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Rating 2/10

First time to be scammed by a sketchy company! Way NOT to go Pricebreak.com / ebay username: pricebreak-deals!!!!

"They will send you a fake tracking number delivered on your same state, but different city. They were probably hoping their scam will slide through and buyers won't complain since after 35 days of not saying/reporting anything, that will remove your eBay buyer protection! Nice scheme!

If you do complain, message them a million times and don't hear anything from them. Try calling them and ask for a refund, they will tell you that they will ship the item to you and you will get the "right tracking number". Wait for a couple of days and 'Voila!' you will get a totally different phone that is not as described from their item description. Bought a new phone for the price of $216.99. Expect to get a cheaper version of it in a crappy packaging, opened and destroyed box. Besides that you'll see that the plastic protector of the phone itself looks like it has been taped by a 2-year old! Try and report the transaction to eBay they will favor this fakers because they gave the "right tracking number"!

Probably other people had a better experience than me with this company, but you will see from others who also gave them a negative feedback that they had the same experience!


PriceBreak.com / ebay seller: pricebreak-deals whoever sent me that FAKE TRACKING NUMBER AND USED PHONE THAT IS NOT WHAT I BOUGHT, YOU SHOULD BE AWARDED THE MOST DISGRACEFUL PERSON HERE ON EARTH! I want to send you to another planet, but on a second thought, I also wouldn't want to send someone as heartless as you! You should be ashamed of yourself, if you do have one!

Rating 2/10

Pricebreak.com is no good

"" Lost " my first shipment. So i paid extra money for faster shipping to make up for the lost time. Was delivered late. Not to mention when i opened the box. It was the wrong part. Because what they have listed and what was mailed to me are two totally different things. Tried the call center talked with a gentlemen who i could not understand. Nor could he understand me. Not very good English to say the least. So i tried back. Got the same guy. Nowhere can i find info to talk to anyone other than the call center in India Im guessing. Multiple e-mails have gone unanswered. I just want them to make it better. Give me what i ordered. And refund my upgraded shipping. Not too much to ask i think? Not sure what to do at this point. "

Rating 6/10


"I bought an item that in the description said it was a quantity of 12. I was delivered a quantity of 1. I contacted Newegg who in turn contacted this seller requesting that I be sent the other 11 items. Pricebreak's response was that the 12 quantity meant that 12 files could be stored inside the item, which was a banker's box. So they said the price was for 1 box that could hold 12 files. Their item description is misleading and dishonest and if you look at what is pictured, it clearly shows way more than 12 files in the box. Also $15.95 for one box is just plain ridiculous and anyone who shops for these types of boxes knows they come in some type of multi pack and are not sold individually. When I contacted Newegg customer service again they pretty much took the seller's side of things and now I am forced to request an RMA and spend over $12 to send back one $15 box because this seller refuses to accept that the description is wrong and misleading and will not pay for return shipping for their mistake. I will never do business again with this seller or Newegg ever again. Of course we will see if this even gets published on Newegg's website. Whether it does or not, I will be posting this terrible experience all over the internet on as many websites that I can find to do so.

****UPDATE**** Well I upgraded my review to reflect that Pricebreak saw my review and contacted me. We came to a satisfactory agreement where they refunded me the original purchase price and return shipping costs and then sent me free of charge 7 of the 12 boxes advertised. I in exchange promised to delete my poor review on Newegg's website and then I came here to update this review. I would still probably not do future business with Pricebreak but at least in this circumstance they came through in the end eventually.

Rating 2/10

Miss leading ad and slow to issue refund

"I ordered a computer from them for Christmas on 12/13/15. Item was shipped and then they requested it be shipped back to them. I never received an email from them. Finally asked Rakuten for help and got money back 1/5/15, still with no explanation. I believe they miss priced the computer and wouldn't admit. I believe any reputable business would have sold me the item at the price I had already paid and admitted their mistake. Be careful. I would not deal with them. I don't believe they are honest. I wish I had read the other reviews first. Kept my grandson from getting a computer for Christmas."

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a telephone online. I kept checking back to see why I hadn't received shipping info. Nine (9) days after ordering I found out that the item had been discontinued so I canceled the order & asked for a refund (had paid by cashier's check. It took over 9 weeks after canceling to finally get my money returned."

Rating 2/10

"I agree with others that everyone should stay away from this company. They falsly advertised the item I purchased and did not send me a charger for it. When I called customer service the foreigner I spoke with told me to send the item back stating the reason why. Then 5 minutes later someone named Eric called me back and told me not to send the item back, that they would just forward what was missing. A week went by and the remainder of the items were not forwarded so I returned the item along with leaving them a 1 star feedback on the buy.com website which 3 days later I see has either been removed or changed. I will definitely be getting my money back as they have received the useless item back and I will not back down."

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT order anything from this company or companies. I am not going to go into a long list of crap I have had to do dealing with this company. Bottom line is their product is not what they say, you will have to wait a month to get it only to try returning it and paying a 15% restocking fee on top of other fees, and worst case you try working with your bank to refuse the order and get the money back only to learn they will streach things out past 30 days of their refund policy. Again, you would be better off paying a little more and buying from another company. "

Rating 2/10

"the worst -- I paid $18.74 for 2-day shipping & phone was delivered 5 days later -- no shipping charge refund. DO NOT BUY FROM PRICEBREAK.COM -- BUYER BEWARE !!"

Rating 2/10

"Purchased a Motorola Oasis HX520 presented as "NEW" from pricebreak.com. The total cost was $41.90 with $6.95 S/H. The item arrived and was not in the original package and showed obvious signs of usage. The item's microphone and talk button was not responsive. I returned the item for refund which cost me $6.95 for S/H.

Upon receipt of the item, Pricebreak shipped another Motorola Oasis HX520 instead of issuing the requested refund. I called Pricebreak @ 1-888-430-4646 and spoke to "supervisor" Beth. I asked for an operator number. "Beth" stated she did not have one. "Beth" also informed me I would have to wait for the item then pay (again) to ship it back. Since it was Pricebreak’s mistake, I asked for a pre-paid shipping label and "Beth" stated that it was not an option based on Pricebreak's existing policies.

Pricebreaks Exchange/Return form also attempts to have the customer agree to terms of a 15% processing fee plus paid shipping. In essence, Pricbreak is attempting to charge me approximately $5.24 for a receiving a defective item.

Pricebreak clearly misrepresented the Motorola Oasis HX520 as new and shipped another headset instead of issuing refund. Shipping totals will cost me approximately $25 after having to return the defective headset along with the replacement headset. This transaction can (potentially) cost me close to $31.00.

I complained to the BB and asked for a full refund for the headset ($34.95) plus all shipping costs($20.85) for a total of $55.80. The outcome is still pending...

Update: 8-21-2011
I received the "new" replacement earpiece instead of a refund as Pricebreak (conveniently) overlooked my request for a refund. It was in worse shape then the first. It was tossed in a non-sealable plastic bag, had "stuff" on the earpiece, and scratches everywhere. The earpiece didn't work...again. I sent it back...more $ spent...and will update my claim with the BBB. Thanks a lot PB!!

Update: 11-5-2011
So...I've received full refund for Pricbreak including the return shipping that I paid for the junk they try to pawn off to me(twice)as new. The better business bureau helped big-time. Pricebreak isn't a member(surprise, surprise) but having them on my side seem to be a plus. If I didn't get all my money back my next step was to file a complaint with the NY State attorney general's office(which I still might) do because this company seems to be ripping a lot of people off. If they rip you off, and you're willing to waste more time on this joke of a company, fight them all the way and they might back down...don't let them bully you out of your money!!

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT.. I repeat.. DO NOT buy from them.. they guys run a scam.. they operate under many different business names..

I bought an item from them which came in broke and when I spoke with them they said I can return it to them for full refund and will reimburse shipping cost for return.. but once they received it their attitude changed.. charged me 15% restocking fee and did not even pay for shipping..

the item i had bought cost $200.. so they charged me $30 for restocking and it cost me $15 to return.. so overall I lost $45..

when I called my credit card to cancel the charges, they couldn't do it either because they have a fine print on their website saying that they will charge 15% for restocking no matter what condition..

I told them I returned because item came in damaged.. so how is that my fault.. they replied, its not their fault that its damaged..!!

google them for reviews.. type in pricebreak reviews and you will find mostly negative reviews..!!

do your research and make sure you find out all the names under which they do business..

what a ripoff..!!!

Rating 2/10

"Was informed that merchandise would be sent USPS First Class, allow 7-10 working days for delivery. After 11 working days I called PriceBreak and was informed that the package was probably "lost in the mail". I was asked if I wanted them to resend the shipment, but I said I would prefer a refund. They said that they would have to receive the original package back at the warehouse before issuing a refund. I said, "But didn't you just say that the package was lost in the mail?" After approx. 1 hour on hold I was able to talk to a supervisor, who was very courteous and said that she would issue a refund immediately. Based on the above experience, I would not shop here again."

Rating 10/10

"Ordered item @ PriceBreak.com on friday, received it the following Monday! Price + shipping was 1/2 the cost of the next cheapest alternative. New product, excellent condition. Their customer service even answered quickly on Sunday!"

Rating 2/10

"STAY AWAY FROM PRICEBREAK.COM!!! I placed my order with Pricebreak.com because the price was right and the site said the item was in stock. I received an email on 5/6 saying the item had shipped via USPS with no tracking number. The email also said the item would take 7-10 Business Days to arrive which even if it is going coast to coast is exceedingly long. On 5/9 I send an email asking for status of my item. After two days I received a reply saying my item was on back order and would ship in 7-10 Business Days. I replied to them and after not receiving any response in 3 Business Days I called on 5/16. The rep told me that my item did ship out on 5/6 and I should have received it. Since I had not received my item I asked for the order to be cancelled and a refund to be issued immediately. The rep said only a supervisor could do this and I would have to call back because they had all gone home. I did call back and speak to a supervisor on 5/17 and she claims my item was shipped on 5/6. I told her I had not received it and wanted to cancel and receive a refund. She refused to process my request and said I needed to wait at least 15 Business Days before a refund would be considered. That means I will need to wait 21 actual days before my refund will start to process and I can re-order my item from a vendor that will deliver as promised. As of today's USPS mail I have not received my item. What company doesn't send UPS or FedEx with a tracking number? Pretty strange that they use USPS which is untraceable to ship my item, not to mention the 7-10 Business Day buffer they add for shipping! I sent a 5 pound box from New England to Washington State last week via USPS priority mail and my Mother received it yesterday! My item is smaller so either they are shipping items from off-shore, shipping bulk-rate, incompetent/inefficient at processing or collecting interest on my money for several days before actually sending my item! In any case Pricebreak.com has not lived up to their end of the bargain and I would suggest others to avoid doing business with them!"

Rating 2/10

"5/11/11: DO NOT BUY HERE. Called 5/10 to check stock. Was told unit was in stock. Called back 5/11 because no ship confirmation had been sent. Was told unit was back ordered. Requested cancel. Was transferred to voicemail. Called back and requested cancellation. 30 minutes on phone later, was promised paypal refund, but not for two more days.


Rating 10/10

"We are very pleased with the product and service we received from PriceBreak. Our sales person, Philip, was extremely helpful. We received the product in 1 DAY! You won't find better selection, service or pricing than PriceBreak so buy from them with confidence! "

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