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Product & services pricing 4.12/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.41/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.56/10
Customer service: 1.08/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.04/10
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Rural King orders/customer service is terrible

"I recently ordered a winch from their website. The winch was located at a store 30 miles from my house. Due to my work schedule, it would have been an inconvenience for me to go out there and pick it up. I ordered it on a Monday (with 2 day shipping) and they sent confirmation instantaneously. It has not been over a week and they have still not shipped my order. I have 2 day shipped other things from out of the country and got it on time, the transit isn't the issue. It's the shipper. Calling customer service won't matter either, each one tells you a different "processing" policy. As long as I live, they won't get a dime from me. I'll pay more to get it anywhere else "

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Worst customer service ever!!! Didn't even end up getting what I waited 2 weeks for!!

"Ordered a gun online that was to be shipped to a ffl dealer did everything I was supposed to on my end and so did my ffl dealer, never got anything after the initial emails of order confirmation, called customer service once after a week and then again yesterday and no one could tell me any info on my order, now today 2 weeks since my order I called again for the 3rd time and was told they don't have the gun I ordered even though there was two in stock when I ordered it. So now i've wasted 2 weeks I could have been looking elsewhere and probably already had it because their customer service is terrible and couldn't tell me what was happening with my order. Will never order from them again and wouldn't recommend them to anyone!!"

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Exactly right

"Couldn’t be happier, received Easy Pour Spout Kits 30051 quickly, top quality, Easy instructions, perfect fit, no leaks!"

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isanely slow

"ordered a holster march 1st they claim to have shipped it march 22 but it hasn't reached usps yet it might later today though. ordered ammo crates march 2cnd they still haven't shipped. their site is down since yesterday. I think they may have been selling some guns below cost, they seemed awfully cheap"

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Rude Store employees

"I was in the Clarksville TN Rural King a few days ago. My 11 yr old nephew wanted some rain boots. His grandmother (who is 91 and in a wheelchair) wanted to go with us. We were able to select the boots and went to check out. As my nephew is special needs and my mother is wheelchair bound, we were disappointed to see only two registers open and long lines. So I moved us over to the customer serv counter, which is right next to where the ck out lines are and asked if we could ck out there. It was only the boots we had to ck out and there was no one else waiting for customer service. (Good thing, I think they would have been disappointed) She sd someone was about to open up another ck out so we went to that cashiers cash register. The cust serv chick is hollering out that it will take several minutes for her to get her register open. The cashier says the same thing. I explain I have my hands full with aging wheel chair bound mother and spec nds child. I don't mind waiting rather than drag them back to other lines which are even longer now. She insisted that it would be a while. Ok, I say. I guess the cashier set up time allotment and the extensive time investment allocated to cash register set up is more important than customer service. So I drag grandmother and child back to the already long lines. Were it not for upsetting my nephew, we would have left without the boots, because we look up about 2 minutes later and she is checking out customers! I,too, work in retail and cannot imagine behaving like that with a customer. Those are some unhappy employees. With all the talk about brick and mortar retail stores closing up, you would think some one at RK would get a clue. If it can happen to Toys R Us, it can happen to you. "

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Thumbs up..

"I've ordered 2pair of pants and a Kerosene heater. Pants are good quality for $13a pair. First pair that actually fit me right. I'll be ordering more for sure. My kerosene heater was $109. Same model other stores go for $150- $180. Saved money and still got a good heater. Works great. "

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Beware of on-line orders

"I have had good experiences in the store, however I will be aprehensive to purchase on line again.
I was shopping for an item for Christmas on line and found a good price at Rural King. I placed my order and then learned that there is a several week wait for items to be shipped by their warehouse. Resigned to the fact that the items would not arrive until after Christmas I gave IOUs for the 2 gifts. When the box arrived the packing slip indicated that it should contain my entire order (though the items had different product numbers) but only 1 item was enclosed. We attempted to use that item and found that it was faulty. This was a manufacturer defect and not the fault of Rural King, so I called customer service to advise about the missing item and the faulty one. The phone wait was approximately an hour, though the recording originally advised it would be 19 minutes. The rep came on the line. I explained about the mix up and she began to argue with me. After speaking for a few minutes she asked that I hold. She came back and explained that the warehouse that shipped the items had a computer glitch. She could see that only the one item had been shipped. She advised that she would arrange to ship the other item from a different warehouse. It was already well into January and knowing that the item could take weeks to ship I requested a refund instead. She said she would put that request through.
In the end it took 4 phone calls, each at about an hour hold. Every rep I spoke to gave me a conflicting story. On the second call I was told that the original package contained both items. I still had the original shipping box which would not have fit both items. I advised what the 1st rep said. After a while on the phone this rep advised that I could not get a refund for the item because a new shipping label had already been printed. I would have to wait for the item to arrive and then return it. At the end of the 4th call I requested to speak to a supervisor. I was transferred and reached a voicemail. The day after I left that message I received emails that indicated the issues were resolved.
The final outcome took 2 1/2 months. I have received a refund for the item that never arrived and a return RMA refund for the faulty one. There is no refund for the disappointed gift recipients or all the time spent in dealing with this mess.

I sent this review to Rural King prior to posting on line. I received a letter advising that they are addressing the issues and a $25 gift card in reply.

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Live animals Not treated like LIVE animals

"My husband and I visited the new Rural King in Maryville TN today. The store was bustling with employees and shoppers. I was amazed at the selection of items and enjoyed wondering around. I heard baby chicks peeping so went to the area where chicks were kept.
One employee was unboxing a stack of Boxes that held live chicks. There was 4 boxes stacked as he was putting the chicks in their pen. In one of the big pens there were several baby ducks, with 4 being in severe distress on their sides barely breathing in little gasps. There was NO water in the pen. I told the employee that the ducks were in distress and there was No water. He said thanks for bringing that to my attention. He continued counting the baby chicks as he took them out of their shipping boxes.
I was so upset. I believe this is extremely poor management.
1st :there needs to be more than 1 person unboxing these birds.
2nd: why was the employee unboxing these at 1pm in the afternoon?
All baby Chicks and Ducks should be unboxed and immediately shown (put their beak in) the water, so they drink and KNOW WHERE to drink.
This guy was taking them out and putting them down in the middle of the pen. He obviously was NOT the proper steward for taking care of these birds.
I will not be back, this ruined my day.

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Horrible customer service

"Order an ak47, drum mag and 3 tactical cases on Jan. 21st. After numerous attempts to find out what is taking so long today, March 9th I am getting a refund. In the past year I spent almost $10k in their store and online, I will not be back. The only reason they get one star is because it won't let me give them zero. "

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Sells defective guns

"Bought a Kahr ct9 yesterday in store it will not shoot at all. Store will not return or replace. 1st and last gun I bought from rural king"

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Worst online shopping experience ever

"Ordered $800 worth of merchandise ,never received it after 30 days ,called customer service the said order was waiting verification, absolutely no communication on there part . Verified order, said it would be shipped .now 15 day later call again said order was cancelled . Said I should get a refund in my card. Rural King is a JOKE !"

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Simple and Fast

"I placed an online order and received it in a week. No issues at all. I received a tracking number and it arrived when it said it would.

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I feel completely scammed

" I ordered a battery on Rural King's website and waited for the tracking information for about two weeks without receiving it. Then, I called their customer service and they told me that the item was not in stock at the warehouse and they had asked another warehouse to fill the order, but apparently they never did so. I was told my item would ship the next day. Soon after I did recieve... SOMETHING, it was a battery, but not at all the one I ordered. It was a different size and had the wrong terminals. I checked my order history to make sure I ordered the right battery, and I had, I was simply shipped the wrong item. Not only that, the way it was shipped was hilarious. It arrived in a huge motor oil box (a box for at least 4-6, five quart motor oil jugs) with absolutely no packing material inside. I called them the next day and told them what had happened and I was told someone would contact me shortly. Nobody did for a week, so I called back and was told something similar, but given the option of email instead of phone tag, so I soon received an email from their customer service department.

At this point about a month had passed since I initially ordered. I replied to their email with pictures of the wrong battery and never received a reply. I waited SEVERAL MORE WEEKS before I was forced to go through paypal to contact them. They said "thank you for sending pictures, that is helpful, someone will contact you soon" I waited for them to contact me until the time limit was about to expire to make it into a paypal claim, then escalated it. it has now been SEVENTY FOUR DAYS since I ordered this battery.

Paypal has decided that I have to pay return shipping on a 40lb battery that I didn't order, which essentially makes it pointless to return. Amazing. I feel like they knew this would happen and that I would end up being stuck with this battery anyway. Do NOT order from these people. Their batteries are factory seconds anyway. Spend the extra $70 and get the name brand at a local place and avoid this headache.

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Held Order Without Notifying Customer

"I needed an herbicide for a time sensitive use. I ordered online, no problem. I received the email confirmation. I checked their estimated delivery times (only business days apply) and I waited like a good patient customer..... that time lapsed. I emailed them for shipping status. I received a reply that there was an issue with the "order" not the shipping and to call them. They never processed the order. They claim it was held for fraud prevention, if there had been fraud and they did not contact the account holder in that length of time they are still wrong. He said I would have to be referred to their fraud prevention desk, I asked "can this be resolved today." "Unfortunately not" so I cancelled the order. Very dissatisfied with the lack of service, notice, and concern. Rural King is a corporate machine where no one seems to care...at all. This could have been avoided through email notices and proactive phone contact. I wish I had checked online for reviews before attempting business with them. Avoid at all costs, literally. You pay in the end with lost time and frustration."

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Terrible Shipping, Service and Ads that are not reliable

"Ordered a patio heater which was in stock with a 2 day delivery on 1/18/18, guess what? its 2/6/18 and nothing. Sent an email on 1/27/18, which was replied to and was told it was out of stock & had to be shipped from a secondary warehouse & they would have that done ASAP & then get back to me...(the online advertisement NEVER said "out of stock"...well, it's now 2/6/18 & I finally had to give them a call. Megan, was the customer service woman/girl I got and when I tried to explain what was going on she cut me off, not nice! Oh, its shipping out on Friday bla bla bla. I needed it for a party, little late people!!! Thanks a lot - last time I do business with you folks, family owed, really ? You'd better start paying attention then! What a huge disappointment!!! I would have rather paid more than go through this debacle!"

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