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"These people are nothing but con artists -they repackage and sale reconditioned/used equipment as new. The warranty they sell is bogus and they do not stand behind their products. They appear nice and helpful when you make a purchase then if you have a problem they become rude and ignorant. Stay far far away from this business. These people are the lowest!!!
Beware buy your products from a reputable store!!!


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"Purchased a new samsung hdtv from them, good service, have no complaints."

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"I ordered a projector lens from their rep, Kevin Sanders (ext 123). I explained to him that I needed it for a big Audio-Visual Event we had coming up on 7/15/13. I ordered it on July 3rd. Prior to my order, I asked him to guarantee me that it was in stock. He said "yes" they had it 'in stock'. I wanted to know this so I could make sure it would arrive in time and I stressed to him that I needed it by last Friday.

I called a week later to ask for a tracking number and he told me there was a problem, but he would look into it and get back to me. He never did. He was unprofessional and full of empty promises. I talked to him on the 15th and asked him what happened and he said, "I dropped the ball, I feel bad."

That's unacceptable. I would and could have ordered through another company, but he insisted the lens was in stock. It most definitely was not. This cost me $800 in a rental fee for another projector (No rental company in this area has a short throw lens for the projector I was ordering it for).

I tried to reach their manager and he wouldn't even call or e-mail me back.

STAY AWAY from this company. They are terrible and do not follow through with their Customer Service.

I hope they go bankrupt.

Helpful Cool


"Stay away from these guy's their prices are not that great and they are NOT AUTHORIZED RESELLERS. I purchased a Pioneer Elite SC-67 back Nov. 2012 and 7 months later it will not turn on. I called Powerseller and was informed since I did not purchase one of their extended warranty's I was out of luck. STAY AWAY"

Helpful Cool


"I had a great buying experience from PowersellerNYC - I called after placing my order online to ask about expedited shipping. It was then that I found out that in addition to the price quoted online, there was a mandatory $100 shipping insurance fee. This either wasn't disclosed ahead of time or was "in the super-fine print" so as not to scare away potential buyers. When I called, I got excellent service from the sales guy who took my call. He even made me aware of an excellent deal on a 4 year extended warranty. Normally these are a rip-off, but for an extremely low price I got a very good warranty thru a rebate program from Samsung. Since I asked about expedited shipping, the representative offered me a $200 option, which seemed high, but when he said it covered the mandatory $100 insurance fee, it seemed more reasonable, especially since free shipping was part of the base purchase amount. As an online retailer without an outlet in my state, I skipped the sales tax, too.

When all was said and done, it was late in the afternoon - maybe between 5 and 6pm east coast time. The rep promised he would get our new HDTV on a truck to us that evening, and with the 3-7 expedited shipping, we should have it early the following week (I ordered on a Thursday FWIW). This sounded great and was worth waiting for instead of shopping at our local Best Buy or similar big box store.

Once things were handed over to PowersellerNYC's shipper, however - the service levels were terrible. My "early next week" delivery the sale rep spoke about came and went. So I called the shipper at Powerseller's instructions. I was told they couldn't give me any idea of the delivery date until the item showed up in my state's distribution center. It was on a truck somewhere between Texas and New York, and that's about all they knew. So Wednesday I e-mailed them via their website - I got a fairly quick response saying the TV had arrived at their warehouse and they'd be calling me "ASAP" to schedule the delivery. End of day Wednesday and no call. Same thing Thursday - but to make matters worse, they stopped answering their phones - I guess the one person who answers the phones was out sick? Finally Friday I get a call - they say it will be the following Monday before the item arrives. Well, I've been asking all week about when they'll deliver as you have to take time off work to meet them obviously. So yeah - NOW I have to go arrange Monday off work on a late Friday notice? I'm asking all week about a delivery date and nothing. So much for that.

Furthermore, my promised "early next week" delivery date has turned into "early a week later than it should have been". So I call customer service to complain and see why they set expectations beyond their shipper's ability to deliver. Had I known it would be a full week longer than their original estimate, I would have simply bought a TV locally. On the phone, I get a real jerk. He tells me how great my "White Glove" service is going to be when the TV arrives. I explain that at this point I'd rather they just drop it at the door a week sooner rather than some fancy service a week late. He seems indignant as to what a "great deal" I got on this TV. Well guess what - that's not my fault. I shopped around and you had a good price. Beyond that, I paid for "premium shipping" and was told that I'd likely have it within a few day, maybe a week. When I pointed out to him that Monday was going to be 12 FULL DAYS from the date of purchase, he says, "Well technically the service is 3-7 business days. Since you ordered on Thursday evening, this coming Monday, while nearly two weeks later, IS IN FACT just 7 full business days, fully within the terms specified in the service you paid for." When I relay the expectations set by the sales rep, who said 7 days is really only for east-to-west-coast sales, he says, "Well, I guess the customer is always right or whatever." The guy is simply rude, nothing more I can say about that. I was so mad, I just hung up on him.

Bottom line - you'll get lured in by super-low prices, but they aren't real. You'll pay extra for insurance and you'll wish you'd paid more to have your item much quicker. If you're not in a hurry and are just waiting around your house every single day, then this is a decent enough merchant. But if you don't want to be misled and you expect courtesy when you call, avoid PowersellerNYC. I think they have great prices even with the hidden costs, but they terrible experience I had will make me never do business with them again.

Helpful Cool


"I purchased a Panasonic 55” Smart Viera WT50 Series 3D LED HDTV (TC-L55WT50) from PSNYC because their total price was hundreds of dollars cheaper due to their low price, free shipping and no state tax. I have to admit I was worried due to some negative reviews but found every company has them. Kevin Sanders, the company sales associate I dealt with, assured me there would be no problem and there wasn’t. Within one week of my order the TV arrived at my address just outside of San Antonio Texas (the delivery driver even helped me take it out of the box). He notified by email when it had been shipped and an estimated receipt date. He also left a direct number and email address if I needed to get in touch with him. When it was in transit I also received a call notifying me of the exact day it would arrive.

I would definitely do business with them again and have recommended them to others. As another reviewer stated, it was nice to be able have contact with a person (not a machine).

Helpful Cool


"After a lot of time searching the net for the best prices, Powerseller was it for both my Samsung HD8000 led tv and my Denon AVR 1913 receiver and HDMI cables. And shipping was free! They were great to work with from beginning to end, both times. I will continue to purchase from and recommend Powerseller for the best prices, free shipping, other perks they offer and a company of professionals with integrity. Thank you, again, for two great experiences."

Helpful Cool


"STAY AWAY!!! STAY AWAY!!! I WARN ALL, STAY AWAY!!!! These guys are a bunch of frauds. Kevin in Sales, Steve in support, all of them. I purchased a Mitsubishi 73" DLP. I ordered a newer model, then they called and said they were out but would give me good deal on a 73738, which is a slightly older model (by 2 years). The price was still good (about $1295) so I specifically asked Kevin about the condition knowing the model was older, he said "Trust me man, it's BRAND NEW" it just never sold. Then I received it and it had dust all over it, had the WRONG remote controller with it (an LG!!) and had a deformation which causes the picture to be distorted (this was not realized right away, however, since you had to hook up the dvd player, etc. to see it. It was clearly a USED TV, they tried to point fault at Mitsubishi for the defect. They are dishonest, and it costs so much to ship it back (I'm in Las Vegas, they are in Brooklyn) that it wasn't even worth it. The TV went to the curb, gone. Trash. It's not fixable at this point as determined by a tech. Plus a CPS warrantly, so $$1500+, gone!! Also, they have no real retail store as it shows on the website. Do your homework and you'll see they operate out of a little crappy store in a run down area of brooklyn. Just Google it and see for yourself. These guys are frauds, I learned the hard way, at a cost of $1500+!! AGAIN, STAY AWAY."

Helpful Cool


"Beware that product prices on this website are not final prices! I bought TV in December 2012 and later found out that they charged me a couple hundred bucks extra. They explained it was insurance charge. However, i didn't dispute it.
I bought another TV yesterday for my relative from this website, but this time i didn't give them my credit card info directly; i paid thru Google Wallet.
Today i received an email from them saying to call 866-898-1089 and speak with Kevin Sanders at ext 123. This guy asked extra money but they couldn't charge me since i didn't provide them my credit card.
Don't buy from these folks. If you really have no choice but to buy something from them, never pay with your credit card, just use Paypal or Google Wallet, so that they can't charge you.

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"Never buy from this company. Very bad experience. They take the money and never ship the items."

Helpful Cool


"I called about an order I placed for a projector. The particular model I purchased was not available. I was able to speak to Kevin Sanders and he talked me through some other options. His customer service was OUTSTANDING! He hooked me up with a better model, offered me a fantastic price and upgraded my shipping for free. I will certainly keep PowersellerNYC at the top of my list for future purchases. You cannot go wrong with this company, top notch all the way. "

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"I have bought hundreds of items from the internet this may be my last this is the most awful company to deal with ever nothing is thier fualt and thier shipper is just as bad."

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"Don't buy anything from these guys. They are very shady.

I purchased a Denon AVR 1911 from PowersellerNYC. 18 months later, the receiver broke. The standard Denon warranty on every product is 2 years.

I shipped it for repairs, and I was told PowersellerNYC is not an authorized dealer, therefore it's not covered by Denon warranty.

So now I'm stuck paying $260 to fix something that is still under warranty.

Worst of all, the customer service treated me like I was an idiot for buying from them. Nowhere on their website does it say they're not an authorized dealer, and that the products they sell are not covered under warranty.

Helpful (1) Cool


"Worse experience ever. First incredibly pushy trting to sell warranty and when I said no,,,the guy on the phone put me on hold for almos 35 minutes...so I asked him to cancel the order so put me oon hold for another 20 minutes..and pretended to be another operator even though it was the same guy. Then he literally began to yell at me on the phone and told me I could not cancel the order even though I never finalized the purchase.
After naive me paid for the TV..(2500 dollars), 10 days later I wanted to check on the delivery status, the same guy put me on hold for 25 minutes - worst customer experience ever---dont buy from here

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"I purchased a sharp 80-inch TV specifically to watch NFL playoffs. I got the TV and after mounting the brackets on the TV it did not work! Absolutely nothing came across the screen! I talked to sharp and they were not able to fix the TV over the phone. Sharp customer support told me a repairperson had to come to my home to fix the TV, which now I am going to miss the playoff games and maybe the Super Bowl!

I called NYC power seller and told him or her I was willing to drive 4 hours each way and switch out the old TV for a new TV. They were not willing to switch the DOA TV for a new TV! You get what you pay for!!!!! I purchased a sharp 80-inch TV specifically to watch NFL playoffs. I got the TV and after mounting the brackets on the TV it did not work! Absolutely nothing came across the screen!

I called NYC power seller and told him or her I was willing to drive 4 hours each way and switch out the old TV for a new TV. They were not willing to switch the DOA TV for a new TV! You get what you pay for!!!!!

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