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"Despite the lure of a great deal PC video on line falls short in every area. I purchased a TV from them almost three weeks ago, and still do not have a TV. or a valid tracking number.
Their customer service has do nothing but give me and my wife the run around. i have spent over five hours on hold with them, and have recieved nothing but the run around. They have threaten a 10% restocking fee if I cancel. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

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"- On July 23 2006, I ordered a Panasonic TH50P500U (a PC compatible model) from PriceMad for $3,148.
- A few days after PriceMad shipped me a totally different unit (TH50P60U a non-PC Compatible model for which I had no use) for $3,248.
- After several unsuccessful telephone calls, then as many unanswered e-mails, on October 12, I decided to file a complain with my credit card.
- On November 29, I sent a certified letter to PriceMad to suggest a settlement for our dispute.
- On February 1st 2007, PriceMad finally indicated that it was willing to settle the matter along the lines suggested on my November 29 letter mentioned above: We agreed that I would keep the wrong television set at a reduced price of $1,910, the cheapest discounted price advertised on the web that day.
- Instead of refunding me $3,248 (the amount originally billed) and charging me $1,910
(the amount agreed upon), or simply refunding me the difference ($1,338), PriceMad charged me $1,910 on top of the $3,248 already paid for a total $5,158.
- My credit card was unsuccessful in attempting to retrieve the overcharged of $3,248.
- A formal complain has been filed with the New York Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau and several other consumer agencies. Other civil and penal actions are underway.
- I since resold the TV to a neighbor at a small lost for $1,800 and ordered the model I wanted from "ShopDigitalOnline" which sent me the model I wanted at the price they advertised.

Should I add that I would advise you to stay away from PriceMad and its team of professional crooks?

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"In addition to trying to sell me an extended warranty on a TV whose manufacturer was offering a free 5-year in-home warranty, I was also told that my order could not be shipped to my house unless I paid an extra $50, since I was not a business. This was not mentioned on the website. I ended up buying the TV from someone who charged the same price as the "new" price, but at least they were up front about it.
I will avoid them in the future.

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"Pricemad.com web site states "ALL PLASMAS ARE BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED WITH FULL MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY. " (their capitalization).

After I placed the order, they asked me to call them, where they stated that the plasma they sold me did NOT include a warranty.

The rep then said he could get me the warranty if I paid an additional $300, and then he could order it through the showroom, so it would include a warranty.

I am not sure if the appropriate legal term is fraud, but I feel ripped off. I am canceling the order, and I can not recommend Pricemad.com to anyone.

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"Placed the order ($3000 plasma TV) and called to confirm that it was in stock. Was told that it was. Called again a week later only to be told that it was backordered for 2 weeks. Only up side is that they did NOT charge my credit card.
[edit] To be fair, the TV is backordered EVERYWHERE. The issue I have was the way the situation was handled.

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"I am a first time buyer of PCVideoOnline. The order process was very organized and easy to follow. It also took very little time to complete. The order was shipped promptly and well packaged."

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"Here is my experience with PCVideoOnline.com buying the Panasonic 42PWD7UY Plasma Flat Screen

Day 1
Placed order online. Received email confirmation stating total price of $1716 and that "due to security reasons and high fraud incidents" I need to call in for my confirmation number.

Called the number, gave them my order number and asked for my confirmation number, but instead the guy tries to sell me a wall mount for $99. I say no and he says call back later for a confirmation number

Called later and the guy does not give me confirmation number still because he says it doesn't get delivered by UPS, but by a freight company instead. I ask when will it be delivered and he says call back in a couple days.

Day 3
Call for delivery schedule, he says "It's already shipped buddy." I ask him when, he says it should go out Monday or Tuesday.

Day 6
Call for order status, they give me a tracking number and the number of an AdmiralUSA.com to find out order status.
Call Admiral.com and they state that one of their local agents has the tv and I need to call them to schedule a delivery.
Call this "local agent" which turns out to be some company called Fast Fleet with a (908) area code. They say they deliver M-F so I schedule delivery for 4/13/05

Day 8
Took the day off as Fast Fleet gave the cable company response of "between 12-5". Got to be around 4:30 and they still hadn't come so I was getting worried, I called them and they said he was stuck in traffic. Finally, around 5:30, the TV arrived.

Conclusion - I must admit that I saw all the reviews on this website AFTER I placed my order so needless to say I was worried that I had made a mistake. The company definitely does not give you the warm and fuzzies I typically like in my online retailers, but to their credit they always answered the phone (though I had to wait upwards of 10 minutes on hold) and in the end I got the product exactly 6 business days after I ordered. I mounted my TV last night and popped in The Incredibles and the picture is AWESOME. As for PCVideoOnline, well, I've described my experience so YOU decide what to do.

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"I've been very skeptical of online stores based in nyc due to a previous bad experience with a different store, but everything went very smooth with my transaction with pcvideoonline.com and i would shop here again."

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"I ordered a Sony 50" LCD TV from this company May 4 through their website. I called the next day to confirm the order. The salesman, Steve, confirmed my order, but he tagged on an additional 7% shipping insurance fee (not mentioned on the website), which was an additional $220 on top of my order. After I agreed, Steve offered expedited shipping and said I would receive my item within a week and a half. I decided to call on May 17 to check the status of my order. After being put on hold for 15 mins, I was transferred to 2 different people who took my order #, a "manager" named Tony , came on the phone and said "The box is too big and no shipping company wants to handle it." I told him I was guaranteed a week & a half, and he kept putting me on hold. When he comes back on, he said he could all of a sudden send out my TV the next day. I called my credit card company the next day and found that it was not charged and my TV was STILL NOT sent out as Tony had told me. I called PCVideo and cancelled my order w/ Steve with no hassles. I then posted a negative rating describing my experience with this company. When I get in to work the next day, May 19, I get a call from Tony begging me to change the rating, saying that his boss was upset w/ him. His boss, Jimmy, then gets on and apologizes for the poor service and tries to make other deals w/ me, trying to offer cleaning products!! I wouldn't budge, & he asked me to change the rating. When I said I wouldn't do that either, he THREATENED to charge restocking fees (for an item that was never shipped out), to put me on their collections, & damage my credit. He also called me a liar for the negative rating. First he acknowledges the poor service, then he threatens me. Very poor, unethical business practice! I told him to Get over it, that I wasn't buying from them, and replies "I'm beyond that now, I don't want you to buy from us." He concludes by saying "If you really want to squash this, all you have to do is change the rating. This is reported to the NY BBB. Legal action against them is pending."

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I called around 5pm on a Friday to ask about a Toshiba at a great price. I was told that it was a refurb and did I really want a refurb? For $100 I could get a new one. That sounded good to me so I went with that. I then hesitated and said I was going to wait until Saturday to make the order. Then Jimmy Barnet said they won't be open on Monday and I would miss the deal. I said, "is the computer on sale or something?" and he said yes and the deal was over at the end of the day. So I did it. (I'm pretty sure there was no sale, I think he was afraid he would loose the sale). Then the salesman started realign off charges. It was that easy.
I then realized I had not done a check on this company I had only seen that they had 3 stars. As I read negative post after negative post I got really afraid. One person said that they called about one computer and were talked out of it and talked into a more expensive one. That happened to me. Another said they charged a mysterious fee and a shipping and both were high. I did my math and realized the same thing happened to me. Another person called and said that the salesman said the computer was new but it was really a class A refurb. The computer they sold me was in fact a refurbished one and not new as represented. It was at this point I realized I made a serious mistake. Not only did I fall for every trick, I was really concerned that they would take forever to ship my computer if it really was in stock (as many stated on the web). I called back and no one answered, not even an answering machine.
I then called American Express and stated the above and asked what I could do. The computer had not shipped and I doubted that they had run the card. The Amex person said that they had my back and to simply email PCVideoOnline and request the order be canceled and to keep a record of the email. I wrote a very direct and polite letter and simply asked that my order be canceled ASAP.

I called and talked to Jimmy Barnet on 4/19/04 (although I think I was really talking to Steve).
I said I would like to cancel my order. He asked why. I said I simply wanted to cancel my order. This is when he raised his voice and immediately went on the defensive. He then began to up sell me. He would get a better computer at the same price. I stated I wanted to cancel my order. He then stated there would be a charge to do that. I told him Amex said if he charged to cancel the order I was to turn the situation over to Amex. I told him this. Then he said he would take the $106 dollars off my price if I still ordered from them. Trust me, it was tempting but I knew it would be bad if I did. I held tight. He demanded to know why I was canceling. I gave him answers below:
When I told him that they said the computer was "new" but neglected to mention it was a rufurb he had nothing to say in response.

When I said I didn't know what the percentage charge was for in the original quote he ignored the question.

He then said if I was buying from someone else then I was buying from were a bunch of monkeys in a basement in the Bronx.

He then became upset that I was calling him a liar even though he had not lied to me yet (even though they did lie about the computer being new and couldn't explain the percentage charge).

I said, "look, I have read thread after thread how you took money and didn't have the part in stock, or it didn't ship for a week or that you treated customers badly. I don't feel comfortable using your company, I just want to cancel my order".

Everything I had concerns about with this company were proven in a single conversation with Jimmy Barnet .

I called Amex immediately and told this story. They said they had my back and not to worry about the credit threat. They said they would take from here. I felt better about my phone call at that point but I hate to think anyone would use this company.

I am the marketing person for a large online company. We take orders everyday just like PCVideoOnline.com. I know what it takes to process an order. My request to cancel an order before it was shipped should not have been a big deal. It should not cost $106 to cancel an order. I should not have my credit threatened by the "manager" of PCVideoOnline.com. My next letter is to the Better Business Bureau.

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"BEWARE! Please do not do business with these people. The only way we can bring honesty and integrity back to online shopping is by stopping scammers like this company.

I purchased a plasma online on the 6th and was asked to call to "confirm" my order on the 7th which I did. The salesman told me it "was just out of stock" and it would ship the next week when a new shipment came in. Now I know this was just a scam to have more time to draw money out of me. Later in the week I noticed the price had dropped so I called and asked if I could have the lower price since my order hadn't shipped yet. They said yes, they would honor the lower price and I would receive credit on my credit card. I called today (the 16th) to see what the status was. I was told I never confirmed the order and had to do it again. (I now know that their term "confirmation" really means "scam time"). Anyways, they re-rang my order and it came out to about $250 more than my original order even though the price had dropped $100. I asked why and they said they had to charge me for insurance (about $250). I said no, they hadn't mentioned that on the website, the email they sent me confirming the total cost OR during the first "confirmation" phone call. I said I wouldn't pay it and asked for the owner or the manager. He said the owner was "Tony M____" and he wasn't in. The "manager" came on the line and said I had to pay the mandatory "insurance" rate. I said no and that I wanted to cancel the order. He said no, "you can't cancel the order". I asked to speak to the owner again and he said he wasn't it. After arguing about me cancel the order, the "manager" said the owner had just stepped in. The "owner" said "ok, we won't charge you the insurance but we can't ship it for a month". "We'll just charge you the original amount". I said ok, but I had already been told I could have today's lower price. He said "No, once you order, the price is set". I just said I wanted to cancel the order, no more hassles. He said no, I couldn't cancel it. We argued about that. He then said, "Ok, I'll cancel your order if you won't get me in trouble with the boss". (LIED TO ME ALL THIS TIME AND MISREPRESENTED HIS IDENTITY AS HE HAD SAID HE WAS THE OWNER). I said I couldn't guarantee that. He said, "why should I cancel your order then if you're just going to get me in trouble?" I just hung up as there was no talking logical to these guys. I could have just lied and said I wouldn't say a word, but I don't do that. Lying is wrong in case this generation has forgot.

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"*** this company operates under various identities and is a bait and switch NY ripoff store with a bunch of rude, uneducated aggressive steetpunks trying to seel hardware. You will see them come up often as the lowest seller but be sure that even if they tell you it is in stock, it really is not. Also, they up their ratings on here, just like PRICEMAD.COM by having their employees or relatives write these one liner excellent reviews with the same poor spelling over-and-over. Note that most of the reviewers have only done one lifetime review. Odd eh??? Too bad resellerratings.com has no systemic intelligence to intercept these scams***

Too much has happened with them on various occasions to even begin writing it up... ranging from strange phonecalls at home asking how I dared to rate them negatively to aggressive upselling aftyer bait 'n switching. Bad bad people.

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"Was hung up on
Odered product with 3 day shipping still have not recieved any notice or product.
So far a very bad experience and getting worse.
Seems that if you do not ordere the extras that they try to push on you by having you "confirm your order" then they just ignore you. Will not ever order from this company, no matter which name they use, again.

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"After ordering a camcorder with my credit card on the internet, they wanted me to call them.
I was put on hold for > 20 minutes; finally an unfriendly person tried to sell other stuffs.
I cancelled my order. This company is a scammer.
Watch out for these bad guys.

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