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Never shop rooms to go

"Spent thousands and the couch cushion sagged in after 8 months refused to fix or replace. Cindy Crawford should be ashamed of herself selling junk and ripping off military families, we saved up for so long :("

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Electric Reclining Couch Broke - Corporate fixed.

"Had an issue with a couch I purchased a while back. The electronic switch was faulty/defective that controls the recliner function. Rooms to Go corporate assisted me in resolving the issue and all is working as it should."

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Poor Delivery Service

"I really need to update my experiences with Room To Go (RTG). I write this with frustration, disappointment, and yes, some anger. This does not involve a delivery I had but a delivery my renters had. We had new renters that moved in and within a few days of their move in, they had a delivery of two sets of beds with mattresses. Besides getting the delivery wrong for them, the major issue I have is that the delivery company that RTG uses damaged the interior of my rental home's walls and stairs. The delivery occurred on 6 Jan 18 and since them I have been attempting to get some type of compensation for damages. The home is a split-level so it requires some slow maneuvering to get large items up both sets of stairs. The movers just wanted to get out of there and banged the rails going up the stairs, scratching the paint off. The walls going up both sets of stairs have long scratches in it and the corner literally was scraped to the drywall. One of the steps were broken.
I have talked to RTG without avail and am still waiting for someone from the company who delivers for RTG to call me. I am RTG feels that it is not their fault, but they are responsible for all companies that they contract out to deliver goods. All I want now is to be reimbursed for the damages of this. I have the pictures of the before and after the delivery. Since RTG is to redeliver the correct box spring size soon, I will be there. I cannot recommend RTG for any purchases unless you carry it out yourself. I on the other hand will never purchase from them again. If my renters make purchases from RTG, they know to contact me as I will be there again to make sure the delivery goes without damaging the home. I will keep you updated "if' I am contacted and reimbursed about the damages.

I am updating this based upon my last conversation with RTG. Remember now I just had new renters into the home. They were not even there three weeks and still unpacking! All RTG did was talk to a driver. They did not send anyone out to look at the damages, that clearly would reveal the delivery service errors. I would not recommend Rooms To Go to anyone based on their Delivery Services used. Nor will we make further purchases.

"In regards to your property damage claim, I regret to inform you that your claim has been denied. Based on the evidence provided, we will not hold our driver liable as the damage in your home is not consistent with that of 2 mattresses and a box spring. I also had a chance to speak with the driver on the claim and he advised me that your home was in that condition upon his arrival. I apologize for any inconveniences suffered, but South East Independent Delivery Services will not be moving forward with this claim."

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"Purchased a Stetson Sectional and cocktail table for around $2200. Took over 2 months to receive then had to have repairs due to the stitching coming out. Now under 2 years one of the three recliners has stopped working and customer service says nothing they can do. Spoke to a Nannette Oyola in corporate and she is worthless. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM ROOMS TO GO AGAIN!!!!!!! NEVER They are selling crap products at premium prices and delivery all the way to customer service is horrible. So now we have a huge sofa that we can't use. Wonder if I should hang out at their stores and tell my store in person to potential customers. "

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repairs are not done right customer service is real bad it very hard to get someone on the phone

"my love seat is falling apart they did not show one time to make a repair i lost 2 days pay and it still not fixed customer service is real bad"

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Pay for it and don't get it!

"I paid for a chair and had it scheduled for delivery. The dispatcher called me and gave me a time frame but it wasn't delivered within the time frame. Finally I get a call that the delivery man is at the building and I call the receptionist to guide him through and let him in. She was on the phone with him multiple times but he couldn't find a way to enter the building. And then he disappeared. I called him. She called him. Finally, the dispatcher says he has left because he couldn't wait for more than 15 minutes. 15 minutes of his incompetence and we have to reschedule? I wasn't able to reschedule for two days as their office was closed and when I finally did, nobody was first admitting that he left. They had it on their file that nobody was at home. My mother was at home! The receptionist was guiding him the way. Their next excuse was plain that the delivery guy can't wait for more than 15 minutes. Did they mean if he can't find the building address, he will give up and leave? The third excuse was he wasn't allowed to park. I have gotten furniture delivered very smoothly in the past. I said I will be there and the receptionist was there and I want assurance that he will get the chair delivered. He said he can't give that assurance. I regret this purchase. Most amateur customer service. Now I hope I get my delivery in 10 days and the the building doesn't escape his peripheral vision! At his mercy!"

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Aweful customer service

"I purchased a suite 13 months ago from the outlet store, the chair collapsed.
I requested that someone should come and check it out and advise.

I contacted the Better Business (BBB) and this is there response.

Rooms to Go Response:

Our office has had the opportunity to review the account in its entirety.
We are aware this purchase was made at one of our Clearance Center where the merchandise is sold "AS IS" and carries no warranty. In addition, this merchandise was discounted. Our customer did not pay the original retail price.
On behalf of Rooms to Go, we apologize for being unable to pursue any action for the reasons explained herein.
Thank you for your understanding.
Lourdes C.
Presidential Assistant

I contacted the Manufacturer directly HM Richards and they stated they will send someone to check on it.
So don't rely on Rooms to Go, they try get out of it.

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Terrible customer service, defective products and lies

"They sent a broken cabinet not once but TWICE, failed to show up twice for delivery and LIED. AVOID!!!!"

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Very Disappointed

"Horrible Experience with Manager Juan. Doesn't know how to treat his customers. Very rude and unprofessional. He definitely needs some management training. Telling the customer that's spending 5k that you don't have to buy just because we declined the protection plan that was optional anyways. I feel sorry for Adam our sales associate great guy. I would have walked away and take my business somewhere else if it wasn't for him."

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"I purchased a leather set from R2G in 2012. After 2 1/2 years my sofa begin peeling. Each month it seemed to get worse. I contacted customer service with my complaint and they told me my warranty expired. I explained to them leather does not peel sfter2-3 years (common sense). Customer service asked me to email them pics of my leather sofa, which I did. They responded that my sofa is out of warranty. I was very upset because I paid almost $3000 for my set. I asked for the manager phone number and contacted her. She said they could give me $650 towards a new furniture set but I had to return my old set (although my love seat wasn't peeling). I denied the request because I still would've came out pocket for a new furniture set. This was so inconvenient and costly. I purchased from R2G thinking I was investing in quality leather furniture. BOY was I WRONG!!! I will never purchase from them again. Please beware of purchasing leather furniture from there. My sofa has completely peeled. I'm very disappointed. "

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Room to go ****.

"Ordered furniture at the end of march they came delivered the beds and left parts out. Since April 6th they have come multiple times without the parts. It's April 18th and he still isn't able to use his furniture. When asked for a refund customer service basically told me that I would have to jump hurdles to get my money back. This is the second bad experience within 10yrs. Not sure why I went back the second time. Could you guys please bring what I paid for. I will never recommend rooms to go to anyone nor will I ever shop there again. "

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"Ordered canopy bed dresser 2 nightstands on Dec. 27th bed delivered on the 13th of January. Workers left yard a mess, smoking in front of my door with door open. I had to supply them with 2 step ladders. The workers were gone before I could look over the bed. Found gashes scrapes paint removered. I called about it. They will be sending someone to replace parts in Thursday between 3 and 7pm. Recieved call wanting to know if it would be okay to deliver more towards 8pm. Yes. 8 came and went 9 came and went 10 came and went. We finally received a call at 10:30pm stating my delivery was on its way. I stated nk you were to be here at 8pm. It is now pass 10:30 I have kids in the bed asleep. His reply- in the bed we need to fix? What does it matter it 10:30. I'll put you down to reschedule. Click. Called in morning told customer service what had happened. Im sorry when would you like to reschedule? I have rearranged my schedule 2 times already now a 3rd time. I can give you $50.00 off your next purchase. What makes you think Im going to purchase from you again? Appointment scheduled for Wednesday the 25th between who knows."

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Horrible Customer Service and Delivery

"Buyers Beware!
I should have vetted this company and my inability to drive after surgery caused me to go wrong. Go to Consumer Affairs and YouTube and type in Rooms To Go. All comments regarding poor customer service (in-house and out of the store), the sales person, the products, and the delivery are true. POOR choice and they won't remain in business.

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"After weeks of searching, the January clearance weekend came and I went to look and found a couple of identical chairs, the salesman told me that if it was on clearance, it would be cash and carry. Well I told him i would like to purchase the pair of chairs, it was on clearance for 338.00, well because 1 chair did not have the tag and the other did, i could purchase one for that, but would have to purchase the other at regular price of 599.00 and it would have to be ordered. EXACT SAME CHAIR. I said are you serious, he said yes, i said but it's on clearance?? He just walked off..... will never buy anything there. AND, I will let everyone know about their stupid rules. Yes, that is stupid. "

Helpful Cool



"This issue has not be totally resolved as yet but the rating is based on what we have endured since. We got a standard loveseat and sofa recliner (Normandy). After delivery sat on one side, left, pulled out the recliner, all is good. Later sat on the right side as I sat down it creaked and made other noises like metal on metal or metal on wood or wood on wood. Noticed the back on left side of sofa was taut but the right side with all the noises was loose. Notified them and they replaced the sofa. After delivery did the same as before only this time it was the right side making noises not the left. Notified them again and now they are going to send out a repair man to check it out. Problem is we have a loveseat and sofa that is 25 yrs. old and never heard one sound from it when sitting down, lying down or moving around on it. It is a sturdy, reliable and comfortable set, does not compare to what we got from Rooms To Go. Second problem is someone has to take 4 hrs. off to be home waiting for delivery. So far it has cost me 8 hrs. not to mention the coming 4 hrs. for the repair man. And finally the last problem, to date, when the guys delivered this second sofa they scratched up the floor (installed two yrs. ago) with the metal bars underneath the sofa when they had it on it's side and dragged it across the floor. Now we are waiting to see how the repairman fairs and what action, if any, we are going to take. I would not recommend Rooms To Go for their manufacturing of sofa recliners or their competent, efficient and caring delivery men. As of today can't give a decent rating until this issue is resolved one way or another. The scratched up floor, approx. 4 1/2 long, is an issued that will be dealt with soon."

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