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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 3.61/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.22/10
Shipping & packaging: 3.33/10
Customer service: 1.94/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.50/10
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Perfect quality & green printer

"I've placed many orders over the years and had issues with couple orders about 6 months ago. Customer service was slow to respond but they did finally resolve my issues. I'm impressed with my most recent order, quality is perfect and it was the best price on the web! I recommend this online print site to my fellow designer friends. Additionally, if you have a sustainable eco-friendly business then overnight prints is a good partner because of their green printing technologies. "

Helpful Cool


Amazing online printer

"Just received my postcards from overnightprints.com. Quality is amazing, better than I thought it would be from an online printer and these are better than I got from my local printer and these were only 1/4 of the price. I added spot uv which turned out great. Shipping was on time and also didn't cost much for overnight delivery. "

Helpful Cool



"Overnight Prints is arguably a horrible company. Their website speaks a good game, but they are incapable of delivering.

I believe in being fair and understanding, but after a multitude of failed orders, and excuse after excuse, I came to realize that they're among the worst examples of a service company that I've ever come across. Their sketchy ways will catch up to them, and I'm unable to trust them ever again.

Truly disappointing.

Hope you get the read this before you give them a penny of your hard earned money, or an ounce of your energy or time.

Helpful Cool


Surprisingly bad product and then service

"Surprisingly bad. My cards arrived with some of my writing having been cut off. The proof I approved was perfect with all printing within the limits.
Much worse than this mistake is what customer service did. I had sent them all images. No response. I sent it again to more people. They finally emailed me back not conceding their mistake or offering to in anyway make things right. I'm disputing the bank charge and informing the public. It's all I can do after getting scammed by Flybynight, er I mean Overnight.

Helpful Cool


Ruined my Art Opening

"This business was to print some art display cards for an art show gallery opening that was for two nights. I ordered a week in advance and paid extra money to have the order expedited and shipped overnight to insure that I would have the cards in advance. When the cards didn't come omn the date promised, I called and after a long hold I was promised that they would be there the next day- still several days before the opening. The cards still didn't come. I called again, and was told they were shipped ,(they weren't) and to expect them the next morning. They did not come. Frantic, I called again. They acted like they didn't care. After several more calls they stated that they would arrive the next Monday-after the show was closed. They didn't. They finally arrived the following Thursday and they were of inferior quality: cut off centers, messed up art work etc.
When I called for a refund they refused, stating that the order had been processed and could not give credit. So I am forced to do a charge-back on this P.O.S. lowlife disreputable company.

Helpful Cool


Save yourself stress and headaches... get your printing elsewhere

"After many years of successfully doing business with OvernightPrints.com, I can honestly say that I will NEVER spend another penny with them. This is the 4th time in a row that they have dropped the ball. I placed an order of 4/23 for 100 postcards that are an event invitation. I paid the upgraded shipping fee to have these in hand by 4/26. I never received tracking info. I checked my account on 4/26 to find that they were still showing as "IN PRODUCTION". I called the VIP line and was put on hold for just under a half hour. Finally spoke to someone who assured me that my order would be prioritized and would reach its destination on 4/27. The order was never shipped, I checked first thing this morning (4/30) and it STILL shows as "IN PRODUCTION". I immediately called this morning and again sat on hold on the VIP line for 15-20 minutes only to be told again, they will set my order as a priority. This was not an acceptable answer to me... understandably. I asked to speak to a manager and was told someone would have to call me back. I waited until 12:45 pm today, no one called me back, I called again. No manager available to speak to me. No call.... called back again at 3:00 pm, I have been on hold now for 18 minutes and counting. I am canceling my order and will never do business with this company again. I don't know what has happened but the way this as well as the last four issues I have had is beyond unacceptable.

Helpful Cool


Customer Assistance over the phone

"Cindy, and her colleagues were very helpful and patient with all my questions over the phone. They took the time to answer all that they could. Have been with overnight prints since 2011 and haven't had an issue with them. Its helps that I have knowledge in printing (Degree in Graphic Design). If you don't have patience on what you exactly want on your business cards like a spot uv printing, you should probably stick to a normal print, aside from that I highly recommend Overnight Prints.

-Robert A. Dredden Sr.

Helpful Cool


Our business had a bad experience with this company

"Their color management is way off! They can't even print a neutral gray. My product was completely unacceptable and unusable, even their customer service people agreed it looked awful. Six weeks later, their management said it was "within their standards"......must be pretty low standards. We will never use them again."

Helpful Cool


Overnight? Not so much....

"The name of this company is a misnomer. Production delays resulted in my order being very late. At that point, they refused to cancel my order, and offered to pay for shipping. If you need something done ACTUALLY overnight, or quickly, pick a company that guarantees it. This company does not."

Helpful Cool


Horrible quality prints completely off-center; multiple emails no response. UPDATE: It gets worse

"I ordered three different business cards from Overnight prints because I have ordered from them in the past and gotten good quality.

Not this time.

The prints they sent me were horrifically off-center and the print was blurry on one. Two of the cards had one identical side and one different side, on one of the two the print was blurry. Two designs had the exact same color scheme but on one of the cards the color was a completely different shade. Zero consistency. The blacks on their prints were grey, not black at all.

I tried sending emails to them to get the issue resolved. They don't respond. Their online chat support is disabled so you can't get issues resolved. I haven't called them yet, but probably will. I put a review up on TrustPilot and they responded saying to send them a message. Guess what? You can't private message a company on TrustPilot so... Huh? They asked for my Invoice #, but I entered it on TrustPilot and also here as well.

I guess they only respond to public reviews but only in a way that attempts to make it look like they tried to resolve an issue without actually putting effort into resolving it.

AVOID OVERNIGHT PRINTS - or don't if you don't care about zero accountability.

UPDATE: I finally after 3 weeks was able to reach Overnight prints through Twitter. They promised to make my order right. I specifically requested a real person physically check on my order and gave them a list of a couple simple things to look for: colors being correct & card cut being centered.

After getting in touch I had new cards in 3 days. Yet... they were horribly worse. I ordered rounded corners on all 3 sets. One of the 3 sets they completely missed a corner. There's just one random corner on an entire box of 250 cards that is uncut yet the other 3 are? Like what?

One of the 3 sets of cards was unreadable and the text was even more blurry than the first time. It was still uncentered.

I thought they were bad the first time. It was like someone at the company was just trying to tell me "forget you and your business" because I couldn't fathom that they would get this much worse. It felt like a joke.

Helpful Cool


Horrible Customer Service

"I don’t know what’s going on with Overnight Prints. We placed an order with them several months ago and we didn’t have any problems with the order. However, with our most recent order, the experience has been completely dreadful. We placed our order on March 2, 2018 and we were supposed to get our order by March 7. It’s now March 15 and no sign of our postcards. I have reached out to them via their website contact form and we got no response. The next day, I tried calling them, but they didn’t pick up for over a half hour. I then used the “Live Chat" feature and they told me that they’d get to back to me later that day. No email follow up at all. On the phone right now and using the Live Chat simultaneously for the past 15 minutes. No one appears to be home. Horrible customer service. I won’t be using Overnight Prints again and you should save yourself the trouble and go with someone else. Seriously.

For full transparency, here’s my response to Overnight Prints who posted a reply on another reviewing platform called TrustPilot, "After several attempts a few days ago, I finally got through via Live Chat (35-minute wait) and subsequently over the phone (48-minute wait). Your Live Chat representative told me that my order somehow got lost and the representative on the phone told me that your machines broke down. Not sure why I was given two different stories, but whatever. Your Live Chat representative, Anthony F., gave me the absolute worst customer service experience I’ve had in a very long time. He took nearly two to three minutes between responses and he didn’t bother to let me know that he’s going to take so long to respond. A simple, "please hold on while I check,” would have been nice. Furthermore, he was not very polite at all during the chat. When he did respond, he gave me the distinct impression that he has no patience whatsoever and couldn’t wait to end the chat session. In the end, he abruptly closed the chat session without giving me a chance to reply. However, before the chat ended, I was able to tell him to cancel our order and refund our money. Because of Overnight Prints, we missed our mailing deadline. My wife’s company, who initially referred me to you all, has been made aware of what transpired…"

So, apparently this company likes to go on the offensive with it’s customers by claiming that I threatened them in my update above. I have since removed the apparent offending text that talks about me posting other negative reviews on social media, which I am uncertain how it can be deemed a threat, when the posts have already been made on the same day that I posted my initial review. Someone at Overnight Prints clearly doesn’t understand the definition of the word.

In any case, their second response is just festooned with inaccuracies, “Several of our dedicated customer service staff worked diligently to assist Robert with his order.” Please re-read my review above and tell me how ‘dedicated’ and ‘diligent’ the Overnight Print staff were with my order. Next they said, “We offered compensation for his late shipping…” They didn’t offer me anything. I demanded, in an email, to have my upgraded shipping costs refunded since they missed their agreed upon deadline. They continued with, “…including an upgrade in shipping type and a large discount to the cost of his prints” Nope, nope, nope. I paid for the updated shipping method when I initially placed the order and I received no large discount, unless they're talking about $12.80 that was supposed to be “complimentary” for selecting "15 PT Card Stock Paper.”

With all of that said, they could have rectified this whole matter by giving a sincere apology with the refund, but instead opted to be argumentative in an open forum like TrustPilot. If you look at other reviews here on other social media platforms regarding Overnight Prints, you’ll see there is a lot of commonalities with regards to how horrible their customer service is. My case is not an outlier, but rather it’s on par with how this company operates. Again, you should avoid doing business with this company unless you enjoy giving your money to people that are combative, hard to get a hold of, lack accountability or follow-through, and seem to relish wasting your time.

PS, you should read their GlassDoor reviews. It provides some great insight into the company culture, which as you would expect, is just as horrible as their customer service.

Helpful Cool


Horrible Service

"They made my life very harder and helpless. I lost my customer and I promised them that they will get the business cards on Friday. But today is Tuesday and today they saying they ship the business cards.
What should I say?? I do not mind about money (Pid $68) but reputation is important for me, I lost my customer and customer given his business card to some one else for print,

I will never and ever recommend this company to anyone.

Helpful Cool


Used to be a great

"What happened to your service? I have ordered in the past and had great results. This time, they lied, and missed my deadlines continuously.

Customer service? Waited on hold for hours.
Chat? Doesn't work on any of my (4) browsers
Price? No longer better than local when shipping is figured.

Helpful Cool



"horrible horrible horrible. takes forever, don't care. intentionally puts your order on hold, while lying to you and telling you it is "in production" and already printed, but being intentionally held back unless you pay a "ransom" of expedited shipping!!! BEWARE!!!"

Helpful Cool


Horrid customer service

"I have been using overnight prints since 2006 (its 2018) I have placed over 30 orders, and man their customer service is HORRID! placed a large order and received 12 days ago, it was VERY poor quality, I submitted photos of the cards through their review process, no one responded to me. On day 11 I called, the woman on the phone found my email I submitted and just said ok I will forward it onto the review department..... oh your not allowed to talk to anyone who can make any decisions, and oh can you please take more pictures and forward to me again. someone will be in touch... Wow, take a already disappointed customer and further that. Well they lost my business."

Helpful Cool

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