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    Product & services pricing Rating 4.17/10 4.17/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.86/10 2.86/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 5.83/10 5.83/10
    Customer service: Rating 3.75/10 3.75/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 4.00/10 4.00/10
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Rating 8/10

Ashley of public storage excellence in customer service

"My U-Haul truck broke down while I was attempting to clear out my storage unit of most of the items and attempts to move into a house I was stuck at public storage for over 2 hours this location closes at 9 p.m. at around 9:01 p.m. the on-site property manager came into the unit and explain to us at the property closes at 9 p.m. and asked us to please leave we told her the situation that we are in and she was extremely kind and allowed myself and the people who with me to continue cleaning out of my storage unit this is only one instance where this company has gone out of its way to ensure my happiness if you need a place to store your extra items I highly suggest Public Storage on Clearview Parkway"

Rating 2/10

Public Storage

"In July, i rented a 20602 gulf get webster Texas public storage. When the hurricane happened, all the stored items were damaged. After this i applied for insurance. The insurance company that I was directed to by the storage company was Orange Door. They still didnt pay for the damages. They always embroider me. Never trust this public storage and orange door.


Rating 2/10

No REAL Customer Service

"First of all, the facility on 17208 Halsted in East Hazel Crest, IL has shortened their gate hours, making it inconvenient for people that work during the day. I can only go to my storage unit on the weekend. Secondly, the storage fee keeps going up every 2-3 months. Also, I just had an issue where I tried to pay my bill online and accidentally put in the wrong account number and when I called the facility, the person on the phone told me that as long as I didn't get a rejection, it went through and everything is okay. Well it wasn't okay and I tried to tell her that. So I was charged a $25 late fee and a $25 cancelled check fee. The customer service dept. is hard to reach and when I finally did reach them, they were no help. The district manager cannot be reached either. I am currently looking for another facility to store my belongings."

Rating 2/10


"The absolute worst experience I've had with a business. Over the last 15 years I've use the service for both long & short term without incident. I rented a unit on 8/23/17 but got into an accident (my car was totaled) before I could move in. 8/25/17 they put a lock on my empty unit & deactivate my gate code without my knowledge. A week later I was about to arrange to move my things in. I explained to management what happened; I requested it would be taken into consideration & extend my tim by the week. They refused. I contacted HQ they referred me back to the insensitive manager who demanded the prorated cost of the week or that I move out by 8/23. When you put profits over people you won't be around long...

Rating 2/10

Worst customer service!

"Have had one problem after another, from storage room for being broken, gate code not working, approximately 30 phone calls from facility asking me to pay the rent 2 weeks before it was due. Even calling my emergency contact regarding the rent that wasn't due yet... Customer service twice forwarded me to their manager who never answered or returned calls. I have never felt so compelled to review a company. Do yourself a favor and find a different storage facility! "

Rating 2/10

I DO NOT Recommend Public Storage!!

"I DO NOT recommend Public Storage. They **** you in with the cheapest rates and then you will get an email about 4 months later saying your rates are going up. I rented a 10 x 10 unit for $47/month and received an email from corporate 4 months later that I'm now going to have to pay $55/month. When I spoke to the office manager they said corporate is who decides on rate changes so I called corporate to complain. The lady on the phone listened to my compliant and told me to hold because her manager wanted to speak with me. I waited 2 more minutes for her to transfer me back to customer service!! I was so mad and ended up getting transferred to someone's voicemail which I NEVER got a returned call. I will be cleaning out my unit and letting everyone know how they do business. What awful customer service!"

Rating 2/10

Worst experience of any storage EVER! Zero star rating!

"I would not even give one star if it were possible. Past the damage and pest issues...It is astonishing how these business practices can be legal. This property is poorly managed and they do everything they can to over-charge the customer. Our rate went up each year that we were renting from them until it was well over the actual listed price for the unit. We fully expected a rate increase to occur annually however we never expected to be price gouged. When questioned, the staff only passed the buck for months. Finally after demanding that they address the issue we were given (the run around yet again) a phone number to call only to leave four messages and after more than a week we had no return call. When I was finally able to speak to the management I was told that new customers are given better rates than loyal customers that have conducted business with them for years and "that's just the way it is". Only if I were to go through the inconvenience of coming in and moving the entire contents of my unit to another unit (of the exact same size) then they could honor the list price to me. So, as a loyal and long standing customer, I am discriminated against when it comes to the price of storing my belongings. This is ridiculous. Obviously, a promotional rate or sale price cannot be given to every existing customer or matched at any random time however when a rate is listed as a standard rate (no promo or sale) and it is for the same amount of space (unit size) and on the same property but cannot be honored to all customers equally I feel this is unethical. This is extremely poor business and completely unfair to the customer. Please don't allow this business to take your money! "

Rating 10/10

Great storage

"I was very pleased with help I received"

Rating 2/10

Wouldn't recommend on my worst enemy

"I wouldn't give any stars but not an option? My reason is within reason I promise! For calling them selves a storage place that will store your goods more like sell, auction or steal your belongings! From day one something didn't feel right but it was late evening already so I needed to get it done to put my hole life in a storage while my house was being remodeled I had the storage for a total of 5 months within that 5 month period I missed my last payment on the due date due to personal finances called public storage to let them know I would be late and needed to schedule a payment arrangement which they assured me I would be fine, well that wasn't the case at all I called 2 weeks later to make a payment over the phone and I was told my storage had been auctioned off the same week I had called into schedule a payment. I was devistaded I lost many irreplaceable memories, our lives were in that storage. And to top it off DM never returned my call and when I wasnbeing told all this from customer service they still told me I owed $189 because they only sold my storage unit for $160 or something around that price and this point I just felt like melting my hole world paused out of confusion and outrage! The valuables that were from opening up the unit to valuables that weren't even seen just blew my mind when they still had the nerve "

Rating 2/10

They change your rates within a few months

"Got unit in October, last month I get a notice of rate increase by $15.00. I called and was told that I should have read the fine print and that they can raise it anytime they want. A month later I get a call from management concerned by my review and said she do something about my increase...that was Tuesday...never called back..this was at the route 38 location in maple shade nj"

Rating 10/10

Great place. Mr Mahesh is a great help. Thanks. Christopher.

"Great place. Mr Mahesh is a great help. Thanks for excelent service.

Rating 2/10

What a SCAM!

"I wasn't even 30 days late when they put my name in the newspaper stating that my unit was put up for auction. I went to pay my unit online and it said there was a cash payment of $373.87 and my unit was vacated. I went down there and sure enough my unit had been auctioned off with everything I owned it. I was furious. There was no reason for this. I was never notified about this I wasnt even 30 days late. From all the terrible reviews I have read I am guessing that they say they have been auctioned off when really there manager or employee just wanted people things. So they take them and say they have been auctioned off. Well What they didnt know about me is my sister is the attorney general of the city they are in! Oh yes I am suing! And yes I will win. I want to put this company out of bussiness. I want to make sure there is a class action lawsuit against this company! I won't quit untill this company goes down and they pay for all the pain they have caused me! See you in court Public Storage. Looking forward to tearing you down!"

Rating 2/10

Had to move out abrupty from my Storage unit after 15 months of Storage

"This is for the location at 3611 W Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, 90018

I do not like it when people drone on and on about bad experiences in reviews so I just want to give you the straight forward information and you can decide for yourself.

On January 9, 2017, I went to my storage unit for the first time since September 2016 and discovered that my unit and about 5 to 6 others were broken into by a person that was living in one of the units at this location. The wire mesh they use on the tops of the units had been ripped away allowing the person to climb in and take whatever he wanted. This was told to me by Dawn, the front desk clerk, and when I asked her why I was not notified, she said "we did not want to cause panic". Dawn is a nice girl and I am not writing to disparage her; however, them not notifying the tenants lead to me paying for a unit for 4 solid months that had been vandalized.

I contacted the district manager, Andrew, asking for a refund from October through January, and he told me "you can't prove it happened in October". I was a bit stunned because even if it didn't happen in October when they admit many units were broken into, I would think they would have had some clue as to when it happened because they are supposed to perform security walks and check the tops of the units routinely (something else Dawn had said). He then said he would call me back, but did not. I then contacted the regional manager, Kathleen Jarnagin. I explained the situation to her, and told her that I wanted a refund from October through January, to which she gave me the run around citing contractual agreements that she believed took all responsibility off of Public Storage. The most they offered was to give me a refund for January in return for me signing a release not to take them to court. It was a terrible offer to which I declined.

This whole situation occurred due to negligence allowing someone to live in a unit and be locked in at night with freedom to roam and break in to any unit they liked. Public Storage has cut feeds to most of the cameras with vantage points that view any of the units at this location, which you can see on a flat screen in the office, they have cut the security sensors on all the doors of the units, and do not fulfill any obligation to do minimal checks to be aware of break ins.

Even after I became aware of the break in, it was 2 solid weeks and me having to reach the regional manager before they "repaired" the top of my unit even though Dawn said they would reach me to have it done when I asked on January 9th. They didn't secure the unit at all, and it was still pretty much open after they did their "work" on it.

Like I said, I have told you the facts. This place doesn't want anyone to know that this happened for obvious reasons. I would have also reviewed it with about 4 stars had I not been aware of this secret they are keeping.

I, unfortunately, had to move my things out quickly after 15 months of storage with Public Storage.

Rating 10/10

Customer service awesome

"Stopped in for a quote and tour at Moore store. Customer rep Linda was friendly and helpful. Great price and great property "

Rating 2/10

They are committing fraud, false advertising, embezzling. Also, termites everywhere!

"This company is a big scam - at least this location in New Orleans. They engage in fraud. Here is what happened:

1) I rented a unit from them for a month; vacated the unit after that one month, paid them in full, and asked them for a receipt or something to show that I have no balance and that I vacated. It is "company policy not to print such receipts." Instead, the manager there wrote me a hand-written note that said I vacated, closed the contract and have a zero balance. I have been getting harassing calls and emails from their corporate offices, asking me to pay more, because, according to what they have in the system, I'm still occupying the place. Every time I talk to the workers at the location, however, they tell me that my account is closed but that they are incapable of printing me any paperwork showing that. I will have to take them to court and file a complaint with the Bureau of Consumer Protection.

2) When I moved in, it took 3 hours to do the paperwork. The woman there (white woman in her 40s) looked like she was on crack or some other illicit drugs. I paid my movers a good dollar, of course, for all these three idle hours, to wait for Public Storage to complete a simple contract.

3) Their units have termites, termites that literally ate part of my beautiful, expensive armoire during this one month.

4) Their advertised "$1 for the first month" cost me about $250 in all kinds of hidden fees. That does not include the monthly payments of $261 that they want from me, probably for the rest of my life, because they cannot seem to be able to close the contract.

Word of advice: once they get your debit card information, you are locked in for life with these Mafia people. They are like a cancerous tumor - I simply cannot get rid of their harassing calls and emails and I simply cannot close the contract (even though the local manager tells me it is closed). Next step is involving my attorney, and taking them down for punitive action too.

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