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"Placed an order for over $1300 in merchandise that came from 4-5 different Marketplace vendors (mostly what is offered on Rakuten is from 3rd parties). I realized this and ensured all had good ratings. One item remained in a "Processing..." state for over a week despite indicating it would ship in 1 day. I looked the vendor up (Click Go Buy) and noticed they had changed the price of the time from $444 to $599, higher than every other marketplace vendor -- clearly to prevent orders. I asked them why it had not shipped. No Response. I contacted Rakuten: They completely blew me off and told me to wait a few more days. I did, and Rakuten continued to tell me to wait. I tried contacting both Rakuten and Click Go Buy over 3 times each during 12 days initially to ask when it would ship and finally to request cancellation of the item and got NO HELP. I was only told to keep waiting. Meanwhile, their Credit Authorization on my card remained in effect so I could not simply just go buy it somewhere else. So, after another attempt to ask Rakuten to remove the item from the order (AND NO RESPONSE), I remembered getting the email from Google about "Trusted Store" etc. So I contacted Google. They indicated they would reach out to Rakuten and let me know in 3 business days. A fairly canned response from Google. 3 Days and nothing happened. On the 3rd day a Google Trusted Stores representative reached about to me to indicate he would be handling my case and that he had reached out to Rakuten. Within 2 minutes of getting Google's email, I get an email from Rakuten that they had cancelled the item. Wow, an email from Google and they did what they should have done (and Amazon would have done) initially. It is absolutely ridiculous it took this much effort to get a non-responsive marketplace vendor's item removed from my non-responsive Rakuten (Buy.com)'s order. Thank You Google! I sure hope this review helps someone avoid Rakuten. -- One other thing. There are several Marketplace vendors on Rakuten (that are also on Amazon) that shipped their items quickly and were responsive. But, if you have a problem? The above is what you have waiting."

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"Order was for 60 AA and 20 AAA batteries. NOTE: Refund was issued immediately after I posted this review."

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"Published 4 seconds ago
Terrible Communication

I was billed without the voucher code for £5 discount on orders over £30.

You have to follow a series of options to contact customer services and cannot reply when you get a message from them.

They acknowledged the problems they were experiencing with their voucher codes.

I couldn't cancel the order and was told to return goods at my own cost being threatened that the goods may get lost in the post.

The customer service isn't what it used to be when it was Play.com.

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"I ordered a mirror from Rakuten and the ad clearly stated it would ship in 7 days. It has been weeks and there is no shipment and no notification of shipment. when I complain to Rakuten, all I get are robo emails telling me to contact the seller. There is no way to contact the seller. This website appears to be a complete ripoff and I would warn other people to stay away! Rakuten is bad news. I wish I had read these reviews before I bought my mirror."

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"My Mini IPad 2 order from Rakuten was missing, the item cost me $375.63 , they send my parcel without signature confirmation, the shipper also provide dishonor tracking information, Rakuten had pusk away their responsibility to the shipper and unable to refund / replace my item. When i correspondence with their customer service, i did ask, why my item such as this high value ( $375.63 ) they never provide signature confirmation service, their answer is they only provide this service for the item above $400.00. This is the ridiculous explanation meant to me. This is the most HORRIBLE experience in my online shopping company. I am strongly advise, think wisely before purchase from them again. "

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"Fraudulently advertised Brother Toner Cartridges, when in fact I received unbranded counterfeit cartridges. Rakuten claimed it's just a storefront, and this was the supplier (OW Supplies) responsibility. Trouble is, OW Supplies did not answer queries from either Rakuten or me in over 2 weeks. Rakuten eventually refunded the purchase price, but I wasted over 3 weeks and several hours with emails trying to straighten this out. Rakuten stonewalled my request that it send me genuine Brother cartridge(s) and then get OW to make good."

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"This company was my most horrible experience on online shopping, i brought an IPad Mini 2 from them. The cost is above $375.63. The used Fedex to ship my item and they never provide signature confirmation on these such expensive item, the Fedex did claim i was unavailable at home twice and their second attempt the tracking information show the item was left in my front door. On the delivery status information, Fedex twice attempt i absolutely at home, but i their records their upload the information i was not available at home. I have an app to notify me once those of all my purchases when delivered. i received the deliver alert via apps, and found there is no parcel at my front door or even my mail box I call to Rakuten, firstly the customer representative said i will get replacement within one or two days and email me the status. I been waiting their further email confirmation, and finally i got a reply from Rakuten they was unable to refund me or get me a new replacement, they show me the delivery records from Fedex, i told them the tracking information is ridiculous, but their ignore my feedback. I am very frustrated on this Rakuten, this is the most not reliable and non responsible company amount all my shopping companies, i won't buy any single item from RAKUTEN again"

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"Bought "new"Seidio holster. It broke 1st day. Their response was they are a mall with a lot of sellers. Have not heard from real seller and doubt I ever will. Avoid this site!!!"

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"I ordered something and it was cancelled on their end with no explanation. Now a week later and probably 15+ emails, I still have yet to be refunded, or even talk to someone other that an automated response email. I don't know what their deal is, but this is really unbelievable."

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"I ordered an iphone 5 from this website. after 19 days using the phone, it stopped charging. I thought it was because of the cable so i change to use a different one. Still, don't see the light coming. when it was out of battery, I couldn't turn it on ever. i contacted with my seller to demand a refund. however, they were really irresponsible and didn't give me the detail to return the phone. Hence, i contacted the customer support, they told me to talk with my seller. @@
I don't know what's going to happen but I have the feeling I will lose all my money for this useless phone.

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I paid for 2 sets of knives back in mid January. Took about a week or so to get my order - only to find out only ONE set shipped, and I was charged for both sets. SO, I emailed their customer service and was told that my order shipped for a 3rd party site (aSavings) and they would be in contact with me within 3 days to resolve. Still waiting for that email, and cannot find a way to contact aSavings directly. So, today I emailed Rakuten again to let them know. This is absurd. This was the first and the last time I will ever order from them.

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"Looking for a fulfillment center we decided to call Rakuten to see if they could help. Three telephone calls later we set up a time to video chat and speak about prices. The time came and went so we called again. The needed a few more days to quote us. They set another time to video chat to go over the prices line by line. I am pretty sure I am capable of reading a quote by myself. I was then informed that they do not ship to businesses. I can sell my product to a persons home but not to a person at their business. I happened to have an email from an account rep at Rakuten Japan and he says that is nonsense.
Very amateur staff they have. I know that my account rep is a new employee. If not they need some serious training.

I was willing to ship 2 skids to them to test their service. They made it impossible for me to use them. Plus they mentioned that they need a $1000 deposit to start. To start what? Start talking to them or to get pricing.

A company should never put hurdles in the way of potential client. Customer service is a dying art.

Still looking for a fulfillment company.......

Brad Eaves

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"I need to change the delivery address after placing the order. Contacted the shop directly (call & email) unfortunately nobody pick up.
Wrote to Rakuten and this is what I get:

'Here at Rakuten, we provide a marketplace for sellers to open their shop.
The sale of products are managed by each store individually, therefore regarding your query please contact the shop directly. "

I try my luck by canceling the order even though I have received the order confirmation.
I only received the order cancellation email after a month. Good thing is they didn't charge my CC but totally a bad experience.

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"Place an order for a computer, I had a 2 day shipment, it will be 7 days now- still waiting. I emailed them and they responded asking me to track my order on the link.
They refuse to answer my question.

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"Expect a payment authorized on your account. And then it disappeared. Free shipping is 3-10 business days.. it will be processed 2-4 days then they take the money from your card. The tracking on my shipping is still not showing . So it's still processing 5day and Counting they took the money and its still in southern california ..lol..
so if it's worth the wait and you have the patience it's probably worth It.. Its just a bad way of doing business

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