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Product & services pricing 5.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 7.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 6.67/10
Customer service: 6.67/10
Return/Replacement policy: 6.67/10
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Fender neck sidelined!?

"I listed a replacement Fender neck on for $75 +10 shipping. (I purchased the same neck, on the same site, for $50 more, four years ago). Reverb made their commission then, but removed my listing stating the neck was a knock-off, and that they “were protecting ME from Fender”...
I was informed via email, within which I was urged to respond. I did. Three times. I even called and spoke with Tyler, who promised to get back to me. Didn’t happen.

So the neck was “real” when I bought it for $125, but now it’s “fake”?
Basically, I was informed that I’d been duped on my purchase, while simultaneously having my credibility as a seller compromised. Thanks!
The most upsetting/unsettling part of this story is that the post was removed approximately 2 hours after posting. Now I have no idea exactly how many listings are currently on the site, or how many of those were listed today, but I DO know that it’s been well over 2 hours that my 4 attempts to communicate have gone unanswered.

For a website that claims to be about the “community” to such an extent, this level of customer service (lack there of) is absolutely pathetic.
By the way, I’ve prided myself on my 5 star feedback rating throughout my 65 sales over the years.

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"Never recieved my item. Reverb refuses to help my family out and will not offer a refund or do anything. After three months of hell we are not getting our money back. NEVER GOT THE ITEM"

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Don't use

"I wish I read these terrible reviews before purchasing off Reverb. I never received the pedal from the seller and he claimed that it was returned broken and that I should pay half the price of the returned goods..... Guessing that something dodgy was going on I said I would be happy to take the pedal in the condition it was in. Since then he has refused to get back in touch with me.

Reverb contacted the seller on my behalf and have not supported me. All they have done is say they will offer me 10 reverb bucks and if I don't accept it, the matter is considered closed.

Thanks a lot reverb, I am now $90 out of pocket and don't have anything to show for it.

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Never got my LP

"Was searching for a record that I have not seen in a long time found it on this website and ordered it. Never got the order it was sent to Texas and I live in Vermont. Of course they were like will refund your money but I don't want my money back what I wanted was the album. First time user not happy. I would not recommend buying from this site ever."

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False Advertising

"They are advertising brand new marshall 50th anniversary amplifiers for half the price they go for. When you add the products to your cart they instantly turn into a different product (one that is half the cost) and do not notify the buyer of the product change. You cannot even zoom in to get a clear view of the photo or description. I notified their team and they said that it is programmed that way by their backend team.

This is unacceptable.

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No seller protection

"Buyer lied to get me to take a vintage amp back. It took 10 days to get back to me. I had 24 hours to complete the refund and no recourse. Reverb was quick to tell me they'd like to help me, but there is nothing they can do. Stay away."

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2018-02-23 has been perfect. Never an issue with the marketplace. Some sellers are bad, same thing with any marketplace (Amazon, eBay etc)

"Never an issue with the marketplace. Some sellers are bad, same thing with any marketplace (Amazon, eBay etc). I would bet that most of the negative reviews on here are from eBay or Amazon corporate. Yes, competing businesses will wright and post negative reviews on competition they deem a threat.

Dirty business, definitely.

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Poor Customer Service by Reverb with Paypal

"I purchased a guitar on reverb. Guitar arrived but not as described by seller. Seller described it a Extremely Mint Condition. Guitar was missing the pick guard, had scratches on front, back, hairline crack on back of neck and damage to case. None of this was disclosed by seller. I filed dispute with Paypal and got email from Chris at Reverb. I responded to him, send email updates and called him twice but no response. Reverb cannot do anything for you if you purchase by paypal. "

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A éviter à tout prix

"Vendeurs inexistants, service après-vente médiocre. TRÈS MAUVAISE EXPÉRIENCE "

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Love Their Merchandise & Purchasing Experience

"From the online experience to finding what I wanted to buy to the process of purchasing to actually receiving the merchandise, I had a very smooth experience. On top of it, when the merchandise arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging and the quality overall. Now that I've ordered for myself, it's certainly something I'll keep in mind for gifts as well. "

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Easy platform, great customer service, & a huge range of buyers/sellers.

"I've been using Reverb for just under two years and have had nothing but excellent experiences. When I list items for sale, they sell quickly and the buyers are friendly and cooperative. I've purchased dozens of items and the buyers and the products (guitars, accessories, ukes, and more) were all great. I've never had an issue with a transaction so I've never had to contact customer service, but my friends who do lots of business on the platform have nothing but great things to say about the staff there - knowledgeable, friendly, patient. I would highly recommend if you're looking to buy or sell any range of music gear. "

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"So after checking a few listings and finding various issues with them one of them being two identically described instruments with different prices. I emailed the seller Quinn The Eskimo Brass and Winds to inquire. They found they had listed a new instrument incorrectly as used and promptly deleted the listing and relisted it for a much higher price. They still had a mismatch of the model and images on the used one which never got fixed and I decided not to pursue it as they told me the pictures are the determining factor which is not:
Indicated by Reverb
The P&P of other much larger online marketplaces.
Something I would want to debate with the seller and or Reverb given my own and others experiences as on seen resellersratings. If I were saved from a potentially costly mistake that also could negatively affect my rating I would be thanking the person and offering a discount at the minimum. Other issues are Winds101 listing Yamaha dead stock instruments (some so old you can't even find any documentation) as new, stating the lower than msrp price is the reason for the lack of warranty. Warranty costs are borne by the manufacturer not the seller. Reverb's policy clearly states that listings categorized as new must come with warranty. I inquired with Winds101 as to their status as an authorized Yamaha seller and never received a response. Unauthorized sellers are prohibited from selling offering a warranty and the manufacturer will not back one issued by unauthorized sellers. Authorized sellers typically are required to adhere to price and model year restrictions to be sold as new. Last but not least was a Japanese seller Product-value that was honest about the poor condition of the flute stating rust, scratches, dullness, and feelings of usage but has it listed it in the Excellent category I also noticed Quinn The Eskimo Brass and Winds has a much worse rating on eBay and that Winds101 states the same incorrect information on eBay as well and poses as a private seller on Kijiji (Canada's Craigslist). I asked Reverb several times to investigate, first they promise they will look into it but never got back to me. Then they can't find my emails and subsequent promises to investigate and follow-up were not done but they did take the time to block my IP address. Whenever I go to a page is displayed that is should only be displayed when you attempt to login unsuccessfully despite the fact I am not trying to login. I sent in a password reset request as per the page for a laugh and they did not respond. So I can't visit the site using my home connection directly. Others that have tried to get reverb to adhere to their published policy have met with similar treatment. There are easy work-arounds but its a moot point now. As in many cases these sellers have the same items on eBay if I really wanted to purchase one or more. I checked and they have not required the seller to correct the listings that are incorrectly categorized and contain false and incorrect information.

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Every time I’ve tried to post on Reverb the screen just goes all over the place.

"I use an iPad , like many others. Every time I try to post something I want to sell, it does not register . The screen will jump from one thing to another. I’ve been trying to post a simple ad for the past hour. I’m so frustrated. If there was any place to go, I would go elsewhere. Ebay is the alternative . Ebay has their Algorithms down pat, never a problem listing, but they take higher fees. At the end of the day, I’m going back to Ebay. Also Reverbs customer support is non existent. I see many others are having problems as well. They must think we are all idiots. The options they have pre programmed dong reflect what you’re trying to sell. The new LP section is so misleading.
If they don’t get their act together ,someone else will. I’m just looking now as I’m trying to just sent this review. What do I see come up. “ what do you want to sell “ Nothing to do with my review ...

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"I purchased a 1967 Gibson ES 345 from Eli's Gear & when I received the guitar it had been resprayed at some point. It had many finish "fisheyes" (looks like broken bubbles) in respray on the back. It also had 2 "inclusions" (foreign bodies) in the finish. Seller denies all. Sent highres. photos. Said to bad. Reverb requested photos, sent. They agreed bad guitar & said they'd take care. After one & half months: NOTHING. Now will not return calls. Beware of this group your NOT dealing with eBay baby! This group is BAD NEWS. Now I must get my attorney to see what he can do. Also, check them out on the web if you doubt me. As I said "BAD NEWS"! Larry G. Wilson, Oklahoma


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It's a great place to buy and sell

"I'm a buyer and a seller on Reverb, and I've had mostly great experiences. They do customer service better than anyone."

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