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Rating 2/10


"Per il black friday ho approfittato di una offerta vantaggiosissima, dopo 48 ore mi hanno scritto (in spagnolo...) che il prodotto era fuori stock. Così non ho potuto comprarlo altrove (visto che era giornata di sconti), oltretutto è passato quasi un mese e ancora non mi hanno restituito il denaro. parlare con loro è letteralmente impossibile. Non c'è modo di contattarli e ricevere una risposta. Pessimi da ogni punto di vista.
== For black friday I took advantage of an advantageous offer, after 48 hours have written to me (in Spanish ...) that the product was out of stock. So I could not buy it anywhere else (as it was the day of discounts), plus it's been almost a month and still not have returned me the money. talk to them it is literally impossible. There is no way to contact them and have an answer. Bad from every point of view.

Rating 8/10

Good quality of the products

"It's a good site to buy products.
I never had any problems with them.

Rating 2/10

"Disgusting company - AVOID!

Horrible company - Paid for express delivery 24-48 hour delivery. This was 4-5 days ago, still waiting to receive it. Called up multiple times and very difficult to actually talk to the company. Sent emails each day too. I finally managed to speak to someone and they tell me that I just have to wait? They do not know where my order is. I explained ok - Well i require a refund for my delivery since I paid for a fast service that has not been supplied. The lady on the phone "Eva" explained to me that she was aware I would not receive the order in time and I have to just wait for it to arrive. I asked to speak to the manage as I should never have been sold express delivery if they knew they could not supply that service. She refused to put me through to her manager. Told me there is nothing else that she can do. I continuously asked to be put through to someone else and refused this right everytime. I am at a loss with the company as a whole as I can not actually get proper customer service or support to resolve the issue. You have to just sit and wait? I am now looking at the best authorities to contact to get support on dealing with the business.

AVOID this company!

Rating 2/10

"BUYER BEWARE - This company keep your money and gain interest on your hard earned cash but dont provide the goods.

I ordered a graphics tablet from this company costing £560 (Sunday) - listed as in stock and paid a delivery fee 2-3 days guaranteed. On the 3rd day (Tuesday) I telephoned them to enquire when it would be delivered as I hadnt received a despatch notice but the money had been taken from my account (Cost 5p per min to phone customer services). I was told that there was a stock issue with my item but that had been resolved, it was now in stock and that it would be despatched that day, I wasnt happy as If I would have known it was out of stock I would have ordered elsewhere, I wanted it for a birthday pressie - but they refunded me delivery costs (£6.90) as a good will gesture AND assured me the item was on its way. I was told that the item would be with me by Saturday at the VERY latest.
Low and behold, it didn't arrive. I rang them again this morning, they informed me that my goods hadn't been despatched because of a technical issue with my payment - this left my bank account over a week ago - and no one bothered to call me to inform me of this so called issue. They are obviously gaining interest on your hard-earned money but not supplying the goods advertised. God knows how long I will have to wait to get back my money. I will be reporting them to the French Government Trades people.
Dont be taken in by cheaper prices on their .co.uk website. Avoid like the plague!!!! Just not worth the hassle.

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT USE or on your own head be it, you have been warned.
I purchased not 1 but 2 42" TV's just before christmas, Delivery was very slow not the delivery time promised on ordering, carefully working out finances, and going through quidco and getting a promise of £25 cashback was within my budget, i got an email from quidco to say Sorry PIXMANIA are refusing to pay as you have already got cashback from another company called petoba, this transpires that they are an affiliate company and they got the cashback instead of me!! SO I SAY TAKE IT UP WITH THEM, I want to return the items for a refund as TV's are very poor quality and picture!! They said because it was just out of the 15 day return period, they are not doing anything about it, WHERE is the justice in this country, this has caused me a lot of distress that i can do without. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, !!!!!

Rating 10/10

"Bought 5 DVD boxed Sets for 30 euros.
There was a great choice of tv shows and movies.

Price way below competitors and delivery super fast.

Got great seasons of Fringe, true blood and The mantalist.
Enough to keep us entertain until next year :)

Rating 8/10

"I'm happy. I read the comments below, and it seems quite a lot of people aren't.
I ordered a Sansa Clip+ last saturday and it finished processing, ready to be forwarded to UPS on sunday.
Though, it wasn't actually passed to UPS until 10:00PM that monday- I don't think that's much extra to pay for the good deal- so it arrived the next day in perfect condition.
On monday, I did contact their customer service to find out what "delivery ://" means and why it said there would be a number to track and yet there wasn't one.
I e-mailed, and then being impatient phoned. When I phoned I was connected in about 1.5 minutes, and it was quickly sorted out that the meaning was that the parcel had not yet been passed on to UPS.
The e-mail was responded to within the day with the same answer, so I can vouch for their sound customer service.
The people below likely ordered within a busy christmas period, and felt the resulting congestion. Some companies work better in christmas than others. I cannot say either way, but my delivery went very well.

Rating 2/10

You will be extremely lucky if your purchase goes through without problems and their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced.
My order was damaged on receipt and they wanted a signed statement, photos of the damage and A COPY OF MY ID (which I refused to provide)to "open an enquiry with the carrier". It would take too long to go into the whole thing but it took a special delivery letter to their English HQ quoting the Sale of Goods Act before I got anywhere and even then the response came from Paris. 50 e-mails and numerous phone calls later I got a refund but am still chasing the £14.00 it cost me to do this. They've agreed to refund this but want my bank account details to do so. In this age of identity fraud they've got to be joking!

Rating 2/10

"Ordered a Corsair C300 256gb SSD from Pixmania on 4th October 2011 - whilst they were having their birthday bonanza random sale. £257.69 including postage was £50 cheaper than anywhere else on the internet (including the manufacturers refurbs available on e-bay!).

Where did it get too? They took my money! Unfortunately after a 5 day investigation by bPost (their courier) the item was deemed lost. At this point they said they had no stock, so could only offer a refund or vouchers. That was bull****, they had loads in stock but they were now back at the retail price of £339ish + postage, that was for a several days before they recently dropped the price to £274.69 + postage.

I will give them credit for refunding through paypal within 24 hours but that was only because I kicked up a stink with some director person at their Paris head office(I had to start throwing my toys around!).

Avoid PIXMANIA at all costs - unless you like a good argument and you can curse well in French.

Rating 2/10

"Oltre il danno la beffa.Dopo aver avuto problema cn prodotto non conforme per sostituzione del quale mi hanno fatto penare,ora per un Hard disk Samsung che, come confermato da Samsung stesso ha 3 anni di garanzia ma che dovevo inviare a Pixmania, i quali dapprima hanno accettato il prodotto per intervento n garanzia inviandomi bolla di restituzione e dicendomi di inviare tramite Raccomandata Postale per avere il rimborso delle spese,non appena spedisco in "FRANCIA"e gli mando la ricevuta di E13,62, gli stessi mi mandano una mail con la quale mi dicono che anche se la garanzia samsung è di 3 anni loro ne danno solo 2 e che quindi oltre a non rimborsarmi le spese per l'invio da loro dapprima autorizzato, per riavere il prodotto devo pagare per la riparazione e per le ulteriori spese di rinvio.Alle mie lamentele mi rispondono sempre con la stessa mail con i contenuti di cui sopra scusandosi per il loro errore ma che nonostante il"loro" errore nel farmi inviare il prodotto, devo pagare!Altra situazione vergognosa è il comportamento dell'Operatore telefonico Alberto il quale alle mie lamentele mi chiude il telefono in faccia.Se la garanzia è di 3 anni su samsung, dopo che Pixmania Stessa mi autorizza l'invio, per riavere il prodotto devo sopportare tutte queste ingiuste spese. Credetemi una volta pagato pixmania è assente, anzi, crea ulteriori danni. Raggiungerli via mail un’odissea, la sede si trova in Francia e se ti risponde un operatore e ti lamenti ti chiude il telefono in faccia. Vi SCONSIGLIO Vivamente acquisti da loro, mi son sentito davvero male ad essere trattato in questa ingiusta e vergognosa maniera. Mai più Pixmania.
Over the damage the prank. After having had problem cn produced not conforming for substitution of which you/they have made me penare,ora for a Hard disk Samsung that, as confirmed by same Samsung it has 3 years of guarantee but that I had to send to Pixmania, which at first has accepted the product for intervention n guarantee sending stamps me of restitution and saying to send me through Postal Registered letter to have the reimbursement of the spese,nons as soon as I send in" FRANCIA"e I send him the receipt of E13,62, the same they send me a mail with which you/they tell me that even if the guarantee samsung is of 3 years of theirs gives only 2 of it and that therefore besides not refunding at first me the expenses for the dispatch from them cleared, to get back the product I have to pay for the reparation and for the further expenses of delay. To my complaints they always answer me with the same mail with the contents of which above excusing himself/herself/itself for their error but that despite il"loro" error in to make the product send me, has to pay! Other ashamed situation is the behavior of the operator telephone Alberto which closes me the telephone in face to my complaints. If the guarantee is of 3 years on samsung, after Pixmania Stessa authorizes me the dispatch, to get back the product I have to bear all these unfair expenses. Believe once me paid pixmania it is absent, rather it creates further damages. To reach them by mail an odyssey, the center it is found in France and if an operator answers you and you complains you about the telephone he closes you in face. I Warmly Dissuade you purchases from them, me son felt badly indeed to be treated in this unfair and ashamed way. Anymore Pixmania.

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Rating 2/10

"Yeah, it 'should' be a simple premise...

...you think "what could my father do with for Christmas? - a new monitor, that'll do it"...

...so you have a search around for things within a sensible budget & read reviews & whatnot, & then a quick price check shows Pixmania as being the cheapest by a couple of quid...

...& you double check & it's in stock & they state a 3-5 day delivery (you've got 10 working days left as fathers are notoriously difficult to buy for), so all's fine & you place the order...

...&, whilst not quite 24-48 hours before it's sent, there's still plenty of time so you shrug & keep an eye on the tracking site & then the whole thing starts to go pear shaped...

...the tracking states firstly that the addressee's unknown & then that the sender has permitted a delay...

...so you email & query - & they say 'don't worry, here's the tracking number'...

...so Christmas Day comes & goes & on the 30th you look for the upteenth time & it says that it's been returned to sender...

...so you ring & they say they'll look into it by the next day - & you then get an email to say that it's been delivered on the 30th (which it clearly hasn't)...

...so having checked with the neighbours, you spend 4 days getting them to start an investigation...

...& they say it'll take 7-10 working days (despite it actually saying 7 days in their t&cs)...

...& they then don't respond, & the tracking is showing that they've allowed the courier to delay delivery another 2 times...

...so you email to try, yet again, to resolve things amicably, but get nothing replies...

...so you get really 'cheesed off' (to put it politely) & give them notice that you'll force a refund via the payment method unless they respond...

...& you get a nothing reply...

...so you start forcing a refund...

...& they then claim (despite it being contrary to their t&cs) that they will not refund it until the courier (who could not deliver the thing in 5 weeks) returns it to them...

...& you just want to spit & scream obscenities.

Yeah, i've had very occasional problems with companies before, but normally, even if there's an actual disagreement, they actually try to sort things out... ...however, other than Tesco's grocery delivery service, this is the most appalling customer service i've ever received...

...& my father's still without a Christmas present as i can't order from somewhere else until i get the money back.

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Rating 4/10

"I use the dropshipping service from Pixmania Pro, They serve in UK, but do not comply with 7 day return policy as per trading standards, leaving resellers at a risk. Have one guy who replies to all my queries at every level of complexity. Site takes orders when item is out of stock and then refund takes days.

Have a huge range, but no way to track stock and changing prices on an ongoing basis. They ask for us to check for changing prices one item at a time for over 2500 products that they offer for resale every 10 days or so. Problem is prices dont update for all items at the same time, so technically check everyday for everything.

Items claim to have a one year warranty, but have to use only their invoice which defeats the dropshipping purpose. Customers would know your margins. Items offered for UK market have a EU charger but they give a UK Adaptor, but problem is with manuals and packaging. Quite a few are in French only sent to English countries when was told they should not be on the UK site in the first place.

Wrote an email giving feedback and reply was clear that they were not looking for any feedback since I am not a BIG reseller like others. I need to track the items I sell with them on a daily basis. How helpful.

Rating 2/10

"I ordered my item knowing that it was temporarily out of stock, but after phoning Pixmania to ask if they were likely to be getting it back in and for the same price. The response was that they were expecting in back in stock within a week or 2, but no guarantee.

So, I took a gamble and placed the order knowing that it might not be fulfilled, but also knowing I was protected by the 28 day distance selling rules. For the cheapest price by a mile I was willing to wait!

I have bought from Pixmania before, they are part of the Curry's group and I transacted through PayPal so I reckoned I was safe.

On 26-Jan-10 Pixmania contacted me by email to say the goods were still not in stock, there was no sign from the manufacturer, and kindly (though they are obliged by law) offered me a cancelation and full refund.

I replied same day confirming cancelation and asked for an immediate refund. They've had my £535 since 29-Dec-09 (which they took on day of order rather than day of despatch!!!!!) so I figured it was only fair they refunded immediately.

So here I am on 2-Feb-10 and still no sign of Pixmania issuing a refund. I have contacted them 4 times by email, twice by phone, once through PayPal resolution centre and now I have resorted to escalating that resolution to a claim. I have checked my order on their website and it is still flagged as pending.

As an indicator of Pixmania tardiness, I ordered the same item (for a little more) on 26-Jan-10 and it has arrived and is installed (well done PRC Direct). Yet Pixmania are too lazy (or is it something else) to even be bothered to do a simple refund.

I will NEVER deal with Pixmania again, and I would advise everyone to be very wary.

My experience has been lucky todate, until now. Got what I ordered when I ordered and thankfully no problems with what I ordered.

If this is how Pixmania respond to not being able to fulfill an order, goodness knows what they'd be like of a product developed a fault!!

Watch out folks.

Rating 2/10

"Do not trade with this bunch of bandits. They took an order from us for a laptop five weeks ago and have pissed us about ever since. I do not understand how they get away with trading and I hope I can get my money back. AND by the way, just got the email from here.....how I wrote the revies shortly after placing the oprder which I would surely have received by now. Excuse me? I wrote the review five weeks after placing an order I was told would take five days to deliver. AND what is more.....NO it is not here yet and I am having a terrible carry on to get my money back. "

Rating 2/10

"Ordered a shaver on November 30th. They charged my credit card on that date. Following up the order (as the orderd item was a gisft) on December 2nd contacted them for delivery they apologise for delay and they promised either the same or next day they weill ship. Contacted them again on December 7th and again i received a reply asking sorry for delay. They eventually shipped it on December 8th. When i ordered the part delivery time to Greece was 2 days from shipment. On December 2nd they confirmed the 2 days delivery. I contacted UPS today and i found that they sent the item by lorry which takes 4-5 days to arrive!!! Hence total delivery time from order 14 days!!!!!
They lie and its the worst internet shop i ever purchased from. Certainly do not advice anyone to purchase from them as they are completely unreliable and unproffesional.
How stupid can you be when for an item you already delayed over a week to dispatch you send it not on offered confirmed delivery time of 2 days but rather in 4-5 days.
I asked them twice for compensation and they hide!!! I am an experienced internet shopper and i can ensure you that if it was a US shop they will have combensate me due to this delay without me asking for.....

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