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Terrible Business Practice

"Every single time I order from Party City online, I get charged twice! Both are different amounts. No Customer Service number can be found anywhere. By the time they finally return your email weeks later, the money has been returned. It needs to be communicated at CHECKOUT that you will be charged double, and the second charge will be removed whenever they feel like it. No wonder there is never anyone in the store, terrible company!"

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Bills you twice!

"We online ordered my daughter's birthday supplies with a debit card. They charged me that day 78.21 then took another charge of 78.21 out 3 days later. So I just got done writing checks to pay bills and they bounced to checks! Costumer service says that is the way they charge and money will be put back!! Makes no sense at all I will never order online from there again."

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Horrible experience at

"I placed the order and did checkout. They charged my credit card but no confirmation email. Finally they say, the transactions are pending transaction only and the order did not go through. Customer service telephone options are ridiculous for the option 3, which has recorded instructions and no customer service representative to address the issues related to "Placed orders" and authorization related questions. Worst experience. DONT waste your time in"

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"I have never been treated so badly in a retail store nor I have seen a group of retail reps so disorganized. Very very very poor customer service. I waited for 20 minutes for my costume (it was 9 pm! not mid-day on a Saturday) to come out and finally after asking 5 people to help me I was told it was out of stock. (Last year was the same thing -- everything was out of stock.) The rep getting the packages from the back put away a whole box of returned items before serving customers. No one would help me. And when I complained to the lady at the cash (after spending $70) was rude and shoved my $70 bag worth of purchases towards me without a thank you. A simple "sorry you had a bad experience" would have helped. Train your staff or don't hire people who do not know how to treat people properly. It's not that hard to be respectful!"

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"I made a purchase online,, on Monday, 12/28/2015 between 1:30pm and 2:00pm. I paid extra for 2nd day shipping. I carefully checked the website and found that it said "Most" orders will ship on the same business day if the order is placed before 3:00pm. I checked further and found that the website stipulated three specific reasons why it wouldn't ship on the same business day. Those reasons were as follows: "The billing address didn't match the address on the card", "The shipping address couldn't be confirmed" or "The shipping address was a PO Box". None of those reasons applied to me so I called PartyCity, spoke with a representative and confirmed that if none of those three reasons applied to me, my order would go out the same business day and I would get 2nd day delivery. I thanked him and then proceeded to place my order with 2nd day shipping so that I would receive the order on 12/30/2015, two days later. The next day, 12/29/2015, I saw that it still didn't ship yet and that I wouldn't receive it until 12/31/2015. I sent an email and got no reply. The day after, 12/30/2015, I called and complained that, even though I was told by the information posted on their website and a representative at their company, my order didn't ship out the day that it was supposed to. I told them that it wasn't fair that I be charged for 2nd day shipping when I was actually getting Standard shipping. The reason I said that is because their website states: "Standard shipping comes from Illinois and for the State of New York, will be delivered within 2-3 business days". So if I'm getting it within 3 business days, then that's standard shipping and I want a refund for the 2nd day shipping and will only pay for standard. The Rep put me on hold twice to check with someone and when he came back he said I was wrong and that they'll only give me $10.00 back. I told them that I want the full $12.00 back because 2nd day shipping is $19.99 while standard shipping is $7.99. The rep on the phone said he can't do that. I asked to speak with the manager or person that he checked with in the first place but he refused and wouldn't answer any more of my questions after that. I then asked for his name and he hung up on me. I called back and spoke with Angelica. After going over everything she said she was instructed to hang up on me and she proceeded to do that. The fact that they were willing to give back half of the shipping shows me that they know they're stealing from people and so they try to appease them with half back. But that still means that they can ship it out via standard shipping, charge for 2nd day, and pocket the difference. That's not fair and I'm not in the habit of just giving money away to rich corporations. So I want my $12.00 refund since I didn't get the 2nd day delivery that I paid for. If I pay for 2nd day delivery and get 3rd day delivery then I should be compensated. I actually don't even need the items because I was suppose to be decorating a church today, 12/30/2015, for an event on 12/31/2015 but I don't have the items that I paid for. The fact that their representatives are disregarding customers questions and supervisors are telling them to hang up on customers is appalling. I didn't raise my voice, swear or do anything disrespectful to either representative that I spoke with, yet both hung up the phone after hearing about my issue."

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