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Terrible Company

"Terrible company, and this is coming from an ex-loyal costumer for years, To be fair they used to be good, fast, and efficient, but unfortunately the reality is that their quality in service have been deteriorating the past few years and have now gone to the point of even delaying their shipments on purpose for weeks, not days, or hours, WEEKS.....

This is one of those "how the mighty have fallen" - type story, the worst part is that when i tried to contact them and ask if it was possible for them to make up for their mistake (2 weeks delay which is completely their fault) or in other words take responsibility for it by changing my shipping type to make up for the wasted time, my order has suddenly, perhaps even magically been shipped and cannot be changed but lo and behold when i searched for the tracking number i was given it wasn't even in the shipping company's system.

Now that's fishy to me and it tells me that they haven't even sent my package yet because its not in the shipping company's database yet..... the entire situation and how PA allowed it to degenerate it that is simply disappointing....

while they have a decent selection and different kinds of sales, prepare for terrible costumer service and expects weeks of delay. MINIMUM

just in case PA staff are bored and read through these my order number is 41846707

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They DO NOT reserve your items after order has been placed!

"I placed my first and last order from Play Asia more than a week ago in April. This order had 2 preorders (game collectors editions releasing in June 2018), games that were in stock during time of order and an accessory. What Play Asia tries to hide and only mentions after my order was placed is that items in my order will only be delivered when everything is available. Meaning once my preorders in June is released. You’d think since orders have been placed items will be reserved, including ones that are marked as in stock and available during time of purchase - WRONG! This is the garbage that Play Asia emailed me:

Dear —————,

Thank you for reaching out to us and we are sorry as we are unable to
provide the items that you want.

We know you disappointed you are and we are truly sorry for it. We assure
you that we did our best to get the item for you from our supplier,
unfortunately, no one could provide us with the specific item that you

We hope you understand that we do not make reservations for our products as
our system is not yet improved but we are already discussing this with our
respective team to have a reservation system to ensure that this never
happens again.

With regards to the cancellation, we can assist you with that, however, we
can see here that you have already opened a dispute on this order. We
kindly ask you to close the dispute for us to proceed with the refund. Once
done, you may get back to us with the case number for our reference.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Maida Mae Navarro
Play-Asia.com Customer Support
Email: cs@play-asia.com
Telephone: +85231450013

Not only did they straight up let me know that reservations are not made for customers placing in stock and preorder items but they refuse to refund me until I close my Paypal dispute. NEVER CLOSE PAYPAL DISPUTES WITH PLAY ASIA - THEY WILL SCAM YOU AT DOING THIS AND PUT YOUR REFUND REQUEST IN LIMBO IF YOU DO. YOU CANNOT REOPEN PAYPAL DISPUTE IF YOU DO THIS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I copied and pasted their emails in my Paypal dispute for not having my item available and then trying to scam me at receiving website store credit instead. This practice is very unprofessional. It is not customers fault that they have a poor inventory system process. It’s 2018 for crying out loud, even mom and pops websites have their system updated to hold already placed items on hold for customers. Play Asia caved and my Paypal dispute of $200 was refunded. I will never do business with this garbage company. If they can’t reserve preorders or in stock items then they shouldn’t be in business at all!

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Scam company

"They cancel my order without reason and refund my just half of the amount."

Helpful Cool


unreliable and dishonest trash

"So I ordered a ps4 game, and after all the payment and etc, I saw another good game, when I try ordering it i see that it'll cost me another delivery charge, so I decided to cancel the 1st order and bundle it up with the 2nd order, this's all within 1 minutes btw, later on when i check my bank statement I see that there's 3 purchase charge, 1 for the first game that I already cancelled within minutes the other is the two games that I bundled. When I read the site faq, they said they can't refund the payment because it's too little etc etc, but they'll transfer the charge to the new purchase, but they actually didn't do that. They charge new rather than transferring the old order payment. That's a fraud btw. I'm just too lazy to make a big deal out of a single games, but definitely wont go there after this."

Helpful Cool


Unreliable and dishonest, in many regards

"Completely unreliable. If you care at all about actually receiving what you're ordering, go through another company.

Several times now I have ordered things only to have them tell me weeks later that the item isn't in stock after all. 4/5 orders I've placed with them, this has been the case. For a pre-order advertised on their site recently, I e-mailed them and asked them to confirm that they will actually be getting items in stock, to which they've told me yes, I need to be patient, they're just waiting for their stock to get in before items go up for purchase. I told them this particular item was very important to me, I really wanted to be able to purchase it, I told them please, if you're not sure if you're going to actually be getting it in stock or not, tell me that so I can go with another company.
But no, they tell me they'll be getting the stock in and that the best thing to do is be patient and sign up for alerts for the product on their site, so I know when they get the stock in.
Since I have learned now not to believe anything they tell me, I went through another company instead, who pre-ordered the product for me within an hour and shipped it to me instantly. That same day the product sold out, and not only did Play-Asia never get the item in, their site now says it's sold out and out of print.

I have absolutely ZERO trust left for this company. When I tell them directly it's very important that I receive this item, ask them to confirm they will be getting it in, and they directly bullshit me in return, they lose any shred of credibility they ever had.

On another order, they repeatedly tried to charge my card with "authorization fees", before the item had even shipped. I asked them what in the world they needed to try and charge my card 5 times for and they replied that they were seeing if I had enough funds on my card for them to charge it when the product shipped. I said there was no reason to try and hold the funds that many times and asked them when the order was going to be shipping, they said they didn't know. I asked them why they were continually charging authorization holding fees to my card when they don't even know when the item will be in stock to ship it, and they gave similarly nonsensical answers. That order was weeks late.

I like the items they have available, it's cheaper to go through them then some other places. But I am serious, it's worth the bit of extra money to go through another company or website that has some honesty and reliability. They're either intentionally dishonest or they are just incompetent. Either way, you are better off somewhere else.

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Incompetent or dishonest

"I received an email touting 5% off purchases made by credit card. I ordered two 3D Blu-ray DVDs, one a pre-order. When I checked out I noticed I hadn't received the discount. I reread the ad and saw that pre-orders were excluded. I notified customer service that I should have received a discount on the in-stock and available item. They told me I wasn't eligible because one item was a pre-order. It's not much money and not worth any more hassle, but I don't like dishonest advertising. Anyway, I got an email shortly after saying they would ship the item that was available and the other when it released (8/22). I received the first item but not the second. I have two tracking numbers, but one returns the message "no information". I contacted them today and told them to ship expedited delivery at their expense. I'm expecting them to tell me the item is no longer available. I have absolutely no confidence in this company any more and would advise people to shop elsewhere."

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Absolutely HORRIBLE experience.

"In short, I purchased a Windows 10 Pro key from them and recieved a bad key; it was already associated with some other computer. Anyways, they have been giving me the run around for many days now. I have given them all the screenshots that I possibly could. I had to purchase another key from another vendor. I still haven't gotten a refund from them. I'm currently persuing a refund through Paypal now. Hopefully they do what's right, but I'm not going to hold my breathe on it. Buyers be very weary. "

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Borderline fraudulent; Horrible Customer Service ... Worst ever

"Ordered a digital windows 10 OEM key... May 16. Claim to be unpaid, PayPal shows paid. I email them the next day... I don't get my key.... Days pass. They ask for transaction information over and over even though it's shown in the email. I provide screenshots... They claim other areas. I open a PayPal dispute 6 days later and they say they won't provide my key until I close the claim...

Speaking with paypal, they tell me not to close it untili receive my item... Awkward. Play Asia only replies once a day and ask for the same stuff you already told them and pass any responsibility to the next person or others. I'm still awaiting my key... Then I'll close my dispute. At this point I wonder if it will even work.

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Terrible scammers

"Bought a key on their site, promised delivery. nothing arrives. message seller, order deleted. no response. Paypal mediation requested. Disgusting company dont deal with them"

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Hilarious customer service, not worth the pain

"Bought an item, it was damaged.

After 2 month about 20 emails and sending it back I get refunded in store credit, even though they said they would refund me on the original payment method.


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Terrible. Tempting. Treacherous.

"This is a company run like garbage with garbage customer service.

Different reps answer emails and leave you in a loop of giving the exact same information on a purchase until you either give up or have to go through your payment choice to resolve the problem.

Twice now I have attempted to buy a digital product key and both times they botched a simple procedure.

Take payment, send some text to the purchaser. Its not difficult. They "forgot" the first time after taking 4 days. I could have gone and bought what I was looking for and been faster at a brick and mortar.

The second time they blamed the "accounting department" for charging me 4 times the original amount ($200) taking 4 weeks to return payment and it wasn't until I forced a charge back that I got my money back. Unbelievably unacceptable.

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"Item was not received.

Play-Asia's customer service were obfusicating, unhelpful and terribly slow.

Disputing with PayPal

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Don't buy from Play-Asia

"Ordered a KINGSTON 5-IN-1 MOBILE COMPANION on 10/12/16. They provide me a tracking that is shipped from Singapore to US. However, once it arrived in US, the USPS can't track it anymore. Contacted them and they basically said talk to my local post office. It's now 10/25 and still haven't receive the package. Their Customer Service basically stop helping me to trace my package. Escalating to Paypal for dispute. "

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Don't use Play Asia.com

"So I ordered Xbox one plus 3 games from Play Asia, total was almost US$ 1000.

First they took all the credit card details, then rejected it, I switched to another card, they rejected it also.according to the banks, nothing wrong with the cards.

Then they sent me bank account details so I transferred the money direct. I checked they recieved the money, they can't find it. Then they tried to charge the credit cards, but I already reported Play Asia to my bank as possible fraud so it was stopped.

10 emails to and from 10 different customer service reps, none of which had read the previous emails, still they cannot find the money.

Play Asia can only manage 1 customer email a day, so the above took almost 2 weeks.

First threat of legal action followed, then they found the money.

Everything out of stock: despite happily selling the products online and taking (then losing, then finding the money) , everything was out of stock with no idea when restock is possible.

They suggest 4 alternative Xbox consoles so I choose a new one: also out of stock.

Now 3 weeks gone by, 1 email a day, none at the weekend.

I ask for a refund of my money. Waited a week. Second threat of legal action, they can refund to PayPal only or give store credit.

I don't have PayPal - another 10 customer services reps later and having told Play Asia 4 times, I don't have PayPal. They ask for my bank account. I'm still waiting for the refund.

After almost a month of deliberate delays, evasion and downright lies, I am still waiting.

My advice is absolutely DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER. I don't think they are criminals, but their service level is criminally low bordering on illegal. So do yourself a favour, avoid Play Asia and don't believe these false recommendations saying they are good, they are awful.

By the way I bought all the same stuff retail in Hong Kong for HALF the price play asia were asking.

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Best site in many ways

"It is a great website where you can get rare or vintage games or toys.


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