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Product & services pricing 9.58/10
Chance of future purchase: 10.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 10.00/10
Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 9.29/10
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5 stars!!

"Awsome vendor would Defenitly recommend them!!!"

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Amazing customer service

"Had an issue with an order and they sent a new one same day overnight! They have the best customer service I've dealt with so far. Would definitely recommend to others! "

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The only place I'll ever shop again!

"I placed an online order on a Friday, received a great price, free shipping, and amazing product ON MONDAY! The order was seamless and perfect!"

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Amazing Customer Support

"First off, the product was perfect exactly what I ordered and top quality. Second, I had some confusion regarding the bitcoin payment and the customer support was helpful, friendly, professional, and downright amazing. I was genuinely impressed at how great the customer support was. Our back and forth went on for about 2 days (because I kept messaging after hours, their replies were always prompt) so because my order ended up delayed (due to my confusion) they even upgraded my shipping.

Now, what Kratom company will provide that kind of support? Come on man. **** legit. They've got all my future business. That's how you earn repeat customers. Even massive companies and major retailers with offices full of customer support don't provide anywhere near the support of this small Kratom company.


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Care for the Consumer: Outstanding

"From start to finish, this business is there for the consumer. Confirmation, discrete billing and packaging, and wonderful products! I am new to the world of herbal dietary supplements and PhytoExtractum was able to carefully guide me through what would work best for me. The actual products speak for themselves! 10/10"

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No Integrity

"This company has good products but unethical business behavior. In September 2016 in a panic I bought a lot of one kind of kratom without experiencing the effect. I sent back about $160 worth of kratom and asked for an exchange. All Jesse had to do was tell me that they were too busy now to do exchanges and send back my envelope, which I described in detail. I suggested putting “Return to Sender” on the envelope and that would have been the end of it. I would still be a customer. I use kratom daily, so I bought a lot of kratom from this company and the sister company, Kraken. But no, I was “uncustomered” for having “too many returns” (2 exchanges, including one that was not the product I ordered). He did not return the kratom and blacklisted me so I couldn’t buy from at least 2 other sellers. "

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Great Co!

"I must say I was a bit hesitant at first when placing my order for the very first time. I've had nothing but great experiences using them. The quality is great, shipping is fast and customer service is excellent. Megan in CS has been so helpful beyond belief. She gracefully answers my many questions and is always happy to help. I will most definitely be referring anyone and everyone! Thank you!! "

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2017 Good Kratom

"I am a new customer to Phytoextractum and I have to say that I am impressed. I have previously ordered from other bulk vendors that had lower prices but the quality was always much lower. I like that from Phytoextractum you get your Kratom in professional looking bags. From companies such as BuyBulkKratomUSA / CrazyKratom (Which is the same company practicing deceptive marketing due to bad product/service) the packaging looks like you are transporting drugs in ziplock baggies. Phytoextractum has the BEST customer service that I have experienced to date.
The shipping is the best on the market. What I mean by that is that the upgraded shipping methods are the cheapest I've seen if you even get charged at all for the upgrades. I have ordered through companies that ask for $60.00 for overnight shipping but with phyto it is typically free with your order but if your order is small such as my first it only cost me $20.00 for the overnight upgrade.
I asked if Phytoextractum could recommend any other strains for my future orders and I was sent a sample bag that I did not order. The sample bag was not of some top dollar extract to swindle me out of my money but was actually one of their cheapest Kratoms and it HIT (My nostrals since we burn it like incense of course) LIKE A TRUCK.
This is my new vendor. With Kratom getting more popular let me advise you not to waste time with other vendors. The service and quality alone is worth using Phytoextractum.

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They make buying kratom easy.

"Phytoextractum sells decent quality kratom (sometimes really excellent quality kratom) and they are the cheapest, price-wise. I mean come on, 4-ounces for $30?? Where else are you going to find kratom that affordable?? And their customer service is truly responsive. You have a concern? You'll get a proactive response from them within minutes - no matter what time of the day or night. I never seen anything like that. It's just so easy to get good kratom from them. Even if you're on a really low budget."

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Phytoextractum is back on track!!

"I was thrilled with Phytoextractum when I first started purchasing my kratom from them. Their prices were (by far) the lowest, they shipped immediately and the kratom was very good quality. Finding them was like the answer to my dreams.

Then, later on the year, I got a few batches of kratom from them that was poor quality. However, when I contacted customer service they *immediately* made good for it. But still....that happened a few times, so my confidence in their quality was waning fast.

I was so frustrated by this dive in kratom quality that I took to the web, looking to see if anyone else was having the same experience. It turned out that other people were -- and from different vendors, not just Phytoextractum. So I deduced that a large defective batch of kratom had arrived to all U.S. vendors, not just affecting Phytoextractum. So I hung in there...the fact was, I couldn't beat Phyto's prices or unbelievably fast shipping (not too mention FREE COD orders).

So now, 2016, Phytoextarctum is once again selling me quality kratom. Apparently that 'bum batch' is history. And I'm glad to buying from them, because their prices are so affordable and the customer service goes above & beyond. Seems like Phyto is back in the ballgame again. When they are good they are *really* good.

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"I have been a customer for 1 and a half years now they have never done anything wrong to me and when i got some that smelled weak they sent me another batch that did the job great customer service"

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"I've been buying kratom exclusively from Phytoextractum for a few months now. Here's why. For a while I bounced from vendor-to-vendor, trying to find one that I could stick with. Some vendors were ok, but the first negative experience I'd drop them. Yes I'm picky. Things like: not shipping on time, slow shipping and/or questionable quality product were big no-no's with me.

In 3 months of many purchases from Phytoextractum, absolutely none of those negative things have happened. Ok, one time - one time - I became concerned because I thought my product might not ship on time (same day). So I called their phone number - guess what? I quickly spoke to a live human being, who assured me there was no problem. And there wasn't. A hundred points just for the easy contact!!

To close my review (i.e. reasons I keep going back to Phytoextractum) 1. the prices cannot be beat. No, cheap isn't always good, but in this case it is. You see, 2. the kratom has always been real good. And I can tell from experience that the kratom type on the label is what's inside. Oh - before I forget - Phytoextractum regularly e-mails me Discount Codes. Which I use on the already rock-bottom prices.

No negative experiences with Phytoextractum + many purchases = my regular kratom vendor.

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"I am a long time connoisseur of kratom (over 10 years) and use 5 or 6 vendors, but will occasionally try someone new. My first time order with Phytoextractum was a huge disappointment. What they sent me was not even close to real kratom. I believe it was powdered caffeine, possibly mixed in with other adulterants. If there was any kratom at all in the product, it was totally overwhelmed by the caffeine, which should not be mixed with kratom except in very small amounts (a cup of tea, a cola). When I sent a letter to the company, the person insisted it was real kratom. This is the first time in over 10 years of purchasing kratom online that I have been ripped off ... I have been fortunate until now."

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"I returned 167.00 worth of products which were still factory sealed, and with their RMA assigned number, according to Phytoextractum's policy. My tracking information showed that Phytoextractum received the return package on March 13th, 2015. As of the evening of March 17th, Phytoextractum has still not given me store credit for the purpose of product exchange. The sales rep is telling me he is waiting for his boss to pick up the package. I have never seen service this poor that I can recall from any company. BUYER BEWARE."

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"Quality declining rapidly!! I complained and didn't ask for refund- and still rude! Waste $$ - sick and tired of getting really bad discusting product that makes me sick! I'm done with this vendor!"

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