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Product & services pricing 10.00/10
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Shipping & packaging: 10.00/10
Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 10.00/10
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More than thanks!

"I bought this one for a couple of days, really nice experience. Nothing but thanks !"

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"I spent a couple of weeks, off and on, looking for a GOOD PLACE to buy a GOOD LAPTOP computer for a GOOD PRICE. In the process of doing so, I ran into ResellerRatings.com. I started with top ranked companies and began comparing computers and prices.

Oxford PC rose to the top.

They don't have hundreds of computers to choose from. They are resellers for one company, Sager. But, if you want a great laptop for a great price, check them out.

My employer, who through a special connection, purchases and sets up dozens of computers a year for their employees couldn't get close to Oxford PC in equipment or price.

What really stands out, though, is SERVICE. From now on, when I hear the name 'James' I will think of EXCELLENT service. One reviewer said he would offer $1000 to anyone not 110% satisfied. I thought 'a bit extreme'. I now understand the feeling. The reviewer has nothing to risk.

Looking for even better, faster friendlier service? Good luck! Looking for a better computer for a cheaper price? Good luck!

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"This system is great! I am so impressed. The customer service is unbelievable. I got everything i wanted, including a case and fan controller that i really wanted, but were not listed on the site, James found them for me. Amazingly i got a suggested P4C800-E deluxe motherboard upgrade from the P4P800 at no charge, wow, a big savings cost wise. My new pc started right up and i have not had one problem. I will never again buy from anyone else. My last pc was an Alienware which i liked a lot, but this is so much better, and a lot cheaper. Thank you to Oxford for building my dream machine. Thank you to James for his patience dealing with all of my e-mails, which were answered immediately. I am so happy. Some of my components ==== Asus P4C800-E Deluxe, Pentium4 3.0C, Ati Radeon 9800 Pro, Audigy2 ZS Platinum, Lian Li aluminum case, Antec 480 watt power, Plextor cd-r/rw, Lite-on dvd, Vantec stealth fans-very very quiet, and Cosair TWINX xms 3200 ram. Fred"

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"My old Asus P2B/ATI combo was in need of honourable retirement and I required a company that could tailor my PC barebones requirements knowledgeably and at a competitive price. Those companies able to provide such a tailor-made system appear much fewer in number than five years ago, and many of them now only allow you to purchase from within their restricted list of components. Fortunately I was able to find Oxfordpc which priced competitively and provided a flexible, knowledgeable, prompt and personalised service.

I ended up with the system below, incorporating some sensible and relevant changes suggested by James.

However, what also tests a supplier is his attitude to the customer when things go wrong.

My system failed after a couple of weeks due to an inherent undocumented hardware design fault. Oxfordpc(James) throughout provided same or next day responses to my emails, helping to quickly identify and replace the component causing the problem.

Full marks in all areas.

from Newkid11

ASUS P4P800 E Deluxe
Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB
2xSATA 80GB Seagate HDD
Corsair 1GB RAM
2xLiteon CD/DVD
Antec Sonata

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"Fantastic products, excellent prices, and very fast and courteous service. At least, that's my reaction after one order from them. If I should need a PC again in the future, it won't be my last."

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"The "BEST" that you can find....Service is "unreal"......The people are very nice....The PRICE....is on the spot.......And they will build "YOU" the computer you want........They will be the place for me for Life............"

Helpful (1) Cool


"My last 2 PCs were Dell. I was tired of their proprietary form factor, their pricing is not really that competitive, and I really never benefited from their support. I liked the idea of picking all the components I want, and installing OS myself.

Oxford PC has a great selection of components. All questions were answered with honsesty and courtesy. Purchase was easy, and making changes to the order was easy too. The PC arrived when they said it would. I had to reseat the power connections on the floppy drive and graphics card. This could be because I added more components when I got the PC and loosened them in the process. Overall the PC arrived in great condition, including the boxes for the components.

I would recommend Oxford for someone who knows exactly what they want, for a good price, and are willing to forgo the depth of support you might want from, for example Dell. I cannot say that Oxford does not have good support; it was not important to me.

Good, honest, courteous vendor.

Helpful Cool


"I ordered a computer from James, and let me tell you, these guys ROCK. They answered all my questions quickly, and even worked with me through a minor change in my order, because an oversight on my part ordered a white floppy drive instead of a black one. If there are any doubts about where to get your next computer, just go here.

When I was computer shopping, I was tired of building my own and wanted something reliable and stable. ALMOST top of the line, but just a hair off (3.0Ghz P4 instead of the 3.2). I priced Voodoo, Hypersonic, Dell (I don't know why either), Falcon NW, Alienware, ect. I was dead set on getting Seagate drives for the low noise, A 9800XT for graphics, and a coolermaster wavemaster case for the looks. Finially I narrowed it down to Hypersonic and Oxford, and let me tell you: The only difference between the 2 systems was a painted case and Oxford was OVER $1100 cheaper. The decision was a no brainer, and I'd heartilly recommend Oxford to anyone getting a new system. Hell, they even through in all the retail boxes for the parts they used, along with all the extra accessories those parts came with. I'm not sure if that's a standard practice in the industry, as I've always built my own, but it was a VERY nice touch.

Thanks James, and thanks Oxford, I'm enjoying my system more each day.

Helpful Cool


"I ordered a high end gaming computer from oxford pc last year, and recently recieved it. James was very polite and answered all my questions before I ordered. Usually emails were answered same day, or in a few hours. After I ordered he even let me email him and switch out a cpu fan and optical burner with ones from another company. The price was definately better then Alienware or most of the big name gaming computer makers. I configured the same system on Alienwares website and the AW was around $1000 more. Plus you have way more ability with oxford pc to customize your system. Only problem i had was a detatched cold cathode light that because detached during shipping. This is in the process of being fixed. Tech support is good and most inquiries are answered same day. Overall I would highly recommend oxford pc if you want a good computer."

Helpful Cool


"I have been using my comp for a few months now.. it's better than I could have asked for. I'm very impressed.
the only problems I had were due to my decision to install all the software myself, and of course never having done that before, I did some stuff in the wrong orders... but even in the middle of the night I could get a reply within a couple hours over email to any of my problems.
I highly recomend oxford pc..
they also have incredible customization options..

Helpful Cool



Helpful Cool


"Incredible. I ordered a system from Alienware and cancelled due to their dishonest approach to providing information. I decided to go with Falcon Northwest. However, while researching the best components to buy from Falcon NW, I stumbled upon Oxford PC. I configured a much better system than the Falcon NW system for $200 less, and Oxford even upgraded my motherboard at no charge when a later model became available after I made my order.

I cannot possibly recommend Oxford PC highly enough. If you are planning on any computer purchase, I'll send you $1000 if you purchase from Oxford and aren't 110% satisfied with them.

Helpful Cool


"I have had nothing but good luck with Oxford PC. I have purchased a Sager Laptop through them, and assisted 3 friends to purchase desktop computers through Oxford PC.

James is very professional and easy to contact. He has responded to all my emails quickly.

The selection of components for desktops is one of the best I've seen at similar websites.

The customizer is simple and easy to use.

The price on the desktop machines is very competitive, even when compared to building piece by piece.

None worth mentioning.

Helpful Cool


"a good price for a quality product.Delivery was prompt as was all correspondence. For anyone looking for a variety of well known quality components from which to have a system constructed, this is the best site I have found."

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"I started my quest to purchase a new pc around the beginning of March. I spent 6 weeks reading articles and reviews from tomshardware.com , anandtech.com (great sites) and alike. If I am going to drop 3 large, I want to know what I am buying. By the middle of April I thought I had figured out what I wanted and started searching online sites and began building machines on every site I could find. I started with the big boys first…Dell and Gateway. I was very disappointed when I called them…I knew more than the salesperson. I then tried tech support to get my questions answered…If you like listening to prerecorded messages for ½ hour or more…they are the way to go.
After narrowing down my selection of resellers to 8, I called them all with my questions. Two resellers stood out above the rest…LethalPC.com and OxfordPC.com. Both Charlie (Lethal) and James (Oxford) were professional, patient and enthusiastic. They both recommended I wait a few weeks for components that were just released (P4 w/800mhz FSB). In the end I decided to go with OxfordPC (price). I could not be more pleased. I was very picky about the looks as well as the performance of my system. James kept me informed throughout the whole process with no less than 15 E-mails and prompt return phone calls. I would not let friend or family buy from anyone else.

Christopher George

Helpful Cool

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