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Rating 2/10

"So I made the mistake of ordering brake pads in August "special order" and even added a drop-ship fee because I needed them for a track event at the end of September, I only did so because I had received similar parts previously. Scheduled ship date on the website was 09/09 which would have worked out fine. About a day after the scheduled ship date passed I emailed a follow up and was advised they were now to be an end of OCTOBER ship date. Now the site appears unavailable, both phone #'s on their previous emails are no longer active, and neither Stella nor Paul have replied via email so I have to assume they have closed their doors. This is good for anyone looking to buy parts and receive them without pain, bad for me as unless I see some signs of life from them, it appears as though I will have to contest the charges with my CC company."

Rating 4/10

"I ordered a trailer hitch accessory from Race-Mart that was clearly labeled "This is a special order item." The accessory arrived promptly but unfortunately doesn't fit my needs. I called to arrange to return it and was told it wasn't returnable because it was a special order. The (somewhat brusque and unpleasant) gentleman I spoke with correctly said that the special order policy was clearly spelled out in the Terms and Conditions and he is correct. My complaint is that the non-returnability should have been noted on the page describing the item: "This is a special order item and is non-returnable" would suffice. "

Rating 2/10

"Special Orders are not So Special

Ordered a part on a Monday with 2 day shipping so I would have by Friday so I could tow a trailer I rented for the weekend. I received a tracking number that said my shipment was sent. Then when I check the tracking number the following day it says that it is on it's way to Vermont! So I call their customer service and they proceed to tell me they mixed up the orders and they were sorry they sent the wrong tracking number. So I explain I need the part by Friday - will that be a problem? The fellow I talked to said no, you ordered it in enough time and based on your order it will be there by Friday. So the next day I get another email that has the same exact tracking number as the item that went to VT, but now it's on its way to my address, but will not arrive until Tuesday. Wait - I need it Friday and was assured it would be there by then. So I emailed back to cancel the order because on Thursday I found a company that would send it overnight to be at my home by Friday. The SPECIAL ORDER cop out is dumb. If you order from this company make sure you have a lawyer on retainer to read all the pages of fine print. There is nothing special about it. The company has no customer service skills or compassion. If you do order from this company, use American Express so if you are dissatisfied you can dispute the charge and they will credit your account. They have a horrible rating on the BBB! It seems like they love disputing all of thier horrible reviews on various websites. Maybe if they paid more attention to shipping and quality control instead of responding to all of the one-star ratings then maybe the BBB would recognize them as a credible company.

Rating 2/10

"The truth shall set you free. I checked the box agreeing to race marts terms, because you cannot proceed to checkout without doing so. I did not read the terms, I accept my fault in doing so.
Luckily my story isn't one of major expense like so many others on here. But, I learned the same lesson as everyone else, doing business with race mart is bad business.
I purchased 4 packages of ARP bolts (6/2) because they were $1.00/pkg cheaper than any competitor. (6/3) I called Paul because I hadn't received a shipping confirmation email and pending shipment would be (6/30). He told me I didn't check "drop ship" and would change the order to ship from manufacturer for an additional $5.00. (6/5) still no shipping email, called "customer service" back and once again Paul answered. I requested cancellation and to be refunded my money. He told me my request couldn't be fulfilled because it already shipped and should be here (6/6). (6/10) Still no shipping email and still pending shipment on (6/30). I call "sales" Stella Fink answers and I request my refund. I must request it in writing via email. I did so, and called me back saying my request can't be completed because they already shipped and that she would email me the tracking number. Also told her I wanted to return them then, which she later replied via email that, and I quote: "the ARP fasteners 644-1500 you ordered had to be ordered and dropped shipped directly from ARP. Their policy does not allow returns for special drop ship orders. They are being delivered today." Meaning im stuck with this purchase. I finally received a shipping email the day of delivery.
The fact that the only two people I spoke with during my 5 phone calls share the same last name is no coincidence! Everything I have written is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Your move Finks

Rating 2/10

"I got taken by this guy to, 16 million dollars worth of inventory! But everything is clearly marked special order, lol. The product I purchased was not marked special order, he claims it is, going 2 months still not delivered, at one point he said it was backordered from the manufacture, I called the manufacture, they said they the part was ready available. I ordered the part from Amazon and got in 5 days, a little advice to Mr. Fink, when you have that many compliant against you on every review site including the BBB, there may be something wrong with your business practices. You will evenly fail if you piss off every customer you ever had. "

Rating 2/10

"Back in January I ordered a pair of KONI 1244SP1 tube shocks for a 1969 MGC. Just to make sure I got the right part for this antique car I took the step of actually calling Racemart and speaking to Paul and explaining what I wanted. I specifically told him that they were for the front of the car (the MG uses lever arm shocks at the rear).

After waiting over 2 months for the shocks to arrive, when they arrived I opened the box I found a pair of rear shocks Exactly the thing I specifically said I didn't want.

I spoke to Paul to arrange a return and the guy flat out lied about our previous conversation saying that I had ordered rear tube shocks for a car that does not have them, I would avoid this vendor at all costs. They have no product knowledge and are not above lying to cover their mistakes. I only wish I had found this review site before I had dealt with this company.

Caveat Emptor

Rating 2/10

"Race-mart sucks! I paid for 4 bolt main caps that were "special order" but got bogus shipping date the first one was two months from payment and when I contacted them when it was supposed to be shipped they pushed it another 3 months. Bs!! Can't give back money because the order was placed? Production hasn't starded wtf? I can understand if it was made but it's not! Paid October 2nd not expected to ship February 27 Butler performance is getting my business from now on."

Rating 2/10

"First, congratulate yourself if you've found this review site before you completed your order with Race-Mart. You're doing your due diligence before you deal with a deplorable online retailer. Read through all the reviews, stand in awe of their sheer number and almost ubiquitous disapproval, and then proceed to make an informed decision about whether or not you will do business with this company.

Personally, I count myself in the same lot as the legion of disappointed customers. I called Paul with an urgent request for a clutch kit to replace my broken clutch. I asked, quite clearly and repeatedly, if said clutch kit included a throwout/release bearing. Paul assured me that it did and could ship that day or the next (9/4 or 9/5). Trusting Paul, I committed to the order, expecting a tracking number before the weekend. After several calls to him, another female employee, and several emails, I finally received a tracking number that following Monday (9/8). The kit soon arrived without the throwout bearing. After a couple of indignant conversations with Paul, he refused to admit that he had told me that the throwout bearing was included with the kit. Even worse, he refused to make it right by shipping me a new throwout bearing, citing that "he doesn't carry that part." I sent him a part number and a supplier's website on which to order it in hopes that he would make things right with me, but again he refused. He later sent me a link to an Ebay retailer, telling me that I could buy the part myself.

This company displayed a complete lack of customer service, paying no mind to the satisfaction of their customer and acting in a way that could reasonably be interpreted as fraudulent. Realize that my experience with them is my own and that yours may be different. However, if you take the time to read Paul's responses to the complaints on this site, you'll see that his priority is to acrimoniously save face rather than make the customer happy. If you feel that, after reading this and other reviews, you should do business with this company, please understand that you are doing so at your own personal and financial risk. Paul will likely write something in response to this review explaining that this EXACT part number shipped from the manufacturer with the EXACT parts that the kit was supposed to contain, which is absolutely true. However, he misled me about the contents of the kit when we first spoke and then was unwilling to help in any way once I expressed my discontent to him. No company should operate with such a complete disregard for their customer's satisfaction and expect to remain in business.

Rating 2/10

"The first time I ever had a problem with a company ! These guys are the pits..I purchased a Lunati Cam kit on 6/18...six days later I called to return it and get a RMA from them. They said they would e mail it. When I called back because I didnt get the RMA...they said its past 10 days. Their policy states NO RETURNS AFTER 10 days..They stalled the RMA and STUCK me for $400.00 !"

Rating 2/10

"I asked if he (paul) had some 5th wheel jacks in stock the answer was "YES they are in stock" this was 6-9-14. I explained to him that he was a little more expensive then other places but since he had them in stock I'll order them. 3 days later the order is still pending shipping when asked why it was because they were on back order when asked what happen to the parts in stock when I oirder them I got the excuse of "we must of sold them before your order was processed" Date of when to expect the order to be shipped 7-7-14. I request to cancel my order and Stella said " I'll have to ask my management" no response. I had my credit card company reject the payment on 6-25-14 got some other brand jacks before 7-4... Now on 7-19 I get an email stating the parts have been shipped (7-20 is a sunday) so 7-21 i told paul not to ship because I won't pay for something that was misrepresented his response was this is a special order item please refer to or return policy which states no refund.. I called fedex and found that fedex hasn't even picked up the order yet on monday afternoon. bottom line Race Mart will lie to you about the what they have in stock!!! They will lie to you about inquiring a refund!!! and they will lie to about when they do ship something. ps trying to be coy the changed the order number yes paul you got caught"

Rating 2/10

"Like all the other negative reviews we ordered a standard off the shelf item. They gave us bogus shipping dates. Well they will say that I agreed to this and it is a special order item. Well everything they sell is special order. Not filling an order and keeping the money is fraud."

Rating 2/10

"Sold and charged for an item that wasn't in stock. Pending ship date showed on the status after that was 3 weeks out. Came and went, I emailed twice, and called twice trying to find out what happened. Third call resulted in a report of it being at least a month out, so I asked for a refund. They stated to send an email to process refund, that was 4 business days ago now, and still nothing. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Update 05/26/14-
I mistakenly entered the wrong order number...mine was 31812, and has never shipped, nor have I ever received a refund (receiver hitch). Complaints opened with BBB and my credit card company. Was due to ship on 05/02/14.


Rating 2/10

"My order did NOT match the description. Was told I would receive a "Same day response" and have been waiting for 3 days now, and still waiting. My car is still in pieces waiting for the parts I was told were included in my purchase, forcing me to find other means of transportation. When I do talk to someone, they are quick to push you off the phone and are little to NO help. The items they DID decided to put in the box came rather quick."

Rating 2/10

"These people are the worst!!!! They are the kind of e-commerce scum that lure you in with low prices and claims of the items being in stock when they have zero stock and are run out of a living room. Then they have a clever "agreement" which you must click on which states, way down at the bottom, that the item you are trying to purchase is a special order item and can take over 3 weeks to get even though you can walk to any store and buy a dozen of them. By the way, right after I got off the phone with Paul who was very rude and told me these spark plugs are very rare and special order only I checked with several other online shopping places and were able to order them immediately and they are already on the way with a tracking number. I urge you, don't walk away, RUN away from these clowns!!!! I buy almost exclusively online and I am happy to say that most e-commerce sites aren't preditory like these vermon. So go somewhere else, anywhere else!!!! Also don't be fooled by Paul's slick response to every bad comment. Ask yourself, what is the chance that EVERY bad experience is the fault of the customer? If you take Paul's responses at face value he is as pure as the driven snow. Not a single Oops, or my bad, always it's the customer that is wrong. Sure that could be the case some of the time BUT NEVER ALL THE TIME!!!! This guy and his merry band of theives are laughing all the way to the bank. EVERYTHING they sell is ordered and drop shipped. This can sometimes be a benefit IF the company also has good customer service which this scam club obviously does NOT have. "

Rating 2/10

"On 2.25.14 I spoke with Paul Fink looking for a set of stainless steel headers for my 1966 Vette. I explained that I recently ordered a stainless steel set for the C2 Vette from another manufacturer but they did not fit my application. They bolted to the heads OK, spark plug installation was OK, but could not connect to the exhaust pipes because the collectors were within 2" of the vertical face of the floor pan. I returned the headers, receiving a refund less a 15% restocking charge. (I should add that I received a refund even though I returned the headers 7 months after purchase.) Paul said he has a set of headers manufactured by Heddman, p/n 62300, that are made for the C2 Vette. I specifically asked Paul if the headers were returnable if they did not fit. His exact word was "absolutely". He made no mention of the return policy of 14 days after order and a 25% restocking charge. I ordered the headers which were not in stock but were shipped directly from Heddman. I received them on 3.5.14.

Opening the shipping box I noticed that the overall length of the headers was shorter, so I unwrapped only the driver's side and bolted it to the head. Then I noticed two problems;(1) Could not install 2 spark plugs and (2) the top of the collector was within 1/16" from the bottom of the oil filter, which would cause added heating of the oil.

I sent an email to Paul explaining the problems. He responded that the headers are designed to be used with the factory straight plug heads that originally came with the car. Changing to angle plug configuration has caused the problem. He further said that these headers will fit GM aluminum angle plug heads and they are correct fitment for the vehicle. As for closeness to the oil filter, he suggested installing a Trans-Dapt #1122 Single Filter relocation kit.

I responded via email that at the time of order Paul made no mention of the fact that these headers would not fit angle plug heads. Secondly, had he mentioned Race-Mart's draconian 14 day return policy and 25% restocking charge, I most likely would not have placed the order. I also advised that while I was not happy with the 25% restocking charge, I would pay it in order to recoup some of my money. I also advised that if he could locate asset that would fit my application, I was willing to buy it and would pay the difference in cost. I asked for a return authorization number. Paul responded by email stating "Draconian or not those are our terms and you agreed to them." I responded that he should be more honest since he never said anything about the terms. In hindsight I should have asked about the return policy, but I assumed that Race-Mart's return policy would be similar to other performance parts manufacturers and distributors, ie.Summit-90 days; JEGS-1 year; Stainless Works-30 days; Holley Products-90 days. I never heard anymore from Paul.

I will never order any parts from Race-Mart again and at our next club meeting I will tell everyone about my bad experience. I am now out $725.81. This company doesn't know the meaning of customer service. I sure wish I would have read the reviews before ordering.

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