you are losing out on a deal, and Customer Service was no help, so your stuck. 2) The reason this took so long to review is the link from Customer Service was a bad link and it took this long to finally get them to fully explain how to get my review out there for everyone. On the plus side it shipped and arrived on time, Yea?

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Wonderful customer service with Mrs. Ade

"My boyfriend went into the Pensacola, Fl store on Mobile hwy. Ade was the lady that helped him and she was extremely helpful, kind, courtesy, upbeat and all around great customer service. She even video chatted with me so I could pick out the color I wanted. She helped step by step to make sure we had everything we needed. We will definitely return to that store when we need to buy more supplies. "

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"I purchased a plugged in spring curler 3/8 It is my second and I LOVE it. A little twice give fullness. FABULOUS"

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"I absolutely am disappointed!! I went to dye my hair a lavender but!!! We bought the developer the hair dye and the bleach . Bleach came out fine but the hair color NO! they gave us the wrong developer that had peroxide in it and the hair color cant be used with peroxide .... Are you serious ! Like the staff should know these things about hair !!!! All the money we spent ($40) on hair supplies turned to being worthless because of the staff who should know their own job ! "

Helpful Cool


"I was at Sally's on Monday purchasing some hair treatments.Had several questions and before I checked out I asked the sales rep and her answer was, "those are too many questions" and "I don't know".

My hair got damaged and today I went to purchase hair extensions plus conditioner and other items. I was in my car when I realized the extensions didn't have hair clips. Went back to the store and I was told there was nothing to do that it was a final sale. I did not even have the opportunity to exchange them.

I was told that I should have asked question, that I should have known what I wanted. That I could speak with the manager next week. There's a high level of ignorance and intolerance in this store. I asked for the name of one employee, he decided to turn his back on me and walked away to then close the door on my face.

I turned around and on my way out he decided to come out of the back room and call the cops. I have everything recorded on my cellphone and will make sure that my awful experience is heard by the store manager and upper management.

When I left the store I decided to call the cops, but, this is a civil matter so there was nothing they could do.I am offended and NOT happy.

Helpful Cool


"I purchased hair extensions from a Sally. I can not even begin to explain how disappointed I am with not the hair, but the lack of knowledge the Sally consultants have regarding this product. Sally did not have an exact match so consultant told me to color. I did, according to her instructions and they turned grey. I brought to my hair stylist to try and help and she was unsuccessful also. Hair was not taking color. Returned to store for help and what a night mare. The sales consultants were both clueless and sold me more product that did not work. I called store same day to talk to the one of the same consultants who assisted me and her reply was to buy another set of hair extensions. Are you kidding me!! I have over $137.00 and my time into this and she could not assist me in any solution. Told me to google it!
I feel this was the worst customer service I have ever received. Consultant didn't even offer to research their product for me instead told me to do it or buy another set.

Helpful Cool


"I had purchased a few items totaling $100 and then paid for a $5 membership card, which was to give discounts on products I purchase. I received my card and entered my membership number 4259080002078345. The checkout refused to acknowledge my discount card. I was logged in. I logged out and tried it several times. Deleted cookies and cache. Today is cyber Monday. I saw the 30% off with code 555122. I entered it, but that code was refused for items which were accepted on the list for this discount. Two strikes. I had to place the order today. I thought I could then quickly call Sally Beauty to have them apply the discounts. Guess what? They close at 6pm CST. Says so on their website. It is now 7:30pm, but the 30% discount sale goes to midnight. No way to change my order online. No way to contact customer service. Sally Beauty Supply has an enormous amount of incompetence in their online merchant services. If I were you, I would be worried about identity theft judging by the lack of working database online functions. "

Helpful Cool


"I recently visited a Sally beauty in oshkosh on koeller street. I purchased a bottle of hair dye that I had never used before. I asked the sales lady if she had used the product before. She stated that she had and was happy with the outcome, that the only thing to watch for was if you have sensitive skin it might burn. I asked her if this was the only thing I needed to buy since the box seemed a little small. She said yes that was all I needed. I let her know I never used hair dye from Sally's before. Willing to try it, I purchased the dye. Everything was fine till I got home and opened the box to see the instructions on the inside of the box stayed that you needed an activator to mix the dye with. I made a call to the store they priced it out for me. A few days later I return preparing to buy the activator, no big deal just wondered why the sales lady who said had used it before didn't inform me of the additional purchase I needed. Well I walked in and spoke with a different sales clerk and explained what happened and when I told her that the other sales clerk failed to let me know that I needed to purchase extra supplies. And the sales lady replied, "it's not our job to tell you!" Omg I couldn't believe what just came out of her mouth, really not your job to let your customers know about the products that you sell and what the customer needs to buy in order to get everything needed! I just said whatever and got what I needed. She spent the next few minutes checking other people out and chit chatting with them in a happy mood. So different then when she dealt with me. She had an attitude with me and honestly wouldn't surprise me if she was racist. I am Hispanic and everyone in the store at the time was american including the sales clerk. Whatever the reason she was rude and I am very upset at how she treated me. Customer service is a complete zero in my opinion and I am willing to go elsewhere for my beauty products."

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