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Rating 2/10

"they are so bad they are thefes i hope they lose evrything"

Rating 2/10


Rating 2/10

"STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE! They are BIG TIME FRAUDS and will do anything to get more money out of you. I placed an order for a Nikon D70s kit and was told the same thing, no battery. When they said I could pay an extra $250 for the battery and charger I declined and told them I could find that on ebay for $10 and I would save much more money doing that, after hearing that they quickly changed their mind and decided to throw in the battery and charger for no extra fee. They never told me my order number nor my tracking number even after I asked them to email me the information. Once I finally got the numbers I started tracking my shipment, which took a long stop in New Jersey, and finally made it to my porch steps later than expected. The box was damaged; it looked like a truck had ran it over several times. I opened the box only to be furious to find only a lens cap holder, and goofy tripod, and a sigma lens, which I did not order. There wasn’t even an invoice telling me what was supposed to be inside the box. After calling the company several times and getting the run around I finally decided to search them on the internet to check their credentials only to find this glorious website. I took action in to my own hands and seeked legal advice and immediately contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges of $836 and was recommended to call the Better Business Bureau and Contact the District Attorney of New York to file a complaint. I can't believe I feel in to this trap and I hope no one else does. These are sick people and will stop at nothing to get your money! Avoid Royal Camera, CCI Camera City, and Express Cameras. All the same companies, all the same scams, all the same results. These people should be prosecuted to highest degree and put in to prison for a long time."

Rating 4/10

"I cannot say I am totally dissastisfied with my expierence. However, I did feel like I never got the whole truth from them. I originally ordered a Canon Digital Rebel Xti body only in November, and was told that the order would be arriving soon. A couple of days later, a man called and told me that the camera had no firmware and would not work. I said thats fine, just send me the camera. I started to get a suspicious feeling about all of this. After the camera had not arrived by the 19th of December I made a call and was told the camera was on back order and would not arrive for 10-12 days. Around the first of January I called about my order to no avail, as the camera was still on backorder. I began shopping around at other stores and finally spoke to someone who told me that they sell an international version which will only work with a ceratin firmware, something that made me very suspicious about the whole deal with Royal Camera. I called Royal back and explained what the deal was - I talked to Paul and he said that was the case and that they sell a USA version for nearly 300 dollars more. That price was still lower than the same camera at some of the other camera stores online. So I said fine, give me the USA version. Then the pressure tactics came in. I was pressured to buy a warranty and overpriced accessories. I said no thank you that I was already over my budget. They offered to throw in a camera bag and lens cleaning kit if I agreed to get the one year warranty for 50 dollars. The camera arrived, as promised, within a few days, but it was the exact same box as normal with the same warranty that Canon offers on all of its USA cameras.

Did I get a camera for the less than a comparable website? Yes. Do I still feel like I was taken advantage of? Yes. After reading some of the expirences on here I feel lucky.

Rating 2/10


DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE! They bait and switch, are rude, and charge credit cards thousands of dollars if they get mad at you. If you have already given them your credit card number REPORT YOUR CARD LOST OR STOLEN NOW!!!

I bought a Nikon D80 USA kit from them for $778, they charged me $1334 and sent me a gray market D80 without USA warranty.


Will not give refunds or RMAs. To be avoided at all costs!

Rating 2/10

"Ditto to the previous buyer "camerabuyer". Same M.O. Same story. They sent me Sigma lenses (they said they were sending Nikon lenses) in place of Nikon. I specifically ordered Nikon lenses. They want 5% restocking fee. And shipping charges. IN YOUR DREAMS. This is what we did about it; Turned them into the New York State Attorney Generals Office's Fraud Department And the Better Business Bureau, this website And any other fraud site I can find. Turned them into our Credit Card's Fraud Department as well. WE WILL BE GETTING OUR MONEY BACK INCLUDING SHIPPING. These people should be put completely out of business and prosecuted for being the thieves that they are. Anyone who has had a bad transaction with these people should turn them into the State Attorney of New York as well. BAIT AND SWITCH. It's Illegal. They tell you how dumb you are? How bout how dumb Ronny Shy (like thats a real name?)and Royal Camera is? What do you think about a guy who can't run a legitimate business? Hey Ronny, ever heard of repeat customers? Ever had one? Thieves always think they're smarter than anyone else. Your going down. "

Rating 2/10

"CRIMINALS - this is about all I can say about this company, royalcamera, and their workers. I placed an order for a Mark II EOS N Canon camera package after doing my research on the lenses I wanted. I must admit that I am not a "professional" so when the sales guy told me about two new 'Sigma' lenses that just came out 1 month ago that were far superior to the L series canon lenses I was trying to purchase I took the bait and switch, hook line and sinker. To make matters worse they told me that the price was higher also (since they were better lenses right?)- $4,700.00 compared to the $4,200.00 quoted for the L series canon lenses 24-70 2.4 L and 70-200 2.4 L IS.

After I hung up with the sales person (who told me he was not commissioned and was a professional photographer himself) I went to Sigma's webpage to look up information on the lenses he quoted me. Yep, you guessed it - they did not even exist!!!!!!!! I called back to see if I wrote down the lens information incorrectly and the girl that answered the phone said she could not look at my order number and tell me what lenses I purchased. I found this very odd but she said she would have to transfer me to a 'manager'. He gave me even more different names and information about the Sigma lenses they supposedly were going to send me. Well at this point I really smelled a fish and called a reputable camera company to inquire about Sigma vs. Canon lenses. He informed me that the Canon L series lenses are much better than any Sigma lenses on the market in his opinion. They also gave me this website to review resellers information and reputations.

Needless to say after reading the reviews here I immediately called back and told the company I wanted to cancel my order. The 'manager' on the phone got very upset and started questioning me "why" I wanted to cancel. I told him that I just made an impulse purchase and needed to cancel. He became more insistent and upset and stated that he could not cancel it since he already put it through. I hung the phone up and called AMEX to place a stop payment on the order.

Then the 'manager' immediately called my cell phone that I gave him when I originally placed the order 4 times and when I finally answered the 'private' phone number on my caller ID he stated that "I hung up on him and if I wanted to play games then he would win". With all the bullying tactics and unprofessionalism involved with his communication I knew I was in big trouble at this time.

I found out about an hour later what he was talking about when I called back my AMEX company to check on the status of the stop payment and they told me that this company put over $10,000.00 on my AMEX!!!!!!!!

This company and its employees are criminals and fraudulent. I already placed a formal complaint with the FBI at www.ic3.gov and I encourage everybody that has been taken advantage of like this to file their story with the FBI and lets get this criminal organization shut down!!!! Too many fraudulent internet sites like this are running rampant!

Rating 2/10

"Bait and switch big time. Ordered two camera packages for $4599.99 ea, recieved one and was charged $6251.00. Was told I ordered the USA Package w/ warrenty, my other camera was a"gray market" camera w/o warrnety. Was able to cancel second camera and get a $400.00 refund on my credit card. I still paid $5851.00 for a $4599.99 camera package. Figure it was safer to keep the legit US camera w/ warrenty than to try and get a refund on my credit card after all the hassle. Also recieved 4 delivey dates, and 3 invalid tracking numbers. Product didn't actually ship until Wed. 22, which was y "guarentted" delivery date! Stay away from this company."

Rating 2/10

"This is a bait and switch shop. I ordered a Nikon D70 body and got talked into a Nikon d50 kit, which I was told caem with the lens. When it arrived there was no lens, even though it said it in the box and the salesman said it came with a lens. To make a long story short, you don't know what you what you are getting from the until it shows up. The invoice just lists the item and doesn't show the shipping charge, they add that in after they give you the price. They also charged $50.00 to ship it and the shipping should have been less than $12."

Rating 2/10

"This company is closely related to CCI Camera City. Avoid them both. I called up to buy the body of a camera because I only need the canon body because I have lenses. Max who also appears to work at CCI Camera City tried to sell me compact flash card at only 400% markup. I told him that I didn't need it. He put me on hold. I wish I had heard of this site ahead of time. Avoid Royal Camera, they are overpriced."

Rating 2/10

"I placed an order on their website for a Sony DVD405 camcorder. They had it listed for $409 plus $29 shipping total $438. Like everyone else I get a call from Paul and says I need to purchase a battery from them total camcorder and battery would be $599. I told them what a rip-off and canceled my order. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF"

Rating 2/10

"Wish I've read reviews about this fraudulent company before placing an order. What people described about their practices happened to me. First they called to tell me that I need to buy battery and charger. Why would Sony forget to include them in the first place? Then I was told that they have US model. Wait, their site doesn't mention anything about missing parts or import/grey market origin of this product. I smelled trouble and asked to cancell order and immediately they hang up. I had to call back to confirm cancellation. Still worry about my credit card. Have to watchit closely now. Stay away. Where is FBI? "

Rating 2/10

"I pretty much had a taste of everything rude that other people seem to have posted about this company. I ordered a canon 20d and lens. I got an email instructing me to call and confirm the order. I did and they wanted the three-digit number on the back of my card. Right away, they try to sell me accessories that I don't want and eventually stop. Then the guy tells me that the lens that I want has high returns because of its aperature. He suggested another lens and I believe that he is telling me the truth so I agree to purchase the other lens for his quoted "$30 difference."

The lens came quickly, but for $100 more. I called the company and they gave some line about how this lens is an "American-made" model and not an "import" model, so it's a great deal. To keep me pacified the guy tells me that he'll throw in a filter kit for free and if I was still dissatisfied to call back.

Well, the entire conversation played over and over in my mind and I began to research the lens that they sent me. The MSRP was $300. All other merchants were selling it for around $200. And I was charged $489.98! Livid, I called back and told them to keep the filter set and give me the code to send back the lens, explaining that I feel screwed in what I was charged for this product. Extremely rude, the man tells me that he doesn't want my business if this is how I'm going to behave. As if he has any right to give me a lesson in etiquette!!! He gave the talk about import vs. American made and I asked him what that meant anyway! "Oh, the other companies are probably selling this lens with a plastic mount. And when your picture-quality is horrible you're going to call me back and not understand what went wrong and I'm going to tell you, 'I told you so.'" I told him that I'd take my chances.

He further tells me that they won't refund $260 of the order. Now, I was ANGRY! I told him that if I wasn't given back all of my money they'd hear from my lawyer. "That's okay," he said, "It'll cost you much more in legal fees." To this, I promptly replied, "That's okay, I'm related to a lawyer and it won't cost me a thing."

I was put on hold for about five minutes. He humbly told me: "You're a valued customer...Bla Bla Bla." Anyway, they offered to send me another lens and a filter kit for it plus the filter kit for the lens they sent me for FREE.

If all else fails, threaten to take LEGAL action! I at least got my money's worth out of the outrageous charge--even if they were STILL reluctant to take back the lens they sent. As of yet, I'm still awaiting my 20d camera and am extremely scared about what else lurks around the corner--especially after finding this forum!

Oh! And I called one of the companies that was selling the lens that Royal Camera had sold me and they told me that it had a metal mount, not a plastic one...

Rating 2/10

"I made a purchase and cancelled the order the exact same day. Everything I have read about this company is completely accurate in how they conduct themselves professionally. When it came down to cancelling my order, I was treated very rudely and informed never to call again. I made this decision based on the negative amount of feedback which said company has solicited on Reseller Ratings."

Rating 2/10

"I could not tell if the Canon lens I wanted was in stock so placed the order online after the store's business hours. I called the next day to see if the lens was in stock as I needed it before leaving on a trip in about two weeks. When I got through to customer service, I asked if the item was in stock. Instead of a yes or no, I got questions trying to sell me filters and why I was buying this particular model. When I said all I wanted to know was if the item was in stock, I was told, "I don't like your attitude. Take your business someplace else." The rep then hung up on me.

I am more than happy to go somewhere else and suggest others do the same.

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