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"A wonderful purchasing experience.

Wooter was exceptional in taking the time to help me build exactly the right system I needed. The product performed exactly as described. I just plugged it in and turned it on. I was making music in less than an hour.

I would definitely recommend Woot Computers to anyone who is looking for professional service and a satisfying experience.

I am a non-professional musician who has been making noise for about 20 years. I couldn’t be happier with my new system.

-Steve Carr

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"I am a hobbyist songwriter who was searching to upgrade my original DAW that was purchased back in 2002.
I had some qualms about purchasing this time because I was promised a quiet machine from my first vendor and it was anything but quiet.
I researched my requirements and proposed Vendors for at least 4 months.
I decided that I wanted to find someone local, in case there were any problems, where I could resolve those problems quickly.
Wooter allowed me to come to his facility and have a look and listen to a DAW with very similar components as the one I was interested in.
It was quieter than my business DELL that I have and much more powerful than my previous DAW.
Wooter is conscious of using quality/quiet components in his machines.
He even came to my house with the new machine and helped me set it up.
I can't tell you how pleased I have been with this purchase.
I would recommend Woot Computers to anyone looking for a new DAW.

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"I had a great experience. They were very responsive to my questions, and I immediately got the sense that they were knowledgeable about what they do.

It was hard to wait for the PC in this day and age of instant gratification, but I understand the benefit of rigorous testing. I've been VERY happy with the PC I received. I initially had one minor issue which they quickly responded to and resolved. It has been smooth sailing since.

The product, I think, is reasonably priced as well. A suped up Dell was in the same range, but without the extras aimed at a recording PC. I would highly recommend.

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"I have been involved in the music industry in the Detroit area since 1972 (live performances as well as studio sessions) and have passed the torch on to my son. I had been wanting to upgrade my DAW for some time. I read many articles on the subject, and visited many manufacturers websites, so that when it came time to make a purchase I would be making an informed decision. Believe me when I say, before I decide to make a purchase, I do as much research as possible. I work very hard for my money and expect not only quality in the product but also in the person/company I am dealing with. I compared the products of numerous manufacturers and discovered a large variation in price for the same product (Apples to Apples comparison).

Besides using DAWs, I have built them in the past and know the process involved in purchasing components, building, programming, and testing. When I came across Woot Computers I was very impressed by the affordability and almost infinite variations. A true custom built computer. I particularly liked the fact that you didn't have to go to another site to research the variety of components, links are provided.

One of the factors that led to my purchase from Woot was the negligible cost difference between me building one and them building it. It was well worth it to have the DAW arrive and ready to go out of the box. But the determining factor was Wouter himself. I had questions, and he had answers. We spoke at length about what I was looking for and what I expected. He helped me tremendously in making the final decision, and it was a great decision! The DAW is superb, I got my money's worth and more. I purchased a Core 2 Quad System that runs like a Motor City muscle car. It screams when it needs to and cruises when you want it to.

I highly recommend Woot Computers. As far as I'm concerned Wouter is the man! He knows his business, provides a quality product and most of all talks to his customers! I wasn't disappointed, and you won't be either. I am 100% satisfied!

Chas Bradbury
In The Motor City

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"I am a pro bassist with a new hat(Producing).
I have owned several computers all of which had some cons.With the purchase of a Woot Computer I can really,really say I am HAPPY !!! This is an AWESOME machine,It handles everything that I give it.The speed of the AMD is unreal and the price is made for the home and project studio owner.I think EVERYONE that is in the market for a "Real Machine" should try a Woot Computer !!!

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"Ok you want service and a superior product? You came to the right place. This is probably the best deal and service I have ever received from an internet business. The computer they built for me is absolutely perfect in every way. I don't have to worry about anything but making music! This box simply rocks!

Also they are very friendly and eager to help you in any way. You can tell they are passionate about what they do.


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"I bought a duo core rack mount DAW from Woot. I had bought another PC from the industry leader which frankly dissappointed me with it's ability to run Pro Tools. I returned it. Woot computers exceeded my expectations and gave me personalized attention meeting my exact needs. Customer service was second to none. I highly recommend that you give Woot Computers a call if your looking for a serious DAW at a very reasonable cost. "

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"Invoice No.: 107
Order No.: 36838104
Purchase Date: 06/21/2007

To Whom It May Concern,

I make it a personal policy not to give undeserved accolades but these positive comments are well earned.

This company met and then exceeded my expectations for what a company can do for its customers when it wants to. This company, WOOT COMPUTERS, has, at it's heart, a commitment to excellence, quality and professionalism that you rarely stumble upon in todays business climate. I purchased a new duo-core rackmount pc with 1 TB of storage and 3gb of ram for my music studio and am thoroughly impressed.

The windows tweaks to optimize audio are awesome. The system's speed is very impressive and stability is rock solid. Though I honestly had a few minor problems in the beginning, the customer service was very impressive to resolve all issues and I am truly a satisfied customer. I shopped carefully and got a terrific deal on a fantastic, dedicated music computer from an amazing company.

Woot Computers gets 5 stars all the way!

And no, just in case your wondering, I am in no way, affiliated with this great company although, if I could get some stock I bet it would be a great investment given this companies positively impressive business practices, honestly, if they ever go public, my suggestion would be to grab your checkbook, go to your broker, buy some shares and watch out.

This company will go to the top of their industry!

Thanks Again, Woot Computers! Happy New Year! Have a very successful 2008!

Sincerely, David W.

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"Excellent computer built for my studio, rock solid, no problems. Fast response for any questions asked. They earned a lifelong customer!

Shadowland Recording

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"This Company, Woot Computers ,built a Custom designed rackmount computer system for my Home recording studio. It has been the Best system I've ever owned and when I had a question they promptly got back to me and took care of business. I can't say enough about this Great Company. Thank you Woot Computers!
David Moore
owner, David Moore Music. Port Charlotte,Florida

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"Wouter built the Zalman cased DAW shown on his web site under "Building the Perfect Computer for You"; and, IT IS PERFECT. No scratches to the stunningly beautiful Zalman case, proper installation of the thermal distribution system, and proper tweeking of the OS for audio: I have used it with Cubase and Protools.

I got quotes from two other noiseless DAW builders and WOOT had the lowest price with absolutely no compromise to personal attention.

Thanks Wouter.

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