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Product & services pricing 9.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 6.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 8.00/10
Customer service: 1.25/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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Started out rocky... but called and resolved it quickly.

"I bought a burner for my Samsung Range that I needed to replace. Upon receiving the burner, I realized I needed the main circuit board (PCB) as well. No one had it, including Samsung! So I bought a new range, sent back the burner, and was expecting the restock fee. Initially, they weren't going to refund at all. Upon calling and discussing it with Ryan, he accepted my return... and waived my fee for restock! I was out only the return shipping, which was already expected.

Thanks, Ryan!

Helpful Cool


Fast ship and promptly refunded for returning one item

"I recently ordered two parts for my refrigerator, not knowing if I'd need one or both and ordered overnight shipping. My parts were shipped the first business day after my order was placed, and received the parts the next day as expected. Both parts came in brand new condition. With some some luck, the first part I opened and installed solved my problem, so I didn't need to open the second part which remained sealed in an anti-static bag. I requested a refund and shipped the unopened part back and my refund was processed the same day it was received.

While some people complain about the refund policy of not accepting opened parts, I actually prefer this as I know the part I will receive from them will be brand new and no chance of someone else's used part or damaged part showing up. This is particularly important with electronic parts that required anti-static bags. Parts Dr. makes the rules quite clear. If you read the terms, and you follow the rules, then you should have no problem.

Helpful Cool


Great Experience Purchasing Washer Parts from Parts Dr

"I was searching for a couple parts on Google and parts dr came up. Their website was laid out very well and was easy to use. The pricing and shipping options were excellent and the pictures they had for my parts were high quality that allowed me to see things I couldn’t see on other parts sites that I went to. Ordered 2 parts and they worked perfectly! Thanks so much! I look forward to using y’all again!"

Helpful Cool


Worked for me

"Got a lower price by about $40 on a $145 item for a dishwasher. Shipping was very fast via Fedex. Part worked as expected. Only issue was the packaging was a little sketchy, as if it had been opened, but it all worked, and now I don't have to handwash...so its all good! :)"

Helpful Cool


Stay away and search for your part on Amazon. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

" I needed my refrigerator up and running for a New Year's Day party so I ordered 6 days in advance and paid for overnight shipping. At 9am the next day I asked them to add a part to my shipment. I was told it was already shipped. Three days later it was still in their warehouse. I told them to cancel the order as I would not get it in time. They said they could not cancel because the part already shipped. I called Fedex and was told the part was never picked up, just a label had been created but no scans of receiving or shipping, nothing in transit.

I was told that it has shipped and fedex just missed a scan. So, I asked them to change it to a Saturday delivery so I could get it in time for the party. I was told that was not an option but they would call fedex and have my order "turned around" and they would issue a refund. HOW DO YOU TURN AROUND A PACKAGE THAT NEVER SHIPPED! So, I have no working fridge for my party but I did order the part on Amazon with free shipping and will have the part on January 2nd. The same day Parts Dr's part would be delivered because they failed to ship it.

Helpful Cool


Inexperienced staff

"Told sales person what I needed. Gave him the part numbers and explain exactly what I needed. Then it came to the wiring harness that I needed. After him putting me on hold for 5 min. He came back and told me I had to buy the whole assembly. The supposed assembly came with the fan wire harness fan blade and sensor according to him. After we received the part. It is the wrong part it is only evaporator cover there is no fan no fan blade no harness but there is just a sensor. If a parts person thinks a sensor is a wire harness they are in the wrong business and they should find themselves a new job."

Helpful Cool


Good Prices, Bad Shipping

"I purchased a part from them that weighed a total of 6 ounces (including the shipping material). They charged me Priority Mail shipping fees for the item, so I was expecting it within 2-3 business days. Wrong. It arrived in 6 business days. So, they charged me for Priority and mailed it First Class. However - their price for the item was low, the description of the item was accurate and communication was satisfactory. In conclusion, if you want your part at a good value, this is your place. If you need it fast (or don't want to be screwed in shipping charges), go somewhere else."

Helpful Cool


Got the parts ahead of time!

"They had the parts that I needed, and they were the lowest price. I've used them in the past, and if you know what you're looking for, they'll do right by you."

Helpful Cool


best heip

"l have fixed oven, dishwasher, and frig. to the thanks of ryan....he has helped me with everything"

Helpful Cool


Great service, great price, problem fixed!

"Not only did PartsDr inform me of the correct part number I needed for the specific model and ser. no., they also helped me troubleshoot the problem and even sent me the link to the service manual for the appliance so that I could make sure where the fault was. All that high-level service for what turned out to be the lowest price on the web, and it's a genuine OEM part besides! Well done, PartsDr!"

Helpful Cool


Run Away

"BEWARE !! I ordered a part. I received an open box. I didn't use the part because it turned out to be a different part which fixed the issue. I returned the part and they told me it was used. It was used because it was in an open box when I received it. Then they told me I didn't return it in time. They were making up excuses not to accept my return and refund my money. I had to pay shipping to get the part, return the part and now again to get the part they will not accept back. Stay away and do business with a reputable part provider. The character of a company is not defined by how well they sell to their customers, it is defined by how well they support their customers after the sale.

Update: The company contacted me and tried to get me to edit my review. They told me all boxes from Samsung are open boxes. Open box or not they say they will take back any part. They expect you to order an electrical part and then not use it before you return it. Why would I order a part and then send it back without trying it. Maybe this makes sense to someone but not me. They should stick with the same policy as most companies and just say electrical parts cannot be returned. At least they would be honest with their customers.

This company did everything wrong in the arena of customer satisfaction. I would buy a new appliance before dealing with this company again.

Helpful Cool


They Didn't refund the total amount of money after Item returned

"I paid 127.87 for an item on this store shipping included 6.99 I returned the Item and I paid for shipping and today I received an email that they will return only 114.84, they took 13:03 dollars with no explanation. Much Better to buy in a local Store to avoid this kind of situations.
I don't recommend them.

Helpful Cool



BEWARE, Make sure you read thier return policy! I purchased a part that was not the right one .To return it I was told I am responsible for shipping charge. $40 dollars for a a $77 part plus thier 5% restocking charge!! Why should I pay to return it and spend more$$$ Now I amstuck with the wrong part. **** me off!

Helpful Cool


When things went wrong they made it right

"Update: Parts Dr has resolved the issue. They sent another display and sent it FedEx overnight. They credited me the extra shipping cost. Communication was excellent and today everything is up and running. While I did have an issue, it was resolved swiftly. People saying this company lacks customer service. I disagree. The service I received was superb. I would give 5 stars but the item was late and I did need to call for a resolution. I would not hesitate to order from them again. I'm very pleased.
For historical accuracy I left my original review below.

I ordered a display for a Samsung washer on a Thursday night. The item was in stock and next day service was available for about $25. I figured I may see it Saturday or Monday. Well, here it is end of day Monday and FedEx tracking shows a label created but not scanned into their system. It isn't even on the road yet! I called Parts Dr. and couldn't reach anyone but left a message. They did call back promptly. Thumbs up for that.
A very pleasant person from their customer service department told me they create a label then the item is loaded on a tractor trailer. Once The Trailer Is Full they call FedEx to come pick it up. That kinda defeats the purpose of "Expedited" or "Next Day" shipping; Don't ya think?
Here I sit, no part yet and out the money for next day shipping.
I'd buy from them again but allow extra time for delivery.

I'm very satisfied now. Parts Dr fixed the problem.
5 star service department

Helpful Cool


At the door in 24 with reg. ship

"The price was at or below there competitors. They claim the average shipping time with regular shipping is 2 days. Yesterday, I ordered my part after 12pm. The part arrived at 11:30am! Job was done within 24 hours of ordering."

Helpful Cool

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