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Credit Card account stolen and wrong product send

"This company is terrible, my account was hacked after using it with them, and in addition they sent the wrong product."

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Buyer beware

"Selling items via a market place is a major responsibility.This company does not have customer service via phone, only email. The item i purchased was being shipped by another company. I checked this companies website and behold it states they do not even carry this item. Rakuten directed me to this company and their customer service, which btw was insane. Waiting an hour just to speak with someone who then proceeds to tell lie after lie."

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VERY Poor Service

"I ordered a Chicken Coop from them. Though the order was acknowledged on their web site, the ONLY emails I got and keep getting are marketing emails (So I know they have my correct email). After a week I got onto their web site and FINALLY found where I could check on the order. All it said was "cancelled." No explanation and certainly no communication!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will NEVER order from this place again!

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Customer "NO" Service

"I attempted to order from a market place seller thru Rakuten. I changed my address before submitting my order, but Rakuten gave the old address to the seller. When I notified both Rakuten and the seller of the error, they both told ME to contact THEIR carrier and have the package re-routed. There was no offer of help from either. UNBELIEVABLE. I have never had such poor customer service in my life. I will NEVER shop with Rakuten again."

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Sneaky. Lies. Refuse to honour points or reply. DO NOT USE!

"Rakuten will promise to give you "super points" however you will not get these immediately and when you do ge them they will sneak them in without letting you know and then they expire them within 2 weeks! Tell me how is anyone supposed to know they have points awarded to them if they are not made aware and when you go to check them (under a month later) you find out they have expired and they refuse to re-instate them. To make matters worse they refuse to reply to emails so you have to keep sending them emails but they just stop replying eventually which is frustrating.

The only reason I used them was because they were offering these super points which made the product cheaper overall.

Bottom line: I WISH! I WISH! I had read about them first. DO NOT TRUST, for your own sake!

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"Fast shipping and merchandise sent earlier than expected, received before the expected shipping date. Cheap prices for brand name merchandise. Bought a Sony Movie Projector. Would order again. Have told friends about it."

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Can't buy if you can't login!

"Haven't been able to login for 3-months. They don't respond to emails and their phone customer service is abysmal. How they stay in business is beyond me. Sure miss buy.com that's for sure."

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Pathetic Customer Service

"Sure wish I would have read these reviews before purchasing recliner chairs from Rakuten. Took months to finally get them and then when received found that one of the chairs was a used returned item sent to fill the order. Now it is defective and Rakuten nor Casabellalife will honor the warranty. Definately avoid this company at all costs. I guaranty you will regret it. "

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"Recently ordered a Laptop battery and a new laptop charger. The battery came from SHIVNET and the charger come from BESTDEALSTORE, both were wrong. I have faxed them and E-mailed them with zero response, BestDealsStore, did e-mail me back and wants pictures and the reason they/I made a mistake. I have offered to pay for the shipping back, I am still waiting for something??? This is a total purchase of UNDER $35.00, what would they do with something big????"

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"Hello after buying a high end GPU costing £300 for new pc build that cannot work without a gpu. the gpu turned up faulty the customer service team did not care and refused to replace and also refused to refund me my money back even though I sent the gpu back to them for inspection. They had the gpu and my money Every time I phoned them in good faith they talked to me as if I was lieing to them 23 phonecalls over 5 months I'd speak to a different person who had no clue where my gpu or £300 was. In the end I said I was gonna call the police and suddenly Rakuten reluctantly refunded my money. I was a GENUINE customer who had a faulty product. The customer service team is an absolute joke and such disgusting behaviour from Rakuten in general I will never never shop there again and will share my experience with other people and tell them never buy from Rakuten."

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"Never buy anything here again. The worst shopping place I ever seen! I even don't know how to find my recent order or cancel or confirm order, just 1 small order but tons of delivery fee, COD fee...What the fuckkkk"

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"Simply put:
1. Slow shipping -- took 2 weeks to start the shipping process and another 2 weeks to arrive.
2. Rakuten NEVER respond to emails -- you can request email all you want but you are NOT going to receive a response.
3. All the reviews posted on their website are FAKE. You can't edit or post additional reviews on their website.
4. If you bought something not as described, or never received, you are ON YOUR OWN. You'd better start contacting your payment bank and file a charge back.

Based on the above facts you should have a good reason to believe they are scammers.

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"Prior to Christmas, I ordered a refurbished laptop from Rakuten.com with nice advertised performance at reasonable price, as a gift for my teenage daughter. While the order came late (after Christmas), the biggest disappointment happened after opening the box. The computer was the right brand, but it was not the computer I ordered. The one I received has much lower performance, and some advertised hardware is missing all together. Rakuten.com advertising “Marketplace Guarantee” for up to $500 purchase price refund, with detailed directions to that link if there is something wrong with the order, but I attempted to utilize this option, the link was nowhere to be found. All four emails sent to the company within last 10 days were ignored, even though they advertising to respond to any email within 1 business day."

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"Order Goods on the 7th Dec. No goods have arrived. Have contacted them 4 times, even copied in the UK CEO and still nothing. Such appalling service. Am now reporting them to trading standards. Will never use, will never recommend."

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"I purchased a clock. The item that I received was previously used with scratches and cracks. I tried to contact Rakuten and I sent them two emails without any response from them. I will never buy anything from this site."

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