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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 3.47/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.88/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.99/10
Customer service: 0.89/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.27/10
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ZERO STARS - Worst parts purchasing experience ever

"One of the two parts arrived defective. The return process is ancient and customer service non-existent. You cannot call and talk to anyone - everything has to be via email. They shipped the incorrect replacement part and even that arrived in a completely destroyed box. I had to pay $40 to ship it back because their returns website would not allow me to purchase a label through them. Customer service again no help. DO NOT BUY from this company!!!!! They still wont' even tell me when/if they can refund my money."

Helpful Cool


Wish I could leave ZERO STARS! BAIT & SWITCH

"Do not buy from ROCK AUTO PARTS dot CON. They **** you in with low prices and when you checkout the shipping charges are sky high. Now you have to either leave the site after wasting all of your time looking for the parts or pay for the ridiculous shipping prices!
It gets WORST
After putting in my vehicle information, a bunch of parts are shown that will fit my vehicle. NOPE !!! after they arrived only some fit. I even asked for their customer service people to double check my order to avoid problems. Thier lazy **** answer, if the part shows up in the part list it will fit. NO IT DID NOT FIT.
Now I want to return the parts that don’t fit and ROCKAUTOPARTS dot CON says “Sure just pay the ridiculous shipping prices again.”
I will go to my local auto parts place and get the parts there, never had a problem with bringing back parts that were wrong.

Helpful Cool


Bought a fuel pump that was not as described

"The description and picture said it was a 2 port pump received a 1 port pump filled out generic return and found out i was charged shipping both ways and there is no one to dispute this with never again."

Helpful Cool


Will continue to use

"Rock auto is excellent website as long as you know exactly what you are looking for, they send everything in a timely fashion they also have good parts. I have not been disappointed when using rock auto"

Helpful Cool



"worst experience ever how much are yall still a business if you are selling defective parts , or missing parts or dropping packages . called and no answer have to leave voicemail and even then the lady who a answered is a b**** and attitude and all doesnt even let you speak goes off the voicemail and doesnt even fix the problem , no return , no money back , nothing. so if you want to spend your money on useless parts. this is your place. worst service I have ever had ."

Helpful Cool


Received defective part.

"Received defective part. Send evidence of problem - photos. Asked to resend alternative or refund.
Receive nothing. They offered return back damaged part and spend on this much extra money, much more then part cost. Very bad communication. Despite they saw, that they sold rubbish they had not refunded.

Helpful (1) Cool


First time order and get the wrong part in the correct box ???

"Ordered complete set of lights (front and rear) for a 2003 Silverado. Received the parts and discovered the right front headlight was actually a left front headlight that was in a right front box. I could clearly see that box had been opened and retaped shut before I got it. The packing was missing and the unit was flopping around in the box to the point of damaging the interior of the box. Totally unacceptable way to do business. What made matters worse was that I was tying up my friends body shop waiting for the correct part. Rock Auto had the gall to tell me I had to return the part and they would examine it before they would ship a new one ! Forced me into the position of having to make the return for a credit (again waiting for them to examine their own mistake) before they would issue a refund. And at the same time causing me to place a separate order for the correct part so I wasn't waiting forever. Believe me, at 66 years old I've ordered a ton of stuff from on-line suppliers and have had a fair share of mistakes made by the vendor. But almost always, especially in the case of a botch job like this, the vendor immediately sends out a replacement. Never again Rock Auto ... your commercials about the parts guy tapping away on his computer only to give you the wrong part is ironic. Because tha's what you did to me. "

Helpful Cool


Not happy

"For anything other than something that requires a core they may be alright - but forget about something that has a core involved. They drop shipped my item from the remanufacturer- the remanufacturer included a return shipping label for the core - I used the label to return the item - then I found out RockAuto needed me to return somewhere else to get my core credit. Total BS. Emails went unanswered."

Helpful Cool


Wrong part sent to me so I pay shipping!

"I ordered 2 front struts and when they arrived at my Blaine Washington post box one of them was the wrong part. The first number was a 235602 instead of a 335602. The other strut was correct. They did not send a shipping label.

So I drove to Blaine and the USPS charged me $27 for shipping. Rock auto reimbursed me for just over $8. I complained that they should have sent me a shipping label. The response was that they couldn't send me a shipping label because I had a Canadian billing address. The fact that I have a US shipping address doesn't matter to them.

I sent them a "are you sure" message and suggested that my billing address could be the Democratic Republic of Congo but as long as my shipping address is in the USA a shipping label would be useful. They then repeated that they can't do it!!??? So if they goof up again, I will once again be on the hook for shipping costs as a retail client of USPS.

Seems to me they need to fix their system so that the shipping address determines the viability of a shipping label.

Helpful Cool


No real credit for defective part

"I bought a brake master cylinder that was defective. It was installed by certified mechanics that installed a new M/C that works. I sent the part back and asked for a credit. The only credit I got was if I buy something else from them within 5 years. Bummer!! Don't buy from these guys if you expect them to stand behind what they sell. "

Helpful Cool


Dont bother

"Bought a new switch for power windows. Tracking said delivered got home from work no package anywhere. Sent rock auto a email they issued a credit. Than next day said in email. The tracking shows it was delivered. So I got charged again for part. Avoid this joke of a parts supplier. Worst experience ever online."

Helpful Cool


Best prices

"I have been buying rockauto parts for over 15 years now. I am extremely satisfied because they have very good prices and a convenient java website. When you pay 6$ for a part that is worth 60$ in local auto parts reseller it makes you feel great. Buy daily driver or prenium for longer lasting parts they are still cheaper compared to local retailers for the same brand and part number."

Helpful (1) Cool


Wow, don't ever buy from Rockauto.com, Sent me the wrong part and want me to pay for return shipping!

"NO customer service available via phone or email! When trying to get an order that they screwed up fixed, the web return system is telling me that I have to pay for the items return shipment cost (which is nearly the value of the item). They send me the WRONG part, not even close to the correct part and they want ME to foot the bill for the return. Shame on Rockauto.com"

Helpful (1) Cool


Missing parts and not protected with packaging.

"One of the parts ordered was a $295 catalytic converter. The gaskets were not sent, just a mail sticker was attached directly to the heat shield on the catalytic converter. After going through the process of, "problem," to be reimbursed for the missing parts, the site ends with no reimbursement. Several days later.... "

Helpful Cool


Rebate Scam

"I was promised a $100 gift card for buying 4 struts from rockauto.com, but its just a scam. I sent in everything they asked for and about 2 months later I get an email saying my rebate was rejected because of some items that were supposedly missing, but it was untrue. I called and they were closed but the answering service assured me they would have someone call me back. I also emailed explaining that everything they asked for was included. I never got a reply to my email and no one ever called me back. Finally I was able to get through to them by phone during regular business hours. The person I spoke to asked for my rebate id number which I gave him and told him that I was told the rebates was rejected. He placed me on hold for a minute or two. When he came back to the phone he said everything has been taken care of and that I was approved. Thats pretty fishy, I bet they reject 100% of all rebates initially. Now he proceeds to tell me that it will take 2 more months to process and I should get my rebate card in the. What the heck? It does not take 2 months to send out a rebate card. So I wait another two months and then check the status of the rebate online and guess what, it says rejected again. This is a total scam. Do not trust anything you hear from Rock Auto about a rebate, you will NEVER get your rebate. "

Helpful (1) Cool

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