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Product & services pricing 1.43/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.25/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.94/10
Customer service: 0.94/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.25/10
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Swindler guy

"Swindler and lacking in honesty. Watch out!"

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sell me damage camera and lens, and respond nothing.. bad seller.

"i buy sometime form him. I will say 80% you get good. but these time I buy two package and they are totally damaged... fukers and dont reply my compalion...."

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A thief , a robber !

"I've bought several items from Rocky Cameras over the years without any problem. My last transaction was for a 70€ item... Never received, the tracking number never worked, royal mail never heard about it and after a lot of unsuccessfull emails and phone calls, i think i'm just f**ked up and I 'll never see my money back or the item.

I've decided to make a complaint to the ECC : https://www.europe-consommateurs.eu/en/home/

If you have experienced the same issues with this robber as a lot of peoples reviewed on the internet do the same thing to make it stop !

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Painfully bad customer service, no tracking numbers, losing track of orders, rude

"Keith is a rude, disorganized retailer, I have ordered three times from him and although the cameras have been okay, as described, they are always late, with bad communication. He lied to me about a tracking order too, which he said had been sent back to him as no one to collect order (I work from home). I am currently waiting to two lenses and feel like going to Klarna pay and getting a refund. It is an infuriating process and one that generates a lot of unnecessary grief and stress."

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3rd time buying, 3rd issue

"Bought 5 lenses and some accessories over 2 orders. Only ordered items described as mint and none were even close. Also ordered all OM lenses, 2 were OM, 2 were PK and one is so worn I have no idea but I'm guessing M42. Emailed twice but no response. Items listed all wrong and no chance of exchanging. Had experiences like this before also. Avoid this business like the plague!"

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I already sent 3 emails to complain and so far I have not gotten any response

"I ordered several cameras and photo lenses.

Value: about 150 euros.

This is not the first time I order.

But this time 1 camera and 1 lens I received was not the one I ordered.

I already sent 3 emails to complain and so far I have not gotten any response.

As I made payment by credit card I am thinking of complaining to the VISA system for disrespect of the seller.

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Absolutely avoid

"Bought seven cameras and some lenses, four if i remember exactly. Two orders and two parcels payed. Rockycamera sent only a parcel that contained only two cameras and nothing else. Promised a check but then only standing mute, no reply, no mails, nothing at all. And no refuse. Do not waste your money for nothing. And often the items are defective (i was forgetting!)

Edit: absolutely mute. (2018/02/08)

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Verry Bad!

"No response Until Now !!!

-----Original Message-----
From: KEITH ROCK [mailto:rockyrockcameras.com@btopenworld.com]
Sent: 09 October 2017 16:05
To: jwilimson@haritasec.com
Subject: RE: Form submission from: Support Contact Form

Hi I have just seen this email- I am sorry other emails in spam filter- I will check into this order today and let you know by tomortrow latest with apologies for any inconvenience as you are a good customer Rocky
On Mon, 9/10/17, Jhoni Wilimson wrote:

Subject: RE: Form submission from: Support Contact Form
To: customerrelations@worldpay.com
Cc: rockyrockcameras.com@btopenworld.com
Date: Monday, 9 October, 2017, 10:02

Dear Sean,
I have contact rocky camera many time and no reponse .I don’t know why , see attachment .
Thank you

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Camera and lens

"Lens and camera recieved, exactly as described. "

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Bad, badder, baddest!

"Bought a camera for restoration, expecting delivery within 5/6 working days. Received nothing. 6 weeks later, after assurances of a refund, no money and no camera. No replies to emails, nigh on impossible to get hold of by telephone. Finally got my bank involved using the Chargeback scheme (UK) and they got me my money back today. Stay away from this "business"!"

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Item never arrived.

"Ordered lens shade from him but it never arrived, he did not respond to emails, reported him to Worldpay ,Trading Standards and Visa."

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Appalling fraudster

"He`s not even feigning a service now. Bought a few hit and miss things from him in the past but since he went off paypal ,it`s now pure fraud. Deliberately selling broken items described as mint with no refund, items missing from your order and no responses and very little chance of my money back. Having to use trading standards but won`t hold my breath. SAVE YOURSELF HASSLE DON`T BUY FROM HIM."

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Item bought last xmas Didnt arrive No refund

"9 items out of ten broken"

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Order a camera on 4 month ago and it never arrived

"I ordered cameras from this seller a few times before and they arrived OK. 4 Month ago I ordered another one for $450. After it didn't arrive in a few weeks I started contacting the seller by email. Initially my emails were replied with excuses that made me think it is just being delayed in shipping. After that the seller stopped responding to my email. I tried calling him and again got excuses, then he stopped answering my calls. Filed complaint in UK. Don't buy from this guy!"

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Purchased stuff worth £500 & got cheated!!!

"Hello, im from India, i had ordered from www.rockycameras.com a couple of times for low amounts of money and each time there was nothing majorly wrong with the order however the 3rd time in a 40% summer sale on his website i placed order of £500 for a large combined shipling cameras , lenses & accessories to add to my collection. I didnt realise that this site had lost its paypal payment mode (due to his cheating habits) & at the time of checkout i saw the payment mode being credit card or debit card. I thought i was trusting a seller with a long running website and seemed to be offering reasonable costs so i paid thru my international debit card & guess what the order delievered after waiting for 30 days for getting just the shipping info i got only 4 dead non working broken light meters in my order. After writting to this website at this email - rockyrockcameras.com@btopenworld.com there was absolutely no response to my appeals which then became angry appeals but then my emails started bouncing off of his server. He had blocked me so i started sending emails frm different emails but they were blocked too so i called him and didnt get any response although the phone was ringing. He advertises many rare good quality photography items with 3-4 photos on his wwbsite which he will be selking for relatively low costs than ebay to attract unsuspecting international buyers. Once you have paid know you are going to get flase cheap broken stuff or ull get nothing at all. He should be arrested for financial frauds which must be hundreds of thousands of dollars or even million of dollars as his site claims to have 80000+ photography related items live at any given moment 365 days. All his testimonials are fake and very old from 2010 or so and if u check many times ull see testimonials frm the same guy e.g clive will have posted many fake testimonials on his site. He didnt have the guts to post my testimonial ofcourse hidding behind the internet maze. He is a big time cheap style cheater and a p i m p.. yes that the word for him "

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