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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 5.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 3.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.00/10
Customer service: 1.25/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.88/10
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V good experience

"I am very sorry to read all the negative reviews and to know all the bad experiences other people had with RedBubble. In my case though, it was pleasant. I ordered on the 9th of September 12 stickers and a phone case through standard shipping and the estimated delivery time was between 17 and 20 September. The products arrived on the 19th of September, all the stickers in one package and the case separately. It was actually the first time I ordered something from abroad which arrived when they said it should. So no complaints for me. Also the products were just as I imagined them!"

Helpful Cool


Where are the items I paid for?

"I'll give you a clue, their not in my post box.
I've chased it up twice. First time they told me to wait longer before contacting them (even though it was past the estimated timeframe), second time they told me they'd reshipped them.
Now, assuming they arrive this time, they're going to be VERY late.
I am very disappointed.

Helpful Cool


Account suspended after I uploaded an ORIGINAL artwork that I created & OWN

"I created an account, uploaded an original artwork I had created (I have proof it's mine as it's on my website). Shortly after, my account was suspended for copyright infringement or some such nonsense.

Having done some research after this happened, I've found that there are MANY people who this has also happened to. Some of these people had uploaded many of their artworks, only to have their account suspended. It is thought that RedBubble continues to sell the artists' works without their knowledge, stealing from them. This has happened to some of the artists leaving reviews. I am so very thankful that I only uploaded one of my artworks.

One artist created a blog to warn people against RedBubble because they were outraged enough to do so (redbubble-scam.blogspot.com/). It's definitely worth a read and makes me question whether I'll hear back from RedBubble, and if I do, they'll probably just string me along for as long as they can.

Please also note the appallingly canned responses from RedBubble that are sent to people who rate them with 1, 2 or 3 stars on this website. They are desperately try to keep up their cracking image.

I'll be moving to one of RedBubble's competitors' websites, where, I have read, Customer Support treats you like a human-being. My hope is that people stop supporting the exploitative and fraudulent cesspit that is RedBubble, so it fades into oblivion.

Do not support RedBubble.

Helpful Cool


Mistreat their artists!

"Do not use redbubble if you want to support artists. They delete the accounts of any artists from third world countries deeming them as 'suspicious', I was discrimnated agaisnt because of my location, I never violated any of their policies. They refuse to reply to customer service emails, and continue to sell artists work without paying them. Do not support this company! "

Helpful (1) Cool



"I've ordered from Red Bubble 3 times now because I can get my grand-daughter's artwork on various items/products. The first time I ordered, I was not in a rush and everything was fine. The second time I ordered, I was in a rush and paid for express delivery. The product was delivered the very next day. Was quite pleased, quite satisfied. Based on that experience, 2 days later I ordered another item using express delivery. They promised the product would arrive within 2 days--barely within my needed timeframe. However, the product did not arrive until 6 days later. Their email and their rather sparse customer service (no live operators to talk to--just a chat line, which is an unacceptable level of service) promised delivery by the needed date. However, when looking further into their web site, they state that express delivery can take up to 6 days (and normal delivery up to 10 days). In this day and age, that is ludicrous. Plain old USPS priority mail is 2-3 days anywhere in the US. Express mail has to be better than USPS Priority Mail by definition. When I complained to their chat line representative, she did refund a small amount to me--the amount she claimed was the difference between standard and express delivery. I was please that she did refund the express delivery charge to me, but that does not make this company's level of service acceptable. If they can't do better, they need to shut their doors. "

Helpful Cool


Terrible experience

"Bought items on the 12th. Supposedly shipped the 15th. It is the 25th and until my chat today neither ups or usps recognized the tracking #. Now, 10 days after it shipped (according to them) UPS says it is awaiting the package from them for shipping. It never shipped, obviously. Have contacted them 6 times. They finally gave me my money back when I threatened a paypal dispute. I love the designs I bought and am sad they scammed me."

Helpful Cool


Didn't Deliver On Time & Horrible Customer Service

"I placed an order and paid for expedited shipping. The site gave me a guaranteed delivery date, but then they didn't ship it for 3 days so it arrived after the date I needed it and after the guaranteed delivery date. I contacted their customer service when I found out it wouldn't be here on time and they wouldn't issue a refund - even for the difference between standard and expedited shipping. Horrible experience; don't waste your money on this company."

Helpful Cool


Doesn't stand by own TOS

"I had my works taken down because I unknowingly used a tag that apparently sets off alarm bells. I appealed to them according to their instructions and provided a detailed explanation of the misunderstanding of their implication of copyright infringement. They responded after two months with another canned thing saying, essentially, "too bad, so sad". As I did not violate anyone's copyrights, they are not abiding to their own TOS and are thus a dishonest company, therefore I can't recommend them and I will be taking my designs elsewhere."

Helpful (1) Cool


deceptive advertising

"deceptive and false advertising. WEbsite states 50% off stickers. No where does it say that this discount only applies to small stickers. How hard would it be to put : "50% off small stickers". a disclaimer would help. Asked for refund, and the response was nonsense. They don't seem to read the complaint. "

Helpful Cool


Glorified Sheet

"I spent close to $200 for a completely empty and entirely sewn comforter. I have to unsew, stuff, and resew. That's an extra $150. I can sew. I could have done the same thing for 1/3 the cost and less hassle. NEVER AGAIN. customer service was Terrible too. Just a " oh too sad we screwed you"

Helpful Cool


Unacceptable and shockingly bad experience, customer service and product. No respect for loyal customers.

"I have been a very loyal and frequent customer since Feb. 2016 - I have placed ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-NINE ORDERS! These aren't cheap orders either, some orders have been over $700CAD, so I imagine I have given Redbubble over $10,000 at this point. Does Redbubble care? No! They will punish you for your loyalty. Out of my 129 orders, I have experienced a few issues, usually minor and solved quickly. However, my most recent experience has been nothing but stressful and infuriating. I have been lied to, mistreated, ignored and feel like I have been scammed. I ordered around 100 stickers and they arrived with extremely visible lines and the larger stickers looked like they had red ink dripped on them. I swear they do not have any quality control at all. REDBUBBLE - CHECK YOUR ORDERS BEFORE SHIPPING THEM OUT! I talked to 'Joel' on live chat and he forced me to take a picture of every single sticker and send it to him. This was a complete waste of time because in a follow-up email I was told because 'I've experienced this problem before', I would have to ship my order to another country. What?? I am being punished for their problem and for being a loyal customer. Surely - it's their fault that this has happened before? Right? I guess not. I was upset about this, but it was better than nothing. I asked if the replacement would be sent out soon as the order was shipped back to them and my question was ignored and was told that (in an email 12 hours later) "I can confirm that a replacement order would produce the same result. So, we would need to arrange a refund for the order." This is an absolute lie and I'm shocked that they think I would believe this. A majority of the stickers in this order have been ordered hundreds of times before - I know how they look when they're printed properly and I know it will not produce the same result. Are they going to drip red ink on my order again? No. I have told the customer service agent that I will not accept a refund and she has been ignoring my emails all day - despite responding quickly last night. I would suggest to potential customers to put your hard earned money into another company that respects you and your business, I wish I had done the same. Especially, now that prices have doubled since last year and they don't do additional discounts on stickers anymore. I'm paying more for worse customer service and terrible, terrible products."

Helpful Cool



"After a month, was told ALL of my items weren't available even though items were still "available" on their site. Got run-around from customer service email and online chat. My $ was refunded, but guessing they never planned on sending orders, rather make $ on interest while holding your $. Buyer beware."

Helpful Cool


Wrong Item, Wrong Delivery

"First, the time it took to receive this item was extraordinarily long. Second, they sent the wrong t-shirt. Third, while dealing with customer service I had to "prove" that I had received the wrong item (photo via email). I specifically instructed the CS dept. that the item was meant as a Christmas gift, and in order for the recipient to receive it, they had to ship it to a different address. The CS rep assured me that the "new" address was inserted.

Of course, it did not go there, but was sent to my home in MN to the original address. So not only did we not have a gift for the grandson, we then had to spend $8 to mail it to him after we got back home.

I will not do business with this company again, and will submit a complaint to Amazon, who provided a pass-thru payment service.

Helpful Cool


I had a great experience

"I don't understand the negative reviews. Maybe don't wait last minute for an order but I guess stay away from express shipping from what others say. Mine was shipped and arrived in 1 week. Great item, quality was amazing. Will gladly order again. Eashes a couple times and still like new"

Helpful Cool


Horrible delivery pretty good customer service

"I ordered a simple t shirt from red bubble during the first week of December, knowing that it would come just in time for Christmas. Unfortunately by the 19th the package still did not come and because they do not track international items I had no idea where mine was or if it even close to the Canadian border. I emailed the company and got a response back within 3 hours, and they told me to wait another week. After that week I emailed them again and got a quick response saying they have refunded my delivery fee and if I wait another week my package should arrive. Another week goes by NO PACKAGE!!! At this point I'm over the whole thing and just want my money back. Alothough redbubble does not have a telephone number they do have a live chat, so via there live chat I told them I wanted a refund. They did offer to resend my item but I was not about to wait another month for something that may never come. In the end they refunded all my money back to me, and although there delivery is complete ****, I will say there customer service gets 5 stars because they reply back to emails within hours and are ready with solutions. Never again will I order with redbubble!!!"

Helpful Cool

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