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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 7.30/10
Chance of future purchase: 9.64/10
Shipping & packaging: 9.46/10
Customer service: 9.73/10
Return/Replacement policy: 9.58/10
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Amazing company, amazing products.

"I have purchased PCs from Puget for years and they are absolutely fantastic - quiet, fast, reliable - and the service is top notch. I'm committed for life."

Helpful Cool


Good Systems, Great Customer Service

"My studio purchased a high-end workstation for post production color & visual effects about 8 months ago from Puget.

The system itself was exceptionally well built, performs up to expectations, and runs nearly silent even under heavy workloads (seriously, if you're on the fence about the extra sound conditioning option, just do it, it's the best I've ever heard). They also provided extensive documentation, testing reports for every component in the workstation, and even a very entertaining IR heatmap of thermal distribution inside the case.

I have lots of experience building my own PCs, so if they just sold a well built machine I wouldn't have that much to say about Puget. What's really impressive has been the customer service:

1.) Puget runs verifiable tests for many of their components, published on their blog, so you have realistic expectations for the price / performance ratio of build options. Even if you don't buy from Puget this is a great resource.

2.) Sales department was very helpful during our purchase and had no problem accommodating multiple customization requests that were not available from their online configuration system, even down to my preferred wiring layout for power delivery.

3.) When we had a component die on us after half a year of use, Puget immediately responded to the issue with a very reasonable "common-sense" verification of the problem (i.e. trusting my testing & diagnosis instead of making me run through generic steps in a support manual). Within 2 business days they'd sourced a new part that wasn't even in their inventory and had it overnight to my office, and we were back up and running.

Things break, it happens with all tools, but I haven't heard of another OEM or system integrator who provides this level of service.

Helpful Cool


Second Puget System I purchased.

"Excellent advice. Excellent performance so far. The combination of the best components and knowledgeable slaes advice produced a system which does everything I need in my photography. I truly believe it will be a system that stands the test of time."

Helpful Cool


Repeat Buyer Hoping to Buy Again

"Great customer service and, of course, the best computers ever. Thank you, Puget! Hope to buy another down the road."

Helpful Cool


Everything about Puget has impressed me

"I called and got a human (Jeff) who not only spent time with me, but knew exactly what I was asking and was incredibly knowledgeable. I was looking to move away from my aging Mac Pro to a faster machine for photo editing. Puget had all the stats and explained not only what I needed, but why I needed it. I had done a lot of research beforehand. They corroborated what I already knew and even had more data to add.

Puget is incredibly communicative during the build process, I always knew what was going on with the build and, for the most part, during shipping - FedEx leaves a lot to be desired.

I was concerned about how quiet the machine was going to be and they assured me that it would be almost silent (aside from the heavy duty graphics card I chose) even though they don't use liquid cooling in the configuration I ordered. They weren't kidding. It's actually quieter than the Mac Pro, which is incredibly quiet.

So far, I couldn't be happier with the buying experience and with the machine I purchased. I'm still loading all my data on to the machine, and I'm looking forward to getting some high-speed editing done soon.

Thanks, Puget!

Helpful Cool




Helpful Cool


Quality Computers

"This is our 5th computer from Puget. Very satisfied!"

Helpful Cool


Consistently excellent

"This is the fifth computer I've bought from Puget, starting in 2011. They've always been great through the whole lifecycle: configuration, attention to detail during build, testing, and support. I had a couple of small issues this time, and they resolved both quickly and well. "

Helpful Cool


Great performing PC with great support

"I requested a custom delivery date, they delivered just as promised with no extra charges.
Whenever I call support I get somebody who understands PCs, is willing to talk, and who i can understand. no script kiddies here, just real live professionals.

Helpful Cool


My Go To Computer Builders

"I've use Puget for many many years and have gotten several computers from them. Never had a problem."

Helpful Cool


Excellent Service and Equipment

"This is the second high-end computer I have purchased from Puget Systems. There is a reason for that, they excel in what they do. I wanted a high-end system for gaming, graphics and photography that was quiet and had low power consumption. My custom system did all that. They did everything I asked for, even pre-wiring the box for my current data drive so didn't have to tie the cables in with the others. They are very good at keeping you up to date about the status of your order. The information is updated on your account page. They even provide photos of all the BIOS settings for reference. I even asked them to ship my order so it would arrive on a certain day and they did that. I have no complaints about them and nothing but positive things to say. They were even much faster assembling, testing and shipping my order than I though possible. I received it 2 weeks before I really expected it.

They provide a nice manual for your system, a backup USB and your software disk.

Service is great. I shipped my 2+ year old system back for repair of a problem I couldn't fix myself and it only cost me shipping to them.

If you want a custom system from a company that really cares about what they do and give great service, go with Puget. I can't recommend them highly enough, my next custom PC will be a Puget PC.


Helpful Cool


Otustanding service every step of the way!

"They promptly responded to my questions and preemptively checked to see how things were running regularly. "

Helpful Cool


A happy customer

"It was a pleasant experience from specifying a system to receiving it and setting it up.
The communication with my sales person was excellent and the build was done in a professional manner. It was nice to be able to track the progress of the build on their website.

Helpful Cool


Monster Truck PC

"The computer Puget Systems built for me is a beautiful monster. The customer service has been impeccable even a year after my purchase. I am now adding two more Titan GPUs and Puget Systems is sending me another custom GPU brace for the expansion which they had already pre-wired for me in the original build. After building PCs on my own in the past, it was a great experience to have professionals give me advice and help build out a beautiful, solid, fast and reliable machine. Even under the hood, the cable management is efficient and clean.

I depend on my computer everyday for my work and choosing Puget Systems has been a pleasure and worth while investment.

Helpful Cool


Amazing Quality and Customer Experience

"I have purchased many computers, both for myself and for companies that I worked for. I have also built a few computers with parts from Fry's and other places. The experience I had with Puget Systems was so far above and beyond my previous experience it is like Puget Systems is in another league.
My experience starting with initial contact with Jeff Stubbers, all the way to final delivery of the system exceeded all my hopes. The quality of service was amazing. As I ordered the system, Jeff Stubbers helped me to optimize my order and I settled on a Spirit computer with some components selected based upon my planned use. After I placed the order, I had a few more questions, which Jeff Stubbers answered quickly via e-mail. I planned to add a 1TB HD and an SSD to the system after I received it, and Jeff gave me good support for that approach by explaining exactly how the drive trays would be configured in the Spirit Computer
The Spirit computer that I received was excellent. Clearly it was made with care with the best components. I am very impressed with the quality of the entire system. In addition, I received all the test reports and Bios images necessary to confirm that everything was working well and I could roll the system back to starting conditions if necessary.
I highly recommend Puget Systems for any PC purchase anyone is considering.

Helpful Cool

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