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Product & services pricing 1.25/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.83/10
Customer service: 1.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.28/10
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Never Ordering from Overstock Again!

"Originally I came to the website to browse. I was trying to find shoes for my 2 flower girls for my upcoming wedding and came across their website. Overstock had the perfect ones. Unfortunately, they could not get my order right. I had to call 4 times for them to send me 2 pairs of the same white sandals in the same size. Easy enough. Well they sent me pink ones TWICE. When I call the second time they sent me pink shoes, I thought surely they could get it right this time! Well they only sent me ONE pair of the sandals. So when I called the FOURTH time, they sent me the second pair of white sandals but not in the correct size. I needed size 13 and they sent me size 12. Unfortunately for me, my wedding is too close to deal with them a fifth time, so I am making the shoes work. I am very unsatisfied with this company and will not order anything from them again. I do not suggest anyone order from them."

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I have purchased furniture, some housewares, toys and jewelry. Only 2 problems.

"I have been a customer for about 3/4 yrs now. I have had good experiences in the past but lately, things are not so good.
I purchased 2 wall sconces totaling more than 2200.00. There were junk and broken! I sent them right back with their label, of course. And it took almost 4 months to get a refund!
I recently ordered some jewelry for myself and decided to use the online coupons they send me along with my rewards.
So I normally don't order that much at once. I always wait for my rewards to hit before I buy anything else.
Well, it seems like they know what I'm doing and are delaying the shipment of a couple more expensive items so I can't use the reward funds on my items in my cart. And they also took my coupon away! They used to be my go to place along with Wayfair. But I feel like they just don't care anymore.
Very unhappy with their service lately.

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Wife's Birthday

"I ordered a bag on Jan 12 for my wife's birthday. It was back-ordered, so I let her know it would be late. On the 20th, the company told me it would not be sending the gift, because it was not available. My wife's birthday had passed, and the $5 they offered to appease me was salt on the wound.

So much for O.co, I will not be a customer in future.

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I ordered a table for $900 and it was delivered to someone else.

" They refuse to show me the delivery signature. Now I'm fighting for my money back! I'll file a complaint with Consumer Affairs, BBB and Pam Bondi, our attorney general. This is outrageous."

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"I’ve shopped on the site since the beginning and they used to have good deals and great prices. For the last at least 6 years the prices haven’t been deals at all. They create list prices that aren’t actual list prices and if you do research on any given item you can get it for much less anywhere else! Don’t shop on overstock anymore! "

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horrible company and customer service

"I had a horrible experience shopping here. They sent me a damaged item and then charged me for replacement parts. Customer service was the worst I have experienced.


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Horrible Business Experience and Customer Service

"On 12/12/2017, I ordered a Marcato Atlas Red Stainless-Steel Biscuit Maker/Cookie Press from Overstock.com as a Christmas gift for my niece. Information on my Overstock.com account indicated that the order had been “filled” and purportedly “shipped” six days following the order, i.e., 12/18/2017. After this date, the only tracking information that I was ever to obtain from the Overstock.com and USPS websites was of the “alleged shipping date.” I never received any further tracking information from any source nor did I receive the ordered item. At this point, I contacted Overstock.com Customer Service numerous times to inquire about the lack of tracking information and the reason the item had not been received.

Several different Overstock.com Customer Service Representatives told me that the “information about my order” would be forwarded to the “appropriate department” for follow-up on the tracking information and missing item. No Overstock.com employee ever contacted regarding any actions taken in attempts to locate the missing item after my complaints. Then, information listed on this order on Overstock.com account showed that a return of the order had been initiated on two occasions followed by a cancellation of the order. I never requested that a return, refund, or cancellation be done for this order. This was done without any Overstock.com Customer Service Representative contacting me by e-mail or telephone to provide an explanation on the actions taken.

An Overstock.com Board of Directors Representative informed me that another item had been "set aside" in case the item that I ordered was not located. I never received the item despite “another one being set aside for me.” Even though the website indicated the item was in stock, my account being billed, and the item allegedly shipped to me, I was informed that Overstock.com had “made a mistake” with my order. For some odd reason, the order was fulfilled and “shipped” but it was out-of-stock at the time of the order. Despite speaking with four different Overstock.com Customer Service Representatives on “Live Chat” and a Board of Directors representative via e-mail, not one of them discovered nor informed me that the order was out-of-stock when placed. I have never encountered such apathy and incompetence from any of the numerous websites in which I have spent thousands of dollars.

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Overstocked for a reason

"Ordered a bed 12/4 12/28 still no contact for delivery. Sitting on hold for 20 minutes to try to find out when I will get this bed. No wonder they are called overstock they hold on to their products and your money !!!"

Helpful Cool



"BUYERS BEWARE - You need to away from Overstock - Shop HAYNEEDLE or AMAZON. I ordered product. It was never shipped. All they had done was send USPS the shipping label. After 10 days, I contacted both Overstock and the Marketplace seller to find out what the issue was and let them know that I couldn't wait another 10 days to receive as the product was a gift. They said it had shipped. I said it had not based on USPS. They said to reject the delivery which of course with USPS comes to a box so it can't be rejected and to cancel the order as it had not shipped. The order wasn't sent in a timely manner and not to ship it out. I cancelled at 7:00 a.m. CST and they shipped the product that afternoon and it was received 10 days later. Thee Marketplace seller shipped it after the cancellation request. told Overstock they shipped it before. Overstock to date hasn't researched the paper trail to verify it was shipped after the cancellation request . Now OVERSTOCK is wanting to charge me for returning the product and a restocking fee and shipping charge to send it back. When you shop their website they are the seller on some items, but most sellers are what they call Market Place Sellers and they are not good. I won't be ordering from them ever again."

Helpful Cool


Horrible experience!!!

"Horrible experience with overstock y’all, and the funny part is they delete all comments on their website that are not in their favor, what a horrible company!! First of all, expect your order to take about 3 MONTHS to be processed and shipped even if they tell u that they’ll ship it within 10 days, simply NOT TRUE! I placed an order for a leather sectional on November 23rd, today is the 16th of December, and my order still hasn’t shipped!!!! They told me that it takes a maximum of 10 days to ship and I will be receiving it before Christmas Day.. now they’re telling me i might be receiving it mid January, that’s 2 months from the day I placed my order!! I wish they warned me about their shipment plan when I first placed the order, but they didn’t. Actually the opposite happened, when I asked them about the arrival date, they promised to ship it within 10 days and told me that I will be receiving it in December.. now I have a party of more than 20 people over for Christmas and I’m without a couch.. I called and emailed corporate multiple times, but no one seems to care.. #neveragain #overstock #scam #badcustomerservice"

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Dishonest Company

"I made a purchase at a certain price. I received an order confirmation email. Overstock.com then canceled the order due to out of stock. When the item came back in stock they tried to charge me the currently advertised amount instead of the price I had originally paid.
Avoid this company.

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Do not buy anything from them! They are a rip off!

"Such a lier. I bought a watch that a complete fake. The description on the site is not true at all. Do not trust them!"

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Order cancellation is a joke

"Ordered a bed mattress on Thursday. The next day Friday my wife decided she wanted a different Mattress so we tried to cancel this order. There was no cancel button and if you dig and dig you find some page that says if the cancel button doesn't appear next to your order then it can't be cancelled. Tried contacting customer service because it hasn't shipped yet and they gave me the standard response of "we strive to ship everything fast" so once order has begun processing it cannot be stopped. Yet I did not get an e-mail that item shipped until Tuesday of the following week. That is several days they had that could have stopped the item from shipping they just don't care to go out of the way to help customers. I also suggest that they intentionally make cancelling difficult so you have to pay return/restocking fees in order to to prevent the return entirely. I am not going to pay return shipping on a bed mattress so I am just stuck with it. Will not purchase from this company again."

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Can't get my order shipped to me.

"I ordered from Overstock for the first time Nov. 4, 2017. I paid for standard shipping understanding it could take up to 12 days to ship.
As of Nov. 27th, my order still has not shipped. But they took my payment same day.
I contacted them regarding this 2 days ago and still have not gotten a response.
Never again. I work too hard for my money to give it to a business that does not deliver and can not respond to customers.

Helpful Cool


Buyer beware

"Their orders don't come from them. 2 items ordered received from 2 other companies. One was a third party billing . 2 different customer service representatives with 2 reasons why 1 item wasn't shipped until the same day after I called them - 3 days after shipping label was created. It was a furehaven pet bed received in two plastic bags shipping address from a furehaven address. Buyer beware!!"

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